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Song Parodies for Linkin Park

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"1 Step Closer" "1 Step Closer (To The Bar)" "Cypher Ams"
"1 Stp Klosr" "1 Rsty Guttr" "S.T.G. feautring XXX"
"A Place For My Head" "A Face For My Head" "ICR"
"A Place for My Head" "A Place for My Red" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"A Place For My Head" "A Space for my Shed" "Mr Greig"
"Bleed It Out" "Bleep It Out" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Bleed It Out" "Eating Out" "Porkbeard"
"Bleed It Out" "Eat It In (i want to kill that chef)" "Worawat"
"Bleed It Out" "Knead It Out" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Bleed It Out" "Pee It Out" "Chance Gollnick"
"Braeking THe Habbit" "A week" "KaylanR"
"Breaking The Habbit" "Watching The Rabbit" "The Ben Man"
"Breaking the Habit" "Baking the Hobbit" "Dead Star"
"Breaking the Habit" "Blaming the Hobbit" "Macaroni Man"
"Breaking the Habit" "Breaking My Concentration" "Gabriel"
"Breaking the Habit" "Breaking the Beer" "BBB"
"Breaking The Habit" "Breaking The Record" "Ten Second Braeden"
"Breaking the Habit" "Breaking the Sabbath" "Aaron Saraco"
"Breaking The Habit" "Breaking The Sabbath" "Stephen Vick"
"Breaking The Habit" "Bweaking The Wabbit" "Markcela"
"Breaking the Habit" "Calling The Doctor" "Quinta Marshall"
"Breaking the Habit" "Clogging the Toilet" "Jake Johnson"
"Breaking the Habit" "Fight" "Robot Rebel Ranch"
"Breaking the Habit" "Flushing the Toilet" "Cypher Ams featuring Harry Ballzonya"
"Breaking the Habit" "Killing the Wabbit" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Breaking The Habit" "Kish's Song (Tokyo Mew Mew)" "Douglas Bucksworth aka D.B."
"Breaking the Habit" "Letting You Have It" "geniuskid"
"Breaking the Habit" "Lord of the Rings: 7 hours in 3 minutes." "solidgameboy12"
"Breaking the Habit" "Made This My Habit" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Breaking The Habit" "Make Me A Tad Bit" "CSGTA182"
"Breaking the Habit" "Murdered Your Rabbit" "Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor)"
"Breaking The Habit" "Need A New Pair" "Morgan"
"Breaking The Habit" "Paper or Plastic?" "Jonathan P. Rice"
"Breaking the Habit" "Reading 'The Hobbit'" "S.T.G."
"Breaking The Habit" "Rush My Homework" "Jamie O'Dea"
"Breaking the Habit" "Shooting the Wabbit" "Yusef Golestaneh"
"Breaking the Habit" "Stuck here in English (again)" "Bobert funnyman"
"Breaking the Habit" "Taking the Hobbits (To Fight)" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Breaking the Habit" "Taking the Rabbits" "Bob O'Mara"
"Breaking the Habit" "Trying to Break the Habit" "Jeremy Smith"
"Breaking The Habit" "Using The Hatchet" "Ghetto John"
"Breaking The Habit" "Waiting For New S**T" "Joel Martinez"
"Breaking The Habit" "Waking The Hobbit" "Me"
"Breaking The Habit" "Writing This Par'dy" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Breakin The Habit" "Breakin The Habit (intervention)" "Flipp the parody legend"
"Breakin' The Habit" "Strawberry Shortcake" "LPG-Unit"
"Breakin' the Habit" "The Herriman Song (Foster's Home for Imaginary Fri" "GB"
"Burn It Down" "Slurp It Down" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"By Myself" "With My Stealth" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Crawing" "Falling" "MONKEY man CADZOW"
"Crawling" "Bawling (The Colts Home Blues)" "Jonathan C."
