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Song Parodies for Nirvana

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"About a Girl" "About a Bird" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"About A Girl" "About A Girl" "Bethie Baby"
"About A Girl" "About Alexa Chung" "Fack Sabbath"
"About A Girl" "About A Scale" "Brandon R"
"About A Girl" "About A Squirrel" "K. Moore"
"About A Girl" "About To Hurl" "Red Ant"
"About a Girl" "A Saxophone-Playing Nehibor" "Some1"
"About A Girl" "Kill Happosai(rewrote version)" "Stephen Harrington"
"About A Girl" "Kill Happosai" "Stephen Harrington"
"About a Girl" "Ode To The Crabby, Single Guy (Without A Girl)" "Matthias"
"About A Girl" "Please Twins! Trilogy: About Them" "Stephen Harrington"
"Ain't It A Shame" "Ain't It A Shame Parody" "Stephen Harrington"
"All Apologies" "Allah Paula Cheese" "Red Ant"
"All Apologies" "Allah Pile O' G's" "Alan the Ottoman"
"All Apologies" "Allah pile o' G's (Version 1.0)" "Alan the Ottoman"
"All Apologies" "All Apologies" "Eric Thomas"
"All Apologies" "All My Allergies" "Rick Duncan"
"All Apologies" "All Steve's Parodies ( AIC vs Nirvana )" "Red Ant"
"All Apologies" "All These Allergies" "Chris Bodily TM"
"All Apologies" "Bad Analogies" "Below Average Dave"
"All Apologies" "Cheesy Movies" "Dominic L."
"All Apologies" "Damn! I Lost My Keys" "Splinter"
"All Apologies" "Dont Watch Mtv" "A.d.h.d"
"All Apologies" "Fat Camp" "Billy C."
"All Apologies" "It's So Hot In Here" "Anderson 'Parody Man' Araujo"
"All Apologies" "Macaroni and Cheese" "Monica-The Good Witch of Washington"
"All Apologies" "On A Fatality" "Anderson 'Parody Man' Araujo"
"All Apologies" "Reciprocity" "Red Ant"
"All Apologies" "That's Androgyny" "Mark Scotti"
"Aneurysm" "High School" "Splinter"
"Aneurysm" "House Wife's Aneurysm" "Chris H"
"Aneurysm" "House Wife's Aneurysm" "Chris H"
"Aneurysm" "Junk Food Junkie" "SpencerTheGriffinator"
"Aneurysm" "Maella Abbey Ballad(DQ8 parody)" "Stephen Harrington"
"Anorexorcist" "Persocom exorcist" "Stephen Harrington"
"Anorexorcist" "Step-chan's Anorexorcist" "Stephen Harrington"
"Been A Son" "Dejiko & Puchiko" "Stephen Harrington"
"Been A Son" "Puchiko" "Stephen Harrington"
"Been a Son" "Venison" "Eric Thomas"
"Beeswax" "B's wacks" "Ann Hammond"
"Beeswax" "Calvin And Hobbes" "Stephen Harrington"
"Beeswax" "Nonsense" "Red Ant"
"Beeswax" "Step-chan's Beeswax" "Stephen Harrington"
"Beeswax" "Stephen's Drunken Champloo" "Stephen Harrington"
"Big Cheese" "Cut Cheese" "Stephen Harrington"
"Blandest" "Ai, Mai and Mii" "Stephen Harrington"
"Blew" "Cosplayer Romance" "Stephen Harrington"
"Blew" "Screw" "Eric Thomas"
"Breed" "Bleed" "Eric Thomas"
"Breed" "Bugs" "Billy C."
