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My name is Peter Andersson and I'm a parodyholic, I don't blame it on the sunshine, moonlight, good times or boogie, I blame it on Weird Al Yankovic, a down to earth hick upbringing that more or less saved me from being exposed to political correctness until I was old enough to see right through it, and the existence of through ChuckyG's benevolence. (And while I'm at it I would also like to take the opportunity to thank my mum and dad for being so horny that special night).

I'm a Scandinavian Viking, 40 years old, blond, single (hallo ladies) and I make a living as a medical transcriptionist. On my free time I like to listen to music, jog and write parodies, some of my own lyrics have emerged while out jogging with headphones on so you could say that I occasionally manage to do all three at the same time. If only I could be as efficient with the syzygy of laundry, dishes and personal hygiene. (Now there's an idea...). My author name "Know 1 can hear you dream" (K1chyd for short) was at first a kind of pun, when you pronounce it out loud it means the opposite of what it means in writing. That's the way my twisted parodist's brain work, I love double entendres, putting twice the fun in half the space and to include wordplays like that in my lyrics whenever I can, so as to get as much humour and second time surprises as possible into my parodies.

None of my parodies have been recorded so far because I don't have the voice for it myself and I never had the time to learn to play instruments when I was younger, though I'd love to at least see some of them performed by someone, somewhere, someday and I'd be very reasonable regarding my copyright to the lyrics part with anyone who's interested in doing that.

Contact info and my best parodies sorted in subject categories can be found on my current homepage.

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Parody TitleOriginal TitlePerformerSubmitted
My FederationMy GenerationThe Who2003-02-10
In Al-QaidaIn the NavyVillage People2003-02-10
If You Eat That Chocolate Your Bum Will Be BiggerIf You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be BetterThe Tamperer feat Maya2003-02-10
Seven of NineY.M.C.AVillage People2003-02-19
Living on Airforce OneLiving in ParadiseDavid Lee Roth2003-02-21
Raspberry BatlethRaspberry BeretPrince2003-02-25
Cubes In MotionWorld In MotionNew Order2003-03-05
Burqua QueenDancing QueenABBA2003-03-07
Red Ensign ShirtPink CadillacNatalie Cole2003-03-14
Santa's FlawsBobby BrownFrank Zappa2003-03-20
10 Little Green Men10 Little IndiansTraditional2003-03-21
10 Little Talibans10 Little IndiansTraditional2003-03-21
10 Redshirted Ensigns10 Little IndiansTraditional2003-03-21
Our chef is NeelixHot for TeacherVan Halen2003-03-31
Substandard MatrixBlasphemous RumoursDepeche Mode2003-04-08
Big BrotherBig BottomSpinal Tap2003-04-10
Enterprise AMillenniumRobbie Williams2003-04-16
They Gotta Find HusseinBeat The ClockSparks2003-04-29
She's Got Tourette'sShe's Got The LookRoxette2003-05-28
They´re On Sale Now, In My Pet ShopThe Dope ShowMarilyn Manson2003-06-02
Yes Sir, I can TupoYes Sir, I can BoogieBaccara2003-06-19
25 Lyrics Today25 Hours A DayThe Hooters2003-06-19
Liberate An Oil Well For JesusLiving In The Shadow Of JesusThe Hooters2003-06-19
Perfect ElectionPrivate EmotionThe Hooters2003-06-19
I´m Living In Fort Knox, But I Lock When Men From Irs KnocksOpportunity NoxRoxette2003-06-19
Slim Shady / Money in RapPower of LoveCeline Dion2003-07-11
Flip The BirdIf You're Happy And You Know ItTraditional2003-07-11
The Presidents FixJust One FixMinistry2003-07-18
Neo FightsNeon KnightsBlack Sabbath2003-07-25
Sons of SaddamTwo GunslingersTom Petty2003-07-31
MotörheadIf You´re Happy And You Know ItTraditional2003-07-31
Let Us Fix The Script To Star Wars 3StrippedDepeche Mode2003-08-08
I Don´t Want To Be In This Temporal Cold WarBlasphemous RumoursDepeche Mode2003-08-22
Human! Give Me Oomox!Don't You Want Me?Human League2003-08-23
Write ParodiesEverybody´s Free (to wear sunscreen)Baz Luhrmann2003-08-23
Yeoman under Captain KirkBlackoutScorpions2003-08-30
Mall Rats And Englishmen Comes Out When The Power´s DownMad dogs and EnglishmenNoel Coward2003-08-30
24 Hours Away25 Hours A DayThe Hooters2003-09-02
Nothing compares to (Klingon) GaghNothing compares 2 USinead O´Connor2003-09-06
Stopped at the Pearly GatesKicked In The TeethAC/DC2003-09-12
Hangin' around with BushBeating around the bushAC/DC2003-09-20
Liberty BellHighway to HellAC/DC2003-09-20
42! DON´T PANIC!Love changes (everything)Climie Fisher2003-09-20
If You Like the R.I.A.A.If You´re Happy and You Know ItTraditional2003-09-23
47! Get a life!Hangar 18Megadeth2003-09-27
If I´m Gonna Be Your Lover (you Gotta Get Rid Those Kids)WannabeSpice Girls2003-09-27
You´re Not 18, Say Are You Butch?Hangar 18Megadeth2003-09-29
You Were Always Bad SaddamAlways On My MindPet Shop Boys2003-10-05
AmiRighters´ wild, I fear Chuck´s gonna comaGimme, gimme, gimme (a man after midnight)ABBA2003-10-06
InaprovalineIn The Army NowStatus Quo2003-10-12
Can't Calm This BeaverSeetherVeruca Salt2003-10-12
Doctor Phlox / Life on EnterpriseHollywoodMadonna2003-10-26
God Gives Centerfolds To MeGod Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You IIKISS2003-11-03
Malcolm Higgins wrote to MOld Macdonald Had A FarmTraditional2003-11-05
Star Trek Watchin'Bad Moon RisingCreedence Clearwater Revival2003-11-07
Renaissance Man2.000 ManKISS2003-11-07
(You're 1/3 there) Fighting with the BalrogLiving On A PrayerBon Jovi2003-11-07
(You're 2/3 There) Orchs Are Scum AplentyLiving On A PrayerBon Jovi2003-11-07
Meet the Jung-ilsMeet the FlintstonesTheme Song2003-11-10
I´m Pimping a Deep Space StationGood VibrationsBeach Boys2003-11-23
Psycho PanPsycho DadTheme Song2003-11-23
Beware (If the man´s in fairy wear)He´s back (The man behind the mask)Alice Cooper2003-11-28
Baghdad Bob is moving (to Neverland)Peggy Sue got marriedLemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B2003-12-06
Oh Gosh, I look MeretriciousWe wish you a Merry ChristmasTraditional2003-12-14
Santa, I Want TwoKinda I Want ToNine Inch Nails2003-12-16
The Day My Ass Caught FireThe Day The Earth Caught FireCity Boy2004-01-10
Shelob is a Cave BlockerSheena is a Punk RockerThe Ramones2004-01-11
It´s a Fix, Its SuffixIt´s a SinPet Shop Boys2004-01-16
PubertyYesterdayThe Beatles2004-02-22
