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I'm Rick Duncan, musician, songwriter, arranger and parody writer, probably in that order. I play guitar, piano, bass, banjo, mandolin and dulcimer, in any order.

I started writing humorous songs when Dr. Demento was big in L.A. back in the late 70's. I made a couple records that got a little airplay on his show (The Voyeur, The Flasher) and even auditioned as a bass player for Weird Al when he was starting out.

I belonged to some strange bands, the most prominent being Pecurka, playing ethnic folk dance music, where I learned that not all music has to be in 4/4 or 3/4 . I produced their second album "Mushrooms".

I later produced and played on an album by Bill Bandon, an 82 year old banjoist that could play classical, country and dixieland jazz with equal ease. This taught me that you can play any kind of music on anything.

I went on to produce albums for other people, covering an array of styles such as Christian, children's music, pop, rock, country and folk.

I produced an album for Doris Williams, of Celtic and lute music. That is my most recent project, but I hope to do more in the near future

I have written over 300 original songs, mostly in a humorous or sarcastic vein, classical pieces, 200 or so poems, comedy bits and stories.

Writing parodies is a sideline. Starting as a kid with "There was a Beatle played the drums and Ringo was his name-o", I went on years later to parody all the beatles songs. I'm also a big fan of the Who, Yes, CSN, and Gentle Giant. And of course Yankovic, Lehrer, Sherman, MAD magazine, and P.D.Q Bach.

I wrote an entire parody of the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" where Snorothy goes on a quest with 3 idiots looking for "Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll". I also parodied the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, "The H.M.S. Pinafore", where I relocated the crew from a ship to a bar. (Find the pun?)

I now live in San Jose, where I continue to write and compose, with the occasional parody thrown in (or out?)

I love this site, and I hope it continues after we’re all retired.

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Parody TitleOriginal TitlePerformerSubmitted
Blowin' Once AgainBlowin' in the WindBob Dylan2003-09-29
Blow By YouBlue BayouRoy Orbison2003-09-29
Dames Without BrassiersGames Without FrontiersPeter Gabriel2003-09-29
Owner of a Lonely DogOwner of a Lonely HeartYes2003-09-29
Walkin' into Sea WorldRockin' in the Free WorldNeil Young2003-09-29
MoronicaVeronicaElvis Costello/Paul McCartney2003-09-29
We Didn't Quite RetireWe Didn't Light the FireBilly Joel2003-09-29
My RenovationMy GenerationThe Who2003-09-30
Already BlondeAlready GoneEagles2003-09-30
Gross to YouClose to YouThe Carpenters2003-09-30
Every Dish You MakeEvery Breath You TakeThe Police2003-09-30
Downtown L.A.DowntownPetula Clark2003-10-01
Canned Stew and IAnd You and IYes2003-10-01
Bye Bi LoveBye Bye LoveEverly Brothers2003-10-01
I am a JockI am a RockPaul Simon2003-10-02
Wintertime BluesSummertime BluesEddie Cochran2003-10-02
Till There Was BrewTill There Was YouBeatles2003-10-02
A British BarA British TarGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
Duet Parody (Likewise)Duet (Captain and Buttercup)Gilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
Armorall CityEmerald CityCast of 'Oz' (Harold Arlen)2003-10-06
Farewell My AleFarewell My OwnGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
I am the Captain of the PunaforeI am the Captain of the PinaforeGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
I'm Called Little GutterbuttI'm Called Little ButtercupGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
If I Only Had a RodIf I Only Had a BrainCast of 'Oz' (Harold Arlen)2003-10-06
If I Only Had Some PotIf I Only Had a HeartCast of 'Oz' (Harold Arlen)2003-10-06
If I Only Had the ChopsIf I Only Had the NerveCast of 'Oz' (Harold Arlen)2003-10-06
Armorall CityKing of the ForestCast of 'Oz' (Harold Arlen)2003-10-06
Never Mind the Rye or WhiskeyNever Mind the Why or WhereforeGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
Off to See the DoctorOff to See the WizardCast of 'Oz' (Harold Arlen)2003-10-06
In the Punafore (reprise)On the Pinafore (reprise)Gilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
In the Punafore We HailOn the Pinafore We SailGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
SomedayOver the RainbowJudy Garland2003-10-06
Punafore FinalePinafore FinaleGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
Sir Hoseoff's SongSir Joseph's SongGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
Sorry the SotSorry the LotGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
When I was a BumWhen I was a LadGilbert and Sullivan2003-10-06
Gilligan's SleeplandGilligan's IslandT.V.2003-10-09
CremationGreen AcresEddie Albert/Eva Gabor2003-10-09
Wasted On the StageWasted On the WayCrosby, Stills & Nash2003-10-09
I'm an Old GeezerI'm a BelieverMonkees2003-10-12
Woodstock RevisitedWoodstockJoni Mitchell2003-10-12
Skipped CristmasWhite ChristmasIrving Berlin2003-10-12
Camel Toe WomanEvil WomanELO2003-10-13
I Loathe L.A.I Love L.A.Randy Newman2003-10-13
You Won't Feed MeYou Won't See MeBeatles2003-10-15
Fuse BoxSqueeze BoxWho2003-10-15
Peeing fot the Benefit of Mr. GruppBeing for the Benefit of Mr. KiteBeatles2003-10-19
Car Phones I LoveCan't Buy Me LoveBeatles2003-10-19
Dumb TogetherCome TogetherBeatles2003-10-19
Eight Ways a GeekEight Days a WeekBeatles2003-10-19
Sellin' a ProductEleanor RigbyBeatles2003-10-19
Bore You BluesFor You BluesBeatles2003-10-19
Red OnionGlass OnionBeatles2003-10-19
Boulder HolderHelter SkelterBeatles2003-10-19
I'm Down (and sad, too)I'm DownBeatles2003-10-19
I'm Crappy When I Dance With YouI'm Happy Just to Dance With YouBeatles2003-10-19
Maxine's Silver HelperMaxwell's Silver HammerBeatles2003-10-19
Pac Bell (now SBC)MichelleBeatles2003-10-19
Old Brown DooOld Brown ShoeBeatles2003-10-19
Jenny CraigPenny LaneBeatles2003-10-19
De-evolution Number 9Revolution Number 9Beatles2003-10-19
She's Staying HomeShe's Leaving HomeBeatles2003-10-19
Cranberry Sauce ForeverStrawberry Fields ForeverBeatles2003-10-19
Chung KingSun KingBeatles2003-10-19
The Salad of John and YokoThe Ballad of John and YokoBeatles2003-10-19
What Blows OnWhat Goes OnBeatles2003-10-19
Illegal SubmachineYellow SubmarineBeatles2003-10-19
You Can't Pay ThatYou Can't Do ThatBeatles2003-10-19
Eat Like a BirdFree as a BirdBeatles2003-10-19
And I Love FurAnd I Love HerThe Beatles2003-10-20
Every Litter ThingEvery Little ThingThe Beatles2003-10-20
Fixing a MoleFixing a HoleThe Beatles2003-10-20
A Blow GunFor No OneThe Beatles2003-10-20
Getting ButterGetting BetterThe Beatles2003-10-20
HurlGirlThe Beatles2003-10-20
Her Majesty (Again)Her MajestyThe Beatles2003-10-20
Here, There and Everywhere is a StarbucksHer, There, and EverywhereThe Beatles2003-10-20
Hey, You've Gotten Wider Than the BayHey, Youve Got to Hide Your Love AwayThe Beatles2003-10-20
I'm On the Wrong BusI Am the WalrusThe Beatles2003-10-20
I Don't Want to Soil the PottyI Don't Want to Spoil the PartyThe Beatles2003-10-20
I SpillI WillThe Beatles2003-10-20
I Swallowed the GumI'll Follow the SunThe Beatles2003-10-20
I'll Bet YouI'll Get YouThe Beatles2003-10-20
Bath Oil BeadsLet it BeThe Beatles2003-10-20
HistoryMiseryThe Beatles2003-10-20
No Three-plyNo ReplyThe Beatles2003-10-20
Deliver Me a ValentineOne After 909The Beatles2003-10-20
Only a Boring SongOnly a Northern SongThe Beatles2003-10-20
DrainRainThe Beatles2003-10-20
The Fool with No SkillThe Fool on the HillThe Beatles2003-10-20
Jewish GusTwo of UsThe Beatles2003-10-20
Your Mother Should GoYour Mother Should KnowThe Beatles2003-10-20
Meal LoveReal LoveThe Beatles2003-10-20
You Don't Need to ShoveAll You Need is LoveThe Beatles2003-10-21
Baby is BlackBaby's in BlackThe Beatles2003-10-21
BlackboardBlackbirdThe Beatles2003-10-21
Blue Gray WhaleBlue Jay WayThe Beatles2003-10-21
Cry Baby Really CryCry Baby CryThe Beatles2003-10-21
Don't Mother meDon't Bother MeThe Beatles2003-10-21
Mrs. BobbitDr. RobertThe Beatles2003-10-21
I Should Have Known the LetterI Should Have Known BetterThe Beatles2003-10-21
If I SellIf I FellThe Beatles2003-10-21
Silicone PamPolythene PamThe Beatles2003-10-21
Saudi TroubleSavoy TruffleThe Beatles2003-10-21
She Bugs YouShe Loves YouThe Beatles2003-10-21
The Continuing Gory of Pincushion JoelThe Continuing Story of Bungalo BillThe Beatles2003-10-21
Now I'm Sixty-fourWhen I'm Sixty-fourThe Beatles2003-10-21
While My Old Car Slowly CreepsWhile My Guitar Gently WeepsThe Beatles2003-10-21
Why Don't We Tow It From the Road?Why Don't We Do It in the Road?The Beatles2003-10-21
All My LaundryAll My LovingThe Beatles2003-10-22
All the Weather NowAll Together NowThe Beatles2003-10-22
Because (I Said)BecauseThe Beatles2003-10-22
BathdayBirthdayThe Beatles2003-10-22
Dear StudentsDear PrudenceThe Beatles2003-10-22
Really Dig a PonyDig a PonyThe Beatles2003-10-22
Don't Let Me DrownDon't Let Me DownThe Beatles2003-10-22
Got FlackGet BackThe Beatles2003-10-22
HypeHelpThe Beatles2003-10-22
Hold, I'm OnHold Me TightThe Beatles2003-10-22
Hymie KleinI Me MineThe Beatles2003-10-22
Lady MoronaLady MadonnaThe Beatles2003-10-22
No-Hair ManNowhere ManThe Beatles2003-10-22
Ricky the GoonRocky RaccoonThe Beatles2003-10-22