"Breed" "Dragonfly's Punishment" "Stephen Harrington"
"Breed" "Eat" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Breed" "I am Error" "Stephen Harrington"
"Breed" "Make-believe" "Stephen Harrington"
"Breed" "Weak" "Red Ant"
"Come As You Are" "2003" "Ghetto John"
"Come As You Are(Boombox version)" "Here on this site(Anime image search)" "Stephen Harrington"
"Come As You Are" "Bum Is Too Large" "Red Ant"
"Come As You Are" "Come As You Ain't" "AnimeFan"
"Come as You Are" "Come as You 'Arrrr!'" "John A. Barry"
"Come As You Are" "Comeback is Hard" "Eric Thomas"
"Come As You Are" "Come Eat With Us" "Scrawny Johnny"
"Come As You Are" "Come Here You Are" "Jim Cook"
"Come As You Are" "Come In My Car" "Sarah Swanson"
"Come As You Are" "Doctor Laura" "S.T.G."
"Come As You Are" "Drunk As You Are" "Ol' John Brown"
"Come As You Are" "Dude Where's My Car" "Below Average Dave"
"Come As You Are" "Dumb Ass At Bar" "Kristof Robertson"
"Come As You Are" "Dumb Ass New Car" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Come As You Are" "Dumb Ass Retard (Forrest Gump)" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Come As You Are" "Dumb Writer's Block." "Dominic L."
"Come As You Are" "High As You Are" "Pillicothe Guy"
"Come As you Are" "Hit Just As Hard" "Diana"
"Come As you Are" "Howard McNear (Floyd the Barber)" "Tim Hall"
"Come As You Are" "Jurassic Park" "Matthias"
"Come As You Are" "Look, That's A Frog" "Darius Whitehead"
"Come As You Are" "Please Leave The Bar" "Billy Florio & Ghetto John"
"Come As You Are" "Psychiatrist's Couch" "Greg Hayes"
"Come As You Are" "Select Series: Vampiric Cutie" "Stephen Harrington"
"Come As You Are" "Sick As A Dog" "Red Ant"
"Come As You Are" "Some As You Were" "Fack Sabbath"
"Come as You Are" "Stuffed in a Car" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Come As You Are" "Vote For My Song" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Come As You Are" "Your Reborn" "MusicBox"
"Come On Death*" "Cat-girl Punk Song" "Stephen Harrington"
"Curmudgeon" "Crazy Chobits Song" "Stephen Harrington"
"Dive" "Sail" "Stephen Harrington"
"Drain You" "Brain Poo" "Eric Thomas"
"Drain You" "Britney Didn't Get Married" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Drain You" "Catgirl(rewrote version)" "Stephen Harrington"
"Drain you" "Catgirl" "Stephen Harrington"
"Dumb" "Drum" "Fack Sabbath"
"Dumb" "Metro" "Emily"
"Dumb" "My Name Is Lum" "Stephen Harrington"
"Dumb" "Not Dumb" "Anderson'Parody Man'araujo Fermin"
"Dumb" "Thumb" "Ragnarok_incarne"
"Even In His Youth" "Even As A Kid" "Stephen Harrington"
"Even In His Youth" "I Get Sinus Pain" "Stephen Harrington"
"Floyd the Barber" "Lloyd the Farmer" "Eric Thomas"
"Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle" "Frankly, Farmers, It Isn't Mutilated Cattle" "Red Ant"
"Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle" "John Kerry Will Have His Revenge on America" "Emily"
"Hairspray Queen" "Catgirl Love" "Stephen Harrington"
"Hairspray Queen" "Hairspray Lice Queen" "2000Jake"
"Half The Man I Used To Be" "Twice The Size I'm 'Sposed To Be" "Lionel Mertens"
"Heart Shaped Box" "Cardboard Box" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Heart Shaped Box" "Chocolate Heart Shaped Box" "Anderson'Parody Man'Araujo"