A Few Of My Favorite StreaksA Few Of My ResolutionsRobert Lund´s Christmas Album2004-02-22
Crop Circles Forming On My FarmRaindrops Keep Falling On My HeadB.J Thomas2004-04-14
Perverts Been Clicking On My MouseRaindrops Keep Falling On My HeadB.J Thomas2004-04-17
Yesterday (Pre-Fab 5)YesterdayThe Beatles2004-04-19
Beckham´s Been Cheating On His WifeRaindrops Keep Falling On My HeadB.J Thomas2004-04-19
(Will I Ever Survive Not) Living Next Tree To LucyLiving Next Door To AliceSmokie2004-07-12
Who Defloured Me?Who Invited You?The Donnas2004-07-12
Driving My Ford From Henry / Being A Driving MaliceLiving Next Door To AliceSmokie2004-07-14
(These Are The Guidelines If You Want) A Threesome Of Numero 5 For A Song99 Bottles Of Beer On The WallTraditional2004-07-15
Hand Me The Bran!Send For The ManAC/DC2004-07-24
Shooting a Drive-ByWalking on SunshineKatrina and the Waves2004-07-24
Sith Eye On The JediLiving After MidnightJudas Priest2004-07-27
Crashing The SiteBreaking The LawJudas Priest2004-07-31
Carry the RingBreaking the lawJudas Priest2004-07-31
(Let Me Alter My) Jeans In Your PoolWorld In My EyesDepeche Mode2004-08-01
Star Trek: Past and PresentPerry MasonOzzy Osbourne2004-08-07
In Swedish: Brevet från LångvårdenBrev från KolonienCornelis Vreeswijk2004-08-08
In Swedish: Brevet från studentkolonienBrev från KolonienCornelis Vreeswijk2004-08-08
In Swedish: Fallskärm och bonusVarm Korv BoogieOve Törnkvist2004-08-08
In Swedish: VimmerbyYesterdayThe Beatles2004-08-08
In Swedish: Baklåst floppBlitzkrieg BopThe Ramones2004-08-08
In Swedish: Mera SkatterMera BrännvinEddie Meduza2004-08-08
In Swedish: Mera bröstmjölkMera brännvinEddie Meduza2004-08-08
In Swedish: FinansministernSnabbköpskassörskanDi sma under jordi2004-08-08
In Swedish: SophämtningsgubbenSnabbköpskassörskanDi sma under jordi2004-08-08
In Swedish: Nej till allt!No Limit2 Unlimited2004-08-08
In Swedish: Battle Rap på SvenskaFrom the Soundtrack to 8 MilesEminem2004-08-08
In Swedish: 10 små talibansoldater10 little IndiansTraditional2004-08-08
In Swedish: Mullfest, mullfest, hela danBullfest, bullfest, hela danTraditional2004-08-08
In Swedish: En talibanchef här bor i stadenEn sockerbagare här bor i stadenTraditional2004-08-08
In Swedish: In kommer morIn kommer farTraditional2004-08-08
In Swedish: Jag vill bli en innebandyskyttJag vill bli en pansarskyttTraditional2004-08-08
In Swedish: Stefan fyller gubbe nuStaffan var en stalledrängTraditional2004-08-08
In Swedish: Vi läkarsekreterareStaffan var en stalledrängTraditional2004-08-08
In Swedish: Sommartider (Jag Blev Rymmare)Tuffa Tider (För En Drömmare)Gyllene Tider2004-08-09
In Swedish: TröttShoutTears for Fears2004-08-10
United (The New English Soccer Anthem)UnitedJudas Priest2004-08-10
Love and Profits, Part 1Love and MarriageFrank Sinatra2004-08-21
Love and Profits, Part 2Love and MarriageFrank Sinatra2004-08-21
Love and Profits, Part 3Love and MarriageFrank Sinatra2004-08-21
A Few Of My Favorite DopesA Few Of My ResolutionsRobert Lund´s Christmas Album2004-08-22
She Was InflatableVulnerableRoxette2004-08-23
In the arms of ArwenArms of LorenEvoke2004-09-11
It´s Raining (Little Green) MenIt´s Raining MenThe Weather Girls2004-09-13
(You're 3/3 There) Toss The Ring In FireLiving On A PrayerBon Jovi2004-09-13
Viagra And Nitro Don't MixMy Bonnie Lies Over The OceanTraditional2004-09-13
Oldsters Keep Swinging On My ClubRaindrops Keep Falling On My HeadB.J Thomas2004-09-26
(They're Woo...) They're Voting In AmericaSailing to AmericaSaxon2004-09-26
It's a D-CupIt's a fine dayOpus III2004-09-26
Xanax, Stilnoct and ZoloftMy Bonnie lies over the OceanTraditional2004-09-26
In Swedish: En Öl i min Hand på en KrogEn Sten vid en Sjö i en SkogGyllene Tider2004-09-27
99 Monkeys Did Monkey Type Art99 Bottles Of Beer On The WallTraditional2004-09-29
Quit Preaching God On Our TrainQuit Playing Games (With My Heart)Backstreet Boys2004-10-02
I Heard It From Old JanewayI Heard It Through The GrapewineCreedence Clearwater Revival2004-10-04
Vulcan Ambassador's Personal LogWho'll Stop The RainCreedence Clearwater Revival2004-10-04
Not A Virgin? Call The Surgeon!Bring Your Daughter... To The SlaughterIron Maiden2004-10-16
We need brains, all right!I need you tonightZZ Top2004-10-22
Undead ManSharp Dressed ManZZ Top2004-10-22
Baseball FansSharp Dressed ManZZ Top2004-10-25
Poontang BandSharp Dressed ManZZ Top2004-10-25
Ballet PoofBulletproofAccept2004-11-05
Not One Single Frenchman Have Died In Iraq99 Bottles Of Beer On The WallTraditional2004-11-05
Sick, Forty And FatSick, Dirty And MeanAccept2004-11-07
I So Want Usama's AssI Don't Wanna Be Like YouAccept2004-11-08
Old fart Yasser's almost dead (Iced on ICU)Old Macdonald Had A FarmTraditional2004-11-11
99 Callers Ahead In The Queue99 Bottles Of Beer On The WallTraditional2004-11-15
An Insomniac's Lament99 Bottles Of Beer On The WallTraditional2004-11-16
Meet the ParentsMeet the FlintstonesTheme Song2004-11-28
BaritoneYesterdayThe Beatles2004-11-29
BabysittingLady KillerFlash and the Pan2004-11-29
When the corne is out of Parc and VentonSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews (Mary Poppins)2004-12-10
The Christmas Tree's A FlopThe Only Way Is UpYazz and the Plastic Population2004-12-24
The safety word is STOP!The Only Way Is UpYazz and the Plastic Population2004-12-24
Dear Santa! (The Post-Christmas Song)CharismaKISS2004-12-26
Santa's now a Punk KnockerSheena is a Punk RockerThe Ramones2004-12-26
For Us With Broken Gifts (will Receipt Do?)For Those About To Rock (we Salute You)AC/DC2004-12-30
SnotKissTom Jones (covering Prince)2005-01-06
99 Billions Of Germs In My Nose99 Bottles Of Beer On The WallTraditional2005-01-06
Snotty NostrilsBack In BusinessAC/DC2005-01-08
99 Uruk-Hai Scum On The Wall99 Bottles Of Beer On The WallTraditional2005-01-08
Christmas FruitcakeLove and MarriageFrank Sinatra2005-01-08
Gordon FreemanLove and MarriageFrank Sinatra2005-01-08
Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I DoABBA2005-01-09
Ado, Ado, Ado, Ado, AdoI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I DoABBA2005-01-09
I've Been Getting Coal From YouI Was Made For Loving YouKISS2005-01-09
RusticateYesterdayThe Beatles2005-01-17
When The Term's A Quid Pro QuoWhen The Smoke Is Going DownScorpions2005-01-20
Four More YearsNo More TearsOzzy Osbourne2005-01-20
Xanax, Stilnoct and Zoloft (Prescription Renewed)My Bonnie Lies Over The OceanTraditional2005-01-24
