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Tommy Turtle is a green sea turtle, an amphibious reptile with a brain approximately the size of a pea, which explains a lot.

Tommy's transcriber (that's moi) has been a professional actor, voice-over, stand-up comedian, and professional writer of comedy and parody, among other things.

Tommy's hero is Gamera, a 200-foot- (60m)-tall, prehistoric rocket-propelled flying Turtle who trashes Tokyo in the incomparable "Gamera The Invincible" (1965). The incredibly cool theme song was shamelessly imitated in the 1966-68 TV series, "Batman". There were numerous sequels, including "Gamera vs. Guiron"; in which Gamera becomes the friend of two boys captured by evil alien women who want to eat their brains. Cinematic art just doesn't get any better than this.

There have been occasional rumors that Tommy himself is a strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with some rather weird abilities. The Pentagon refuses either to confirm or to deny these rumors, claiming that to do so would lend credence to them, while the official position of the United States Air Force is that Tommy is a weather balloon.

Tommy is too bashful to describe himself except through his preferred medium of parody. Accurate self-profiles include "Tommy Turtle" and "T. Turtle". There are some pics of Tommy, a Pacing Guide, and some great OSs exemplifying internal rhyming, puns, etc. at his web site. Check out his web page. Tommy loves reader feedback, there or at his parodies. He and I both hope you enjoy them!

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Parody TitleOriginal TitlePerformerSubmitted
CondoleezzaCara MiaJay and the Americans2006-01-30
Love HandlesLove ChildDiana Ross and the Supremes2006-01-30
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Iraq War version)Smoke Gets In Your EyesThe Platters2006-01-30
Traces (of War)TracesClassics IV2006-01-30
The Unauthorized Spying SongTurn Around, Look at MeThe Vogues2006-01-30
O. J. Simpson: Your Debts Are Gonna GrowYour Nose Is Gonna GrowJohnny Crawford2006-01-30
Wife StabbersBack StabbersThe O'Jays2006-01-30
Lying KingDancing QueenAbba2006-01-30
HillaryTammyDebbie Reynolds2006-01-30
AnistonGalvestonGlen Campbell2006-01-31
Go to Jail, Jack (Abramoff)Hit the Road, JackRay Charles2006-01-31
Crazy Together (Bush and Blair)Happy TogetherThe Turtles2006-02-01
State o' th' UnionWestern UnionFive Americans2006-02-01
I Fought the ExI Fought the LawBobby Fuller Four2006-02-02
Superflu-ousparodiesaremadeupfromthisdittySupercalifragilisticexpialidociousMary Poppins2006-02-03
Make Wars That Break UsBreak Up To Make UpThe Stylistics2006-02-03
Lab TestRawhideFrankie Laine2006-02-03
NewcomputercamewithwindowsxphowatrociousSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews (Mary Poppins)2006-02-06
Nu-Cle-ar v2.0 (Bush Speech Therapy cont.)GoldfingerShirley Bassey2006-02-06
'Nu-Cle-ar' v1.0 (Bush Pronunciation Guide)MariaWest Side Story/Bernstein/Sondheim2006-02-06
Fake KnockersGoldfingerShirley Bassey2006-02-07
I Feel Sh--tyI Feel PrettyWest Side Story/Bernstein/Sondheim2006-02-07
ThreesomeGroovin'The Rascals2006-02-08
Strange Folks: AmIRightStrangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2006-02-08
You F*** Too MuchYou Talk Too MuchJoe Jones2006-02-09
Tommy TurtleJohnny AngelShelley Fabares2006-02-10
WordsWordsBee Gees2006-02-10
Monday, No SongMonday, MondayThe Mamas And The Papas2006-02-13
Alexander (and others): Vol. III of Turtle TrilogyJohnny AngelShelley Fabares2006-02-14
John A. Barry (and others): Vol. II of Turtle TrilogyJohnny AngelShelley Fabares2006-02-14
Johnny D-man (and others): Vol. I of TurtleTrilogyJohnny AngelShelley Fabares2006-02-14
Gimme, Gimme Coca CropShimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko-BopLittle Anthony And The Imperials2006-03-07
Taxing TimeTwilight TimeThe Platters2006-03-07
If You Don't Want Hepatitis (Wash Your Hands)'If You're Happy and You Know It (Clap Your Hands)Traditional2006-03-13
A Girl Named RoyceA Boy Named SueJohnny Cash2006-03-14
Jack FletcherGoldfingerShirley Bassey2006-03-15
You're Sixteen, I'm Forty-Nine, And You're JailYou're SixteenJohnny Burnette (covered by Ringo Starr)2006-03-15
Royce MillerGoldfingerShirley Bassey2006-03-16
Brokenback MountainWolverton MountainClaude King2006-03-16
Butt-Crack-er (The Plumber's Parody)GoldfingerShirley Bassey2006-03-17
Say A Prayer For Buddy HollyDeck The HallsTraditional2006-03-17