"Crawling" "Bingeing (Where have I been?)" "Kourin tenshi"
"Crawling" "Bowling" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Crawling" "Brawling" "Mikey Boy"
"Crawling" "Brawling" "Mr Greig"
"Crawling" "Calling" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Crawling" "Crawling" "Bryan Pardue"
"Crawling" "Crawling Down The Road" "EWOP"
"Crawling" "Crawling Hardcore" "2nz"
"Crawling" "Crawling (in a bin)" "SirKeats"
"Crawling" "Crawling (in my pen)" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Crawling" "Crawling (into Leeds)" "Jim A"
"Crawling" "Drawing On Your Skin" "Scrawny Johnny"
"Crawling" "Eating Uncle Jim" "Anna"
"Crawling" "Failing" "Wolveroses"
"Crawling" "Falling (Down The Stairs)" "Joe Kaiser"
"Crawling" "Falling" "SiLLy BoNeZ"
"Crawling" "Falling" "TheCoffinRobber"
"Crawling" "Freddy Krueger" "Joel Martinez"
"Crawling In My Skin" "Crawling In a Cave(Bin Laden)" "Josh"
"Crawling In My Skin" "Trying Not To Sin" "Janet Melgar"
"Crawling" "LOLSTFU" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Crawling" "Mauling" "KaTe"
"Crawling" "Oh My Freaking God" "Creepy Guy"
"Crawling" "Pimples" "Davenoy"
"Crawling" "Pulling Out My Hair (Submitted wrong misheard lyri" "Yet Another Dutchman"
"Crawling" "Running" "Sven LonĨar"
"Crawling" "Sprawling (The Secret Service Song)" "Cypher Ams"
"Crawling" "Stinking" "Stinkin Park"
"Crawling" "Swimming" "Ghetto John & Monaco Chris"
"Crawling" "Swimming (Solo Version)" "Ghetto John"
"Crawling" "Writing ( The Swiming Ultramix)" "Ghetto John"
"Crawlin'" "Total Sellout" "Pastor of Muppets"
"Dont Stay" "Dont Eat" "NutTBar"
"Don't Stay" "Don't Pay (The Shoplifter Song)" "Junior"
"Easier To Run" "Difficult To Pass" "Ten Second Braeden"
"Easier To Run" "Easier To Cheat" "Joel Martinez"
"Easier to Run" "Easier to Die (If you'd let me)" "Gabz_LP"
"Easier To Run" "Easier With A Gun" "Markcela"
"Easier To Run" "In School You Can't Chew Gum .... a nerds tale .." "SiLLy BoNeZ"
"Easier to Run" "The Most Cheaply Written Parody EVER!" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"ENTH E ND" "WN ITH ITS" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Faint" "Anorexic Fainting" "Sameh Khan"
"Faint" "Baking" "Mix-n-Match"
"Faint" "Baking" "spitefulG84"
"Faint" "Birthday Boy" "John Spoof"
"Faint" "Drunk" "Doc"
"Faint" "Drunk/ High" "Linkin Boob"
"Faint" "Fart" "Kevin"
"Faint" "Jesus' 'I Am' Phrases" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Faint" "Paint" "Blaydeman"
"Faint" "Paint" "EmiLoca"
"Faint" "Paint" "greg4109"
"Faint" "Paint" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Faint" "Paint" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Faint" "Paint" "Markcela"
"Faint" "Paint" "Nib Oswald"
"Faint" "Red" "Noodle Boy"
"Faint" "Religious War" "Delta421"
"Faint" "Scream (what Linkin Park Can't Do In Malaysia)" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Faint" "Slytherin's Heir" "Cheezmeister"
"Faint" "Snore" "Stephen Vick"
"Faint" "Vietnam" "M.S.G"
"Faint" "Yahweh's Theme Song" "TheLegendaryChosenOne"
"Figur.09" "Pleasure.09" "Markcela"
"Figure.09" "A-Hole.12" "Jesse Brown"
"Figure.09" "Bump-09" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Figure.09" "Bunker.03" "John Spoof"
"Figure.09" "Cheese.09" "To A Lesser Extent"
"Figure.09" "Disease.19" "AmIRightHead07"
"Figure.09" "Disease.19 (Revised)" "AmIRightHead07"
"Final Masquerade" "Cheating Edge" "Agnostimo"
"Forgotten" "Rotten" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"FRG/10" "RT/10" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Frgt/10" "Frgt H!m (Forget Him)" "Skratch"
"From The Inside" "All The Insight" "Bryan Pardue"
"From The Inside" "My Anniversary Song (Year On This Site)" "Joel Martinez"
"From the Inside" "Stalker" "Bryan Pardue"
"Given Up" "Kissin' Butt" "Lee Lone"
"Hit the Floor" "Hit the Store" "Markcela"
"Hit the Floor" "Office Pool" "Loading57"
"Hit The Floor" "Smoke The Pot" "Rocky Mak"
"In the End" "4-H End" "Rk Fan Forever"
"In The End" "At The Start" "salman"
"In the End" "Big Rear End" "Greesha"
"In THe End" "Constipation II" "BiGDuDe111"
"In the End" "Constipation" "Seth da man"
"In The End (Doesn't Even Matter)" "In The End (The Story of Ryu)" "Syncronos"
"In The End" "Fanfiction" "AznSensazn"
"In the End" "Fashion Trends" "Below Average Dave"
"In The End" "Flaming Lines" "highvoltage"
"In the End" "From My End" "~Nicodemus"
"In The End" "God I Hate Linkin Park" "nuero"
"In The End" "Half Past Ten" "Chuckobo"
"In The End" "Hit My Fend(er)" "Jesus has a prize for you, come get it."