My Pony is lost in the ForestMy Bonnie Lies Over The OceanTraditional2005-01-26
Yellow SubstitutesYellow SubmarineThe Beatles2005-02-28
Kenny's DeadYesterdayThe Beatles2005-02-28
Satan's GayYesterdayThe Beatles2005-02-28
When I Missed The TeacherWhen I Kissed The TeacherABBA2005-03-01
Lizzy Borden Took An AxeOld MacDonald Had A FarmTraditional2005-03-04
(I'm the) Last Man to Transgender!Last Train to TrancentralKLF2005-03-06
Gavin's Sis is a Filthy Snitch – in high pitch byKyle's Mom is a Stupid Bitch - in D MinorSouth Park2005-03-06
In Swedish: KafkaeskYesterdayThe Beatles2005-03-13
Feng Shui taught by Vlad (the Impaler)Feliz NavidadJose Feliciano2005-03-20
Michael Jackson's facing jailOld Macdonald Had A FarmTraditional2005-03-20
Drugs In My SoxMan In The BoxAlice in Chains2005-03-29
Patient of PhloxMan in the boxAlice in Chains2005-03-30
Them SconesThem BonesAlice in Chains2005-04-01
Ancient Sauron Had A RingOld Macdonald Had A FarmTraditional2005-04-01
I Stole De Mobile (but I Did Not Get De Papacy)I Shot The SheriffBob Marley2005-04-09
Can I Chop Orc With You Girl?Can I Sit Next To You Girl?AC/DC2005-04-11
The Papal FamilyThe Addams FamilyTheme Song2005-04-14
(He) Freed the SlavesAce Of SpadesMotörhead2005-04-14
Born to be PopeBorn to be wildSteppenwolf2005-04-15
Vote For MeYesterdayThe Beatles2005-05-04
Me so PreachyMe so Horny2 Live Crew2005-05-06
Ratzinger Golgotcha!Rock 'n' Roll DamnationAC/DC2005-05-07
Vote For Me 2YesterdayThe Beatles2005-05-09
Vote For Me 3YesterdayThe Beatles2005-05-09
I Have Seen A Wookie (in Heat)I Should Be So LuckyKylie Minogue2005-05-09
Vote For Me 4YesterdayThe Beatles2005-05-12
Vote For Me 5YesterdayThe Beatles2005-05-12
Vote For Me 6YesterdayThe Beatles2005-05-13
Hooray! Hooray! It's A Harley, Harley DayHooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-HolidayBoney M2005-05-13
Have You Ever Smooched With Someone Named VladHave You Ever Needed Someone So BadDef Leppard2005-05-20
Vote For Me 7YesterdayThe Beatles2005-05-30
Working on a Death StarWorking in a CoalmineLee Dorsey2005-05-30
I Hereby Announce My CandidacyYesterday x 7The Beatles2005-05-31
No More Mister JediNo More Mister Nice GuyMegadeth2005-06-01
Hear me, Jar-JarCarsGary Numan2005-06-03
The Biker's PrayerThe Lord's PrayerTraditional2005-06-04
The Final Ass WipeThe Final CountdownEurope2005-06-06
The Newbie Vet'ransThe Final CountdownEurope2005-06-06
Bow, Bow, Bow to AlRow, Row, Row Your BoatTraditional2005-06-06
That's The Way He Wants The Force To RollThat's The Way I Wanna Rock And RollAC/DC2005-06-09
Felt and NixonLove and MarriageFrank Sinatra2005-06-09
As Of Yet, Thus, So FarYesterdayThe Beatles2005-06-10
I'm Dreaming Of A Cloned ArwenI'm Dreaming Of A White ChristmasBing Crosby2005-06-10
Mike Pacholek wrote...Old Macdonald Had A FarmTraditional2005-06-14
Users, Please Forget My NumberBaby, Don't Forget My NumberMilli Vanilli2005-06-17
Feed a BeakBleed the FreekAlice in Chains2005-06-19
Mime in the BoxMan in the BoxAlice in Chains2005-06-19
There's No Missus Like My MissusThere's No Business Like Show BusinessFrank Sinatra2005-06-24
Fallen On Hard RhymesFallen On Hard TimesJethro Tull2005-06-29
An Offer You Can't RefuseSpamSpamming Bastards Worldwide2005-06-30
I Caught You Under My KinI've Got You Under My SkinPeggy Lee2005-07-01
(Just call me) Arnold groped!SnaggletoothMotörhead2005-07-03
The Catwalk FamilyThe Addams FamilyTheme Song2005-07-05
The High School FacultyThe Addams FamilyTheme Song2005-07-05
My Goodness! A Shark In The Ocean!My Bonnie Lies Over The OceanTraditional2005-07-05
Bicycle CrashBicycle RaceQueen2005-07-07
Terror StrikesLightning StrikesOzzy Osbourne2005-07-08
If You Don't Know Who To Come For, Come For MeIf You're Happy And You Know ItTraditional2005-07-10
Gambling Class LoserWorking Class HeroJohn Lennon2005-07-12
Give:Her:Buff:LoveTough LoveKISS2005-07-13
Size:Does:MatterLove and MarriageFrank Sinatra2005-07-13
Charlie Manson's Loony Tunes Thug BandSergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandThe Beatles2005-07-14
SmorgasbordPhantom LordMetallica2005-07-14
My Arwen is sexy and gorgeousMy Bonnie Lies Over The OceanTraditional2005-07-16
In Swedish: Jag vill stå breve älskling!Jag vill ha en synt farsan!Galenskaparna & After Shave2005-07-18
I Fell Out Of BalanceUnholy AllianceScorpions2005-07-23
It's A Border! Shoot Someone! Who Cares?Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)Travis Tritt2005-07-29
That's When The Hardcore's ChagrinThat's When Your Heartaches BeginElvis Presley2005-08-04
Mike Tyson Is Bonking For MoneyMy Bonnie Lies Over The OceanTraditional2005-08-08
Payola WayEnola GayOMD2005-08-25
On Ivan Potkov's farmThe Addams FamilyTheme Song2005-08-26
Ghastly Rita! Hurricane!Lovely RitaThe Beatles2005-09-29
Tonight I'm Gonna Be A JailbaitJailbreakThin Lizzy2005-09-29
Smokin' HeroesBroken HeroesSaxon2005-10-08
Raise Your BeersRaise Your HandsBon Jovi2005-10-17
(As A) Beer Falls AwayWorld Falls AwaySeether2005-10-17
Q (All he'll be)Blue (Da ba dee)Eiffel 652005-10-20
Q CameYou CameKim Wilde2005-10-21
Free falling (Gandalf and the Balrog)Free FallingTom Petty2005-10-24
Be Fined - When You're DeadBe Quick Or Be DeadIron Maiden2005-10-24
The Bird FluShe Loves YouThe Beatles2005-10-27
Flu Gone WildYouth Gone WildSkid Row2005-10-27
In Swedish: LönepottYesterdayThe Beatles2005-11-07
I Can't Incrypt This KeeperDam That RiverAlice in Chains2005-11-07
Meet the (Wedding) PlannerMeet the FlintstonesTheme Song2005-11-07
Meet the (Divorce) LawyersMeet the FlintstonesTheme Song2005-11-11
The Tilde is hid on the KeyboardMy Bonnie Lies Over The OceanTraditional2005-11-13
I'll Pay My Taxes With A SmileI'm Only Happy When It RainsGarbage2005-11-17
In Swedish: Akut OrtopediThe Addams FamilyTheme Song2005-11-21
Caught With Your Puns DownCaught With Your Pants DownAC/DC2005-11-24
Gonna HurlStupid GirlGarbage2005-11-24
Santaclaustrophobia's My Psycho DiagnosisSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews (Mary Poppins)2005-11-29
Baby, You Can't Drive That Car!Drive My CarThe Beatles2005-12-05
Reindeer DinnersTV DinnersZZ Top2005-12-05
I Have A Little DreidelThe Dreidel SongTraditional2005-12-09
99 A-something Pills Still Remain99 Bottles Of Beer On The WallTraditional2005-12-10
I've Dated My Brains OutWalking On SunshineKatrina And The Waves2005-12-30
Smorgasborderline's My Other Psycho DiagnosisSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews (Mary Poppins)2006-01-03