John BarryGoldfingerShirley Bassey, John A. Barry, & Anthony Newley2006-03-20
TV, Or Not TVTo Be, Or Not To BeWilliam Shakespeare: Hamlet2006-03-20
PacholekGoldfingerShirley Bassey and The Other John A. Barry2006-03-21
'Ones'-ScribersBack StabbersThe O'Jays2006-03-21
All-Ones GuyGoldfingerShirley Bassey2006-03-22
MichelobYesterdayThe Beatles2006-03-23
I'm A Dish WasherGirl WatcherThe O'Kaysions2006-03-24
Michelob ('The Pomfret' Revision)YesterdayThe Beatles2006-03-24
B/D, Or Not B/DTo Be, Or Not To BeWilliam Shakespeare: Hamlet2006-03-24
Negra Modelo (The Mexican Beer Song)Eleanor RigbyThe Beatles2006-03-27
LasagnaMariaWest Side Story/Bernstein/Sondheim2006-03-27
Tijuana, Know A SecretDo You Want To Know A Secret?The Beatles2006-03-28
Ever-Blasting SteamEverlasting LoveRobert Knight/Carl Carlton/Gloria Estefan/U2 etc.2006-03-29
Alvin RhodesYesterdayThe Beatles2006-03-29
Cheney, DickYesterdayThe Beatles2006-03-29
AirfarcewonYesterdayThe Beatles2006-03-30
T. TurtleGoldfingerShirley Bassey2006-03-31
The Far-Sighted FightersThe Star Spangled BannerFrancis Scott Key2006-03-31
There, Their, They're (Usage Guide)Turn, Turn, TurnThe Byrds2006-04-03
Don't Patty-Cake Me, Oh, My Darlin'High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)Frankie Laine / Tex Ritter2006-04-03
Prudish Little GirlFoolish Little GirlThe Shirelles2006-04-04
Gory, Gory: Haul In Moolah (Battle Hymn Of The Movies)Battle Hymn Of The RepublicJulia Ward Howe2006-04-04
McArthur's Mark (Is Angelina Jolie)MacArthur ParkRichard Harris2006-04-05
Two Cases Have ITwo Faces Have ILou Christie2006-04-05
The Quite Possible DreamThe Impossible DreamMan of La Mancha / Richard Kiley2006-04-06
World Without PitneyTown Without PityGene Pitney2006-04-06
When Will I Feel Well Again?When Will I See You Again?Three Degrees2006-04-06
Only Stu Can Break Wind (Fart)Only Love Can Break A HeartGene Pitney2006-04-07
Rubber BallRubber BallBobby Vee / Gene Pitney2006-04-07
My ShellMichelleThe Beatles2006-04-10
The Man Who Dropped Liberty's Ballots (Pitney Part IV)The Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceGene Pitney2006-04-10
He's A Turtle (Gene Pitney Tribute Part V)He's A RebelThe Crystals / Gene Pitney2006-04-11
Got A Tampon, Please?Take A Chance On MeAbba2006-04-11
I'm Gonna Write My Life Away (Pitney Part VI)(I Wanna) Love My Life AwayGene Pitney2006-04-12
Crazy Together (Personal Version)Happy TogetherThe Turtles2006-04-12
Footnotes (This Song Has None)FootstepsSteve Lawrence2006-04-13
My SBD's Strong (Fart VI of Gene Pitney Tribute)I'm Gonna Be StrongGene Pitney2006-04-13
24 Hours Of Bushwah (Pitney Tribute Part VIII)24 Hours From TulsaGene Pitney2006-04-14
Whip-Chained MelodyUnchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers2006-04-14
Peckah (Aussie Pronunciation)MeccaGene Pitney2006-04-17
Bats In His BelfryCat's In The CradleHarry Chapin2006-04-17
Nighters In The StrangeStrangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2006-04-18
Pat Adagio's CreamThe Impossible DreamMan of La Mancha / Richard Kiley2006-04-18
HyperlinkYesterdayThe Beatles2006-04-19
All Alone: Let FlyAll Alone Am IBrenda Lee2006-04-20
Burn A DebtBernadetteThe Four Tops2006-04-20
Pishing and MopingWishing And HopingDusty Springfield2006-04-21
Wasting Away Again In TommyturtlevilleMargaritavilleJimmy Buffet2006-04-21
I'll Always Be A Fan Of Rand (WARNING: Very Geeky)I'll Never Fall In Love AgainDionne Warwick2006-04-24
Dee Range, Well...Teen AngelMark Dinning2006-04-24
A Bio, PleaseBeyond the SeaBobby Darin2006-04-25
Lipstick On Your ZipperLipstick On Your CollarConnie Francis2006-04-25
Laugh, Laugh (Instead Of Cry)Laugh LaughThe Beau Brummels2006-04-26
Shriek Softly, Love (We're In A Public Place)The Godfather Love Theme (Speak Softly, Love)Al Martino / Andy Williams2006-04-26
Rip One In My SleepStrangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2006-04-27
My SisterMariaWest Side Story/Bernstein/Sondheim2006-04-27
My Son, He Fights Over The OceanMy BonnieThe Beatles / Traditional2006-04-28
Parody 100Some Enchanted EveningSouth Pacific/Rogers and Hammerstein2006-04-28
PMS (The Author, Not The Syndrome)Do Re MiJulie Andrews / Sound of Music2006-05-01
Let's Fight (AmIRight-Site Story)Tonight (West Side Story)Bernstein / Sondheim2006-05-03
(I Can't Work This) Da*n Contraption(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionThe Rolling Stones2006-12-22
Shi'ite ChristmasWhite ChristmasBing Crosby2006-12-22
Try to Remember (Duke University Assault Case)Try To RememberTom Jones/The Fantasticks2006-12-23