"Heart-Shaped Box" "Half-Price Box" "Breezy"
"Heart-Shaped Box" "Hard-Plated Stocks" "theloevNERD"
"Heart-shaped Box" "Harp-Shaped Box" "Alan the Ottoman"
"Heart-Shaped Box" "Heart-Shaped Box" "iwritebadparodies"
"Heart Shaped Box" "Heart Shaped Lox" "Yoidy"
"Heart Shaped Box" "Heart Shaved Box" "Red Ant"
"Heart-Shaped Box" "Human Centipede" "Hu's On First"
"Heart-Shaped Box" "I am not Kurt Cobain" "Ra'akone"
"Heart Shaped Box" "Kirk Colbain Loses the Alphabet" "2LD4U"
"Heart-Shaped Box" "Locked In An Airless Box" "PennyRoyal"
"Heart Shaped Box" "LSD Shaped Box" "Muppetman"
"Heart-Shaped Box" "Roger Fox" "Darius Whitehead"
"Heart-Shaped Box" "Songs Of Croft Part XLVII-Square-Shaped Box." "Ocean-Sirius"
"Heart Shaped Box" "Square Shaped Box" "Anderson 'Parody Man' Araujo"
"Heart Shaped Box" "Three Purple Hearts" "Emily"
"Heart Shaped Box" "TV Land" "Tim Hall"
"Heart Shaped Box" "U-SCAN NIGHTMARE" "Kathy Sprowl"
"Heart Shaped Box" "Weird Cute Songs" "Stephen Harrington"
"Help me, I'm Hungry(Vendettagainst)" "Kiri Pro Resume" "Stephen Harrington"
"Here She Comes Now" "The Girls Of Riviera" "Stephen Harrington"
"If You Must" "Extreme Parody Of Hentai" "Stephen Harrington"
"In Bloom" "In Bloom" "yeah.....watever"
"In Bloom" "In Boom" "Fack Sabbath"
"In Bloom" "In Color" "Tim Hall"
"In Bloom" "In Loom" "Rembrandt"
"In Bloom" "In Poo" "Splinter"
"In Bloom" "In Rehab" "Mr. Washable"
"In Bloom" "In Toom (Nude)" "Sarah Swanson"
"In Bloom" "In Tune" "Eric Thomas"
"In Bloom" "In Tune (My Guitar)" "Chris Bodily TM"
"In Bloom" "JamesKurtJoyceCobain #1: L. Bloom" "Agrimorfee"
"In Bloom" "Windy City Heat" "Music Box"
"Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam" "Beavis Just Drank A Pot Of Coffee" "Red Ant"
"Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam" "Frieza Doesn't Want Me In The Ginyu" "Stephen Harrington"
"Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam" "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Stringbean." "Eric Thomas"
"Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam" "Yomi, Can I Become Your boyfriend?" "Stephen Harrington"
"Lake of Fire" "It's All a Big Lie" "Olivia"
"Lake of Fire" "Lake of Tires" "Eric Thomas"
"Lake Of Fire" "Nursery Rhymes" "Red Ant"
"Lake of Fire" "Pit of Fire" "snsanty"
"Lithium" "Atrium" "BrethrenG"
"Lithium" "Barney Fife" "Tim Hall"
"Lithium" "Catgirl Image Search" "Stephen Harrington"
"Lithium" "Crack(cocain)" "2000Jake"
"Lithium" "Gasium" "Jasmine"
"Lithium" "I'm Not Gonna Quack" "Dennis"
"Lithium" "Indium" "Alan the Ottoman"
"Lithium" "Lithjunk" "Brian"
"Lithium" "Lost Me Head!" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Lithium" "Scary Guy (Alternate Version)" "Darius Whitehead"
"Lithium" "Scary Guy" "Darius Whitehead"
"Lithium" "The Ode to the 1992 Ford Tempo LX" "Brandon R"
"Lithium" "The Wait For Dragon Quest 8" "Stephen Harrington"
"Lithium" "Valium" "Robert B."
"Lithium" "Wilson (Earl Hindman)" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Lithium" "Zinc" "Wj"
"Lounge Act" "Lounge Act" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Lounge Act" "Very Hungry" "Stephen Harrington"
"Love Buzz" "Love Fuzz" "Eric Thomas"
"Man Who Sold the World" "Man Who Sold The Stash" "S.T.G."