In Swedish: PBD (Medicinska Förkortningsvisan)ABCAnna Book2006-01-23
If You're Going To Strip AlfrescoIf You're Going To San FranciscoScott McKenzie2006-01-30
10 000 zits (per inch squared)Ten Thousand FistsDisturbed2006-02-03
The Last Cut Is The HardestThe First Cut Is The DeepestSheryl Crow2006-02-06
If I Weren't Out O' MindIf I Only Had TimeThe Godfathers2006-02-10
First They Came (for The Cartoonists)First They CameMartin Niemöller2006-02-10
Turning CartoonesqueTurning JapaneseThe Vapors2006-02-12
Run Now Scooby-doo!I Love Rock and RollJoan Jett2006-02-15
Must You Break The WindDo You Close Your EyesRainbow2006-02-16
Dick C shotLick it upKISS2006-02-17
Gay King KongKing Kong SongABBA2006-03-11
Avril is a PoserDevil is a LoserLordi2006-03-11
20000 Sheep20000 FeetSaxon2006-03-16
Cat in the BoxMan in the BoxAlice in Chains2006-03-27
Once a Dell had IWhat the Hell have IAlice in Chains2006-04-01
F*cking (Signs in Austria)HeavenBryan Adams2006-04-03
Lukewarm theoryLove and MarriageFrank Sinatra2006-04-07
In Swedish: FetHetNina Letar UFO2006-04-10
Female SilenceLove and MarriageFrank Sinatra2006-04-10
Somewhere Is That Frog That I'm Looking ForStill Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForU22006-04-13
If You're Going To Rura PenteIf You're Going To San FranciscoScott McKenzie2006-04-17
I Bet You'll Be Probed Up The Back DoorI Bet You Look Good On The DancefloorSugababes2006-04-25
Tax Too MuchTouch Too MuchAC/DC2006-05-02
I Did Some Chores In A Store From The YoreFool For Your LovingWhitesnake2006-05-06
AnakinBobby BrownFrank Zappa2006-05-10
Three little tyrants (and the big bad Bush)Three little pigsGreen Jelly2006-06-02
She-male Of The SpeciesFemale Of The SpeciesSpace2006-06-08
David Beckham's British Cross Ball GangSergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandThe Beatles2006-06-20
German LeathertoysLondon LeatherboysAccept2006-06-24
Hello My Name Is Michael MooreFire Water BurnThe Bloodhound Gang2006-07-01
NASCAR Techies Stole My CarDrive My CarThe Beatles2006-07-14
(My) Tipsy BroadGypsy RoadCinderella2006-07-15
If You Don't Know What To Wish ForIf You're Happy And You Know ItTraditional2006-07-17
Turds Don't Come EasyWords Don't Come EasyF.R David2006-07-18
I'm Not Too Happy Dr PhilI'm Only Happy When It RainsGarbage2006-07-19
Janeway Don't PreachPapa Don't PreachMadonna2006-07-20
I Wanna Be UpdatedI Wanna Be SedatedThe Ramones2006-07-22
I Want A BlogI Want A DogPet Shop Boys2006-07-27
(Kids Are Always) Really BoringBeing BoringPet Shop Boys2006-08-04
Girls of the Playboy MansionMan on the Silver MountainRainbow2006-08-08
Running With ScissorsRunning For CoverGirlschool2006-08-10
Shite ParodySweet HarmonyThe Beloved2006-08-19
Yellow SubstituteYellow SubmarineThe Beatles2006-08-31
Getting up Monday morningLoving you Sunday morningScorpions2006-09-04
Ode to BeerYesterdayThe Beatles2006-09-29
My Stomach Goes BlaaarghBad Habits Die HardAccept2006-10-07
The Zipper Took It AllThe Winner Takes It AllABBA2006-10-26
Trick Or TreatingLove and MarriageFrank Sinatra2006-10-31
Spot the ReindeersMeet the FlintstonesTheme Song2006-11-30
Santa'll Hit Your BarSleeping In My CarRoxette2006-12-25
Privates In MotionPrivate EmotionHooters2006-12-30
In-laws Be Gone!Since You Been GoneRainbow2007-01-12
Where's The Glove?You're In LoveRatt2007-01-19
In Swedish: De komma, de komma akut med ambulansDe komma, de komma från PepparkakelandTraditional2007-01-19
Longing For BoozeLooking For CluesRobert Palmer2007-04-12
I Cook When I'm SpasticSpooks In The AtticEdguy2007-04-28
This Is The Diet That Carries My NameA Few Of My Favorite ThingsJulie Andrews2007-04-28
Zombies' Given Me A ScarDrive My CarThe Beatles2007-04-29
I Don't Like ZombiesI Don't Like MondaysBoom Town Rats2007-04-29
I'm Gonna Hurl, I'm Gonna VomitI'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A WomanBritney Spears2007-05-04
In Swedish: Fistad utav ComviqFÃ¥ngad av en stormvindCarola2007-05-06
Fisted in the fine printFÃ¥ngad av en stormvindCarola2007-05-11
In Swedish: Efter vägenEfter PluggetFactory2007-06-28
Borat in the USABorn in the USABruce Springsteen2007-07-02
C.S.IYesterdayThe Beatles2007-07-03
Chick Flick To EyeTicket To RideThe Beatles2007-07-05
Booty Women (Don't Stay Hungry Long)Texas Women (Don't Stay Lonely Long)Brooks and Dunn2007-07-19
I Want My Chocolate!Sweet Like ChocolateShanks & Bigfoot2007-07-20
Giving Away The Title Here Will Spoil The SurprisePrincess of EgyptE-Type2007-07-27
The Genre Called Russian FolkloreThe Wreck of the Edmund FitzgeraldGordon Lightfoot2007-08-03
Stop Lighting Up Your FartsDrivin' Thru My HeartThe Donnas2007-08-09
I Can't Help It That I'm YuckyI Can't Help It If I'm LuckyRose Tattoo2007-08-10
Towel, I Am So In Need Of YouLet My Words Be FewRebecca St. James2007-08-23
Don't Take Your Man To The MallWaterfallsTLC2007-08-24
Deep Thought Said The Answer's 42Let My Words Be FewRebecca St. James2007-08-24
I Am A Tired Runner In A Super-ultramarathonI am the Very Model of a Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2007-08-29
Mourning My Worn Out DenimFree Like A Flying DemonE-Type2007-09-25
Reindeer Horn Buyers Get Elk Poop For FreeWorking Class HeroGreen Day2007-09-27
I didn't use the F-wordWe Didn't Start The FireBilly Joel2007-10-25
Under The WeatherLipstick And LeatherY & T2007-11-15
I'm Doing LSD At Night And Speed Most Every DayRock And Roll All NightKiss2007-11-22
Bonbons GoodbyeDear JohnStatus Quo2007-11-25
You Should Ho By Now!You Should Know By NowRatt2007-12-07
PhilomathsYouth Gone WildSkid Row2007-12-13
Santa Comes TonightStrangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2007-12-20
If I Could Write For Magazines I Subscribe ToIf I Could Make A LivingClay Walker2007-12-28
Stuck with old YellerStuck in a movieThe Aquabats2008-01-30
Show the nutsCool for catsSqueeze2008-02-24
In Swedish: LösenordsvisanDu käre lille snickerboAstrid Lindgren2008-03-02
In The Mouth TonightIn The Air TonightPhil Collins2008-03-07
I Gotta Shop (To Stay Alive)I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)Saxon2008-04-03
Breaking The Law (Dubya iPod Version)Breaking The LawJudas Priest2008-04-08
Let Them Dorks Attack Chuck NorrisHouse Of HorrorGrave Digger2008-04-13
Melting Jack FrostJumping Jack FlashRolling Stones2008-04-18
A Stupid Stick And A BrawlAnother Brick In The WallPink Floyd2008-05-05
PaparazziIn The NavyVillage People2008-05-29