I Believe (But I'm A Cynic)I BelieveFrankie Laine2006-12-26
Old Lays MinedAuld Lang SyneTraditional2006-12-29
My Fave Risque' ThingsMy Favorite ThingsJulie Andrews2007-01-02
All You Need Is CashAll You Need Is LoveThe Beatles2007-01-03
PunctuateYesterdayThe Beatles2007-01-03
To AgrimorfeeThe Sound Of SilenceSimon and Garfunkel2007-01-04
SpidermanlovesmarijuanaeverybodyknowsitSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews2007-01-08
Goose Her On The Sly In Thigh MoundLucy in the Sky with DiamondsThe Beatles2007-01-09
Spider-Man And Marijuana: Better ExplanationSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews2007-01-10
Copping A Feel On HeatherStrawberry Fields ForeverThe Beatles2007-01-12
Smears On My PillowTears On My PillowLittle Anthony And The Imperials2007-01-12
The Star-Spangled Banner(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At AllThe Fifth Dimension2007-01-17
(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At AllThe Star-Spangled BannerFrancis Scott Key2007-01-17
Gee, Webmaster ChuckyGee, Officer KrupkeWest Side Story/Bernstein/Sondheim2007-01-18
Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? (S&M)Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?The Lovin' Spoonful2007-01-19
You Don't Blow MeYou Don't Know MeEddy Arnold / Ray Charles2007-01-24
Tokusou BlessrangerAway in a MangerTraditional2007-02-01
Say A Prayer For Buddy Holly (2007)Deck The HallsTraditional2007-02-03
Erections In Old Men ImperiledThe Wreck Of The Edmund FitzgeraldGordon Lightfoot2007-02-05
Annie Hammond PeasBette Davis EyesJackie DeShannon / Kim Carnes2007-02-06
I'm Britain, Britain Great, I AmI'm Henry, The Eighth, I AmHerman's Hermits2007-02-07
Itty Bitty Ti**y OneLittle Bitty Pretty OneThurston Harris2007-02-07
I Should Have Known BetterI Should Have Known BetterThe Beatles2007-02-08
Gonna Be Sick Till It's Through (POTUS Campaign)I Get A Kick Out Of YouCole Porter2007-08-06
GOP's Sickening, TooI Get A Kick Out Of YouCole Porter2007-08-08
Hello, '08, Good-bye BushHello, Heartache, Good-bye LoveLittle Peggy March2007-08-09
Barry, Barry (John, Not Bonds)Cherry, CherryNeil Diamond2007-08-12
A Shepherd Am IAmerican PieDon McLean2007-08-13
Bust OpBus StopThe Hollies2007-08-15
Sheep: Care, OvineSweet CarolineNeil Diamond2007-08-16
Let T*t BeLet It BeThe Beatles2007-08-19
Mary JanePenny LaneThe Beatles2007-08-20
Cherry Will PartCherry Hill ParkBilly Joe Royal2007-08-21
The Ten CommandmentsMy Favorite ThingsJulie Andrews2007-08-21
Sheep Love YouShe Loves YouThe Beatles2007-08-22
I Fought The Dogs (But The Law Won)I Fought The LawBobby Fuller Four2007-08-23
You've Got To Hide Your Muff AwayYou've Got To Hide Your Love AwayThe Beatles2007-08-26
Where Did Man Begin? (Creation / Evolution)Where Do I Begin? (Theme from "Love Story")Andy Williams2007-08-27
Get A LifeLone Ranger Theme / William Tell OvertureGioacchino Rossini2007-08-28
The WonderbraThe WandererDion2007-09-17
Art And PoleHeart And SoulThe Cleftones2007-09-19
Juice The KnifeMac The KnifeBobby Darin2007-09-19
I Lie With Sheeps TonightThe Lion Sleeps TonightThe Tokens2007-09-20
Fartin' HoleHeart And SoulThe Cleftones2007-09-20
Don't Hang DownDon't Hang UpThe Orlons2007-09-23
Who Put The "Blam" In The Ramadan Of Islam?Who Put The Bomp?Barry Mann2007-09-23
Math-y ManHandy ManJimmie Jones / James Taylor2007-09-24
Wart On Soul (OJ, Vick, Cheney, Craig, Etc.)Heart And SoulThe Cleftones2007-09-24
Techno-Mire (Re-Do of Tenacious Lee 'Tech Studies'Ring Of FireJohnny Cash2007-09-25
Those Dudes Were Tased (Campus Cop Drinking Song)Those Were The DaysMary Hopkin2007-09-25
Back In The Ewe A*s, Us AreBack In The U.S.S.R.The Beatles2007-09-26
(Kristof) RobertsonGalvestonGlen Campbell2007-09-26
Muff, No Access: Rag OnPuff, The Magic DragonPeter, Paul, and Mary2007-09-27
Shock-A-Guy, MaybeRock-A-Bye, BabyTraditional2007-09-27
This Girl Is A Human CowThis Girl Is A Woman NowGary Puckett & The Union Gap2007-09-30
Where Have All The Writers Gone?Where Have All The Flowers Gone?Pete Seeger2007-09-30
Have You Got Bleating On Your Mind?Woman, WomanGary Puckett & The Union Gap2007-10-01
Is AmIRight The Model Of A Boomer Humor URL?The Major-General's SongGilbert & Sullivan2007-10-01
Girl On GirlWhite On WhiteDanny Williams2007-10-02
The Wonder Of MeThe Wonder Of YouRay Peterson / Elvis Presley2007-10-02
Fart Saves A Man Expensive RingLove Is A Many-Splendored ThingThe Four Aces2007-10-03