Ozzy OsbourneSexy SadieThe Beatles2003-10-22
He Came in Through the Bedroom WindowShe Came in Through the Bathroom WindowThe Beatles2003-10-22
The Flight BeforeThe Night BeforeThe Beatles2003-10-22
Yer MoosYer BluesThe Beatles2003-10-22
Yes It WillYes It IsThe Beatles2003-10-22
Scrambled EggsYesterdayThe Beatles2003-10-22
You Know I'm Lame (But You Are Dumber)You Know My Name(Look Up the Number)The Beatles2003-10-22
A Hard Knight's DayA Hard Day's NightThe Beatles2003-10-24
I Have Got The FluAll I've Got to DoThe Beatles2003-10-24
And Your Chords Don't SingAnd Your Bird Can SingThe Beatles2003-10-24
Any Crime at AllAny Time at AllThe Beatles2003-10-24
Scariest DateCarry That WeightThe Beatles2003-10-24
Gay StripperDay TripperThe Beatles2003-10-24
Do You Want to Blow a Secret?Do You Want to Know a Secret?The Beatles2003-10-24
From Me to You (Doner Version)From Me to YouThe Beatles2003-10-24
Happiness is a Good DumpHappiness is a Warm GunThe Beatles2003-10-24
There Goes a BumHere Comes the SunThe Beatles2003-10-24
Fabled HogHey, BulldogThe Beatles2003-10-24
I'm a BoozerI'm a LoserThe Beatles2003-10-24
Bullets in the Sky on HighlandLucy in the Sky with DiamondsThe Beatles2003-10-24
With a Little Hell From My FriendsWith a Little Help From My FriendsThe Beatles2003-10-24
I Haunt You (I'm So Deadly)I Want You (She's So Heavy)The Beatles2003-10-26
I Want to Sell YouI Want to Tell YouThe Beatles2003-10-26
I've Just Been DisgracedI've Just Seen a FaceThe Beatles2003-10-26
A Guy's LifeIn My LIfeThe Beatles2003-10-26
Duel YaJuliaThe Beatles2003-10-26
Kitchen TileLittle ChildThe Beatles2003-10-26
Love My DoughLove Me DoThe Beatles2003-10-26
Martians Out ThereMartha My DearThe Beatles2003-10-26
Clean Duster BusterMean Mr. MustardThe Beatles2003-10-26
Not a Second LineNot a Second TimeThe Beatles2003-10-26
The Real EndThe EndThe Beatles2003-10-26
There's a Better PlaceThere's a PlaceThe Beatles2003-10-26
Bopping Heads TodayThings We Said TodayThe Beatles2003-10-26
Tomorrow T.V. BlowsTomorrow Never KnowsThe Beatles2003-10-26
You Shouldn't Choose That GirlYou're Going to Lose That GirlThe Beatles2003-10-26
Maybe You're A Bitch, ManBaby, You're a Rich ManThe Beatles2003-10-27
Funny GuyHoney PieThe Beatles2003-10-27
I Got FinedI Feel FIneThe Beatles2003-10-27
I Saw the Brand Name ThereI Saw Her Standing ThereThe Beatles2003-10-27
I Want a One Night StandI Want to Hold Your HandThe Beatles2003-10-27
I'm Looking Through You (Literally)I'm Looking Through YouThe Beatles2003-10-27
I'm Only SleepingI'm Only PeepingThe Beatles2003-10-27
Lovely Lita, Legal AideLovely RitaThe Beatles2003-10-27
Pay-per-View WatcherPaperback WriterThe Beatles2003-10-27
Please Freeze MePlease Please MeThe Beatles2003-10-27
EvolutionRevolutionThe Beatles2003-10-27
Dr. Pepper's Rock and Roll Band Club (Reprise)Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)The Beatles2003-10-27
Dr. Pepper's Rock and Roll Band ClubSgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandThe Beatles2003-10-27
He Said He SaidShe Said She SaidThe Beatles2003-10-27
TrashmanTaxmanThe Beatles2003-10-27
Tell You What I SeeTell Me What You SeeThe Beatles2003-10-27
Spank You, GirlThank You, GirlThe Beatles2003-10-27
We Long For Abbey RoadThe Long and Winding RoadThe Beatles2003-10-27
The WeirdThe WordThe Beatles2003-10-27
Picket OutsideTicket to RideThe Beatles2003-10-27
WeightWaitThe Beatles2003-10-27
When I Went HomoWhen I Get HomeThe Beatles2003-10-27
A Mother's GirlAnother GirlThe Beatles2003-10-28
Stuck In a UFFOBack In the USSRThe Beatles2003-10-28
Wash My CarDrive My CarThe Beatles2003-10-28
Barney GumbleGolden SlumbersThe Beatles2003-10-28
Hood NightGood NightThe Beatles2003-10-28
Hey FoodHey JudeThe Beatles2003-10-28
I'll Be StackedI'll Be BackThe Beatles2003-10-28
Magical Mystery MeatMagical Mystery TourThe Beatles2003-10-28
Oh QuarrelingOh DarlingThe Beatles2003-10-28
Baby Coach RileyBaba O'RileyThe Who2003-10-28
Don't Gas Me, GuyDon't Pass Me ByThe Beatles2003-10-29
To-may-toe, to-mah-toeOb-la-di, Ob-la-daThe Beatles2003-10-29
J.D. I Love YouP.S. I Love YouThe Beatles2003-10-29
Run From the KnifeRun For Your LifeThe Beatles2003-10-29
We Can Duke It OutWe Can Work It OutThe Beatles2003-10-29
What You're ViewingWhat You're DoingThe Beatles2003-10-29
Go 'Way SunshineGood Day SunshineThe Beatles2003-10-30
I'm Called a DameI Call Your NameThe Beatles2003-10-30
I'll Buy InsteadI'll Cry InsteadThe Beatles2003-10-30
It's Paul Too MuchIt's All Too MuchThe Beatles2003-10-30
It's Only PunsIt's Only LoveThe Beatles2003-10-30
Everybody's Got Anger Inside 'Cept for Me and This HonkeyEverybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me and My MonkeyThe Beatles2003-10-31
I've Got a CeilingI've Got a FeelingThe Beatles2003-10-31
Other Mates Are FunMother Nature's SonThe Beatles2003-10-31
Sourpuss's JargonOctopus's GardenThe Beatles2003-10-31
You Never Think I'm Too FunnyYou Never Give me Your MoneyThe Beatles2003-10-31
Glove Guys BleedingLove Lies BleedingElton John2003-10-31
Across-tic UniverseAcross the UniverseThe Beatles2003-11-01
Getting a TanGetting In TuneThe Who2003-11-01
Normal VoiceHeart of GoldNeil Young2003-11-01
Got To Get You Into a LifeGot Get You Into My LifeBeatles2003-11-02
I Wanna See Your CanI Wanna Be Your ManBeatles2003-11-02
He's a BummerShe's a WomanBeatles2003-11-02
Good Porno, Good PornoGood Morning, Good MorningBeatles2003-11-03
Flunky Monk WomanHonkey Tonk WomanRolling stones2003-11-03
We Ate Lots OF SushiWithin You, Without YouBeatles2003-11-03
I Don't Like SneezyIt Don't Come EasyRingo Starr2003-11-04
For Widest GirthFor What It's WorthBuffalo Springfield2003-11-05
Hearing GoodbyeHello GoodbyeBeatles2003-11-05
(No) Hound AboutRoundaboutYes2003-11-06
Both Rides, NowBoth Sides, NowJoni Mitchell2003-11-07
This Guy Is Made of WoodI'm Into Something GoodHermans' Hermits2003-11-08
Oh, Is There Not One Normal Breast?Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast?Gilbert and Sullivan2003-11-09
Favorite StringsFavorite ThingsJulie Andrews2003-11-10
The Round of ViolenceThe Sound of SilenceSimon & Garfunkel2003-11-11
Boris the Spy, SirBoris the SpiderThe Who2003-11-12
(O)live and PopeyeLive and Let DiePaul McCartney2003-11-13
Thoroughly Hardened Art'riesThoroughly Modern MillieJulie Andrews2003-11-13
It Won't Get LongIt' Won't Be LongBeatles2003-11-14
Ode to Gin, er JoyOde to Joy (from the 9th Symphony)Schiller/Beethoven2003-11-14
They're Coming To Take Them Away Ha-haThey're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-haNapolean XIV2003-11-15
Play This RiffRamblin' ManAllman Brothers2003-11-15
Mindy (and Friend)WindyThe Association2003-11-17
This God Is My GodThis Land Is My LandWoody Guthrie2003-11-17
Sweat: Sistine CeilingSuite: Judy Blue EyesCrosby, Still & Nash2003-11-18
Oliver HardyOliver's ArmyElvis Costello2003-11-19
Wayne SlaveGreensleevesTraditional2003-11-20
I Block the LaneI Walk the LineJohnny Cash2003-11-21
You Bought ItYou Got ItRoy Orbison2003-11-22
Our HearseOur HouseCRosby, Stills& Nash2003-11-23
Beat Your ChildrenTeach Your ChildrenCrosby, Stills & Nash2003-11-23
Oh, India the BeautifulAmerica the BeautifulTraditional2003-11-24
How Do They Do It? (An Anal Exam Song)How Do You Do It?Gerry and the Pacemakers2003-11-24
Klause, Do the HedgeClose To the EdgeYes2003-11-25
MoonpantsMoondanceVan Morrison2003-11-26
Yank and DiddleYankee DoodleTraditional2003-11-27
The Chief and SmartYour Cheatin' HeartHank Williams2003-11-27
Cover My HeadOver My HeadFleetwood Mac2003-11-28
G-String BikiniDaydream BelieverThe Monkees2003-11-29
Substance TootSubstituteThe Who2003-11-30
Mock-o PromoJocko HomoDevo2003-11-30
I Don't know Long DivisionI Don't Know How To Love HimYvonne Elliman/J.C. Superstar2003-12-01
ContacNormal American Boy (Excerpt)Bye Bye Birdie cast2003-12-02
Petty WomanPretty WomanRoy Orbison2003-12-02
TargetBargainThe Who2003-12-03
SUV, Stupid CarJesus Christ, SuperstarMurray Head2003-12-04
Feet Don't Ail Me NowFeet Don't Fail Me NowUtopia2003-12-05
Rewind 'True Lies'Behind Blue EyesThe Who2003-12-06
BallbustersGhostbustersRay Parker Jr2003-12-07
DebtJetPaul McCartney2003-12-08
Sing Like a Man (Now I Don't)Walk Like a ManFour Seasons2003-12-09
Red Rubber DollRed Rubber BallThe Cyrkle2003-12-10
Crappy JackHappy JackThe Who2003-12-11
Brown LugerBrown SugarThe Rolling Stones2003-12-12
When Will I Be Fed?When Will I Be Loved?Linda Ronstadt2003-12-14
The Nutty Hymn of the ProfessorThe Battle Hymn of the RepublicTraditional2003-12-14
Sudden LossSouthern CrossCrosby Stills & Nash2003-12-16
JabbinRockyJabberwockyLewis Carroll2003-12-16
Dunce of a LifetimeOnce in a LifetimeTalking Heads2003-12-17
Go and Say G'dayGo and Say GoodbyeBuffalo Springfield2003-12-18
There's a Kind of MushThere's a Kind of HushHerman's Hermits2003-12-19
Watchin' Hee HawRide My See SawMoody Blues2003-12-19
When You're Dying to BakeWhen You're Lying AwakeGilbert and Sullivan/ Todd Rundgren2003-12-20
I Fought Your MaI Fought the LawBobby Fuller Four2003-12-21
Rocket Bowl GirlsRock and Roll GirlsJohn Fogerty2003-12-22
I DunnoThe RavenEdgar Allan Poe2003-12-22
This is the Song That Never StartsThis is the Song That Never EndsShari Lewis2003-12-22
'Bends' from Low PlacesFriends in Low PlacesGarth Brooks2003-12-23
Awaiting on a StallAwaiting on You AllGeorge Harrison2003-12-24
I Wanna Be X-RatedI Wanna Be SedatedThe Ramones2003-12-25