"In The End" "I'm A Try Hard" "M.B"
"In The End" "I'm Burnt Red" "Matthias"
"In the End" "I'm OK (I still feel like I'm sobber)" "Bloody & SINinho"
"In the End" "Indians" "Ethan Mawyer"
"In The End" "In My Chin" "Monkey Man Cadzow"
"In The End" "In My End" "Soldier"
"In the End" "In the Bend" "Jamie"
"In The End" "In the End" "Anthony Bassett"
"In The End" "In The End: Broken Toyz Remix" "Kristof Robertson"
"In The End" "In The End (game Over)" "Brandon Robinson"
"In the End" "In the End" "Jason A. Cascio"
"In the End" "In the End (Lick 'n Bark RMX)" "Papageno"
"In the End" "In the end ( Mc Donald's made me fatter)" "i like your pants"
"In The End" "In The Fridge" "Abbott Skelding"
"In the End" "In the N" "DragonPanther"
"In The End" "In The Pen" "Bob O'Mara"
"In The End" "In The Toilet" "Mikey Boy"
"In The End" "It Farts With One" "ImGumbidammit"
"In The End" "It's The End" "Elliott Barrett"
"In the End" "Junk Food Junkie" "Comedy Guy"
"In the End" "JustIn the End" "PF4Eva"
"In The End" "Kiss My Rear End!" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"In The End" "Lets Be Friends" "Janet Melgar"
"In The End" "Lord of the Rings" "Bradley"
"In The End" "My Rear End" "CSGTA182"
"In The End" "My Rear End (Is Growing Even Fatter)" "Nib Oswald"
"In the End" "No More Pennies" "Ten Second Braeden"
"In the End" "Ode to Pizza Pie" "Cheezmeister"
"In The End" "Paper Mario" "Joel Martinez"
"In the End" "Pickles and Cheese" "Insert Coin(s) to Continue"
"In The End" "Pong II" "B. O'Connor"
"In the End" "Quizzing Practice (Really Matters)" "Graham H."
"In The End" "Sell Out Song" "S.T.G."
"In The End" "The Champ" "Markcela"
"In the End" "When It Hits" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"In The End" "Why Am I Their Victim" "Margaret"
"In the End" "With a Friend" "SirKeats"
"In The End" "With Depends" "BLO-TOWN"
"Krwling" "Drwing" "S.T.G. featuring Len"
"Krwlng" "Falling" "Josh H"
"Lost in the Echo" "Trod on a Lego" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Lying From You" "Buying from You" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Lying From You" "Eating From You" "To A Lesser Extent"
"Lying From You" "Flying From You" "Markcela"
"Lying From You" "Let My People Go (ode To Moses)" "TheLegendaryChosenOne"
"Lying From You" "Lying About My..." "Billy Boyd"
"Lying From You" "The Loo" "Jamie O'Dea"
"Lying From You" "The Shop Lifter Song" "Wife of a thug"
"My December" "Her January" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"New Divide" "Movie Guide" "Joel Martinez"
"New Divide" "Tour Guide" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Nobody's Listening" "Linkin Park Dissing" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Nobody's Listening" "Nobody's Listening" "John Spoof"
"Nobody's Listening" "Pope's On To Next Things" "Nib Oswald"
"Numb" "Abducted" "danielericiverson"
"Numb" "Abducted" "danielericiverson"
"Numb" "Bum" "Blaydeman"
"Numb" "Bum" "Crazy D."
"Numb" "Bum" "Im Ted Kaczynski"
"Numb" "Bum" "Im Ted Kaczynski"
"Numb" "Bum" "Mr Greig"
"Numb" "Bum" "Nader"
"Numb" "Bums" "Neo Matrix"
"Numb" "Crumbs (The crummiest diet ever)" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Numb" "Drunk" "Greg Dial"
"Numb" "Drunk" "S.T.G."