I'm On the Outside (Looking In)I'm On the Outside (Looking In)Little Anthony and the Imperials2007-10-04
Parody On The BrainRhapsody In The RainLou Christie2007-10-04
Mart And BowlHeart And SoulThe Cleftones2007-10-05
The Wonderful JewThe Wonder Of YouRay Peterson / Elvis Presley2007-10-05
Who And Whom (Usage Guide)YesterdayThe Beatles2007-10-07
The Wonder Of EweThe Wonder Of YouRay Peterson / Elvis Presley2007-10-07
Fewer / Less (Usage Guide)YesterdayThe Beatles2007-10-08
The Blunder In Loo (Sen. Larry Craig)The Wonder Of YouRay Peterson / Elvis Presley2007-10-08
All I Foul Is The Air That You BreatheThe Air That I BreatheThe Hollies2007-10-09
Larry Craig Knowing EweKnowing Me, Knowing YouABBA2007-10-10
Is Your Purse A Gun Holder (Or On Your Period?)Put Your Head On My ShoulderPaul Anka2007-10-18
404YesterdayThe Beatles2007-10-21
Bind And Tie Her TightBlinded By The LightManfred Mann's Earth Band2007-10-22
AmIRightersLittle ChildrenBilly J. Kramer with The Dakotas2007-10-23
Tuna TacoDesperadoEagles2007-10-23
My Song Was BannedStand By Your ManTammy Wynette2007-10-24
DiRitoMariaWest Side Story / Bernstein/Sondheim2007-10-24
There's Intercourse In Southern PennsylvaniaIt Never Rains In Southern CaliforniaAlbert Hammond2007-10-25
Soprano ManPiano ManBilly Joel2007-10-25
Almost Heaven, South AustraliaTake Me Home, Country RoadsJohn Denver2007-10-28
Down Under, Love You (Australia Salute, Part II)The Wonder Of YouRay Peterson / Elvis Presley2007-10-29
Losing (Don't Know Why) Your Hymen?Lucy In The Sky With DiamondsThe Beatles2007-10-30
Woman In MallWoman In LoveBarbra Streisand2007-10-30
Corleone's Guy Is Hyman (Roth)Lucy In The Sky With DiamondsThe Beatles2007-10-31
UruguayYesterdayThe Beatles2007-10-31
Just Assassination (Winning The Race For Me)Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)The Temptations2008-05-27
B'rack's Nuts Roasting: Jackson Opens FireXmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)Nat King Cole2008-07-14
Palin, PalinSailing, Sailing (Over The Bounding Main)Traditional2008-09-04
Palin's MelodyUnchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers2008-09-10
God Bless The GovernorGod Bless AmericaIrving Berlin / Kate Smith2008-09-15
Palin, I'm Impalin'RawhideFrankie Laine2008-09-15
New Star, Palin: Fan, HerThe Star-Spangled BannerFrancis Scott Key2008-09-16
Ms. Sarah P. The Beautiful (The *Last* One, I Promise)America The BeautifulKatharine Lee Bates2008-09-24
Parody 200Torn Between Two LoversMary McGregor2008-09-25
If I Gave My Vote To You (Non-Partisan Song)If I FellThe Beatles2008-10-01
VP: A Hot VP, Or Indigestion?To Be, Or Not To BeWilliam Shakespeare: Hamlet2008-10-22
I Am BarackI Am A RockSimon & Garfunkel2008-11-20
Love To Bend HerLove Me TenderElvis Presley2008-11-25
Bush, We Will MissSealed With A KissBrian Hyland2008-12-01
Release Me (Scooter Libby)Release MeEngelbert Humperdinck2008-12-15
It's About Crime (Lisa Nowak)It's About Time (TV theme song)Gerald Fried and Sherwood Schwartz2008-12-16
Shoes Fly; Don't Bother MeShoo Fly (Don't Bother Me)Traditional2008-12-16
Shy And TightSilent NightJoseph Mohr and Franz Xavier Gruber2008-12-17
Shouldn't It Be Hillary?Wouldn't It Be Loverly?My Fair Lady: Lerner/Lowe2008-12-17
Smoke Gets In Your ThighsSmoke Gets In Your EyesThe Platters2008-12-18
Hillary (2008 Presidential Primary Race)TammyDebbie Reynolds2008-12-18
I Picked A Girl (John McCain)I Kissed A GirlKatie Perry2008-12-21
Jiggle SellsJingle BellsJames Lord Pierpont2008-12-21
I'm Not GayYesterdayThe Beatles2008-12-22
Wouldn't Peace Be Brotherly?Wouldn't It Be Loverly?My Fair Lady2008-12-22
'Bama's GuyBobby's GirlMarcie Blaine2009-01-25
Born To Be Styled (John Edwards)Born To Be WildSteppenwolf2009-01-26
Music All Died (Buddy Holly 50th Anniversary Tribute)Ticket To RideThe Beatles2009-02-02
When The Bailout Starts Pouring From Those GuysWhen The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His EyesThe Supremes2009-02-17
H-M-O(y)-VayY.M.C.AVillage People2009-02-18
Trillion Granted; HeavingSome Enchanted EveningSouth Pacific / Rogers and Hammerstein2009-02-19
I Am The LayY.M.C.A.Village People2009-02-25
Ewe: "Don't Clone Me!"You Don't Own MeLesley Gore2009-03-17
Grok Me, Or Disagree With My Sub-Jest-ion?To Be, Or Not To BeWilliam Shakespeare: Hamlet2009-03-20
Poon GiverMoon RiverAndy Williams2009-04-09
Stranger In The LightStrangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2009-04-13
Burnout!Rawhide!Frankie Laine2009-04-14
TJCYesterdayThe Beatles2009-04-15