Ban On the GunBand On the RunWings2003-12-26
As Steers Go ByAs Tears Go ByRolling Stones2003-12-28
They Just Call and Then They Slam YouI Just Called to Say I Love YouStevie Wonder2003-12-28
Let's Get Some LeatherLet's Get TogetherHayley Mills2003-12-29
Rap, Disco, PopSnap, Crackle, PopRice Krispies2003-12-29
You're Sixteen (Uh-oh)You're SixteenJohnny Burnette2003-12-30
KinkadeCocaineEric Clapton2003-12-31
Way Too Long, Long, LongLong, Long, LongBeatles2004-01-01
Johnnie's Hard OnJohnnie's GardenManasses2004-01-01
I Only Have Ice For YouI Only Have Eyes For YouFlamingos/Garfunkle ('75)2004-01-02
The Waiter is WideThe Water is WideTraditional2004-01-02
Space Ship to SmallvilleLast Train to ClarksvilleMonkees2004-01-03
KFC Theme Song'Superchicken' Theme SongJay Ward& Co2004-01-04
Showers on Them AllFlowers on the WallStatler Brothers2004-01-04
ImagNImagineJohn Lennon2004-01-05
Oh My Love (Gotta Go)Oh My LoveJohn Lennon2004-01-05
YappersFlipperTV Theme2004-01-06
I'm Tossing That Ciggie From the WindowHow Much is That Doggie In the Window?Patti Page2004-01-06
Con Man WizardPinball WizardThe Who2004-01-07
Throw Me a 'J'Show Me the WayPeter Frampton2004-01-07
Strong Enough (To Use the Can)Strong EnoughCheryl Crow2004-01-08
Hear You CussMagic BusThe Who2004-01-09
T.A.T.U.TattooThe Who2004-01-09
As I Come Off StageAs I Come Of AgeStephen Stills (with Crosby and Nash)2004-01-10
Sears In HeavenTears In HeavenEric Clapton2004-01-10
Find This ChordMy Sweet LordGeorge Harrison2004-01-11
My Country Any DayMy Country Tis of TheeTraditional2004-01-11
Fart of GasHeart of GlassBlondie2004-01-12
Pie Pie PieHi Hi HiPaul McCartney2004-01-12
Ain't She Meat?Ain't She Sweet?Beatles2004-01-13
The Story of the Bear Who Lost His TesticlesThe Story of the Hare Who Lost His SpectaclesJethro Tull2004-01-13
You Can Call Me Al BundyYou Can Call Me AlPaul Simon2004-01-14
Smellin' HeelsHelen WheelsPaul McCartney2004-01-15
Loco-motive DeathLocomotive BreathJethro Tull2004-01-15
Mothers Little ShakerMothers Little HelperRolling Stones2004-01-16
You're Blurry BabyDon't Worry BabyBeach Boys2004-01-17
Living with a CastLiving in the PastJethro Tull2004-01-17
Tater ChipsWooden ShipsCrosby, Stills & Nash2004-01-18
On the Pole AgainOn the Road AgainWillie Nelson2004-01-19
Do a Little PiddleDo Wah Diddy DiddyManfred Mann2004-01-20
Lucre LucreSugar SugarArchies2004-01-20
ShatnerShatteredRolling Stones2004-01-21
Dead DrunkDead SkunkLoudon Wainwright III2004-01-21
Wax OnRoxannePolice2004-01-22
Pickin' Up the ShitzPuttin' on the RitzIrving Berlin2004-01-22
Flab-AwayCabaretLiza Minelli2004-01-23
Wirin' BrainFire and RainJames Taylor2004-01-23
One-eye the Trouser SnakePopeye the Sailor ManCartoon theme2004-01-23
Feeling All the BeersReeling In the YearsSteely Dan2004-01-24
The Man Who Could Not Cut the CheeseThe Man On the Flying TrapezeTrad.2004-01-24
Ya Big Hairy WomanAmerican WomanGuess Who2004-01-26
Where's the Cop?At the HopDanny & the Juniors2004-01-26
Can't Get Those Guys Off YouCan't Take My Eyes Off YouFranki Valli2004-01-27
Sports PeopleShort PeopleRandy Newman2004-01-27
Locked the Trunk KeyShock the MonkeyPeter Gabriel2004-01-27
It Just May Be a PunYou Just May Be the OneMonkees2004-01-28
Talk of WifeWalk of LifeDire Straits2004-01-28
Walking on SunspotsWalkin on SunshineKatrina & the Waves2004-01-29
Grease StainPeace TrainCat Stevens2004-01-30
Garbage CanSouthern ManNeil Young2004-01-30
Tips Go Through the Tulips On MeTiptoe Through the Tulips With MeTiny Tim2004-01-31
Cinnamon RollCinnamon GirlNeil Young2004-01-31
I'm Singin'I Want YouBob Dylan2004-02-01
FlamethrowerDreamweaverGary Wright2004-02-01
BeansSignsFive Man Electrical Band2004-02-02
Thanks For the MammariesThanks For the MemoriesBob Hope2004-02-02
Stunned By MeStand By MeBen E. King (and others)2004-02-03
Jerry Sell 'emJeruselemELP/ Traditional2004-02-03
The Longest RhymeThe Longest TimeBilly Joel2004-02-04
Goin' Gay, Little GirlGo Away, Little girlDonny Osmond2004-02-05
Jello, Fat FreeHello, It's MeTodd Rundgren2004-02-05
Is That All the Pez?Is That All There Is?Peggy Lee2004-02-06
ZhivagoChicagoGraham Nash2004-02-06
My Condo CasaEl Condor PasaSimon & Garfunkle2004-02-06
Beethoven's RiffBeethoven's FifthLudwig Van Beethoven2004-02-06
Can't Help Falling On Top of YouCan't Help Falling In LoveElvis Presley2004-02-10
Spatula WomanNatural WomanAretha Franklin2004-02-11
Too Many PeepholesToo Many PeoplePaul McCartney2004-02-11
Jim-in-y GlickChim Chim ChereeJulie Andrews (Mary Poppins)2004-02-12
Soft Bedded SofaHard Headed WomanCat Stevens2004-02-12
By the Time I Get Some KleenexBy the Time I Get to PhoenixGlen Campbell2004-02-13
Same!FameIrene Cara2004-02-13
Don't ShopDon't StopFleetwood Mac2004-02-14
Eight Balding TiresGreat Balls of FireJerry Lee Lewis2004-02-17
ChromadomeKodachromePaul Simon2004-02-18
Lookin' For LunchLookin' For LoveJohnnie Lee2004-02-18
Leaving With a Great DaneLeaving On a Jet PlanePeter Paul & Mary2004-02-19
Parked CarDark StarCrosby Stills & Nash2004-02-19
You Turn Me On, I'm an IdiotYou Turn Me On, I'm a RadioJoni Mitchell2004-02-20
Mandolin PainMandolin RainBruce Hornsby2004-02-20
Back To the Paddle AgainBack In the Saddle AgainGene Autry2004-02-22
On Smoke Over the LineOne Toke Over the LineBrewer and Shipley2004-02-23
You Bite Up My WifeYou Light Up My LifeDebbie Boone2004-02-23
Broke From My DaughtersSmoke On the WaterDeep Purple2004-02-24
Tough, I'm On the WagonPuff, the Magic DragonPeter, Paul & Mary2004-02-25
Blade RunnerRoad RunnerCartoon Theme2004-02-26
Thank God For 'Most EverythingThank God I'm a Country BoyJohn Denver2004-02-27
Wedding Bill BluesWedding Bell Blues5th Dimension2004-02-29
M.I.L.F.All By MyselfEric Carmen2004-03-01
Big Ten Inch 'Record'Big Ten Inch RecordAerosmith2004-03-01
The LadderThe LetterBox Tops2004-03-02
Ain't No Woman (And No Grammar Taught)Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got)Four Tops2004-03-03
BeethovenMoonshadowCat Stevens2004-03-03
You Decorated My WifeYou Decorated My LifeKenny Rogers2004-03-04
I Shall Be DeceasedI Shall Be ReleasedBob Dylan2004-03-05
Feel Like Bacon, LoveFeel Like Makin' LoveBad Company2004-03-05
Nine Foot Five9 to 5Dolly Parton2004-03-07
Fluff CitySurf CityJan & Dean2004-03-08
Doctor My AssDoctor My EyesJackson Brown2004-03-09
The HandymanThe CandymanSammy Davis Jr.2004-03-10
Insatiable LustInvisible TouchGenesis2004-03-11
You Are My MoonshineYou Are My SunshineTraditional2004-03-12
Somebody Stole My WatchSomebody Stole My GalOld Standard2004-03-14
Christ FussChristmas (From 'Tommy')The Who2004-03-17
The 'Wait'The WeightThe Band2004-03-18
The LakerThe BoxerSimon & Garfunkle2004-03-19
Kiss At the End Of the ServiceKiss At the End Of the Rainbow (From 'A Mighty Wind')Mitch and Mickey2004-03-19
Homework BoundHomeward BoundSimon & Garfunkle2004-03-21
Stern, Stern, SternTurn, Turn, TurnByrds2004-03-22
They Call the Windbag MariahThey Call the Wind MariahTrad.2004-03-23
(You Are My) Steppin' Stone(I'm Not Your) Steppin' StoneMonkees2004-03-24
One Big StupidSomethin' StupidFrank and Nancy Sinatra2004-03-25
Song For the MaskingSong For the AskingSimon & Garfunkle2004-03-26
Little Italian Pizza SongLittle Italian SongTchaikovsky2004-03-29
What's So Funny ('Bout Unscripted TelevisionWhat's So Funny ('Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?)Elvis Costello2004-03-30
Everyday I Try To CookEveryday I Write the BookElvis Costello2004-03-30
The Fat Again RagThe Vatican RagTom Lehrer2004-04-01
Dumb, Fail AwayCome, Sail AwayStyx2004-04-02
Every Death You FakeEvery Breath You TakePolice2004-04-05
Cat Hates the VacuumPop Goes the WeaselTraditional2004-04-05
Their WayMy WayFrank Sinatra2004-04-06
Stooges ThreeDo-Re-MiJulie Andrews & Co2004-04-07
Uranus Still Yet AgainUranus AgainRobert Lund/Claude Prez2004-04-08
Skidmarks In My UndiesSunshine On My shouldersJohn Denver2004-04-09
MadBadMichael Jackson2004-04-10
UnrecordableUnforgettableNat King Cole2004-04-12
Pig TenderBig Spender (From Sweet Charity)Shirley MacLaine2004-04-13
Man We Was HomelyMan We Was LonelyPaul McCartney2004-04-14
The HoseThe RoseBette Midler2004-04-15
What I like About BoozeWhat I Like About YouRomantics2004-04-17
Loose SealLucilleLittle Richard2004-04-19
Media CelebrityModern Major-GeneralGilbert and Sullivan2004-04-20
Good Riddance, Good RiddanceGood Morning, Good MorningBeatles2004-04-22
Got To Get You Out Of MY LIfeGot To Get You Into My LifeBeatles2004-04-22
Oh-Blah-Di Oh-Blah-DaOb-la-di Ob-la-daBeatles2004-04-22
There Goes The SunHere Comes The SunBeatles2004-04-23
I KillI WillBeatles2004-04-23
My Mother, My WifeMy Mother, The CarTV Theme2004-04-23
Rude OperatorSmooth OperatorSade2004-04-26
Just Bad With a CarJust the Way You AreBilly Joel2004-04-27
She's a BanjoShe's a RainbowRolling Stones2004-04-28
Jail YaLaylaDerek and the Dominos2004-04-29
Peter Played With the Pee Pee'sWe Didn't Start the FireBilly Joel2004-04-30
Horseflies Adore YouMy Eyes Adored YouFrankie Valli2004-05-04
Oscar Movie WinnerOscar Meyer Weiner SongCommercial theme2004-05-04
Pallet of Dill-Dough MuffinsBallad of Bilbo BagginsLeonard Nimoy2004-05-05
The Rear-EnderThe PretenderJackson Brown2004-05-05
Ballroom, PleaseBallroom BlitzSweet2004-05-06
This Guy is HighThe Tide is HighBlondie2004-05-09
Takin' Quite a Long WhizTakin' Care of BusinessBachman-Turner Overdrive2004-05-10