*Wheeze* *Puff* *Pant* *Snuffle*Sex, Love, Dance, MusicSkew Siskin2008-06-05
Finally (Is The White Flag Raised By Hillary)YesterdayThe Beatles2008-06-08
Carry Your Wife And I'll Carry MineCarry Your Cross And I'll Carry MineTiamat2008-06-09
(Listen to the) Swedish People(Listen to the) Flower PeopleSpinal Tap2008-07-03
Everyone In Our NationMy GenerationThe Who2008-07-07
Bumper NutsSimon SaysDrain STH2008-07-28
You'll Never Know Where Your Clones AreYou Never Know Who Your Friends AreThe Hooters2008-07-31
My Final(e) TombstoneThe Final CountdownEurope2008-08-05
I'll Make A Clone I Can SmoochI Got My Mind Set On YouGeorge Harrison2008-08-07
PainkillersGhostbustersRay Parker Jr2008-08-13
See The Pandas Won't F*ckAnd The Cradle Will RockVan Halen2008-08-14
Svelte, Frail and CenterfoldDead, Jail or Rock and RollMichael Monroe with Axl Rose2008-08-28
Soccer MomIron ManBlack Sabbath2008-09-18
Who Shot The MooseWho's Got The CashRose Tattoo2008-09-22
Ancle braceletDevil's HaircutBeck2008-10-09
Gomers Never DieLegends Never DieKing Kobra2008-10-29
DittyLet DownBif Naked2008-11-16
Damn Cow Caused My TombstoneBlack Crow On A TombstoneSatyricon2008-11-18
I Burp And HurlI Kissed A GirlKaty Perry2008-12-12
FILFHelpThe Beatles2008-12-18
In Swedish: Idas Vinter(kräk)visaIdas SommarvisaAstrid Lindgren2009-01-18
In Swedish: Vi är svenska modebloggarVi är svenska fotbollsgrabbarGeorge Åby Eriksson och VM-laget 19742009-04-05
I Get Just One Date OnlyI Am The One And OnlyChesney Hawkes2009-04-14
I'm Not The One And OnlyI Am The One And OnlyChesney Hawkes2009-04-14
Spin Upon My Ice Cream ConeWhere Have All The Good Times GoneVan Halen2009-04-23
Pirate BayYesterdayThe Beatles2009-04-30
Followed by GnomesFollow You HomeNickelback2009-05-27
Diluvian Kinky Bonk Tar DefenestrationAmerican Honky-tonk Bar AssociationGarth Brooks2009-05-28
Bleeding From A StoneLoaded And AloneHinder2009-06-25
Two Presidents Ogling BehindArrested For Driving While BlindZZ Top2009-07-13
Bring Flu To Your SchoolBe True To Your SchoolThe Beach Boys2009-09-09
Girls Gawk (at My Hiney)Girl TalkThe Donnas2009-09-16
Health Care PlanSharp Dressed ManZZ Top2009-10-06
(Where's) That Global Warming?The Final CountdownEurope2009-10-07
Warrior, but on a LANWarriors of Ghengis KhanStreet Legal2009-10-15
TroglodyteSharp Dressed ManZZ Top2009-10-26
Dogs Throw Up On MeDon't Wait Up For MeThe Donnas2009-11-03
Bacon Flu (Fills The Other Side)Break On Through (to The Other Side)The Doors2009-11-05
I saw Mommy unfriend Santa ClausI saw Mommy kissing Santa ClausTraditional2009-12-21
UnfriendAgainAlice in Chains2009-12-22
Yule DesecrationMy GenerationThe Who2009-12-30
I've Had Every CareI've Been EverywhereJohnny Cash2010-01-07
In Swedish: T28 EricssonTeddybjörnen FredrikssonLasse Berghagen2010-01-31
(The Scale Is Tweeting) My WeightMy WayFrank Sinatra2010-02-04
Always A Mailorder Bridesmaid, Never The Mailorder BrideThe Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear ShadesTimbuk 32010-03-16
Dick Needs VasectomyDon't Stand So Close To MeThe Police2010-03-25
Kills On FilmGirls On FilmDuran Duran2010-04-08
Ash (from Eyjafjallajoekull)TushZZ Top2010-05-18
Think I've Killed An AngelWish I Had An AngelNightwish2010-05-21
Waiter! Waiter!TraitorMotorhead2010-06-15
Horns in the R.S.ABorn in the U.S.ABruce Springsteen2010-06-21
Fashion PortfolioSkies of MongoliaTreat2010-07-30
Surviving All Through The 80sAcceptable in the 80sCalvin Harris2010-08-16
Petting Zoo In The BasementAcceptable In The 80sCalvin Harris2010-08-17
Am I In The Wrong Lane?Am I Going Insane?Black Sabbath2010-08-31
Vogon PoetryPsycho TherapyThe Ramones2010-09-02
Parafisted BlobPrisoner Of LoveAxel Rudi Pell2010-09-03
Toys Just Wish You'd Stay YoungGirls Just Want To Have FunCyndi Lauper2010-09-07
I Will Kick The Bucket Unless The Pouring EndsWake Me Up When September EndsGreen Day2010-09-24
Plug & PlayYesterdayThe Beatles2010-10-29
Putrid Foodscam Slash Needy MongrelsPretty WomanRoy Orbison2010-11-02
I help myself to loving ewesI hate myself for loving youJoan Jett and the Blackhearts2010-11-12
In The ShedEmpty BedStyle2010-11-24
Grope YouRock YouHelix2010-11-26
(How Do I Work Out) This PhoneAloneHeart2010-11-30
Scandinavian YobAll American BoyY & T2010-12-14
(Straight to) DVDRemedySeether2010-12-30
Radioactive IslandLiving On An IslandStatus Quo2011-03-15
An Acronymed Life In Three Letters MajorI've Been EverywhereJohnny Cash2011-04-01
Back It UpLick It UpKiss2011-06-03
You Owe Hu JintaoYou Should Know By NowRatt2011-07-22
Raise The CeilingSailingRod Stewart2011-07-25
No-one Has Work AnymoreWe Don't Talk AnymoreCliff Richard2011-07-29
On Legs Near FinitoLa Isla BonitaMadonna2011-08-03
Always Happy When I RunOnly Happy When It RainsGarbage2011-08-04
He Only Comes Once A YearAnother One Bites The DustQueen2011-12-01
Santa Avoids MeJesus He Knows MeGenesis2011-12-13
SOPAYMCAVillage People2012-01-27
A Fan Without His TrousersThe Man Who Knew The AnswerFlash and the Pan2012-02-03
She Sent A Male EnhancerThe Man Who Knew The AnswerFlash and the Pan2012-02-06
God Gave Rednecks Their GunsGirls Just Want To Have FunCyndi Lauper2012-02-06
Licking The Softy With Her TongueKilling Me Softly With His SongRoberta Flack2012-02-09
Blacked Out AgainBack Home AgainCinderella2012-02-10
Jerking on the BusTushZZ Top2012-02-13
Circles 'round Your WifeOnce Around The RideCinderella2012-02-14
Dude, Where's My Car?CarsGary Numan2012-02-16
Low Carb High FatNo Pain No GainScorpions2012-02-20
Justin BieberCat Scratch FeverTed Nugent2012-03-01
Putting off the hicksPutting on the ritzTaco2012-03-02
My Pro Wrestling Wardrobe DesignerMy Bonnie Lies Over The OceanTraditional2012-03-20
She Loves ShoesShe Loves YouThe Beatles2012-03-21
Secret Agent GransSecret Agent ManJohnny Rivers2012-03-23
Easy Ways To Fight The (global) Warming50 Ways To Leave Your LoverPaul Simon2012-03-29
What Could Go Wrong?Since U Been GoneKelly Clarkson2012-04-02
Selling My ThongSince U Been GoneKelly Clarkson2012-04-03
If You're At A Chef School BistroIf You're Going To San FranciscoScott McKenzie2012-04-10
If You're Groping At Strip School BistroIf You're Going To San FranciscoScott McKenzie2012-04-11
God and Rednecks / Guns and RednecksLove and MarriageFrank Sinatra2012-04-12
We Don't Trust The Vet With Sheep AloneI Don't Think That Man Should Sleep AloneRay Parker Jr2012-04-17
(Get) The DigitNo Limit2 Unlimited2012-04-19
