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Occasionally, I get contacted by people looking to hire a parody author for either lyrics and/or writing a parody of a popular song. This is a list of authors on the site who are willing to do work for a client.

If you are looking for a custom parody, check out the list of names below. Click on an author's name for a description of their work on the site and contact info. Rates should be worked out in advance with a particular author.

If you're an amIright parody author (with at least 25 parodies on the site), use the submission form to add your name to the list.

Agrimorfee - Lyrics Only
Parody writing for songs both obscure and well-known. In the business world, I have worked in marketing research, PR and radio broadcasting.
Airfarcewon - Lyrics Only
I've been writing song lyrics and song parodies for many years. Lyrics only. Have won national songwriting contests..had a song recorded on Capitol Records.
Alvin Rhodes - Lyrics Only
mainly 60s lyrics....i can do serious...i can do goofy
Annie - Lyrics Only
Hi! :) I'm Annie Chen, from Toronto Canada. I'm a nice person to get to know. So if you want to get to know me, don't hesitate to add me on Facebook:
Arch Vile - Lyrics Only
Hello all. I have been spending a great many years watching Whose Line Is It Anyway. This has served as the basis for my creativity. If there are any songs in my repertoire of rhapsodies in which you want to perform at a Karaoke bar near you, I am all for it. I would love to read the comments of the related song after you sang it.
Arch Vile - Lyrics Only
I may be just another songwriter for the sake of humour. I work as an accounting and finance man, and this is more of a hobby for me. There is no monetary need for my work.
Below Average Dave - Lyrics & Recordings
I am Below Average Dave, a parodist and writer who has the ability to write, perform or both. I am very negotiable on commercial rates, and can work with clients on pricing.
BentleyBro - Lyrics & Recordings
Music will never be the same...
Blaydeman - Lyrics & Recordings
Hey I'm Blaydeman. I can write about any topic or any song. Whether it be funny or serious, for the education or for marketing. It really doesn't matter I'll get it done. I'll write multiple parodies for one job so that will allow you to pick the one you think is the best, rather yhan only writing one and giving you no other options. I write lyrics and record, but my recording abilities are of limited quality at the moment. I can record it for you, but again if it's not satisfactory, you can record it yourself. I fmy services are used, I ask that I be recommend me to anyone you know who needs similar services. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
CryHavoc - Lyrics Only
I have a day job but I write Novels and what not in my spare time. In addition to self publishing 10 of my original novels, I have over 50 parodies on this site.
Darius Whitehead - Lyrics & Recordings
Hello there, this is Darius Whitehead, the owner of the studio called Darius Kamron Whitehead's studio which I own. I write lyrics, just to think of things. I'm on DeviantArt, YouTube, and FanFiction. I live on my own imagination.
Darius Whitehead - Lyrics Only
Hi-Ho. This is Darius Kamron Whitehead from JHI Media. I write lyrics, just to think of things in my own head. I'm on DeviantArt, YouTube, FanFiction, FictionPress, and almost everywhere on the internet. love imagining things.
DarkJon64 - Lyrics & Recordings
Amiright member since 2000. I have been a fan (and parodier) of many different genres of music over the years, and I enjoy a challenge!
david j ferretti - Lyrics Only
song parody writer with 50 original songs
D J Lowe - Lyrics Only
Contributors to Amiright parody pages will know me as 'Lifeliver', but friends and associates call me David. In my checkered career I've made a living as a teacher, journalist and publisher's editor and tackled just about every type of writing project you could name, commercial and non-commercial. I'm also a latin percussionist with considerable stage experience, and enjoy sketching and illustrating too. Personal motto: I create, therefore I am.
Edward Genereux - Lyrics Only
I parody a variety of songs and have made 46 parodies so far, some more notable than others.
Erik "Taz" Mokracek - Lyrics Only
I Am Erik "Taz" Mokeacek. I Enjoy Cooking and video games and much more
Ethan Mawyer - Lyrics Only
Almost ten years parody writing experience. Willing to use just about any type of original song for parody material and flexible regarding subject matter. Wrote a parody professionally once for marketing purposes. Doesn't usually write parodies in sentence fragments.
Fack Sabbath - Lyrics Only
I am Fack Sabbath, i'm an Ingatestone-based parodist and love everything from 3 Doors Down, Bush, Therapy?, Cranberries, and Green Day Hope you enjoy my entry
Fred Snider - Lyrics Only
I never charge for my contributions. It's a lucky knack that I possess, & it's so simple for me. I just love to make people laugh! If you put my name in the Parody Author search box, you can see all 25 of mine in one place.
Contact me if you want to use one of my existing parodies, or if you like my style but want a completely new one. I welcome new ideas.
Guy DiRito - Lyrics Only
I have over 825 parodies listed on this site as of 16 Jun 2008. I became interested in this satirical art form from Mad Magazine in the '60s when they would parody a particular top 40 song. I began submitting parodies on AMIRIGHT on May 26, 2003. I can write almost anything but specialize in Computer/Geek and Mob themed parodies. No commercial writing experience to date but would be glad to take on any challenge. I did take a two plus year hiatus in May of 2005 and began writing and publishing again in October of 2007.
Jeremy Otto - Lyrics Only
I have been writing song parodies for since 2002 and now I would like to start writing song parodies for others by request for a small fee. Send me an email and we'll negotiate!
Jim Rotondo - Lyrics & Recordings
Greetings All! Manualist, Tire Pumpist and Comic Jim Rotondo at your service for Parody Lyrics & Recordings.