"Numb" "Dumb" "AlphadiosThe2nd"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Bryan Pardue"
"Numb" "Dumb" "emu"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Flipp parody legend"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Ghaith Ghane"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Ghaith Ghane"
"Numb" "Dumb (I'm gonna fail my exams because I was writin" "Josh 2 feat. Dumb Ass Kid"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Jay Gates"
"Numb" "Dumb" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Numb" "Dumb" "John Spoof"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Juls M"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Markcela"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Nbsami"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Paper and Pantry"
"NUMB" "DUMB" "ParodyGarden"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Punk"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Richard Rees"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Shorty"
"Numb" "Dumb" "SirKeats"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Skittle"
"Numb" "Dumb (Student Version)" "Joel S"
"Numb" "Dumb" "TheLegendaryChosenOne"
"Numb" "Dumb (This one's good ; )" "Bobert funnyman"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Troy Sc'erri and Karl Matthews"
"Numb" "Dumb" "Tyrell"
"Numb" "Dump" "Caro"
"Numb" "Farm" "Ashley D. a.k.a Ash-Tray"
"Numb" "Gum" "cdm331"
"Numb" "I Don't Wanna Eat This" "Mr. Je Ne Sais Quoi"
"Numb" "I'll Kill Him!!!" "beetlecrazy12"
"Numb" "I'm a Bum" "Panic Pagoda"
"Numb" "(I Still Suck My) Thumb" "Brittney :D"
"Numb" "(I've Sunburned My) Bum" ""
"Numb" "James Blunt" "Joel Martinez"
"Numb" "Junk" "Abbott Skelding"
"Numb" "Kill The World!!!!!" "BiGdUdE111"
"Numb" "Lumps" "Below Average Dave"
"Numb" "Lungs" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Numb" "(My Ass Has Become So) Numb" "Jamie O'Dea"
"Numb" "Numb" "Brad James II"
"Numb" "Numb" "Rex Ungericht"
"Numb" "Nun" "Ghetto John"
"Numb" "Nun" "Nib Oswald"
"Numb" "Ode to the Bum" "Charlie Hix"
"Numb" "Parodies (Help)" "CoffinRobber"
"Numb" "(Professor) Plum" "Bob O'Mara"
"Numb" "Rodeo" "Billy Boyd"
"Numb" "Rum" "Dan Scull"
"Numb" "Saddam" "John Spoof"
"Numb" "Skum" "Mikey Boy"
"Numb" "Thumb" "CSGTA182"
"Numb" "Thumb" "retsehcekim"
"Numb" "Tongue" "the_conqueror_of_paarodies"
"Numb" "Tongue" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Numb" "Traffic Hour" "pffftttttt"
"Numb" "Tums" "Jarvis Procter"
"Numb" "Untitled" "M.S.G"
"Numb" "Untitled (Pt. 2)" "M.S.G"
"Numb" "Wheres The Washroom" "Jeremy D"
"Numb" "Yum" "Friendofafake"
"One Step Closer" "Blind" "Acidic36"
"One Step Closer" "Computers :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :" "BiGdUdE111"
"One Step Closer" "Cut the cake! (A Love Song)" "Syncronos"
"One Step Closer" "Dounuts" "Eric Pursley"
"One Step Closer" "Identity Crisis" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"One Step Closer" "I'm about to BAKE!" "Timothy Camilleri"
"One Step Closer" "Just Like Before" "Carrie Bennett"
"One Step Closer" "Just Not Kosher" "Ethan Mawyer"
"One Step Closer" "Lincoln Park" "xenoyaktuskt"
"One Step Closer" "One Bad Printer" "To A Lesser Extent"
"One Step Closer" "One Day A Man Woke Up And Decided To Go To The Bar And Get Drunk But That Did Not Work Out And Now Everyone Hates Him :)" "BiGdUdE111"
"One Step Closer" "One Day Sober" "Jarvis Procter"
"One Step Closer" "One Door Closer" "MONKEY man CADZOW"
"One Step Closer" "One Dumb Brother" "Thomas 2000"
"One Step Closer" "One Game Closer" "Rich Lyons"
"One Step Closer" "One Inch Fatter" "Shaun Chinen"
"One Step Closer" "One Mile Closer" "TYRON MAN"
"One Step Closer" "One more Granny" "Josh 2"
"One Step Closer" "One More OS (Left To Do)" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"One Step Closer" "One Rusty Gutter" "S.T.G."