(Robots From) Krikkit Are WhiteTicket To RideThe Beatles2012-04-20
Homely StyCherry PieWarrant2012-04-27
Three Came, Crapped On The LawnWe Take Care Of Our OwnBruce Springsteen2012-05-04
S.E.P. (Someone Else's Problem)Let it beThe Beatles2012-05-25
Weight loss scamsSharp dressed manZZ Top2012-05-25
OMG! Oh-La-La! (The Superheroines General Appreciation Song)Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaThe Beatles2012-06-11
Missed the TrailmarkerMr RainmakerWarrant2012-09-13
(Bury me far from) Stephen KingSleeping KingMorton2012-10-31
Pepper Spray (A Christmas Carol)YesterdayThe Beatles2012-12-26
One Part Beef (The European Lasagna Song)One Track MindMotorhead2013-02-26
I'm Gonna Need More CaffeineThere's Gonna Be Some RockingAC/DC2013-03-28
There Oughta Be Some Meat InThere's Gonna Be Some RockingAC/DC2013-04-18
There's Gonna Be Some Cherry (in The Pie Tonight)There's Gonna Be Some RockingAC/DC2013-04-19
Not Too Happy With My AppsOnly Happy When It RainsGarbage2013-04-29
15 Girls To Taste For Hitler50 Ways To Leave Your LoverPaul Simon2013-05-28
Writer's Block, When's It Gonna End?Wake Me Up When September EndsGreen Day2013-07-19
We're Tired (Sod Off November!)Requiem (We Will Remember)Saxon2013-11-08
I Saw Miley Twerking Santa ClausI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausTraditional2013-11-12
Teenage Music Download PiratesTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesPartners in Kryme2013-12-30
I Saw Santa In The Zombie HordeI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausTraditional2014-01-13
New Human RightsLast Friday NightKaty Perry2014-05-23
He's Too ChewyI'm Too SexyRight Said Fred2014-07-04
I'm Searching With The Bing EngineI'm Dreaming Of A White ChristmasBing Crosby2014-07-16
I Must Take A SelfieI Should Be So LuckyKylie Minogue2014-07-22
Wall Street ManMacho ManVillage People2014-07-23
CashTushZZ Top2014-07-24
E'er I Post A Selfie The Net Will Be HotterIf You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be BetterThe Tamperer feat Maya2014-07-25
Where Has My Vacation Gone?Where Have All The Good Times Gone?Van Halen2014-09-01
You Better Get ViagraThere's Gonna Be Some RockingAC/DC2014-09-09
VoicemailPoisonAlice Cooper2014-10-03
The Drones They Fly (a Christmas Song)These Hills Have EyesThe Morning After2014-12-22
Dumpster Pair Of NikesGangsta's ParadiseCoolio2015-07-21
In My DrawerIt's My PartyLesley Gore2015-07-21
Windows 951985Bowling For Soup2015-08-07
I Want My Joe BlackI Want My Tears BackNightwish2015-08-10
Go Away Now, Disney's FrozenThe Other SideSirenia2015-08-11
In Swedish: GrönsaksjuicepressDu Käre Lille SnickerboAstrid Lindgren2015-08-12
Dilbert's cubicle's not that funPublic enemy no. 1Megadeth2015-09-04
My 500th Parody On Amiright!She'll Be Coming 'round The MountainTraditional2015-09-11
Low voltage (for a Bush)High voltageAC/DC2015-10-02
Herbie goes to prisonBonzo goes to BitburgThe Ramones2015-10-05
The [insert name/party here] keep on polling downThe ants go marchingTraditional2015-10-08
(The) DonaldHeavenBryan Adams2015-10-09
Wife searched for p*rn with KenDon't break my heart againWhitesnake2015-10-16
Tequila Makes His Wand Go SoftTequila Makes Her Clothes Fall OffNathan Carter2015-10-23
Smombies in the streetsDancing in the streetDavid Bowie & Mick Jagger2015-10-30
Just Can't Get It DownJust Can't Get EnoughDepeche Mode2015-11-30
I can take Jean-Claude van DammeSupermanEminem2015-12-04
I Want The Necronomicon For ChristmasI Want A Hippopotamus For ChristmasTraditional2015-12-11
All That I WantAll That She WantsAce Of Base2016-01-13
Sweden's In Long JohnsNight Of The Long KnivesAC/DC2016-01-19
Eyeing The ThumbnailsNight Of The Long KnivesAC/DC2016-01-20
Sexy In Long JohnsNight Of The Long KnivesAC/DC2016-01-21
(Hitler's) testicleMiracleThe Spin2016-01-22
Donald Trump's CampaignThe Addams FamilyTheme Song2016-03-11
Trump Is EverywhereLove Is In The AirJohn Paul Young2016-03-25
Trump PresidentMercedes BenzJanis Joplin2016-03-30
In Swedish: DammsugarpåsenSnabbköpskassörskanDi Sma Under Jordi2016-04-11
Offshore BankingKung Fu FightingCarl Douglas2016-04-15
Hunted (by a flock of ewes)HauntedSugar Stems2016-04-18
Chainsaw On A Finn DroneCaptured By A LovestormCarola2016-04-22
Donald J TrumpJohnny B GoodeChuck Berry2016-04-25
Swiped Left On TinderReturn To SenderElvis Presley2016-04-28
When Trump Sends Out A Tweet (Pundits Laugh Too)For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)AC/DC2016-05-24
Sundae TruckThunderstruckAC/DC2016-05-25
BaconSpacemanBabylon Zoo2016-05-27
Had A Sext From BaeHave A Drink On MeAC/DC2016-06-02
Let Us Get The Rights To Your PhoneLet Me Put My Love Into YouAC/DC2016-06-03
Hugs (at Cuddling Centers)LegsZZ Top2016-06-14
Schlong AmericaRock AmericaDanger Danger2016-06-16
Somebody get Xanax for my shrinkSomebody put something in my drinkThe Ramones2016-06-17
Trump's Schlonging EveryoneLove Changes EverythingClimie Fisher2016-06-22
Conan the BarbarianWelcome to the UniverseFlash and the Pan2016-06-23
Chafe And DiarrheaChasing EuphoriaKimball & Jamison2016-06-24
Can't Stop Mauling My QuadsCan't Help Falling In LoveElvis Presley2016-07-06
Crooked HillaryCountess BathoryVenom2016-07-08
Coach Roy Hodgson's English Cross Ball GangSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandThe Beatles2016-07-14
Peace with The DonaldPiece of the actionRunning Wild2016-07-22
You Do Know That Pokemons Kill?A Few Of My Favorite ThingsJulie Andrews2016-07-29
When will I get offWhen will I be lovedLinda Ronstadt2016-07-29
Can't Bathe The CatIt Ain't Over YetAccept2016-08-26
Dear Diary (of August 2016)YesterdayThe Beatles2016-09-02
Clinton keps falling on her headRaindrops keep falling on my headB.J Thomas2016-09-16
Picked A BoogerPicked A WinnerJustin McGurk2016-10-21
John Doe vegan had a farmOld MacDonald had a farmTraditional2016-11-24
I Want A Pimped-up Casting Couch For ChristmasI Want A Hippopotamus For ChristmasTraditional2016-12-09
Living on TomteskumLiving In ParadiseDavid Lee Roth2016-12-16
(Some Days I) Look Like A TrollWorth Fighting ForJudas Priest2017-01-20
My Mom Blames All On DonaldMy Dad Says That's For PussiesBloodhound Gang2017-02-10
She's FreezingNo ReasonSator2017-02-15
(Whales Aren't As) Large As My WifeLarger Than LifeBackstreet Boys2017-02-17
Feng Shui done by DonFeliz NavidadJose Feliciano2017-02-24
So Cucked Is Your DadFeliz NavidadJose Feliciano2017-03-03
So Fat Is Your MomFeliz NavidadJose Feliciano2017-03-03