"Mexican Seafood" "Anime F.P.*" "Stephen Harrington"
"Mexican Seafood" "Pokemon Grunge Song" "Stephen Harrington"
"Mexican Seafood" "Zero Sense Parody: WTH was Kurt Singing?" "Red Ant"
"Molly's Lips" "Bulma's Boobs" "Stephen Harrington"
"Molly's Lips" "Dom Joly's Lips" "Fack Sabbath"
"Molly's Lips" "Dom Joly's Lips" "Fack Sabbath"
"Mr. Moustache" "Mr. Step-chan" "Stephen Harrington"
"Mrs. Butterworth" "The Quest For The Fecal Matter Demo" "Stephen Harrington"
"Mrs. Butterworth" "The Reason I Should Never Write Parodies While Dru" "Stephen Harrington"
"Negative creep" "Anime geek" "Stephen Harrington"
"Negative Creep" "Negative Steep" "Omega8"
"Negative Creep" "Unfiltered Site" "Stephen Harrington"
"Oh Me" "New Me" "Red Ant"
"Oh Me" "Please Twins! Trilogy: Three Twins" "Stephen Harrington"
"Oh, The Guilt" "Digi Charat Crew" "Stephen Harrington"
"Oh, The Guilt" "Oh, The Guilt (Nanako Version)" "Stephen Harrington"
"Oh, The Guilt" "What A Buzz!" "Stephen Harrington"
"Old Age" "Please! Azumanga Popotan" "Stephen Harrington"
"On A Plain" "It's Anime" "Stephen Harrington"
"On A Plain" "Meat Maniac" "anderson'parody man'araujo"
"On a Plain" "On a Plane" "Scrawny Johnny"
"On a Plain/Something in the Way" "On a Plane/Stupid Parody" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Opinion" "Stomach" "Wj"
"Pay To Play / Stay Away" "Pay To Stay" "Chris H"
"Pen Cap Chew" "FCC" "Stephen Harrington"
"Pennyroyal Tea" "Dragon Warrior 3 Tribute" "Stephen Harrington"
"Pennyroyal Tea" "My Pants' Seams" "Hairspray Queen"
"Pennyroyal Tea" "Watching My TV" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Pennyroyal Tea" "Windy (Farm)" "Insert Coin(s) to Continue"
"Plateau" "Chateau" "Eric Thomas"
"Polly (aka Polly Want a Cracker)" "Polly (aka PollyWorld)" "girlypink66"
"Polly (aka: Polly Want a Cracker)" "Stan Polley Want a Cracker: Badfinger" "Mick Terry"
"Polly" "Aunt Bee" "Tim Hall"
"Polly" "Bunny" "Stephen Harrington"
"Polly" "Hacker" "Kody's Pencer"
"Polly" "JamesKurtJoyceCobain#3: Molly" "Agrimorfee"
"Polly" "Lucy" "Tim Hall"
"Polly" "Me, Myself, and I" "Billy C."
"Polly" "Moog" "Fack Sabbath"
"Polly" "Pauly Shore" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Polly" "Polly" "Murshid Zaman"
"Polly" "Polly" "Parodier"
"Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" "Canada" "Eric Thomas"
"Radio Friendly Unit Shifters" "Dictionary Angry Page Turners" "Billy C."
"Rape Me" "Bite Me" "crazyandinsane"
"Rape Me" "Bump Me" "Stephen Harrington"
"Rape Me" "Date Me" "fullyarmdvishnu"
"Rape Me" "Date Rape ( Not Funny..this Is Serious )" "Red Ant"
"Rape Me" "Edit Me" "Eric Thomas"
"Rape Me" "Fifteen" "B. O'Connor"
"Rape Me" "Flakey" "S.O.L.D."