"One Step Closer" "One Spoof Closer" "The Punster"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Away From The Veg" "Anna"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer" "3214OTSP"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer (Diarrhea Version)" "Jammy"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer (Eat It)" "PistolPocketeer"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer" "Joey Petten"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer" "R 'N R"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer" "Tony Croissant"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer To Olmec's Temple" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer (To passing this song)" "Ten Second Braeden"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer (to the Fridge)" "Chef Boi-Yar-(Aries) Chic"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer (to the Fridge)" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"One Step Closer" "One Step Closer" "VanityFly"
"One Step Closer" "One Word Closer (College Essay Hell)" "neminem"
"One Step Closer" "One Word Different" "Jim A"
"One Step Closer" "SBC" "Spon10aety"
"One Step Closer" "Stop the Uranus Songs!!!!" "Panic Pagoda"
"One Step Closer" "Take out theTrash" "Louise Draven"
"One Step Closer" "Taliban'll break" "Jeff Lattea"
"One Step Closer" "The Simpsons" "BliNd"
"One Step Closer" "Tony The Tiger (They're Gr-reat)" "Joel Martinez"
"One Step Closer (to The Edge)" "One Step Closer (to The Loo)" "Cosmic"
"One Step Closer (to the edge)" "One Step Closer (to the loo)" "Shinoby"
"one step closer" "want crap every day" "haha funnyman"
"P5HNG M3 4W4Y" "L!NKN 94RK !5N^T G4Y" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Papercut" "Happy-Luck" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Papercut" "I, Not Max Martin, Am the One who Puts My Tunes on Parer-Cut" "PF4Eva"
"Papercut" "Paper Clip" "White Mystery"
"Papercut" "Paranoia Agent" "Joel Martinez"
"Papercut" "Up The Butt" "Cypher Ams"
"Points of Authority (Demo)" "Points of Geography" "Markcela"
"Points of Authority" "Points of Atari" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Points of Authority" "Points of Authori-TAH" "White Mystery"
"Points Of Authority" "Points of Suck-oxity" "Ghetto John & Monaco Chris"
"Points of Authority" "Points of the Monkey" "MONKEY man CADZOW"
"Pop/papercut" "Paper Pop" "Salman"
"Pushing Me Away" "Linkin Park is(n't) Gay" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Runaway" "A Guy Name Ray" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"Runaway" "Running Prey" "Markcela"
"Runaway" "Walk Away (The McDonalds Song)" "Michael Quinn"
"Shadow Of The Day" "Frosted Flakes" "Joel Martinez"
"Shadow of the Day" "Leave My Past Behind" "Bryan Pardue"
"Somewhere I Belong" "10,000 Words Long" "Whitness"
"Somewhere I Belong" "AOL Instant Messenger" "BiGdUdE111"
"Somewhere I Belong" "A Pink and Purple Thong" "Dark Lord"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Banana Peel" "Agrimorfee"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Birth Of A Superhero" "Steven Cavanagh"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Can't We All Just Get Along? A Tribute To Hippies" "Dusty D"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Destination: Death" "Joey"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Fish Out Of The Pond" "Ghetto John"
"Somewhere I Belong" "God I Still Hate Linkin Park" "nuero"
"Somewhere I Belong" "I Need 2 More Songs" "geniuskid"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Is That Robert Fong?" "M.S.G"
"Somewhere I Belong" "I Want A Hell" "Worawat"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Karaoke Song" "AussieBullDog"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Nameless Pointless Song" "Charlie"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Ode To William Tong" "Matthwala Quincy Ishmael (?)"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Schizophrenic Song" "K-Bear"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Somehow This Seems Wrong" "Dakarma"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Someone Stole My Song" "Bob O'Mara"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Somewhere I Can Bong" "Dr Hydro"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Summer Won't Be Long" "Anthony"
"Somewhere I Belong" "Suppertime Please Come" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Somewhere I Belong" "The AmiRight Song" "John Spoof"
"The Shadow of the Day" "The Shit of the Day" "Jarryd Stewart"
"What I've Done" "I'm a Bum" "CrayfishV2"
"What Ive Done" "I'm a Bum" "Crazy Dave"
"What I've Done" "I'm a Bum (Edited)" "Crazy Dave"
"What I've Done" "Man, I LOVE Linkin Park" "Joel Martinez"
"What I've Done" "Michael Bay: Awesome" "Adam Eccleshall"
"What I've Done" "No Light Tons" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"What I've Done" "This Dumb Song" "Insert Coin(s) to Continue"
"What I've done" "Tiger Woods - What i've done" "Haxord"
"What I've Done" "Where Is Key (for Toilet)" "Worawat"
"What I've Done" "Who I've Done" "Dbone2you"
"With You" "Got Flu" "Mr Greig"
"With You" "Kick You" "21Funny12"
"With You" "Kung Fu" "J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark)"
"With You" "Punshing You" "Shinoby"
"With You" "With Goo" "Joel Martinez"


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