Big TrollsBig BallsAC/DC2017-03-24
Come CLAD (Cosplay at the nudist colony)Come CleanHilary Duff2017-04-28
CovfefeCocaineEric Clapton2017-06-09
Wrestling CNNWorking 9 to 5Dolly Parton2017-07-12
Thought PoliceDream PoliceCheap Trick2017-07-13
Know the news are fakeEvery breath you takeThe Police2017-07-14
Left Side Has Some Borders They LikeSomething 'bout You Baby I LikeStatus Quo2017-07-17
Kangaroos (vs Volvos)WaterlooABBA2017-07-21
Patching it with ScotchLiving on the edgeAerosmith2017-07-24
They're Spotting Comrades In The Trump Towers(I Never Promised You A) Rose GardenLynn Anderson2017-07-27
Playing With Squirt GunsAlien EarthlingsTreat2017-07-28
I'm Losing Out To A Mud Wrestling BimboThe Loneliness Of The Long Distance RunnerIron Maiden2017-08-03
Mordor Orc in the Sauron linesMidwest Girl In The Summertime7th Heaven2017-08-04
(Stuck with IKEA on) MarsRoarKaty Perry2017-08-04
If You're Going To Eat Al DeskoIf You're Going To San FranciscoScott McKenzie2017-08-07
Black CoffeeBlack VelvetAlannah Myles2017-08-08
Binge on Rocky RoadKing Of Rock And RollDio2017-08-10
Nobody 'grams like youNothing compares 2 USinead O'Connor2017-08-11
Still Not WedStill Not DeadWillie Nelson2017-08-11
Woke Up With My Teddy-bearStill Not DeadWillie Nelson2017-08-11
(They're sending missiles out from) Little Kim's NationUncle Tom's CabinWarrant2017-08-14
(i'm Too Old For) Another EweAnother YouMichael Paynter2017-08-18
(Drink some) Milk be NaziRice and CurryDr. Bombay2017-08-23
Handstyles of the master baitersLifestyles of the rich and famousGood Charlotte2017-08-25
I'll Miss The Candy And The BrandyI Miss The Ladies Of The EightiesDennis Develin2017-09-01
If You're Blessed (a True Friend Cleans Your History)S.O.S. (The Tiger Took My Family)Dr. Bombay2017-09-08
Tweeting My Days AwaySleeping My Day AwayD-A-D2017-09-15
Take My Little QuizGive A Little LoveBugsy Malone Soundtrack2017-09-22
Sees all (does that nosy Northpoler)KeelhauledAlestorm2017-09-29
My Check Needs Some ZerosThe World Needs A HeroMegadeth2017-09-29
My (teenage) Children SayMy Mama SaidABBA2017-10-06
Naked SnowmenHeadless HorsemanBing Crosby2017-10-13
(D)ay DrunkJ JumpJoe Raposo2017-10-20
Bacon's Overhead When Piggies FlyLet It DieFoo Fighters2017-10-20
I Keep On MowingKeepin Halloween AliveAlice Cooper2017-10-27
My Mama Read (the Necronomicon)My Mama SaidABBA2017-10-31
My Casting Couch, They've Worn It DownMy Dog Was Lost, But Now He's FoundThe Fiery Furnaces2017-11-03
I Did Stand-up In A Feminist BarI Don't Wanna Be A Rock 'n' Roll StarPeer Günt2017-11-10
Gimmie Gimmie (Pink) Chocolate BarsTwinkle Twinkle Little StarTraditional2017-11-13
In The HillsFeel It StillPortugal. The Man2017-11-17
Be My SnackJust Came BackColin James2017-11-24
Done With The PressMr. SuccessFrank Sinatra2017-12-01
The Adults Swear!This Time Of YearMighty, Mighty Bosstones2017-12-08
Spank the Stiffness (SFW)Thanks for ChristmasThe Three Wise Men (aka XTC)2017-12-15
Ho! Ho! Ho!GoGoGoStatus Quo2017-12-22
A Vegan's LamentHow Far I'll GoAuli'i Cravalho (Moana Soundtrack)2018-01-05
Stripper "girl" (get offa stage!)Country Girl (Shake It For Me)Luke Bryan2018-01-12
I Wanna Know (the Truth Is Out There)I Wanna GoBritney Spears2018-01-19
Dog Ate The PostmanTen O'Clock PostmanSecret Service2018-01-26
A Genius IndeedYou Give Me All I NeedScorpions2018-02-02
MinisculeMalibuMiley Cyrus2018-02-09
Car Is ThroughMalibuHole2018-02-16
Thingamajig Guarantee (Fine Print Version)This is meThe Greatest Showman2018-02-23
The Bum SongNo Strings AttachedN*Sync2018-03-02
Again, The Last Sheep-shagging SongEverywhere I GoThe Call2018-03-09
When Blown-up, Why's The Hulk In Pants?Wake Me Up When September EndsGreen Day2018-03-16
Super weird ej*c*lateSuperhero JagganathDiablo Swing Orchestra2018-03-16
Nerds Gone WildGirls Gone WildAdrenaline Rush2018-03-23
Sales Gone Wild (this Black Friday)Girls Gone WildAdrenaline Rush2018-03-23
Can't Win At TetrisDo You Feel ItChaos Chaos2018-03-30
What is true (On this April day)Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)Billy Joel2018-04-02
Childhood hippoSuperheroUnknown Brain2018-04-06
The Saruman Orc Army Campfire SongSupermanLazlo Bane2018-04-13
Deep State FacebookDeep Six TextbookLet's Eat Grandma2018-04-20
Work Out (The CrossFit zombie song)Sell OutReel Big Fish2018-04-27
This Postal Song Wants Your Stamp Of ApprovalShort Skirt, Long JacketCake2018-05-04
Virt' Reality ("Ready Player One" Tribute)Gimme SympathyMetric2018-05-11
Bad HalitosisMyxomatosisRadiohead2018-05-18
Crazy ass battle droid, lasers my hemorrhoidsChanges In Latitudes, Changes In AttitudesJimmy Buffett2018-05-25
Worst D*ck Pic I've Ever SentBest Mistake I Never MadeHelix2018-06-08
At the Pearl' Gates - In RowHappy BirthdayWeird Al Yankovic2018-06-15
(A man should) Not wear tightsBang To RightsMotorhead2018-06-22
(My stalker left me for) George ClooneySo LonelyThe Police2018-06-29
I've OCD, need help!Rehumanize YourselfThe Police2018-06-29
It's So Damn Warm!When You Were YoungThe Killers2018-07-06
The Smurf Mother's Bedtime StoryMatilda MotherPink Floyd2018-07-13
Fast Food EsotericaOnly in AmericaMagnum2018-07-20
Gay Smurfs (Rule 34)Hey GirlO.A.R.2018-07-27
Daisy Bats At GnatsJanie's Got A GunAerosmith2018-07-31
Menopause Killed Her Streak At The BarVideo Killed The Radio StarThe Buggles2018-07-31
What a pie!Well AlrightLemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B2018-08-10
Shoehorn MVP (Tribute to Al Bundy)Shoehorn With TeethThey Might Be Giants2018-08-17
To the Light!Well AlrightLemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B2018-08-23
Medieval DungeonFeels Like SummerChildish Gambino2018-08-24
We're Doing P*rn For The PizzaI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix)Mike Posner2018-08-30
Did My Instagram Get More Likings Than Her Yelp Review Tonight?Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor...The Muppet Show2018-08-31
Also we have Word SaladMagic School BusPeter Lurye2018-08-31
Trump Is The One The Whole World Blames Their Problems OnYou Are The One I Would Spend All My Money OnRoterfeld2018-09-07
Made two and fiftyThe End (Came Easy)City Boy2018-09-14
Sleuth PrincipalSmooth CriminalMichael Jackson2018-09-27
She's back (The pussy has come home)He's back (The man behind the mask)Alice Cooper2018-10-31
I'm Stirring The KettleI Wanna Get BetterBleachers2018-10-31
Restraining (No Nut November)Requiem (We will remember)Saxon2018-11-09