I Am Floating Down Your Spleen and LiverI've Been Floating Down the Old Green RiverOld Standard (Billy Murray 1915)2004-05-11
Just Like Bread When It Gets OldSilver Threads Among the GoldTraditional2004-05-11
Long May You PunLong May You RunYoung/Stills2004-05-12
Tingle, Lay LowTingeleoStandard2004-05-12
Gonads Are Now GoneSpirits Having FlownBee Gees2004-05-13
Poor WillowTit Willow (from 'The Mikado')Gilbert & Sullivan2004-05-14
The New-Fangled ScannerThe Star-Spangled BannerEveryone2004-05-15
Push ReligionJoin TogetherThe Who2004-05-16
Three Bully BoysThree Little MaidsGilbert & Sullivan2004-05-17
Somebody To BlameSomebody To LoveJefferson Airplane2004-05-18
It's a Heart OnIt's a HeartacheBonnie Tyler2004-05-19
Books For a ChangeHome On the RangeTraditional2004-05-19
The Feds Are UptightThe Kids Are AlrightThe Who2004-05-20
Poker-Ho!KokomoBeach Boys2004-05-20
The Bill Is LongThe Thrill Is GoneB.B. King2004-05-22
Yucky ManLucky ManEmerson, Lake & Palmer2004-05-24
Pillsbury DoughSolsbury HillPeter Gabriel2004-05-25
I Have To Play Some Bing-OI Have A Song To Sing -O (from Yeoman of the Guard)Gilbert & Sullivan2004-05-25
Bony EndStoney EndBarbra Streisand2004-05-26
Cat'll See the BayThat'll Be the DayBuddy Holly2004-05-26
I Write the JokesI Write the SongsBarry Manilow2004-05-27
Pokemons!Pokemon!Anime Theme2004-05-27
Who's On First?Who Are You?The Who2004-05-28
The GrumblerThe GamblerKenny Rogers2004-05-29
Busted My ShinDust In the WindKansas2004-05-30
Sit On A Happy FacePut On A Happy FaceDick Van Dyke (From 'Bye-Bye Birdie)2004-06-01
Fat Freddie's Pet's CatnipThe Teddy Bear's PicnicTrad.2004-06-01
DialSmileCharlie Chaplin2004-06-02
A Musician's Lot Is Not a Happy OneA Policeman's Lot Is Not a Happy OneGilbert & Sullivan2004-06-03
Long Distance CompaniesLong Distance RunaroundYes2004-06-04
Please No KaraokeOn Top of Old SmokeyTrad.2004-06-04
AquamanAqualungJethro Tull2004-06-05
The Fat Came BackThe Cat Came BackMisc.2004-06-05
Change My TireLighrt My FireDoors2004-06-06
Too Much KevinToo Much HeavenBee Gees2004-06-07
Da Ya Think I'm Sixty?Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?Rod Stewart2004-06-08
Overfull TonightWonderful TonightEric Clapton2004-06-09
Lewdia, The Half Nude LadyLydia, The Tattoo'd LadyGroucho Marx2004-06-09
TarantulaTarantara (When the foeman bares his steel)Gilbert & Sullivan (From Pirates of Penzance)2004-06-10
God's Only FoesGod Only KnowsBeach Boys2004-06-11
Rummy, Rummy, RummyYummy, Yummy, YummyOhio Express2004-06-12
I've Grown Accustomed to Her MaceI've Grown Accustomed to Her FaceRex Harrison (From 'My Fair Lady')2004-06-14
Manson FoolDancin' FoolFrank Zappa2004-06-15
Xanax-DoXanaduOlivia Newton-John/ELO2004-06-15
Stings Like FireRing of FireJohnny Cash2004-06-16
QuizzicalPhysicalOlivia Newton-John2004-06-16
Eatin' RoverEasy LoverPhil Bailey/Phil Collins2004-06-17
One Thin BolgerOne Tin SoldierCoven2004-06-18
Lean Legs and DamesGreen Eggs and HamDr. Seuss2004-06-19
I've Now Achieved (500 songs)I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)Proclaimers2004-06-21
My Girlfriend's DogMy Best Friend's GirlThe Cars2004-06-22
NeonLevonElton John2004-06-23
Horse With A DameHorse With No NameAmerica2004-06-24
Tardy All the TimeParty All the TimeEddie Murphy2004-06-25
Lyrically in G minorSymphony in G minorWA Mozart2004-06-26
Fifty Ways To Get Your Lover To LeaveFifty Ways To Leave Your LoverPaul Simon2004-07-01
Feel YaCeliaSimon & Garfunkle2004-07-02
Work StinksLove StinksJ. Geils Band2004-07-04
Hide Her CanSpider-manCartoon Theme2004-07-05
Fightin' with Doc Ock on the BaySittin' on the Dock of the BayOtis Redding2004-07-06
American LoonAmerican TunePaul Simon2004-07-08
Sally FieldCenterfieldJohn Fogerty2004-07-09
Blow the Man Down TodayBlow the Man DownTrad.2004-07-09
Crap MachineDancing QueenAbba2004-07-10
JC Beatlefan #1(Beatles On His Mind)JC Superstar #1 (Heaven On Their Minds)Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice2004-07-13
JC Beatlefan #2(Where's the Fabs?)JC Superstar #2 (What's the Buzz?)Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice2004-07-13
JC Beatlefan #3 (Strange Land Mystifying)JC Superstar #3 (Strange Thing Mystifying)Webber/Rice2004-07-14
JC Beatlefan #4 (Everyone's Uptight)JC Superstar #4 (Everything's Alright)Webber/Rice2004-07-14
JC Beatlefan #5 (These Beatles Must Die)JC Superstar #5 (This Jesus Must Die)Webber/Rice2004-07-14
JC Beatlefan #6 (Strawberry+)JC Superstar #6 (Hosanna)Webber/Rice2004-07-15
JC Beatlefan #7 (Pepper Sells It /All You Need Is Love)JC Superstar #7 (Simon Zealotes /Poor Jerusalem)Webber/Rice2004-07-15
JC Beatlefan #8 (Yoko's Dream)JC Superstar #8 (Pilate's Dream)Webber/Rice2004-07-15
JC Beatlefan #10-11(I Sure Love the White Album)JC Superstar #10-11 (I Don't Know How to Love Him)Webber/Rice2004-07-16
JC Beatlefan #12(Played For All Time)JC Superstar #12 (Damned For All Time)Webber/Rice2004-07-16
JC Beatlefan #9 (The Apple)JC Superstar #9 (The Temple)Webber/Rice2004-07-16
I Drained My VeinThe Rain In SpainRex Harrison (Sound of Music)2004-07-27
White MagicWhite RabbitJefferson Airplane2004-07-28
Deaf Ear From TimpaniI Hear a SymphonySupremes2004-07-30
I've Deleted filesI Can See For MilesWho2004-07-31
Sole ManSoul ManBlues Brothers2004-08-01
Grapple With LoveChapel of LoveDixie Cups2004-08-02
Wringin' out the StainSingin' In the RainGene Kelly2004-08-03
Another 'J'Another DayPaul McCartney2004-08-04
Q-Tip, Ear CleanerBeautiful DreamerStephan Foster2004-08-04
Ar'iel (and the Disney girls)MichelleBeatles2004-08-05
Tangled Up In RedTangled Up In BlueBob Dylan2004-08-06
Where Everybody Blows Your NameWhere Everybody Knows Your NameTV Theme (Cheers)2004-08-06
Boheynian JudeityBohemian RhapsodyQueen2004-08-07
Pop, Pop, PopStop Stop StopHollies2004-08-09
Can't Get It Out Of My BedCan't Get It Out Of My HeadELO2004-08-10
Don't Fall In Love With a DrummerDon't Fall In Love With a DreamerKenny Rogers2004-08-11
FluteifulBeautiful GirlJose Mari Chan2004-08-11
AuspiciousSuspicious MindsElvis Presley2004-08-12
Mighty Joe YoungMinnie the MoocherCab Calloway2004-08-14
It's Pepe Le PewIt Had To Be YouFrank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, etc.2004-08-15
Let's Get the Pole Thing OffLet's Call the Whole Thing Off (From 'Shall We DanFred Astair/Ginger Rogers2004-08-16
Some Are CheeseSummer BreezeSeals and Crofts2004-08-16
FillerThrillerMichael Jackson2004-08-17
Singing In a BarSwinging On a StarBing Crosby2004-08-18
Snore, Snore FitifullyPoor Poor Pitiful MeLinda Ronstadt2004-08-19
Mister 'Cold and Bare'Sister Golden HairAmerica2004-08-19
I've Got That Sinking FeelingYou've Lost That Lovin' FeelingRighteous Brothers2004-08-20
You're Not Too SmartYou're In My HeartRod Stewart2004-08-22
Keanu FanPiano ManBilly Joel2004-08-23
I Feel TittyI Feel PrettyWest Side Story Cast2004-08-24
Pound of MusicSound of MusicJulie Andrews2004-08-24
Added RiceEdelweissRodgers & Hammerstein2004-08-25
Adolph's ViceEdelweissRodgers & Hammerstein2004-08-25
Anal ProbeEdelweissRodgers & Hammerstein2004-08-25
Ate All MiceEdelweissRodgers & Hammerstein2004-08-25
Erich WeissEdelwiessRodgers & Hammerstein2004-08-25
I'm a Little Pee CupI'm a Little Tea PotChildren everywhere2004-08-26
Johnny D.'s GoodJohnny B. GoodeChuck Berry2004-08-27
How Mental Is My PainA Lover's Concerto (How Gentle Is the Rain)The Toys2004-08-29
StumpJumpVan Halen2004-08-30
Geek to GeekCheek to CheekIrving Berlin2004-08-31
Sports InjuriesBad CompanyBad Company2004-09-01
Got a Homo PaOye Como VaSantana2004-09-01
I've a Merkin On My Yoo-HooI've Been Working On the RailroadTrad.2004-09-02
Mad At the PhoneBad To the BoneGeorge Thorogood2004-09-03
ColdfingerGoldfingerShirley Bassey2004-09-04
Pissed at GoutTwist and ShoutBeatles/ Isley Bros2004-09-05
Race OdditySpace OddityDavid Bowie2004-09-07
Backwards in the StreetDancing in the StreetMartha and the Vandellas2004-09-08
Trance of the Reed Flutes (from 'The Buttcracker')Dance of the Reed Flutes (from 'The Nutcracker')Peter Tchaikovsky2004-09-08
Collie SongTrolley SongJudy Garland2004-09-09
You Must Have Been a Doody-ful BabyYou Must Have Been a Beautiful BabyBobby Darin2004-09-10
Did You Feed Dog Last Night?Can You Feel the Love tonight?Elton John2004-09-13
Wake Up! You're A Dimwit!Take It To The LimitEagles2004-09-14
Diamond Lane's A Mom's Best FriendDiamonds Are A Girl's Best FriendMarilyn Monroe2004-09-14
I Am a PlumberAbracadabraSteve Miller2004-09-15
Out There AgainDo It AgainSteely Dan2004-09-17
Speedos Stuffin'Lido ShuffleBoz Scaggs2004-09-23
Dante's InfernoAuntie GrizeldaMonkees2004-09-25
I'm Goin' to Donate, I AmI'm Henry the VIII, I AmHerman's Hermits2004-09-25
Good Guys Always Get HosedGoodbye Yellow Brick RoadElton John2004-09-26
Won't Get Fueled AgainWon't Get Fooled AgainThe Who2004-09-27
Run-in With a PebbleRunning With the DevilVan Halen2004-09-28
Anniversary SchmaltzAnniversary WaltzTraditonal2004-09-29
Cruel to Be KineCruel to Be KindNick Lowe2004-10-04
Janet LeighLet It BeBeatles2004-10-05
All My AllergiesAll ApologiesNirvana2004-10-05
RandyMandyBarry Manilow2004-10-06
Highway PhoneHighway StarDeep Purple2004-10-07
People Don't ChangePeople Are StrangeDoors2004-10-08
Goin' FemaleGoin' MobileThe Who2004-10-08
God Bless This TroikaGod Bless AmericaIrving Berlin2004-10-11
Porn to Be FiledBorn to Be WildSteppenwolf2004-10-13
Thirty-nine (Beers)'39Queen2004-10-13
Up On Goofy GagsUp On Cripple CreekThe Band2004-10-14