"Rape Me" "Kick Me" "carly_carlz"
"Rape Me" "Kurt C." "thayer"
"Rape Me" "Kurt C." "Thayer"
"Rape Me" "Leap Year Birthday" "Red Ant"
"Rape Me" "Rake Leaves" "Weird Aaron"
"Rape Me" "Rate Me" "A.d.i.d.a.s"
"Rape Me" "Rate Me" "Glenn Rousseau"
"Rape Me" "Rate Me" "Todd Sellers"
"Rape Me" "Rust Me" "Ghetto John"
"Rape Me" "Tape Me" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Rape Me" "TOWIE" "Fack Sabbath"
"Rape me" "Wash me" "Flash Flood"
"Rape Me" "Wasted" "Mikey F"
"Rape Me" "Weasley (Is Our King)" "Darth Patronus"
"Rape Me" "Weasley (Is Our King)" "Red Zeppelin"
"Rape Me" "Weasley (Is Our King)" "Red Zeppelin"
"Rape Me" "Weasley" "Skywalker Airplane"
"Rape Me" "Whip Me" "Stephen Harrington"
"Raunchola/Moby D**k Jam" "Step-chan's Raunchola/Neko-girl Jam" "Stephen Harrington"
"Return Of The Rat" "Attack Of The 1s" "Stephen Harrington"
"Sappy" "Delete*" "Stephen Harrington"
"Sappy" "Ecchi" "Stephen Harrington"
"Sappy" "Hula" "Stephen Harrington"
"Sappy" "Sappy(Maison Ikkoku version)" "Stephen Harrington"
"School" "Nirvana Got Turned Into Babies" "Stephen Harrington"
"School" "School (Misheard version)" "Alan the Ottoman"
"School" "Who is Maiku's sister?" "Stephen Harrington"
"Scoff" "Gratification" "Stephen Harrington"
"Serve The Servants." "Songs of Croft-Part XXXI-Served By Servants." "Ocean-Sirius"
"Serve The Servants" "Swerve The Aurora" "Fack Sabbath"
"Sifting" "Searching" "Stephen Harrington"
"Silver" "Bronze" "Billy C."
"Sliver" "Anime Nonsense Jumble Song" "Stephen Harrington"
"Sliver" "Starve" "Anderson 'Parody Man' Araujo"
"Sliver" "The Foo Fighters Are Shite" "Viva La Spatula"
"Sliver" "Training Trip" "Stephen Harrington"
"Sliver" "Vacation" "Eric Thomas"
"Smells Like Team Spirit" "Smashed Your Carved Pumpkins" "Matthias"
"Smells Like Team Spirit" "Smells Like Her Anus!" "Ghetto John"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Ah Goodnight Y'all" "Demoness times 2"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Buy Me Some Hormel Spam" "AP Productions"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Dam I Cant Hear It" "Ann Hammond"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Donnie Darko Tribute" "SiLLy BoNeZ"
"Smells like Teen Spirit" "Drugs are for Wimps who want to Die" "Dominic L."
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Fear Factor" "Paeroa Blender"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Ingrown Toenail" "Phil Nelson"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "JamesKurtJoyceCobain #2: Stephen Dedalus" "Agrimorfee"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Looks Like A Weird Parody" "Stephen Harrington"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Looks Like I Blitzed It" "Ibizor D"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Looks Like I'm Going to Hit That Car" "Vampiress Charlene"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Looks Like Truck Drivers" "Darius Whitehead"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Lovecraftian Spirit" "Ken Rountree"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "New Nirvana, Old Granada" "Jimmy Ilgwom Nazrat"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "(Nothin') Sells Like The Holy Spirit!" "Kristof Robertson"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Owl, Feline, Lear Bit" "Merry & Pippin"
"Smells like Teen Spirit" "Pirates of the Carribean" "Angry Baboon"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like 2004" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like A Continuation" "sloatead"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Air Pressure" "Michael Hack"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like A Jabez" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like (Fixed Version)" "AmericanGirlFan5665"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like" "girlypink66"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like An Otaku" "R 'N R"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Another Loss ( A Detroit Tiger Parody" "Pat Voigts"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like A Showoff" "Joey"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Bad Lyrics" "Matthwala Quincy Ishmael (?)"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Bad Music" "Ka"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Bad Odor" "S.O.L.D."