Full Moon Night At Hogwarts SchoolBad Luck Streak In Dancing SchoolWarren Zevon2018-11-16
Can't Stop ShavingCan't Stop RockingZZ Top2018-11-30
Santa's Retired (A 2068 Climate Change Christmas Carol)Heaven's on fireKiss2018-12-31
Cosplayed EverythingGave You EverythingThe Interrupters2019-01-31
Dog Walks A Bit AskewLove's Made A Fool Of YouLemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B2019-03-01
Her new pussyhatMy Girl LollipopBad Manners2019-03-08
I'll Dress Up As BaalLet's Go To The MallRobin Sparkles2019-04-05
Making FriendsMonkey WrenchFoo Fighters2019-04-12
Muscovites! (As Imagined In The Runner-Up's TDS)Hold Me TightThe Beatles2019-04-26
On top of my girl (Safe For Work)Top of the worldPlain White T's2019-05-31
A Better Off ClimateBetter Off DancingThe Donnas2019-06-28
Dank memes (are spread through tweets)Sweet dreams (are made of this)Eurythmics2019-07-19
This Coffee's So Black For Nothing It's JailedThe Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear ShadesTimbuk 32019-07-26
No rest today (cuz I'm wicked)Not fade awayLemmy, Slim Jim and Danny B2019-07-26
I'm Gonna Show Myself OutIt's Gonna Work Itself OutRose Tattoo2019-07-29
No CollusionYour DecisionAlice In Chains2019-07-29
Get lewd or get lostGo hard or go homeHelix2019-08-01
Her Username On Instagram Is KinkythongSomething That I Like About A Honky TonkOlivia Douglas2019-08-02
(Can't Stop His) Fingers TweetingThat Sinking FeelingSkunk Anansie2019-08-30
Bouncy ClevageThat Sinking FeelingSkunk Anansie2019-08-30
Wankers today, bah!Anchors aweighWax2019-09-13
I Can't Help It That I'm GrumpyI Can't Help It If I'm LuckyRose Tattoo2019-09-27
Why Can't We Get Out (This Spooky House)Why Don't We Go ThereOne Direction2019-10-31
Christmas sweaterLove and shelterTyler Gilbert2020-01-24
Covid-19Mercedes BenzJanis Joplin2020-03-27
CovidFeverElla Fitzgerald2020-03-31
Now there's Covid, the FluNothing Compares 2 USinead O'Connor2020-04-03
Covid's A Dodgeball SportLove Is A Contact SportWhitney Houston2020-04-21
Gettin' Covid a-locoLivin' la vida locaRicky Martin2020-05-06
Bat Shit Crazy NowIn The Army NowStatus Quo2020-05-18
Don't Come Here With Covid, Keep Distance - Do You Mind?Don't Come Home A Drinkin With Lovin On Your MindJamie O'Neal2020-05-27
Cheesecake of the RevolutionChildren of the RevolutionMarc Bolan & T. Rex2020-06-11
Any fun at all (you can't have it)Anytime at allY & T2020-07-23
To Snow White They Make LoveFriday, I'm In LoveThe Cure2020-07-24
The Quarantine 2.0 Plans SongLock Myself AwayRick Parfitt2020-07-28
Where Is Joe?Where Were You?Flash & The Pan2020-07-31
Sausage fest (Gigolo hubris)MotorbreathMetallica2020-08-04
(Are we) Living in a SimulationChildren of the RevolutionMarc Bolan & T. Rex2020-08-07
(I'm gonna) Bang your mom!Bang to rightsMotörhead2020-08-07
Church of the long runNight of the long knivesAC/DC2020-10-02
Daylight Savings TimeMetal Thrashing MadAnthrax2020-10-27
Rudolph The Outback RoughneckRudolph The Red-nosed ReindeerTraditional2020-10-27
Detention for BartShot in the darkAC/DC2020-10-29
Trigger WarningTrigger HappyWeird Al Yankovic2020-11-02
'Lection dayYesterdayThe Beatles2020-11-05
Votes Are In The MailLove Is In The AirJohn Paul Young2020-11-06
Wife-electYesterdayThe Beatles2020-12-01
Slight Crazy From QuarantineSlime Creatures From Outer SpaceWeird Al Yankovic2020-12-11
A Covid ChristmasThe final countdownEurope2021-01-05
Herd immunityPsycho therapyThe Ramones2021-01-08
When You Get The VaccineWelcome To The JungleGuns N' Roses2021-01-19
(how Can They Forget Trump When He's) Always On Their MindsAlways On Her MindDon Gammie2021-01-26
I love Climate Change!I love Rock n RollJoan Jett & The Blackhearts2021-02-05
Socks & Lube & CenterfoldsSex & Drugs & Rock & RollIan Dury & The Blockheads2021-02-18
The Vaccination (Gubment-People Duet)My GenerationThe Who2021-02-19
I Ponged With Pigs (and The Pigs Pwned)I Fought The LawThe Clash2021-02-26
The SimulationMy GenerationThe Who2021-04-07
More Curry, Said CheffyDon't Worry, Be HappyBobby McFerrin2021-04-09
We're Gonna Block (you)I Wanna RockTwisted Sister2021-05-21
Mostly Peaceful ProtestStrike Without A WarningTreat2021-06-28
(When a) Karen YellsRebel YellBilly Idol2021-07-02
The (New) Karen SongThe Pirate SongRose Tattoo2021-07-16
Still Normal FolksOpportunity NoxRoxette2021-10-04
The global resetThe final countdownEurope2021-11-01
If You're Biden And Don't Know It Crap Your PantsIf You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your HandsTraditional2021-11-09
I Saw Biden's Handler's Diaper BagI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausTraditional2021-12-21
Return To MonkeReturn To SenderElvis Presley2022-01-07
Supply Chain IssuesMachine Gun JusticeSator2022-01-14
Just Can't Simp EnoughJust Can't Get EnoughDepeche Mode2022-01-25
SpotifyYesterdayThe Beatles2022-02-01
Putler Won't Take UkraineWhy Don't You Get A JobThe Offspring2022-03-01
More (Russian) tanks explodingWhat You're ProposingStatus Quo2022-04-19
There's A Hole In Our War PlanThere's A Hole In The BucketTraditional2022-04-26
Stuck in the mud of UkraineStuck In The Middle With YouStealers Wheel2022-06-10
Get Woke, Go BrokeNo Pain, No GainScorpions2022-07-08
You're an Orc!You're In LoveRatt2022-07-29
S*x BotHot StuffDonna Summer2023-02-17
When Her Fridge Has A Smell (You Better Eat Somewhere Else)When The World Goes To Hell (I Wanna Be SomewhereAsomvel2023-02-24
Try That With Your Step MomTry That In A Small TownJason Aldean2023-07-24
Amazon's (webbed her in dependency)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25
Ballyho (for the sex toy factory)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25
Bessie mooed (over udder luxery)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25
Blind date blew (from the introductory)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25
Cameltoe (women get no privacy)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25
Peeps say Go (to more meme derisory)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25
Printing dough (that can pass a cursory)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25
Santa's Hos (Pimps the Pole economy)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25
Striking blow (Santa's shot for burglary)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25
UFO (Made my ass an abductee)Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)ZZ Top2023-08-25