I Can't Stand UpI Can't Stand ItEric Clapton2004-10-16
Lose-a-bet CitySuffragette CityDavid Bowie2004-10-19
Seventy-Six TwosomesSeventy-Six TrombonesRobert Preston2004-10-20
Ciggie BarbustZiggy StardustDavid Bowie2004-10-21
Mr. LowdangleMr. BojanglesRobbie Williams2004-10-22
Pot BelliedHot BloodedForeigner2004-10-26
You've Gotta SpendYou've Got a FriendCarole King2004-10-27
Torture On My SetGeorgia On My MindRay Charles2004-10-28
Beets and TomatoesStreets of LaredoJohnny Cash2004-10-29
Downloadin' NothingMoney For NothingDire Straits2004-11-01
Toucan, That Beak, WowWho Can It Be NowMen At Work2004-11-02
Two Are Eighteen NowWho Can It Be NowMen At Work2004-11-02
Going Through the LotionGoing Throught the MotionsCast, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'2004-11-03
Top of a GirlTop of the WorldCarpenters2004-11-04
Republicans' PicnicTeddy Bears' PicnicTrad2004-11-04
This Band's So GrossDon't Stand So CloseThe Police2004-11-07
Fran McDonald Had a PhoneOld McDonald Had a FarmTraditional2004-11-08
And Then He Cast MeAnd Then He Kissed MeCrystals2004-11-10
Stuck In An ElevatorLove In An ElevatorAerosmith2004-11-11
Slave OnRave OnBuddy Holly2004-11-12
Zealous GuyJealous GuyJohn Lennon2004-11-15
I Can't Hump MyselfI Can't Help MyselfFour Tops2004-11-17
Roadkill ThemeMonkees ThemeMonkees2004-11-17
Stool's LooseFootlooseKenny Loggins2004-11-18
Simple MazePurple HazeJimi Hendrix2004-11-19
Latrines' HymnMarines' HymnTrad2004-11-19
Dennys at SevenPennies From HeavenBillie Holiday2004-11-20
I'm So FiredI'm So TiredBeatles2004-11-22
Go Butter Your ButtYou Better You BetWho2004-11-23
Odor ThereOver ThereTrad WW II2004-11-23
Ron ArtestBe Our GuestDisney2004-11-24
Testin' AutosDesperadoEagles2004-11-27
Funny Laughter TuneSunny AfternoonKinks2004-11-29
So Lazy After All These BeersStill Crazy After All These YearsPaul Simon2004-11-30
I'm My Own GirlfriendI'm My Own GrampaGuy Lombardo2004-12-01
Heart AngleEarth AngelPenguins2004-12-02
Another Lick For You AllAnother Brick In the WallPink Floyd2004-12-03
Chuck Christmas(Bleep) ChristmasFear2004-12-03
Hairy ManCarrie AnneHollies2004-12-05
Crazy Blades of GinsuHazy Shade of WinterSimon and Garfunkle2004-12-06
Someday My Blintz Will ComeSomeday My Prince Will ComeDisney2004-12-07
PrecipitationAnticipationCarly Simon2004-12-08
Happy Ending (Whore is Over)Happy Xmas (War is Over)John Lennon2004-12-10
I Could Have Slept All DayI Could Have Danced All NightMy Fair Lady cast2004-12-11
Can't Stand These LyricsCan't Fight This FeelingREO Speedwagon2004-12-13
Watching Scotty FryWatching Scotty GrowBobby Goldsboro2004-12-14
That Funny GrouchoBesame MuchoVarious2004-12-14
Man, It's PainCan't ExplainWho2004-12-16
Sweet Home in the Slamma'Sweet Home AlabamaLynyrd Skynyrd2004-12-21
Darling Don't Read 'Dune'Darling Be Home SoonLovin' Spoonful2004-12-22
No MILF TodayNo Milk TodayHermans' Hermits2004-12-23
Hummin' This Old DittySummer In the CityLovin' Spoonful2004-12-24
This Song's So PitifulYou Are So BeautifulJoe Cocker2004-12-26
Line After LineTime After TimeCyndie Lauper2004-12-27
Twelve Days of CatboxTwelve Days of XmasTrad2004-12-31
There's No WoodYou're No GoodLinda Ronstadt2005-01-05
Cowboy smoke Them AwayCowboy Take Me AwayDixie Chicks2005-01-06
Don't Let Me Work Under the HoodDon't Let Me Be MisunderstoodAnimals2005-01-07
Poor Gutter GuyPoor ButterflyFrank Sinatra2005-01-09
Little SchweenLittle GreenJoni Mitchell2005-01-10
Blues BandsCrossroadsEric Clapton2005-01-12
PappyHappyRolling Stones2005-01-13
Tonight's the FightTonight's the NightRod Stewart2005-01-13
The Face Of JesusOne Night In BangkokMurray Head (from 'Chess')2005-01-15
I Want to Marry a White House SeekerI Want to Marry a Lighthouse KeeperErika Eigen2005-01-17
Do You Believe In Logic?Do You Believe in Magic?Lovin' Spoonful2005-01-18
This Old BandThis Old ManTraditional2005-01-22
Hard Life For a BlondeHard Rain Gonna FallBob Dylan2005-01-24
Telephone LineXylophone TimeELO2005-01-31
Number TwoNumber OneRutles2005-01-31
Pan FriedLandslideFleetwood Mac2005-02-01
Coming Up (Model version)Coming UpPaul McCartney2005-02-01
Let's Hang MomLet's Hang OnFour Seasons2005-02-02
If You Cleave Me NowIf You Leave Me NowChicago2005-02-02
Problem with 'Lectric SocketBallad of Davy CrockettBill Hayes2005-02-03
I Bought a DameI Got a NameJim Croce2005-02-04
I Want You To Taunt MeI Want You to want MeCheap Trick2005-02-04
Freezing BunionsCheese and OnionsRutles2005-02-06
Yoda BareYogi BearHanna Barbera2005-02-08
Doc RuthThe TruthSqueeze2005-02-09
Life's Been ToughLife's Been GoodJoe Walsh2005-02-10
Banged on My ThumbBang on the DrumTodd Rundgren2005-02-11
Mouth-Drowned BrainSouthbound TrainCrosby-Nash2005-02-11
Might Grab ItWhite RabbitJefferson Airplane2005-02-14
Porn And BoozeBorn To LoseRay Charles2005-02-15
Scalpel GirlValley GirlMoonunit / Frank Zappa2005-02-16
It Is Always Hard To FindYou Were Always On My MIndWillie Nelson2005-02-17
Fun of a Preachin' ManSon of a Preacher ManAretha Franklin2005-02-20
Symphony for the CowbellSympathy for the DevilRolling Stones2005-02-21
I Can't Eat Another HeroWe Don't Need Another HeroTina Turner2005-02-22
Lock Around My CockRock Around the ClockBill Haley2005-02-23
Beers on My Bill-Oh!Tears on My PillowLittle Anthony and the Imperials2005-02-23
Concert DivineKarn Evel 9Emerson Lake & Palmer2005-02-25
The Fifty Ninth ‘scrip Drug Song (feelin' Loopy)59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy)Simon & Garfunkle2005-02-28
Raking Up the LeavesBringing in the SheavesTraditional2005-03-01
The Song Is MineThe Girl Is MineMichael Jackson (with Paul McCartney)2005-03-02
Underwear Too SmallUnderneath It AllNo Doubt2005-03-02
Blow Off SafewayGo Your Own WayFleetwood Mac2005-03-03
FlairHairCast of 'Hair'2005-03-08
Losing InspirationLosing My ReligionREM2005-03-11
Sanctimon'iusSatifactionRolling Stones2005-04-01
Oy, What a WorldJoy to the WorldThree Dog Night2005-04-01
Love That BenderLove Me TenderElvis Presley2005-04-01
OperettaOperatorJim Croce2005-04-02
Tiny StubbleTiny BubblesDon Ho2005-04-02
Scum GirlsSome GirlsRolling Stones2005-04-03
Wife Is a Fat PainLife in the Fast LaneEagles2005-04-04
What a Dander Filled WorldWhat a Wonderful WorldLouis Armstrong2005-04-05
I'm a CopycatWhat's New Pussycat?Tom Jones2005-04-06
Listen to the Talking NerdListen to the MockingbirdTraditional2005-04-06
Randy House GuestRandy Scouse GitMonkees2005-04-07
I Stared At a BlokeI Started a JokeBee Gees2005-04-08
Showers and PeepholesShower the PeopleJames Taylor2005-04-09
They Hang OutShe Hangs OutMonkees2005-04-11
I Feel My Bowels MoveI Feel the Earth MoveCarole King2005-04-12
Taquito SurpriseTequila SunriseEagles2005-04-12
Right Hand ThingSweet Young ThingMonkees2005-04-14
Gettin' Cousin IttGive a Little BitSupertramp2005-04-14
Video, VideoRadio, RadioElvis Costello2005-04-14
Wednesday Addams Creepy ChildWednesday Morning 3AMSimon and Garfunkle2005-04-15
Mad Vaginas In a PlayCarolina On My MindJames Taylor2005-04-15
Uncle Fester/Bill-i-ard BallseyUncle Albert/Admiral HalseyPaul McCartney2005-04-15
'Lonzo MourningChelsea MorningJoni Mitchell2005-04-18
Gimme Crack WhoreJimmy Crack CornTraditional2005-04-18
I Got the 'Rite of Spring' to playI Got a Right To Sing the BluesBillie Holiday2005-04-19
He Had His Fly Wide OpenInto the Great Wide OpenTom Petty2005-04-20
Streaker In the NightStrangers In the NightFrank Sinatra2005-04-20
Ball EnhancingBallroom DancingPaul McCartney2005-04-22
Power of MauvePower of LoveHuey Lewis and the News2005-04-25
We Are the WeirdWe Are the WorldMichael Jackson/Lionel Ritchie2005-04-25
HematomaOklahomaRodgers and Hammerstein2005-04-26
Only the Poop Gets FlungOnly the Good Die YoungBilly Joel2005-04-27
Worker with the Orange Vest OnDevil with the Blue Dress OnMitch Ryder & the Detroit2005-04-28
Meet the FockersMeet the FlinstonesCartoon Theme2005-04-28
All the Young Girls Love PhallusAll the Young Girls Love AliceElton John2005-04-30
Woody Wood Pecker SongWoody Woodpecker SongCartoon theme2005-05-02
De MiloDelilahTom Jones2005-05-03
Reuben and Rachel RevisitedReuben and RachelTraditonal2005-05-03
Tight PopeTightropeLeon Russell2005-05-04
It Was On My HindYou Were On My MindWe Five2005-05-05
I'm so RandyI Want CandyBow Wow Wow2005-05-06
MotrinOld ManNeil Young2005-05-09
These Lights TonightThis Flight TonightJoni Mitchell2005-05-09
Dark ForceDark HorseGeorge Harrison2005-05-10
Dog(Has Got Those Rabies)Dude(Looks Like a Lady)Aerosmith2005-05-10
Butt ManTaxmanBeatles2005-05-11
I Got A StigmataHakuna MatataTim Rice/ Elton John2005-05-11
'S Nuculer'S WonderfulGershwins2005-05-12
D*ng MeDang MeRoger Miller2005-05-20
Bi WifeMy WifeWho2005-05-20
Gamble-ly GuyFamily GuyCartoon theme2005-05-20
A Quick One 'Fore We Go PlayA Quick One While He's AwayWho2005-05-23
It's a Silly Pill-a-DayIt's a Jolly 'OlidayMary Poppins soundtrack2005-05-23
Flip the BirdFeed the BirdsMary Poppins soundtrack2005-05-24
Billfold of DollarsSpoonful of SugarMary Poppins soundtrack2005-05-24
DuncansDuncanPaul Simon2005-05-25
Homely DatesLonely DaysBee Gees2005-05-25
Perpetual Change (L.A. version)Perpetual ChangeYes2005-05-26
Oh Beer, What Can the Matter BeOh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?Traditonal2005-05-26
Do Your Boobs Hang Low?Do Your Ears Hang Low?Trad2005-05-27
Scary Man With the Scissor HandsMary Anne With the Shaky HandsWho2005-05-31
Here Come The GuysHere Come The BridesTV theme2005-06-09