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Blaze The Cat (Rewrite)" "Strange Behavior"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells like Blaze the Cat: The Parody opera #1 (Sm" "Strange Behavior"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Bosnia" "Adam Bernstein"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Buddha's Spirit" "Hairspray Queen"
"smells like teen spirit" "Smells Like Bunny Killer" "Anderson 'Parody Man' Araujo"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Burnt Garlic" "MasonR"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Camp Granada" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Chav Spirit" "Minus 2"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Cheap Spirits" "Seth"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Christmas Spirit" "GB"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Cobain" "Vic Vega"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Complete Butt-hole" "JuicedaSlop"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Darth Vader" "Your Worst Nightmare"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Darwin Awards ( news story )" "Red Ant"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Dave Seville" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Dirty Drunks" "Tom Stevens"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Dog Shit" "Mikey Boy"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Drunk Driving" "metalheadjake"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Dumb Hippies" "Hitman Feline X"
"Smells like Teen Spirit" "Smells like Dung Pellets" "poomaster"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Election Year" "Pi R Squared"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Eric Cartman" "Zak Randall"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Fat Bastard" "Chris Smith"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Feminism" "BlackBirdSeth"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells like Food" "Hannah Champney"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Free Buffet" "blackjack21"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Gilligan's Island" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Hated Celebrities" "Ned Riley"
"Smells like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Heroin Induced Lyrics" "Jake Jacobsen"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Hyrule Spirit" "Marianne E. B. Markham"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like In Coherint Lyrics" "Tenacious B"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like It Sounds" "ZSGhost"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Keen Lyrics" "Robert Rasbaugh"
"Smells like Teen Spirit" "Smells like Lasagna" "2013"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Lasagna" "Joelle"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Liam Gallagher" "Fack Sabbath"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Liberal Madness" "Mikey F"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Liberal Spirit" "Linda Terhune"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Linkin Park's Scaffolding" "Fack Sabbath"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Lord Of The Rings (Frodo's Lament)" "Chris Pollman"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Lord of the Rings Pronunciations" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Marijuana" "Led/Floyd"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Mayberry" "Tim Hall"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Mean Spirit" "Kevin"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Methylated Spirit" "Phil Alexander"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Mexican Spirit" "Ezra"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Misheard Lyrics ( read this )" "Red Ant"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Mondo Greens" "Boris Callahan"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken" "Doombat"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Neocon-spiracy, Neo-conspiracy-piracy" "Vincent Miskell"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like New Granada (Edited Version)" "Wild Child JIN"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like New Granada" "Wild Child Jin"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like New Year" "Warren Baker"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Old Age" "Scrawny Johnny"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Paul Anka" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Pizza Hut" "Western River"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Punmkin Pie" "Rex Ungericht"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Retarded Lyrics" "A.d.h.d"
"Smells like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Retarded Parody" "Eric Thomas"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Rick Astley" "Red Zeppelin"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells like Smash Spirit" "Inuzuka666"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Something Fishy's Goin On..." "Anna"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Sweaty Musicians In A Small Room" "Jim A"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Teen Angst" "TheseHose"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Teen Cooking" "Katz"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Teen Dope Patch" "Groundhog Druggies"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells like Teen Music" "S.T.G."
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Teen Odor" "Eric Murdock"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Teen Shirts" "Jonathan S."