I Say, To H*ll With YouI Put a Spell on YouScreamin' Jay Hawkins2009-04-15
I'd Not Do Well v. You (JAB)I Put A Spell On YouScreamin' Jay Hawkins2009-04-16
A Juvie Kind Of LoveA Groovy Kind Of LoveThe Mindbenders2009-04-20
Fart-break Hotel, Peeh-Yew!I Put a Spell on YouScreamin' Jay Hawkins2009-04-21
I Had Too Much Ice Cream (Last Night)I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)The Electric Prunes2009-04-22
Who Put The Prod To Sir Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?Who Put the Bomp?Barry Mann2009-04-22
AhmadinejadStrangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2009-04-23
Iran's The Very Model Of 'Salaam' Islamic ToleranceI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2009-04-28
The End Of The World (Swine-Flu Style)The End Of The WorldSkeeter Davis2009-04-29
Double Shot Of AmphetamineDouble Shot Of My Baby's LoveThe Swingin' Medallions2009-05-03
That's Mark ScottiThat's AmoreDean Martin2009-05-04
Life Ain't Easy With A High IQA Boy Named SueJohnny Cash2009-05-05
Thank God It's FridayMy WayFrank Sinatra2009-05-06
Do Not Forsake Us, B. Obama (Politically Neutral)High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin')Tex Ritter / Frankie Laine2009-05-07
A Blighter Maid To NailA Whiter Shade Of PaleProcol Harum2009-05-11
Patches (Microsoft® Version)PatchesDickey Lee2009-05-11
SnatchesPatchesDickey Lee2009-05-12
No Bra, Eh?Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)Domenico Modugno2009-05-12
ScratchesPatchesDickey Lee2009-05-13
Thrilling Me Hard-ly With Her ThongKilling Me Softly With His SongRoberta Flack2009-05-13
My Disfavored Things (U.S. Left / Right Wings)My Favorite ThingsJulie Andrews2009-05-14
Both Sides Now (US Left- And Right-Wing Follow-Up)Both Sides NowJudy Collins2009-05-17
(Jim) RotondoWhite RabbitJefferson Airplane2009-05-17
CherriesCherishThe Association2009-05-27
TT To TJC: What Fine Skull Session!To Be, Or Not To BeWilliam Shakespeare / Hamlet2009-05-28
Sotomayor (English Version) (US Supreme Court)Cara MiaJay and The Americans2009-05-31
Sotomayor (In Spanish, with translation) (US Supreme Court)Cara MiaJay and The Americans2009-05-31
I Only Want To Sleep With YouI Only Want To Be With YouDusty Springfield2009-06-01
Not Sick! Good News Spread, And It's CaroledThe Wreck Of The Edmund FitzgeraldGordon Lightfoot2009-06-01
Hey, Bong Swimmer (Michael Phelps)Big SpenderPeggy Lee2009-06-02
Swimmer Wins Oftly, Hitting Bong (Michael Phelps)Killing Me Softly With His SongRoberta Flack2009-06-02
All You Bleed Is Blood (Monthly Version)All You Need Is LoveThe Beatles2009-06-03
America (Sotomayor)AmericaWest Side Story/Bernstein/Sondheim2009-06-03
Hey, Left-Winger (Sotomayor / Obama)Big SpenderPeggy Lee2009-06-04
The First Time Ever I Saw Your PlaceThe First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceRoberta Flack2009-06-29
Porn On My PuterTears On My PillowLittle Anthony and the Imperials2009-06-29
'Bama's Little Helper (Joe Biden)Mother's Little HelperThe Rolling Stones2009-06-30
Please Vista™ Please (Microsoft®)Please Mr. PleaseOlivia Newton-John2009-06-30
The First Time Ever I Saw Your LaceThe First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceRoberta Flack2009-07-01
The First Time Ever I Wore Your LaceThe First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceRoberta Flack2009-07-01
(Chump) Change You Will Be-Leavin' (Us) [health care plan]I BelieveFrankie Laine2009-07-21
Dr. Seuss Replies To TJCMultiple Books by Dr. SeussDr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Giesel)2009-07-23
ImagineImagineJohn Lennon2009-07-27
God Only Knows What I'd Be Without EweGod Only KnowsThe Beach Boys2009-07-28
PelagicImagineJohn Lennon2009-07-28
In Vagin'ImagineJohn Lennon2009-07-29
Riff Three Times (On The Same Song, 'Cause It's Fun To)Knock Three TimesTony Orlando and Dawn2009-07-29
Schtuppin' Ewe All DaySurfin' USAThe Beach Boys2009-07-30
I'm Badgin' (Henry Louis Gates)ImagineJohn Lennon2009-07-30
I'm Henry Louis Gates, I AmI'm Henry, The Eighth, I AmHerman's Hermits2009-08-02
I Lamb... I Said (a/k/a) A Lamb In BedI Am... I SaidNeil Diamond2009-08-02
I Had Too Much Caffeine (Last Night)I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)The Electric Prunes2009-08-03
What Child Is This? (WARNING: Highly Irreverent)What Child Is This?William Chatterton Dix2009-08-03
I Am A Merry Maiden And An English-Major FiddlegirlI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2009-08-04
Draggin' BehindDraggin' The LineTommy James2009-08-06