Dummy's SongDanny's SongKenny Loggins2005-06-12
Everybody Pees the PoolEverybody Plays the FoolThe Main Ingredient2005-06-13
House of Wayne ManorHouse At Pooh CornerKenny Loggins2005-06-14
White Keys On TunesBright Side of LifeEric Idle/Spamalot2005-06-15
Tommy LeeLet It BeBeatles2005-06-16
Fat Cat (Eatin' Again)Do It AgainSteely Dan2005-06-23
Di'rrheaMariaWest Side Story Cast2005-06-24
Ebenezer ScroogeryEbony and IvoryPaul McCartney2005-06-27
Brain Blow ConcussionRainbow connectionKermit the Frog2005-06-28
Hoo, There Homely GirlHey There Lonely GirlNew Edition2005-06-29
Write Another Joke For MeSmile a Little Smile For MeFlying Machine2005-06-30
Dyin' From the PainCryin' in the RainEverly Brothers2005-07-01
FartmanStarmanDavid Bowie2005-07-01
Balls Are BlueLove Is BlueFrank Sinatra2005-07-01
Cheeseful Pizza FeelingPeaceful Easy FeelingEagles2005-07-03
Shuckin'Truckin'Grateful Dead2005-07-05
Bug-Filled WhoreTug of WarPaul McCartney2005-07-05
Hey, Mr. Tan Marine ManHey, Mr. Tambourine ManBob Dylan2005-07-06
Jennifer AnistonJennifer JuniperDonovan2005-07-07
Pulled a MuscleDo the HustleVan McCoy2005-07-12
PianoRhiannonFleetwood Mac2005-07-13
Your Wildest SchemesYour Wildest DreamsMoody Blues2005-07-13
Killer BeeKiller QueenQueen2005-07-14
Beer TodayHere TodayPaul McCartney2005-07-14
Laugh At You TonightAfternoon DelightStarlight Vocal Band2005-07-15
Lazy, LazyDaisy, DaisyTrad.2005-07-15
I'll Be CherI'll Be ThereJackson 52005-07-16
I Have a Song To Spoof, OhI Have a Song To Sing, OGilbert and Sullivan2005-07-18
A Witty Song Can Be Very FunA British Tar is a Soaring SoulGilbert & Sullivan2005-07-19
Bank of AmericaGod Bless AmericaTraditional2005-07-20
Pictures of WillysPictures of LilyThe Who2005-07-21
Putting Muscles (On Michelle)Pulling Mussels (From a Shell)Squeeze2005-07-22
Lipstick On Your CollieLipstick On Your CollarConnie Francis2005-07-25
PeelingFeelingsMorris Albert2005-07-26
Chucky, Don't Let Your Babys Grow Up To BeSpoofersMama. Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be CowboysWillie Nelson2005-07-27
We Can't SpeakClementineTrad2005-07-27
Hi-Fiddlin'-Dee (The Afterlife For Me)Hey Diddle Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life For Me)Disney2005-07-28
Get the Earth To Stand Still, GortTie Me Kangaroo Down, SportRolf Harris2005-07-29
Floss 'emBlossomJames Taylor2005-07-29
Sneakin' Up On SheepBringing In the SheavesTrad.2005-07-29
Motel Off the RoadCandle In the WindElton John2005-08-01
I Feel the Darth MoveI Feel the Earth MoveCarole King2005-08-02
Keep On Google-in'Keep On Chooglin'Creedence Clearwater Revival2005-08-02
Kathy Clown (corrected)Cathy's ClownEverly Brothers2005-08-03
Disco SucksDisco DuckRick Dees2005-08-04
Gumby/PokeyHokey PokeyTraditional2005-08-04
Plink a Stinky PooInka-Dinka-DooJimmy Durante2005-08-04
Group TherapyBad CompanyBad Company2005-08-16
Almost Cut the CheeseAlmost Cut My HairCSN2005-08-17
RundownSundownGordon Lightfoot2005-08-17
Yukety YukYakety YakCoasters2005-08-18
Cujo's FaceOld Joe's PlaceThe Folksmen2005-08-19
Love Me, I'm a JockLoves Me Like a RockPaul Simon2005-08-20
Up With a GoofUp On the RoofJames Taylor2005-08-20
Leading With a Dead BrainLeaving On A Jet PlaneJohn Denver2005-08-24
Ne-groLets GoCars2005-08-24
You Really Shot MeYou Really Got MeKinks2005-08-25
Get Me a New LiverTake Me To the RiverTalking Heads2005-08-25
Now I'm In the SlammerIf I Had a HammerPeter Paul and mary2005-08-26
It's In His PissIt's In His KissAretha Franklin2005-08-26
Sick HouseBrick HouseCommodores2005-08-26
Senior Moment ManSecret Agent ManJohnny Rivers2005-08-27
I Feed YouI Need YouBeatles2005-08-29
LuannJoanneMike Nesmith2005-08-29
Wide TorsosWild HorsesRolling Stones2005-08-29
Easy To Get LardEasy to Be HardCast of 'Hair'2005-08-30
Hey MoeHey JoeJimi Hendrix2005-08-30
Little Old Lady who Knows Obscene-aLittle Old Lady From PasadenaBeach Boys2005-08-30
No Region GoodNorwegian WoodBeatles2005-08-30
Empty CartonEmpty GardenElton John2005-08-30
The Dinner LightThe Inner LightBeatles2005-08-31
That Dog Is DoneThat Day Is DonePaul McCartney2005-08-31
MucusLukaSuzanne Vega2005-09-01
Run AmokPanamaVan Halen2005-09-01
My Shaved FaceMy Brave FacePaul McCartney2005-09-01
Poor SongYour SongElton John2005-09-02
The Porno AfterThe Morning AfterMaureen McGovern2005-09-03
Storm In the USABorn In the USABruce Springsteen2005-09-05
Camel LotCamelotRichard Burton2005-09-07
This BayThis BoyBeatles2005-09-07
Beers Goin' DownTears of a ClownSmokey Robinson2005-09-08
Band is OverSong is OverWho2005-09-12
Tool On the PillFool On the HillBeatles2005-09-14
I Am Two MenI Am WomanHelen Reddy2005-09-14
A Meal FreeThe Real MeWho2005-09-14
Across the PuniverseAcross the UniverseBeatles2005-09-15
I'm DemandingI'm Still StandingElton John2005-09-15
Pay-Per -TunePaper MoonNat King Cole2005-09-16
One Road AppleOne Bad AppleOsmonds2005-09-17
Don't Die On Me. Hardened WeenahDon't Cry For Me, ArgentinaMadonna/Evita cast2005-09-17
Cop! In the Lane AboveStop! In the Name Of LoveDiana Ross2005-09-19
If You're Ever Feeling GassyDid You Ever See a Lassie?Kid song2005-09-19
It's a Jingle He'll SpareIt's a Jungle Out There (Monk Theme)Randy Newman2005-09-22
FunnyboneHoneycombJimmie Rogers2005-09-22
Chelsea PornoChelsea MorningJoni Mitchell2005-09-26
Shelter From the PornShelter From the StormBob Dylan2005-09-26
Porno Is Smokin'Morning Has BrokenCat Stevens2005-09-26
So Long, Pants So TightSo Long, Frank Lloyd WrightSimon & Garfunkle2005-09-27
NovocaineHurricaneBob Dylan2005-09-28
If I Could Learn The TimeIf I Could Turn Back TimeCher2005-09-29
Big GraboidMongoloidDevo2005-09-29
My Mom For Me, And I'm For MaFuniculi, FuniculaTraditonal2005-09-29
My Grandfather's CockMy Grandfather's ClockMisc2005-09-29
I Want To Pee Like YouI Want To Be Like YouLouis Prima (Jungle Book)2005-09-30
Way Rond SallyLay Down SallyEric Clapton2005-09-30
Girl, You'll Be a Dummy SoonGirl, You'll Be a Woman SoonNeil Diamond2005-10-03
I Am Quite DeadI Am, I SaidNeil Diamond2005-10-03
Sweet Hair-o-mineSweet CarolineNeil Diamond2005-10-03
I'm the President (And the Money's Spent)I'm An Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande)Bing Crosby2005-10-03
Late AgainLady JaneRolling Stones2005-10-05
Giant Garbage BagMagic Carpet RideSteppenwolf2005-10-05
Dumpin' Jack BlackJumpin' Jack FlashRolling Stones2005-10-07
The WadingThe WaitingTom Petty2005-10-07
Mr. PostmanMr. SandmanChordettes2005-10-07
God Save Our SchoolsGod Save the QueenSex Pistols2005-10-11
You've Got a Trombone NowI Think We're Alone NowTommy James/Shondells2005-10-12
BarrySherryFour Seasons2005-10-12
How Deep Is That Well?How Deep Is Your Love?Bee Gees2005-10-13
Stewie GriffinJewish PrincessFrank Zappa2005-10-14
Peter and the MILFPeter and the WolfVarious2005-10-14
Peep Through My WindowCome To My WindowMelissa Ethridge2005-10-18
Oompah (Loompah)Doodah (Camptown Races)Trad2005-10-18
Paper Blog WriterPaperback WriterBeatles2005-10-19
I Just Need Some SpaceI've Just Seen a FaceBeatles2005-10-27
Clown Eyed GirlBrown Eyed GirlVan Morrison2005-10-28
Pastor, the Friendly PriestCasper the Friendly GhostCartoon Theme2005-11-03
Raking Up the Yard For YouBreaking Up Is Hard To DoNeil Sedaka2005-11-08
Mellow BassoonYellow BalloonYellow Balloon2005-11-08
Get My Tax ReturnPoint Of Know ReturnKansas2005-11-08
Wake Me Up When My Member SpendsWake Me Up When September EndsGreen Day2005-11-10
This LAN is My LANThis Land Is Your LandWoody Guthrie2005-11-10
ConstipationConversationJoni Mitchell2005-11-15
Big Yellow SnowjobBig Yellow TaxiJoni Mitchell2005-11-17
High Priced LexusLong Tall TexanBeach Boys2005-11-17
Bigger SongTigger's songTigger2005-11-17
Bar Man EmbarrassedFree Man in ParisJoni Mitchell2005-11-18
Let It MellowMellow YellowDonovan2005-12-01
Cause I'm a BondCause I'm a BlondJulie Brown2005-12-05
Santa's Wife Is Goin' On DownSanta Claus Is Coming To TownXmas crap2005-12-05
StainsSignsFive Man Electrical2005-12-06
Garbage CanBarbara AnnBeach bBoys2005-12-07
Gig TimeBig TimePeter Gabriel2005-12-07
Vet SongJet SongCast, 'West Side Story'2005-12-08
Dick and BallsDeck the HallsTraditional2005-12-13
Bare Chested Hairy GentlemenGod Rest Ye Merry GentlemenTraditional2005-12-13
Up In A MousetrapUp On A RooftopTraditional2005-12-13
Bet It SlowLet It SnowTraditional2005-12-14
Ronnie, the Big Hosed Porn StarRudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerXmas crap2005-12-14
Goose-step Around the Christmas TreeTwo-step Around the Christmas TreeTraditional2005-12-14
I'll Be Dumped At ChristmasI'll Be Home For ChristmasTraditional2005-12-15
Toy to a GirlJoy to the WorldTraditional2005-12-15
Liver SmellsSilver BellsTraditional2005-12-15
Bale of HayShow Me the WayPeter Frampton2005-12-20
The First Go-to-HellThe First NoelTraditional2005-12-20
I Believe in Bleeping ChristmasI Believe In Father ChristmasGreg Lake2005-12-21
I Came Upon a Midnight WhoreIt Came Upon a Midnight ClearTraditional2005-12-21
All I Want For Xmas Is Some New Front TeatsAll I Want For Xmas Is My Two Front TeethTraditional2005-12-23
Angels We Have Heard Out ThereAngels We Have Heard On HighTraditional2005-12-23
What Crap Is This?What Child Is This?Traditonal2005-12-23
Do You Fear What I Fear?Do You Hear What I Hear?Traditional2005-12-24
Dangle BallsJingle BellsTraditional2006-01-06
Cowpie In the SandCowgirl In the SandNeil Young2006-01-07
Hand In That SocketHand In My PocketAlanis Morrisette2006-01-18