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Teen T-shirt" "Chance Gollnick"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like That Other Parody" "Claude Prez"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like The Addams Family" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like 'Toon Spirit" "The Punster"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Tween Fangeeks" "Red Ant"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Uranus" "Syncronos"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Valentine's Day" "Jack Wilson"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Weed" "Epic Tales of Old (Song parodies 1990-onward)"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like White Spirit" "littlebluebook"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Xmas Spirit" "Dr. Dyke"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Xmas Spirit" "Dr. Dyke & The Cinnamon Cowboys"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like...You Don't Wanna Know" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Smells Like Your Mom" "Frankie"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Sounds Like a Broken Amp" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Sounds Like Cured E.D." "Red Ant"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Sounds Like Disembodied Spirit" "Phil Alexander"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Spell It Christina Aguilera" "Red Ant"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Spell Like Teen Spirit" "Imam"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Spells Like Spleen Spigot" "Laurence Dunne"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Swells Like Spleen Syrup" "Jim Rotondo"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Tastes Like Sprite Soda" "Luis Matias"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "The Game Song" "Jakko Wakko"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "(This Place) Smells Like White Trash" "Jack Wilson"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "To Hell With Team Spirit" "Huff"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Train My Seal Eric" "hamend"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Train My Seal Eric" "wildcard"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" "Wear A Shaved Parrot" "AorE"
"Smells Like Teen Sprit" "Smells Like A Lawsuit" "Mikey F"
"Something in the Way" "Cleaning the Fridge" "Eric Thomas"
"Something In The Way" "I Need A New Bed" "Anderson 'Parody Man' Araujo"
"Something In The Way" "Something Anyway" "Red Ant"
"Spank Thru" "Dead Or Alive Song" "Stephen Harrington"
"Stay Away" "Clean Your Place" "Billy Boyd"
"Stay Away" "Stay Awake" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Swap Meet" "Across Conquest" "Stephen Harrington"
"Swap Meet" "The World Of Anime Fans" "Stephen Harrington"
"(Tender Age) In Bloom" "Tender Asian Boob" "Red Ant"
"Territorial P***ings" "Dreyfus the Lunatic on killing Clouseau" "Alan the Ottoman"
"Territorial Pissing" "Elmer Fuddian Pawody" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Territorial Pissings" "Pissing off Bill Bailey" "Splinter"
"Territorial Pissings" "Territorial Dyings" "Leo 2"
"Territorial Pissings" "Territorial Snoggings" "Fack Sabbath"
"Territorial Pissing" "Territorial Shifting" "Anderson 'Parody Man' Araujo"
"The Man Who Sold The World" "The Man Who Passed Away" "Spilja"
"The Man Who Sold The World" "The Man Who Saved The World" "Anderson 'Parody Man' Araujo"
"The Man Who Sold The World" "The Man Who's Now A Girl" "Red Ant"
"The Man Who Sold The World" "The Man Who Sold His Farm" "Spilja"
"The Man Who Sold The World" "The Man Who Was A Girl" "Red Ant"
"The Man who Sold the World" "The Man with the Genie Girl" "Alan the Ottoman"
"Token Eastern Song" "Nurse Witch Song" "Stephen Harrington"
"Token eastern song" "Token eastern song(Elgala version)" "Stephen Harrington"
"Tourette's" "Turd Cobain" "Red Rebel"
"Verse Chorus Verse" "Anime, Video Games And Nirvana" "Stephen Harrington"
"Verse Chorus Verse" "Chi Freya Chi" "Stephen Harrington"
"Verse chorus verse(in his hands)" "Anime, video games and Nirvana" "Stephen Harrington"
"Very Ape" "Very Lewd" "Stephen Harrington"
"Very Ape" "Very Savage" "Aoife"
"Where Did You Sleep Last Night" "(My Cat) Where Does He Sleep At Night?" "Red Ant"
"Where Did You Sleep Last Night" "What Did You Eat Last Night" "Anderson 'parody Man' Araujo"
"White Lace And Strange" "Saiyans" "Stephen Harrington"
"You Know You're Right" "Are You Feelin What I'm Feelin?" "carly_carlz"
"You Know You're Right" "Can't Go Outside" "Billy Boyd"
"You Know You're Right" "I Cannot Fight (Half the Reason I'm on the Subway" "Monica-The Good Witch of Washington"
"You Know You're RIght" "On Amiright" "Chris Bodily TM"
"You Know You're Right" "Support the Right" "crayon says go"
"You Know You're Right" "You Know I'm Tight" "Jim A"
"You Know Your Right" "On Amiright" "Ghetto John"


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