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January 18, 2020

"B├║scame Mucho ," John A. Barry parody of "Besame Mucho,"Various artists, Comment by Patrick Report this comment
Saludo a uno de los viejos y mas talentosos escritores en nuestro sitio. Su cuerpo puede ud.. esconder, pero su talento, no.

January 16, 2020

"Turning Veganese," vegan minstrel parody of "Turning Japanese,"The Vapors, Comment by vegan minstrel Report this comment
line 5 better pacing would be: "i sit there staring at it. i do live its hue." line 13 & 14 better pacing would be: "i have a doctor who's a strict vegan. he says he knows that my insides are well." after the final line, this line is perfect: "they're so dumb." audio demo at

January 15, 2020

"Solei In The Sky With Hymens," CML parody of "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds,"The Beatles, Comment by CML Report this comment
The "incentive", as you put it, for the Crusades was, generally speaking, was self defense against 400 years of Muslim onslaughts that began a mere three years after the death of Muhammad .... More specifically, it was a defensive counterstroke against a new and dangerous element in the Islamic jihad -- The Seljuqs. They conquered Baghdad in 1055. Fifteen years later, they broke the stalemate that had existed between Islam and Christendom at the Battle of Manzikert (1070) At which point, they invaded the Anatolian Peninsuls and committed genocidal massacres. In twenty years they were at the gates of Constantine. .At the same time Seljuqs started a policy of.harrassing and murdering Christian pilgrim on their way to Jerusalem. And it was this double whammy that led Pope Urban to call upon the people of Western Europe to rally to protect Christendom. ...... So that was the "incentive" for these wars that you want to insinuate was some kind of unjustified war against Islam
"Smokin' Were the Remains," Cryhavoc parody of "Smokin' in the Boys Room,"Brownsville Station, Comment by CryHavoc Report this comment
Motley Crue's version was a cover. Brownsville Station did the original.
"Smokin' Were the Remains," Cryhavoc parody of "Smokin' in the Boys Room,"Brownsville Station, Comment by ? Report this comment
Kinda thought this song was by Motley Crue...

January 14, 2020

"Solei In The Sky With Hymens," CML parody of "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds,"The Beatles, Comment by Sgt. Pepper Report this comment
Riddle me this, CML. What were the 'incentives' and reasons for the Crusades. they were 'Christian jihads'. All 'religious wars' AREN'T. Those ISIS types ain't Muslims, they're MURDERERS and MFs. Just like the followers of the self-appointed 'chosen one' (trump) are not Christians either. Both religions and others are based on the 10 Commandments. Following them is another matter.
"Saliva," Jared Lerner parody of "Survivor,"Destiny's Child, Comment by Yeeeccchhh! Report this comment
Did you make-up these sick sing-songs about spit, snot, pee, crap, porn, boogers, puke, zits and other disgusting things during lunchtime and/or study hall in HS? Did anyone even want to sit next to you? This is absolutely juvenile and revolting to the MAX.
"Revelation," John A. Barry parody of "Revolution,"Beatles, Comment by Douchebag Trump Is An Antichrist Report this comment
In 1988 at my job a bunch of 'Jesus freaks' stood around awaiting to get 'picked up' in the 'Rapture' on the Rosh Hashanah day. They claimed '40 yrs. of peace in Israel' (it was the 40th anniversary of the state's founding) and on that day nothing happened. Everybody was 'Left Behind'! LOL + SMH.


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