My FlyMy GuyDiana Ross2006-01-23
Nose Fartin'Rose GardenLynn Anderson2006-01-23
Old Gray HairOld Gray MareTraditonal2006-01-24
Big Splash CannonballWabash CannonballTraditional2006-01-24
My Pop's In the PokeyOn Top of Old SmokeyTraditional2006-01-26
98-No Sex98.6Keith2006-01-27
I'm In TractionSatisfactionRolling Stones2006-01-27
Bauer to the RescuePower to the PeopleJohn Lennon2006-02-01
Cop a PleaAll of MeTraditional2006-02-02
PhonographPhotographRingo Starr2006-02-03
I'm In the Mood For BeerI'm In the Mood For LoveFrank Sinatra2006-02-03
She's a Man-LeaverI'm a BelieverMonkees2006-02-14
Knockin' Up Kevin's WhoreKnockin' On Heaven's DoorBob Dylan2006-02-14
She's My WifeIn My LifeBeatles2006-02-16
Cello In the Marching BandListen To the MockingbirdMisc2006-02-19
The Untossable DwarfThe Impossible DreamMan of La Mancha2006-02-19
Learning to FryLearning to FlyTom Petty2006-02-21
Poor Laund'ring OnePoor Wand'ring OneGilbert & Sullivan2006-02-22
Oft Rejected ManWell Respected ManKinks2006-02-28
Homer's DerangedHome On the RangeTraditonal2006-03-02
Piddle AboutFiddle About (from Tommy)Who2006-03-03
The Rancid TeenThe Acid Queen (from Tommy)Who2006-03-03
A Bummer SongA Summer SongChad and Jeremy2006-03-08
Captain Gawker/It's a Toy?Plenty funCaptain Walker/It's a Boy/Twenty-oneWho2006-03-08
The FilamentsThe ElementsTom Lehrer2006-03-09
Farmyard LoveFor Your LoveYardbirds2006-03-13
I'm a CloneI'm a BoyWho2006-03-13
Turd of the CenturyTurn of the CenturyYes2006-03-15
Ants Scurry, LoveCan't Hurry LoveDiana Ross2006-03-22
Wooden TeethWooden ShipsCrosby, Stills, Nash2006-03-22
Runny Brown Ice CreamRunnin' Down a DreamTom Petty2006-03-24
When Georgie Starts Bringing Home Those MenWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home AgainTraditional2006-03-24
Freein' Boobs That Are 'E'Me and Bobby McGeeJanis Joplin2006-03-29
Bed, Bed, LineRed, Red WineBob Marley2006-04-13
Somebody's Crotch Over MeSomeone To Watch Over MeElla Fitzgerald2006-04-14
When I Was a DadWhen I Was a LadGilbert & Sullivan2006-04-16
MelanomaMona LisaNat King Cole2006-04-18
Staring Down the BlouseBurning Down the HouseTalking Heads2006-04-20
Circle BlameCircle GameJoni Mitchell2006-04-21
Fake Your Blown-Minded MusicMake Your Own Kind Of MusicMamas and Pappas2006-04-25
Gettin' Some StrangePeople Are StrangeDoors2006-04-25
Cream On FleasDream PoliceCheap Trick2006-04-27
Heart BypassHeart of GlassBlondie2006-04-28
InsulationIsolationJohn Lennon2006-05-03
Gun Barrel PolkaBeer Barrel PolkaTraditional2006-05-03
Knocked Me OutStart Me UpRolling Stones2006-05-04
Puts His Hand In the Band (He's the Man)Put Your Hand In the Hand of the ManElvis Presley2006-05-05
Bar MoneyHarmonyElton John2006-05-10
Blundered a SmidgeUnder the BridgeRed Hot Chili Peppers2006-05-10
It's Buddy LoveCan't Buy Me LoveBeatles2006-05-17
Was a Funny DayWas a Sunny DayPaul Simon2006-05-19
AlbertsonsAlisonElvis Costello2006-05-20
New Kid's a ClownNew Kid In TownEagles2006-05-22
Maybe It's a GlazedMaybe I'm AmazedPaul McCartney2006-05-23
Why Do You Beep?How Do You Sleep?John Lennon2006-05-23
Ahoy! Famed CrewA Boy Named SueJohnny Cash2006-05-31
Let's Bend the Light TogetherLet's Spend the Night TogetherRolling Stones2006-06-15
Under My BumUnder My ThumbRolling Stones2006-06-15
Against All Rods (Take the Hook From Me Now)Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)Phil Collins2006-06-20
Your Llama Won't DanceYour Momma Don't DanceLoggins and Messina2006-06-21
Car CollectorStar CollectorMonkees2006-06-22
Team LoverDream LoverBobby Darrin2006-06-26
Whole Lotta NoiseWhole Lotta LoveLed Zepplin2006-06-28
Clown in the ValleyDown in the ValleyTraditional2006-07-06
In the Mind of BushThere's a Kind of HushHerman's Hermits2006-07-07
It's RegurgitationYou're My InspirationChicago2006-07-12
Pop-ups Don't ReachPapa Don't PreachMadonna2006-07-14
The World Wide WebThe Way We WereBarbra Streisand2006-07-15
Cattle PooThat'll Do (from 'Babe')Randy Newman/Peter Gabriel2006-07-18
I've Made 'Thou' ChartHow Great Thou ArtChurch Hymn2006-07-19
I'm Federline the First, I AmI'm Henry the XIII, I AmHerman's Hermits2006-08-21
Word ProgramWitch DoctorDave Seville2006-08-24
She's a ProblemShe's a WomanBeatles2006-08-26
Man I'd Like To ThrottleMessage In a BottlePolice2006-08-29
Steve the Croc HunterQuinn the EskimoDylan/Manfred Mann2006-09-05
Popeye the So-Sick ManPopeye the Sailor ManCartoon Theme2006-09-23
Survivor RacesWide Open SpacesDixie Chicks2006-09-26
Salary (The)Gallery (The)Joni Mitchell2006-09-27
Mockin' Me BabyRockin' Me BabySteve Miller2006-10-03
You've Got a FredYou've Got a FriendCarole King2006-10-24
Pad Thai on the RiseBad Moon on the RiseCreedence Clearwater Revival2006-10-25
Fidgety Trubled DaughterBridge Over Troubled WaterSimon & Garfunkle2006-10-26
Elevator MusicRock And Roll MusicChuck Berry2006-10-26
Fake 'Live'Take FiveDave Brubeck2006-10-27
No Fatter ButtNo Matter WhatBadfinger2006-10-28
Bangle with the DangleBungle in the JungleJethro Tull2006-11-07
Spears and KevinTears in HeavenEric Clapton2006-11-09
KramerJimmyThoroughly Modern Millie Cast2006-11-27
Peasant Valet ParkingPleasant Valley SundayMonkees2006-12-05
Leaf RakerHeartbreakerPat Benatar2006-12-06
This Song is So Dumb at XmasWe Wish You a Merry XmasTraditional2006-12-07
You're a Weird One, David LynchYou're a Mean One, Mr. GrinchDr. Seuss special2006-12-12
King Kong Hairily Up highDing, Dong, Merrily On HighTraditional2006-12-14
We Three DudesWe Three KingsTraditional2006-12-14
Gay After GayDay After DayBadfinger2006-12-16
I Am a Hypochondriac at ChristmasI Want a Hippopotamus for ChristmasGayla Peevey2006-12-20
What File Is This?What Child Is This?Traditional2006-12-20
That King From the AdsGood King WenceslasTraditional2006-12-22
This Song's a Bummer, BoyThe Little Drummer BoyTraditional2006-12-23
Pole ManSoul ManBlues Brothers2007-01-16
Hole ManSoul ManBlues Brothers2007-01-17
Hot Tubbin'Hot BloodedForeigner2007-01-18
BindyWindyThe Association2007-01-31
Joe DiRita WillMargueritavilleJimmy Buffet2007-02-01
Backing Up Is Hard To DoBreaking Up Is Hard To doNeil Sedaka2007-02-02
Don't Park So Close To MeDon't Stand So Close To MeThe Police2007-02-03
When You Piss Upon a CarWhen You Wish Upon a StarJiminy Cricket2007-02-10
Long EnoughStrong EnoughSheryl Crow2007-02-14
Took a Dump by the Side of the RoadBy the Light of the Silvery MoonDoris Day2007-02-21
Oh, Very HungOh, Very YoungCat Stevens2007-02-28
We're Off to Flee the BlizzardWe're Off to See the WizardWizard of Oz cast2007-03-01
Watchin' Charlie's AngelsWalkin' with My AngelBobby Vee2007-03-02
Dean DeanGreen GreenNew Christy Minstrels2007-03-12
Wishing You Were BeerWishing You Were HereChicago2007-03-13
I've Looked EverywhereI've Been EverywhereJohnny Cash2007-03-14
Have You Ever Been Yellow?Have You Never Been Mellow?Olivia Newton-John2007-03-14
She One-Leg DancingYou Should Be DancingBee Gees2007-03-21
The Only Jewish Boy That Eats PorkThe Only Living Boy in New YorkSimon and Garfunkle2007-04-07
To Serve With LoveTo Sir With LoveLulu2007-04-11
Doggy DooPeggy SueBuddy Holly2007-04-16
Condoms In My WalletSunshine On My ShoulderJohn Denver2007-04-17
It's the Wrong Day For You to MarryIt's a Long Way to TippararyOldie2007-04-24
ScrewdriverSledghammerPeter Gabriel2007-04-25
Mia FarrowBroken ArrowBuffalo Springfield2007-04-26
Make 'em Feed MeTake It EasyEagles2007-04-27
Passed the WindCatch the WindDonovan2007-05-01
3-Speed Personal VibratorYellow Polka Dot BikiniBryan Hyland2007-05-01
Cheap HaulingFree FallingTom Petty2007-05-03
Gettysbeer AddressGettysburg AddressAbraham Lincoln2007-05-18
Mutt StopBus StopHollies2007-05-21
PiranhaDelilahTom Jones2007-05-22
From the Big GunningFrom the BeginningELP2007-05-23
Flirty KirkDirty WorkSteely Dan2007-05-24
(Feelin') So BadSo BadPaul McCartney2007-06-12
Pinball WizardWhen I Was a LadGilbert and Sullivan2007-06-13
(That Guy) Drew DilbertBlue VelvetBobby Vinton2007-06-18
Favorite JokesFavorite ThingsJulie Andrews2007-06-26
Only Phew!Only YouRingo, Harry Connick, Jr., others2007-07-05
Rat's Got a LadleCat's in the CradleHarry Chapin2007-07-10
Help Me Make it Through This SongHelp Me Make it Through the NightKris Kristofferson2007-07-12
Lo-hanGo NowMoody Blues2007-07-31
Smells So BadHurts So BadLinda Ronstadt2007-07-31
A Dump I Am A-TakingThe Times They Are A-ChangingBob Dylan2007-08-12
I Think I Just Stepped In PooI Got My Mind Set On YouGeorge Harrison2007-08-16
Just Like a TumorJust Like a WomanBob Dylan2007-08-28
BeefeaterManeaterHall and Oates2007-09-04
Because the Night (NYC version)Because the NightPatti Smith2007-09-08
I Don't Know How To Love Him (Airhead version)I Don't Know How To Love HimYvonne Elliman2007-09-08
Cussin' and Cussin'Nothing From NothingBilly Preston2007-09-11
SuperheatedatmosphereinphoenixarizonaSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousDick Van Dyke2007-09-12
Ms. Griffin's JesusMy Gift To JesusHymn2007-09-14
O.J. is BackBaby's in BlackBeatles2007-09-18
Amazing ChestAmazing GraceTrad.2007-09-18
Barfin' Kitty BluesFolsom Prison BluesJohnny Cash2007-09-24
The Shady BunchThe Brady BunchTV Theme2007-09-24
Lied On My ResumeMy Love's In JeapardyGreg Kihn2007-09-24
Big Hollow TexanBig Yellow TaxiJoni Mitchell2007-09-26
Hey, What The Hell's With YouI Put a Spell On YouScreamin' Jay Hawkins2007-09-26
(He's a) Dick--House(She's a) Brick HouseCommodores2007-10-02