Anyone Who Smelled A FartAnyone Who Had A HeartDionne Warwick2009-08-10
It's Statutory Time I'm Servin'High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin')Frankie Laine / Tex Ritter2009-08-10
Budweiser RapacityBohemian RhapsodyQueen2009-08-11
Of Lovers: Compare TwoA Lover's Concerto / Minuet In G MajorThe Toys / Johann Sebastian Bach/Christian Petzold2009-08-12
Tell Laura I Dunked HerTell Laura I Love HerRay Peterson2009-08-12
B'rack Me GentlyRock Me GentlyAndy Kim2009-08-18
Snaggin' What's Mine (The Current Administration)Draggin' The LineTommy James2009-08-19
I Am Binary-Modal, Sexa-Octal HexadecimalI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2009-08-19
Out Of VodkaFrère JacquesTraditional (French)2009-08-20
The Blight From Hell: Reign From Last NovemberIt Might As Well Rain Until SeptemberCarole King2009-08-24
Music To Watch Girls StripMusic to Watch Girls ByAndy Williams2009-08-24
Norma JeaneMaybelleneChuck Berry2009-08-25
Guess I'm An Old Fogey (The "F-Word" Song)On Top Of Old SmokeyTraditional2009-08-25
Mrs. Brown, She's Underage, Your DaughterMrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely DaughterHerman's Hermits2009-08-26
TurtleRingoLorne Greene2009-08-26
What Word Through Yonder Comment Makes?Romeo and Juliet: The Balcony SceneWilliam Shakespeare2009-08-27
(Three) Hundred SongsSixteen TonsTennessee Ernie Ford2009-08-27
The Launch Of Space Shuttle DiscoveryRomeo and Juliet: The Balcony SceneWilliam Shakespeare2009-08-30
FG, Or Not FG: Ask Her Suggestion?To Be, Or Not To BeWilliam Shakespeare: Hamlet2009-09-01
ManilaMariaWest Side Story: Bernstein / Sondheim2009-09-03
Safe Chat, Please (*Serious*)Please Please MeThe Beatles2009-09-08
I'd Love To Write With Each Of YouI Only Want To Be With YouDusty Springfield2009-09-09
You're Filled Up With MensesAnnie's SongJohn Denver2009-09-09
Men, I'm Just A Horny Little GirlIn My Little Corner Of The WorldAnita Bryant2009-09-10
Save The Last Draft For MeSave The Last Dance For MeThe Drifters2009-09-15
Savvy, Very, Man (Blackjack21 theme song)Solitary ManNeil Diamond2009-09-15
CollaborationAnticipationCarly Simon2009-09-16
MetaphorsbwithuSome Enchanted EveningSouth Pacific: Rogers and Hammerstein2009-09-16
My WayMy WayFrank Sinatra2009-09-17
Nan-cy, What Rot: Nan-Cy (Pelosi)To Be, Or Not To BeWilliam Shakespeare: Hamlet2009-09-17
Tommy's SongAnnie's SongJohn Denver2009-09-22
Till There Was YouTill There Was YouThe Music Man: Meredith Wilson2009-09-22
Wonderdong'Underdog' Theme SongC. Stover, W. Biggers, T. Covington, J. Harris2009-09-23
Seizin' Love: First One (Teasin's Just Begun)Seasons In The SunTerry Jacks2009-09-23
Don't Miss Our Post, Man!Please, Mr. PostmanThe Marvelletes2009-09-24
Microsoft™ Is Suing Me Because I Dissed On Vista™SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews2009-09-24
Orgy Girl (Not What You Think -- SFW)Georgy GirlThe Seekers2009-09-27
AnticipationAnticipationCarly Simon2009-09-27
Overture! (Fiddlegirl-Tommy Turtle Big Project)The Bugs Bunny Overture (This Is It!)Jerry Livingston and Mack David2009-09-28
You're My GirlYou're My WorldCilla Black2009-09-28
Baby, I'm YoursBaby, I'm YoursBarbara Lewis2009-09-30
Strange Words Come To Light (Ahmadinejad Is Jewish!)Strangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2009-10-13
ACORN's The Borrower, Screwing Lenders, See?Neither A Borrower, Nor A Lender BeWilliam Shakespeare: Hamlet (Lord Polonius)2009-10-13
I Knew Me When (Had No Fiddle...)I Knew You WhenBilly Joe Royal2009-12-01
Tiger Woods' White ChristmasWhite ChristmasBing Crosby2009-12-17
What Font Of English Taught Sar' Palin How To Speak? (Non-Partisan)Why Can't The English (Teach Their Children ...)?My Fair Lady: Lerner / Loewe2010-01-13
Scott Brown (Republican Upset for Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat)DowntownPetula Clark2010-01-19
Downtown, Girl?Uptown GirlBilly Joel2010-01-19
You're So Hot; Sweet Is Your BehindWoman, Woman (Have You Got Cheating On Your Mind?)Gary Puckett & The Union Gap2010-02-02
Say Good-Bye, Holly? Ow! (Buddy Holly 'Music Died' 2010 Tribute)Betcha' By Golly, WowThe Stylistics2010-02-02
Don't Young Things Have Flowers Anymore? (A Father's Lament, Part II)You Don't Bring Me FlowersNeil Diamond2010-02-09
Has Ev'rybody Seen My Gal (Nude? -- A Father's Lament, Part I)Has Anybody Seen My Gal?The California Ramblers2010-02-09
Sally, Ungowned; Nude, PosesSally Go 'Round The RosesThe Jaynetts2010-02-16