Joe Haynes - Lyrics & Recordings
Long time parody writer here on amiright (since 2003) and have enjoyed music in general all my life. Musically my brain is stuck in the 70's and 80's since that's when I was a teenager and young adult. Music I like tends to be on the sappy/heart rending side. I like songs that can make me cry or are thought provoking and I like more upbeat stuff too. Professionally I am a pharmacist who does software consulting and I am a 10 year member of Toastmasters International and have achieved the designation of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).
John A. Barry - Lyrics Only
I'd been in the publishing business for more years than I cared to remember when I left it a few years ago. Have been contributing to amiright since May 2004. I'm game for any type of writing assignment.
Joseph Little - Lyrics Only
Hello Everyone I mostly parody 70s rock pop, various rap, some 80s pop, 90s pop, and a little bit of country. I love the 70s and the rap though. I honestly will parody anything, as long as it deserves it in some kind of way.
Macaroni Man - Lyrics Only
I'm a parodist who dabbles in the art of making videos as well (see channel on contact page). I've written stuff ranging in theme from pets to politics to food to video games to educational topics even. It's hard for me to become self-motivated, but if someone else is involved, I have more of an incentive to work, according to...people. I kind of want to take parodying or video production to the next level somehow, and see what there is to study in college that's relevant.
Malcolm Higgins - Lyrics Only
former policeman with a macabre sense of humour, nothing is sacred, political, scientific, tragic. funny although sometimes chilling, I will write what is requested. member of SOCAN
Mark Scotti - Lyrics Only
Lyrics only....Will parody any type of song....Cover any type of subject, serious or funny
MasonR - Lyrics Only
Writing parodies since 2004 on Amiright, with over 200 as of August 2008.
Master Of Oz - Lyrics & Recordings
I've been alive since the dawn of time and have written over a thousand parodies. I've been on every tv show imaginable.
Matthew Stovarsky (Matthias) - Lyrics & Recordings
Matthew Stovarsky (Matthias) has been writing on Amiright for about 4 years now, and he has a collection of song parodies in both lyrics (300-ish) and Recordings (5 to 6). He has some of his work recorded by his friend and fellow Amirighter, Below Average Dave.
Merry & Pippin - Lyrics Only
A pair of writers, separated in an H2O kind of way by a big puddle called the Pacific!
Michael McVey - Lyrics Only
I like to mutilate songs beyond recognition!
Mick Terry - Lyrics & Recordings
On since 2003, composer-songwriter lyricist focused on writing quasi-intelligent lyrics since the Paleozoic Era.
Mikey Squirrel - Lyrics & Recordings
I have been writing and creating parodies for over 25 years, and I have been on Amiright since 2004. I have written over 150 song parodies, as well as several parody recordings and videos.
Old Man Ribber - Lyrics Only
Old Man Ribber - he just keeps rollin' along! Todd Whitford from Northern Kentucky here. I'm a newbie to amiright but a lifelong parodist. I just wish I could find a way to make this pay! ;D
Patrick McWilliams - Lyrics Only
Been here since 2007. Enjoy writing parodies. In fact, almost every time I hear a song, I want to change the lyrics.
Paul Warren - Lyrics Only
I do a lot of song facts on here and I'm also known as MrCleveland.
Phil Alexander - Lyrics & Recordings
All sorts of compositions: musical and lyrical, political, satirical, sensible, illogical, scat- or technological.
Red Ant - Lyrics & Recordings
I am Jack "Red Ant" Fletcher, a parody writer with over 300 parodies penned to date. I write about all subjects and in any genre, but I specialize in satire. Recordings can be made available.
Rex Ungericht - Lyrics Only
Parody writing for commercial and entertainment purposes. Over 20 years professional writing experience.
Rick Cormier - Lyrics & Recordings
Hi, I'm Rick Cormier, Parodist, Musician, Vocalist, Comedian, Recording Engineer.
Rick Duncan - Lyrics & Recordings
I've been recording originals and parodies as long as Weird Al. Live in Santa Cruz. Play lots of instruments. Now single. Good looking and available
Rocky Mak - Lyrics Only
I'm a Chinese man in New Zealand. I am a parody writer, a karaoke singer, and also an avid sports -buff. Most songs come to me rather than me go looking for them.
SamuraiMaster - Lyrics Only
SamuraiMaster (or SM) here, willing to write up whatever I can to please anyone.
Scotty Dangerously - Lyrics Only
I wish I could be like Weird Al.
Terrance Tucker - Lyrics Only
I love writing parodies about anyone and everything in life. I take favorite songs and turn them into parodies for fun and for laughs. My goal is to make people laugh with my lyrics.
Tim Hall - Lyrics Only
Amiright writer since 2002!
Songs with random subjects, beyond imagination.
Tommy Turtle - Lyrics Only
Experienced professional stand-up comedian, comedy writer, and parody writer. Former SAG, AFTRA, AEA.
Wendy Christopher - Lyrics Only
Whatever you want; I can write a parody to a particular song or subject, or I can 'freestyle' a random song/subject for you - either or both works for me.
Wild Child JIN - Lyrics Only
Hello, Jimmy here, or you know me as “Wild Child JIN” here at AmIRight I am skilled in the fields of sound and sound for video recording/mixing, photography, personal development, child psychology, playing the piano and electric keyboards, creative writing (poems, proverbs, and of course, parodies), puerile comical skills, and the psychological form of echokinesis which means “The ability to mimic another person’s voice and actions like your own.” Pretty interesting so far, huh?


Would you like to add your name to the directory? If you're a parody author on amIright with 25 or more parodies and would like to be contacted for possible writing/performing work, follow the link for the submission page.


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