Bye, Bye, Black BeardBye, Bye, BlackbirdTrad2007-10-03
What Have They Done To My Dong?What Have They done To My Song?Melanie2007-10-04
Movin'Groovin'Young Rascals2007-10-14
Hearin' From My Barn DoorLookin' Out My Back DoorCreedence Clearwater Revival2007-10-15
Wild, Wild RiceWild, Wild LifeTalking Heads2007-10-15
Delta (Quadrant)DeltaDavid Crosby2007-10-30
Critical Lass/To the Last MaleCritical Mass/To the Last WhaleCrosby-Nash2007-10-31
I've Been Worried 'Bout My BoyfriendI've Been Working on the RailroadTrad.2007-11-04
Won't Get Ghoul'd AgainWon't Get Fooled AgainWho2008-04-15
Baby Be BlackBaby Come BackPlayer2008-04-17
GameyAmyPure Prairie League2008-04-20
Here cComes the GroomHere Comes the BrideEveeryone2008-05-15
Help,Help,HelpPlease, Please,PleaseBings2008-08-17
Cowed DairyProud MaryCreedence Clearwater Revival2008-08-18
Carrot TopAt the HopSha-na-na2008-08-19
Time But No ReasonTime of the SeasonZombies2008-08-25
Give My PC To BroadbandGive My Regards To BroadwayGeorge M Cohan2008-08-27
Weight GainFreight TrainFred Eaglesmith2008-09-14
The Rhymes They Are A-ChangingThe Times They Are A-ChangingBob Dylan2008-09-15
She'll Soon Be Gettin' WoodI'm Into Somethin' GoodHerman's Hermits2008-09-16
Big Yellow MaxiBig Yellow TaxiJoni Mitchell2008-09-25
Fellows, It's Bust We're Going/Go Way Now Captain DubyaHello, I Must Be Going/ Hooray For Captain SpauldiGroucho Marx and Co.2008-09-25
I've Depends On Low PlacesI Got Friends in Low PlacesGarth Brooks2008-10-22
Water Has BrokenMorning Has BrokenCat Stevens2008-10-30
The BoxersThe BoxerSimon & Garfunkel2008-11-02
FartmakerHeartbreakerPat Benatar2009-01-07
I Saw Three ChicksI Saw Three ShipsTraditional2009-01-07
Poppin' all the ZitsPuttin' on the RitzIrving Berlin2009-01-07
Supermultifornicationcausewerepolyam’rousSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews&co2009-01-08
Goodbye Yellowish TeethGoodbye Yellow Brick RoadElton John2009-01-15
She's Got a Sprained ToeShe's Like a RainbowRolling Stones2009-01-18
Saint BarackPaint It BlackRolling Stones2009-01-19
Lotsa More-ayThat's amoreDean Martin2009-01-26
We Are the BorgWe Are the WorldMichael Jackson2009-02-04
The Blunder of YouThe Wonder of YouElvis Presley2009-03-10
What My Bod Needs Now is DoveWhat the World Needs Now is LoveJackie DeShannon2009-04-07
How Do You Solve Her Problem- Gonorrhea?How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?Sound Of Music Cast2009-04-26
Needs a Cleanin' This Bathroom BowlOn the Cover of Rolling StoneDr. Hook2009-04-27
Lousy LoverEasy LoverPhil collins/ Phillip Bailey2009-04-28
On HoldHold OnYes2009-05-28
Guy in Me FaceFly in Me FaceCarly Simon2009-07-20
Earache TonightHeartache TonightEagles2009-10-20
The JunkerThe JokerThe Steve Miller Band2009-10-26
You Belong In MeYou Belong With MeTaylor Swift2009-11-01
Filthy Paws are Cooking Your ChowSanta Clause is Coming to TownTraditional2009-11-15
Sprayin' a HiveStayin' AliveBee Gees2009-11-18
In PornoOn BroadwayGeorge Benson2009-12-06
No Fartin'Rose GardenLynn Anderson2010-01-31
Got a Government JobTake the Money and RunThe Steve Miller Band2010-03-03
I Find Turds in Strange PlacesI Got Friends in Low PlacesGarth Brooks2010-03-07
Wake IT UpShake It UpCars2010-03-14
Another GuyAnother GirlBeatles2010-03-15
OrganicYou Got ItRoy Orbison2010-03-21
Day-OffDay-OHarry Belafonte2010-06-07
My Irish BalladThe Irish BalladTom Lehrer2010-06-17
I Never Promised There'd Be No Fartin'I Never Promised You a Rose GardenLynne Anderson2010-08-16
Fur ElisePure and EasyWho2010-08-16
Burnin' ManSouthern ManNeil Young2010-08-18
Bold As LiceCold As IceForeigner2010-08-18
Stinking Up the BathroomSmoking in the Boy's RoomMotley Crue2010-08-23
Bang MeDang MeRoger Miller2010-08-31
Teah inna WinnDust in the WindKansas2010-09-01
Don't Buy That LiverDown By the RiverNeil Young2010-09-13
Back Watching "Twilight" AgainBack in the High Life AgainSteve Winwood2010-09-13
HoyleRoyalsLorde/Walk off the Earth2014-07-17
50 Greys to Shade Your Lover50 Ways to Leave Your LoverPaul Simon2015-02-20
(You Make Me Peel Like a) Naturist Woman(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural WomanCarole King2015-03-04
Hey Face Bookin"Hey Good Lookin'Hank Williams2015-10-29
Ban the Pit BullSan FranciscoScott MacKenzie2016-04-01
Puttin' Up With PitsPuttin' on the RitzFred Astaire2016-04-06
Garbage DayMarvin GayeCharlie Puth (with Meghan Trainor)2016-08-24
Employees, Wash Your HandsI want to Hold Your HandBeatles2016-09-29
Feeling' GrungyFeeling' GroovySimon & Garfunkel2016-10-17
Half MastAt LastEtta James2017-04-24
I've Got Big Troubles in the Rose GardenI Never Promised You a Rose GardenLynn Anderson2017-07-24
LandfillLandslideFleetwood Mac2017-09-07
Get Ant BaitLet It BeBeatles2017-10-19
Piece 'O HindPeace of MindBoston2017-11-06
At the VetAt the HopDanny & The Juniors2017-11-06
Roy Moore's AlabamaSweet Home alabamaLynyrd Skynyrd2017-11-16
Norwegians Good (This mind is blown)Norwegian WoodBeatles2018-01-15
Trump!JumpVan Halen2018-01-16
ScrewballStewballWoody Guthrie2018-01-18
Bump StockWoodstockJoni Mitchell2018-03-27
Now There's Only TrumpI've Been EverywhereJohnny Cash2018-03-30
Wake Up, AmericaGod Bless AmericaIrving Berlin2018-04-05
Fill the BusOhioCSN&Y2018-04-09
President Trump is Full of PoopAnimal Crackers in My SoupShirley Temple2018-04-10
Dog SitterSledgehammerPeter Gabriel2018-04-16
Cystic PusMagic BusWho2018-04-17
(Dand)-I-Lions Creep TonightThe Lion Sleeps TonightTokens2018-04-23
Super VisionSuperstitionStevie Wonder2018-07-03
NorwayMy WayFrank Sinatra2018-07-11
N.A.T.O.Y.M.C.A.Village People2018-07-13
Crime That's called TreasonTime of the SeasonZombies2018-07-17
SuperegotistichistrionicsareatrociousSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousDick Van Dyke/Julie Andrews2018-07-18
All Bark, All BarkNew York, New YorkFrank Sinatra2018-07-30
Wood shopWoodstockJoni Mitchell2018-07-30
Isn't it a Pittie?Isn't it a pity?George Harrison2018-08-02
The Pet SongThe Jet SongLeonard Bernstein/West Side Story2018-08-20
If I Ever Got ImpeachedIf I Only Had a BrainWizard Of Oz Soundtrack2018-08-24
The Doggie in the Window (real version)The Doggie in the WindowPatti Page2018-08-24
Harpoon RisingBad Moon RisingCreedence Clearwater Revival2018-10-15
Don't Crap So Close To MeDon't Stand So Close To MePolice2018-10-19
He's Dumb, and UnfaithfulO, Come, All Ye FaithfulTraditional2018-12-21
What ChildishnessWhat Child Is This?Traditional2018-12-21
You Can't Call Me AlYou Can Call Me AlPaul Simon2019-04-02
Pixilatin' BitsPutting' On the RitzFred Astaire2019-04-29
Great Dane to BarksvilleLast Train to ClarksvilleMonkees2019-05-10
I Have a RackI Am a RockSimon & Garfunkel2019-05-13
I'm So Tired (Fake News Version)I'm So TiredBeatles2019-05-28
Turd, Turd, TurdTurn, Turn, TurnByrds2019-05-30
Tweet FellowTit WillowGilbert & Sullivan2019-06-05
End of the WorldTop of the WorldCarpenters2019-10-23
We All Work (with what we got)Let's Hang OnFour Seasons2019-10-24
He's Randy RainbowShe's a RainbowRolling Stones2019-10-24
I Got E ColiRiders on the StormDoors2019-10-25
Wouldn't It Be Lava-leeWouldn't It Be LoverlyAudrey Hepburn2019-11-15
IKEA!MariaWest Side Story Cast2019-11-22
The Round of ViolenceThe Sound of SilenceSimon & Garfunkel2019-11-22
CortisoneKodachromePaul Simon2020-02-17
Paper Butt-WiperPaperback WriterBeatles2020-03-19
Pull Three TimesKnock Three TimesTony Orlando and Dawn2020-04-13
Hell VirusElviraOak Ridge Boys2020-04-13
Ventilator!Oklahoma!Rodgers & Hammerstein2020-07-07
If I Were RepublicanIf I Were a CarpenterBobby Darin2020-07-09
Zit-On-Dee-Hoo-HahZip-A-Dee-Doo-DahJames Baskett2020-07-10
All the Facts is in Trump's TaxesAll My Exes Live In TexasGeorge Strait2020-07-12
The Crook Can't LoveThe Look of LoveDusty Springfield2020-07-15
KamalaCamelotCast of Camelot2020-08-12
Covid Spread PicnicTeddy Bear's PicnicAnne Murray2020-09-15
I'm a Trumper VigilanteI'm a Yankee Doodle DandyGeorge M Cohan2020-10-02
With an Idiot in ChargeWith a Little Bit of LuckCast of "My Fair Lady"2020-10-06
Ruby TuesdaysRuby TuesdayThe Rollong Stones2020-10-12
Sperm DonorMoonshadowCat Stevens2021-03-19
They KillI WillBeatles2021-03-22
Dumb Karen-Cam girlAmerican GirlTom Petty2021-03-31
And Their Hip Go "Schwing"And Your Bird Can SingBeatles2021-08-16
Slight LeakageSledge HammerPeter Gabriel2021-09-02
These are a Few of My Favorite FlingsThese are a Few of My Favorite ThingsJulie Andrews2021-12-13
SnowmanStarmanDavid Bowie2021-12-28
My Back AgesMy Back PagesBob Dylan2022-01-14
Shift!ShaftIssac Hayes2022-02-07
I Have a DogI Am a RockSimon & Garfunkel2022-02-09
SubstitoothSubstituteThe Who2022-02-15
Orgy GirlGeorgy GirlThe Seekers2022-02-18
Chipped Beef on ToastWhite Punks on DopeThe Tubes2022-02-21
Cat's on the TableCat's in the CradleHarry Chapin2022-04-04
What a Poo!Let It BeBeatles2022-04-08
Rolls on my Old Lady ArmsRoll in My Sweet Baby's ArmsTrad. Blugrass2022-07-04
I'm a Believer (Pit Bull Version)I'm a BelieverMonkees2022-07-25
Worky DirtDirty WorkSteely Dan2022-08-05
God Bless EroticaGod Bless AmericaKate Smith2022-08-05
Poo at House CornerHouse at Pooh CornerLoggins & Messina2022-09-21
Try To Hit The Piss PotHit Me With Your Best ShotPat Benatar2022-09-21
The WatererThe WandererDion2022-10-31
Almost Cut the CheeseAlmost Cut My HairCSN&Y2022-12-13
Pics Of My ThumbUnder My thumbRolling Stones2022-12-26
Geni'tally DesignedGentle On My MindGlen Campbell2023-03-10