The Even-Newer Colossus ('Statue of Liberty' Inscription Revision)The New ColossusEmma Lazarus2010-02-16
Totally Glib, Awf'lly Smart (Top 200 AmIWriters = 40+ Song Posts)Total Eclipse Of The HeartBonnie Tyler2010-02-21
The Spar-Tangled Damners (Non-Partisan Anti-Govt. Rant)The Star-Spangled BannerFrancis Scott Key2010-03-03
DKTOSStrangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2010-03-08
Lay A Glance On Me (The Strippers' Theme Song)Take A Chance On MeABBA2010-03-08
Sheep, Baby!Beach BabyThe First Class2010-03-16
Shvantz Is Clean (ABBA Hall Of Fame Induction Tribute, Vol. IV)Dancing QueenABBA2010-03-16
BP (It's Not Your Fault -- *REALLY*)Born FreeMatt Monro / Andy Williams2010-06-22
I Only Want To Be With EweI Only Want To Be With YouDusty Springfield2010-06-24
Show Us (POTUS v. Minerals Management Service and BP)Show MeMy Fair Lady: Lerner / Loewe2010-06-25
I Only Want To Pee, Not Pooh (The *LAST* Gender-Based Difference)I Only Want To Be With YouDusty Springfield2010-06-29
Silent: Blight; Oily Plight (POTUS and MMS, Vol. II)Silent NightJoseph Mohr and Franz Xavier Gruber2010-06-29
Totally Slips Off The Chart (Losing My Memory)Total Eclipse Of The HeartBonnie Tyler2010-06-30
Where's She Hide Ten-Pin? (A Course For Males Only)Where Do I Begin (Theme from 'Love Story')Andy Williams2010-07-01
Words Are My PlaythingTears On My PillowLittle Anthony And The Imperials2010-07-01
Nifty Ways To Please Your Lover50 Ways To Leave Your LoverPaul Simon2010-07-14
Seven-Inch, Thick, Strong Bones In Each Merry Maid (*SFW*)Seventy-Six TrombonesThe Music Man / Meredith Wilson2010-07-15
Caretta caretta (Ode To The Endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle)Corrina, CorrinaRay Peterson2010-07-16
I Only Have Eyes For EweI Only Have Eyes For YouThe Flamingos2010-07-16
A Merry Girl's PieAmerican PieDon McLean2010-07-21
My Boyfriend's BlackMy Boyfriend's BackThe Angels2010-08-03
Would You Kindly Hush?There's a Kind of HushHerman's Hermits2010-08-03
My Girlfriend's WackMy Boyfriend's BackThe Angels2010-08-04
Turn Your Mind To MushThere's a Kind of HushHerman's Hermits2010-08-04
The Only OS TT'd DoI Only Want To Be With YouDusty Springfield2010-08-05
Spin-All Wizard (Press Secretaries, Etc.)Pinball WizardThe Who2010-08-05
Lie, Cheat, Gore'd (Al)My Sweet LordGeorge Harrison2010-08-06
The Unabomber's Mental State Is Rotten, Hateful, CriminalI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2010-08-06
These Bishops Strayed; Defrock 'EmThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'Nancy Sinatra2010-08-10
LIttleCupCakesFrère JacquesTraditional (French)2010-08-10
Nifty Ways To Please Your Lover, Vol. II: Advice (Tributes) To Women50 Ways To Leave Your LoverPaul Simon2010-08-11
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU)Oklahoma!Oklahoma! / Rodgers & Hammerstein2010-09-01
Smoke Comes Out Your A*s (But[t] It's *Clean*, *Renewable* Energy!)Smoke Gets In Your EyesThe Platters2010-09-01
House (M. D.) [TV Series]BenMichael Jackson2010-09-02
Ovine Lovin'!Oklahoma!Oklahoma! / Rodgers & Hammerstein2010-09-02
New Bust Was DeployedA Must To AvoidHerman's Hermits2010-09-03
California!Oklahoma!Oklahoma! / Rodgers & Hammerstein2010-09-03
KansasMandyBarry Manilow2010-09-07
The Major-General's Parody's A Challenge Steep And OminousI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2010-09-07
Should Tommy Turtle Really Do Three Hundred 'Major-Generals'?I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2010-09-08
Coke Is Thin Girl's Prize (Paris Hilton Theme Song)Smoke Gets In Your EyesThe Platters2010-09-08
This Parody's A Neologist's Golden OpportunityI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2010-09-09
Crack Gets Thin Wh*re, Guys!Smoke Gets In Your EyesThe Platters2010-09-09
To All My Friends At AmIRight, I'd Like To Show My GratitudeI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2010-09-10
9/11Oklahoma!Oklahoma! / Rodgers & Hammerstein2010-09-10
MatthiasShe Loves YouThe Beatles2010-09-14
My Hand's In Ev'ry Hottie; I'm An OB/GynecologistI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2010-09-14
Each Hand Is Very Able; I Am Almost AmbidexterousI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2010-09-15
Cloak Those Fatty ThighsSmoke Gets In Your EyesThe Platters2010-09-15
V/C (Vote/Comment)Born FreeMatt Munro / Andy Williams2010-09-16
B's Are Best (And We Ain't Talkin' Report Cards Here!)Be Our GuestBeauty And The Beast Soundtrack2010-09-16
ChristianJewishMuslimBuddhistShintoAtheisticSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews2010-09-17
Joke, 'Gets', Win Your FivesSmoke Gets In Your EyesThe Platters2010-09-17
I Am The Very Model of A Modern Major-GeneralSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews2010-10-01
SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousI Am The Very Model of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2010-10-01
The Wreck Of The Edmund FitzgeraldAmerican PieDon McLean2010-10-05
American PieThe Wreck Of The Edmund FitzgeraldGordon Lightfoot2010-10-05
StoopingCowardMasochisticMarriesDominatrixSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews2010-10-06
SuperCallousFlagellistMarquisDeSade:SadisticSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews2010-10-06
Don't Just Hang ThereDon't Just Stand TherePatty Duke2010-10-07
I've Gotten Into Your Shell (Turtle-Love)I've Got You Under My SkinThe Four Seasons2010-10-07
Four Hundred (Parodies Posted)Forget HimBobby Rydell2010-10-08
StupidCallowFrailAutisticWreck;SeeHowLow,VotesUsSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews2010-10-08
Please Please MePlease Mr. PostmanThe Marvelettes2010-10-12
Please Mr. PleasePlease Please MeThe Beatles2010-10-12
Please, Mr. PostmanPlease Mr. PleaseOlivia Newton-John2010-10-12
Lucy in the Sky with DiamondsJudy In Disguise (With Glasses)John Fred And His Playboy Band2010-10-13
Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)Lucy in the Sky with DiamondsThe Beatles2010-10-13
I Can't Stand Smoky PlacesSmoky PlacesThe Corsairs2010-10-14
Smoke Gets In Your EyesSmoky PlacesThe Corsairs2010-10-14
Smoky PlacesSmoke Gets In Your EyesThe Platters2010-10-14
My BonnieMy DadPaul Petersen2010-11-03
My DadMy GirlThe Temptations2010-11-03
My GirlMy GuyMary Wells2010-11-03
My GuyMy LovePetula Clark2010-11-03
My SmooshMy LovePetula Clark2010-11-03
My LoveMy WayFrank Sinatra2010-11-03
My WayMy BonnieThe Beatles2010-11-03
Saturday Night At The MoviesEight Days a WeekThe Beatles2010-11-04
Jersey ThursdayFriday On My MindThe Easybeats2010-11-04
Wednesday Morning, 3 A.MJersey ThursdayDonovan2010-11-04
Sunday Will Never Be The SameMonday, MondayThe Mamas & The Papas2010-11-04
Friday On My MindSaturday Night At The MoviesThe Drifters2010-11-04
Eight Days a WeekSunday Will Never Be The SameSpanky And Our Gang2010-11-04
Monday, MondayTuesday AfternoonThe Moody Blues2010-11-04
Tuesday AfternoonWednesday Morning, 3 A. MSimon And Garfunkel2010-11-04
A Hundred Thousand Hits (parody page views) - TT 5th Anniv. At AIRA Hundred Pounds Of ClayGene McDaniels2011-02-03
Yester-Day, The Music Died (Buddy Holly 2011 Tribute)YesterdayThe Beatles2011-02-03
Christina Aguilera's Second Try At The Super Bowl Star-Mangled BlatherStar-Spangled Banner (Offensive Sport Chican'ry[1]Francis Scott Key2011-02-10
Schmoozing EweLosing YouBrenda Lee2011-02-11
Human Freedom's Fragile, As Egyptians' Rallies Show UsSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousJulie Andrews2011-02-14
Egyptian Outcry (Mubarak, Defy)American PieDon McLean2011-02-14
Elections, Egyptian, Nix 'Pharaoh'The Wreck Of The Edmund FitzgeraldGordon Lightfoot2011-02-14
Egyptians: Daring Model For A Mid-East Change, In GeneralI Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2011-02-14
Default (I'm In Favor Of It!) (Non-Partisan Parody)Tonight (West Side Story)Bernstein / Sondheim2011-07-27
Sarah, I'll Miss (Palin: "Not POTUS Candidate")Sealed With A KissBrian Hyland2011-10-06
Butt Prints On The Couch (Super Bowl Weekend Theme Song)Strangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2012-02-02
American Pie Explained (Buddy Holly 2012 Tribute)American PieDon McLean2012-02-03
Horny And Broke, Da*n!Morning Has BrokenCat Stevens2012-08-03
Norma Jeane (50th Anniversary of Death of Marilyn Monroe)MaybelleneChuck Berry2012-08-03
Take A Chance On SheepTake A Chance On MeABBA2012-08-17
I've HIV and AIDS? 'Thanks', Ma'am!I'm Henry The Eighth, I AmHerman's Hermits2012-10-04
A Rack Of 'D'-Awesome T*ts: Pair, BuildThe Wreck Of The Edmund FitzgeraldGordon Lightfoot2012-10-05
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (or 'The Harking Of Angels Who Herald')The Wreck Of The Edmund FitzgeraldGordon Lightfoot2012-12-14
Heart, Lungs, Soul (Cardiology & Pulmonology 101)Heart And SoulThe Cleftones2013-01-31
Grave Is End Of Flight (2013 Annual 'Day The Music Died' Tribute)Strangers In The NightFrank Sinatra2013-02-01
You Made Me Write Anew (Belated Tribute to Fiddlegirl)You Make Me Feel Brand NewThe Stylistics2013-06-19