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Song Parodies -> "Smells Like Liberal Spirit"

Original Song Title:

"Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Original Performer:


Parody Song Title:

"Smells Like Liberal Spirit"

Parody Written by:

Linda Terhune

The Lyrics

If it wasn't true, I would say so.
Load up on hate
Bring all your friends
It's fun to lose
And to pretend
We're overblown
And self-centered
Oh yes, we know
Love dirty words

We're low, how low? [x bunch of times]

We own media, it's not dangerous
Here we are now
Liberal cons us
We're so sinful and contagious
Here we are now
Liberal cons us
Dirty Boxer
Big beak Byrdie
And then Cant-well
It's absurd-y

I am best of all the worst
To the right wing - I do so curse
Our liberal group is so damn bad
Turned bashing into a real fad

We're low, how low? [x bunch of times]

With our media, it's less dangerous
Here we are now
We create stress
You are stupid if you're not us
Here we are now
We're some sick wuss
A winch Clinton
A mouth Dayton
Oh Bingaman
Our friend Biden

And I have not
Got any taste
Oh yeah, I guess that makes me smile
I lie real hard
Easy to find
Oh well, civil bad, is our true kind

We're low, how low? [x bunch of times]

Propaganda, is outrageous
Here we are now
Friggin' haters
And our evil - it's contagious
Here we are now
Please believe us
Oh there's Conrad
Foaming all mad
Then there's no law
Akaka ya!
Yeah, we're evil
We're all evil
We're all evil
We're all evil
We're all evil
We're all evil
We're all evil
We're all evil
We're all evil

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Michael Pacholek - September 17, 2005 - Report this comment
The only thing that saves this from a triple-one is that no one can understand the original song well enough to question this version's pacing. It's not true, it's not funny, it's not even well-executed. Unlike right-wing maniac Timothy McVeigh, who WAS well-executed.
Linda - September 17, 2005 - Report this comment
Michael Pacholek; Hmm, coming from a parody writer who writes such mountain movers as "California's Dumb", I am not moved by your critique. Judging by the name itself it is an immature parody. Now add that immaturity to its falsehoods and it is an all around lame song. How about your, "Don't Vote That Clown"? You offer "dumb" as you did in "California's Dumb", (and as you do in many of your parodies) which takes little effort and even less brain matter to use and then show off more of that witty vocabulary by using it in many of your terribly redundant parodies. Rarely are there any facts, just a lot of poor attempts at bashing (I say poor because of your small vocabulary and redundancy). What is the art in your efforts " better still, what are the efforts in your art attempts? Your comments hold little weight with me - you slash and trash them not because they are not true, but because you are a die-hard fanatical demoncrap who grew his fanatical hate into a hobby, bully for you! Someone with your level of brainpower and easily led, fed sheepish intellect surely would not have much to say that would affect my parody songs or me. Simply because you do not like the facts, does not mean they are untrue. You are an unfair “parody voter”, the guy others talk about when they get low scores just because of the political party they favor... but, that is what one would expect from an extremist who has not yet grown up and has kept a consistent "dumb" vocabulary... Ah, but demoncrats surely hate the truth, don’t they Michael? Facts can be such roadblocks for the left! Hey, at least I allow comments, unlike your WAY less than brilliant Wong dude. At least he knows his rather childish and ill-informed parodies would be challenged and he obviously does not want the embarrassment, sort of like you when you made a bold challenge and then chickened out. I will give you this; your attempts at political parodies are a bit better than your pal’s attempts! Why is it that those who write these things for the left are so terribly juvenile? (It must be a requirement for party membership, which would explain a whole lot) Also, it seems to me as if you just want to write a lot of parodies and be on the top w/ the most parodies written -- but the problem is, you obviously do not care much for writing quality parodies or adult for using an adult vocabulary… Then, as if that is not enough to nauseate, you comment on songs as if you are some mastermind of parody writers " maybe quantity, but certainly, the professionalism stops there. So overall, those are some of the reasons, my friend, that make your opinions of my songs of little value to me... Hey, you asked for it, you slam and fib and someone will come along and tell you the truth " like it or not, you got it “dude” …must mean I am "dumb" huh Michael? PS Geepers, thanks for sparing me the "triple ones" - my life so depends on these scores!
Paul Robinson - September 17, 2005 - Report this comment
Michael, did you forget? Residents of the planet Linda comes from, "Right-Wing Nut-Case Bizarro World" are impervious to logic. They can only be dealt with through broadly-drawn over-the-top ridicule...Linda, you would almost be amusing if you weren't so full of vitriol and unhealthy bile...and so willing to freely dispense it without even a second's thought...You say "If it wasn't true, I would say so.", but there is nothing in this miserable foam-at-the-mouth, ugly, mean-spirited bit of baiting that can be tested for "Truth"'s all just part of the cancerous mass of unrelenting hatred and disdain that somehow took up residence in your addled dome and grows and feeds off itself to get know, if you don't get that taken care of someday your head might just blow open...I worry for the people who live in your vicinity...that crap is probably radioactive at the very least...
Red Ant - September 17, 2005 - Report this comment
Well, I'l refrain from joining in on this discussion. The parody paces a 4, and the pre-chorus is "Hello" (x15). You did a good job on varying the repeated parts of the song though I won't vote this.
Linda - September 17, 2005 - Report this comment
Paul Robinson " Any crazy way you ramble all that garb of yours, this much is true: Your hypocrisy is nothing short of ENORMOUS! How about a few of your prime titles; “Bush Is Weak” “Bush & Neo-Con Arrogance” “Bush, The Jerk Dirty” “Damn, It's A Shame” “George Bush Has Got To Go” " (I have noted that these songs are severely lacking in facts and flooded with the same silly and infantile content as your titles!) You call my songs “broadly drawn” “over the top ridicule” and “unhealthy bile”, “ugly, mean-spirited bits of baiting” - but honey, ah you are HYPOCRASY AT IT’S FINEST! Then you say my songs are not factual while yours are just a lot of the same old tired nonsense radical juvenile feeling crap your parody-idols have already written… and many many more of them too, unlike my small handful! Goodness gracious, there sure are none so blind, as Paul Robinson who cannot see, (and the most “playful” of comments and cutesy words will, unfortunately, not change that) -- Ya double standard making, hypocrite of a demon-crat you!
Michael Pacholek - September 17, 2005 - Report this comment
I never said my parodies were mature, Linda. But they're closer to accurate than you will ever get. And anybody who thinks I have a "poor vocabulary" clearly is so slothful they haven't even perused my parodies. Facts can be roadblocks for the left? No, they are stepping stones for us. But then, as your god, Ronald Reagan, said, "Facts are stupid things." Tell ya what, this is the second time I offer this challenge: Let's each write a parody on a particular topic, and we'll see who gets the better rating. Naw, you won't accept it. The only thing a Republican hates more than fair taxation is a fair fight. Face it, compared to you, Ann Coulter is coherent and cogent. (How's that for a vocabulary?)
Linda - September 17, 2005 - Report this comment
Red Ant - I appreciate your comments and thanks for your kudos - I got that "varying the chorus'" tip from another parody author, who, despite being Democrat, was good enough to give it to me, (which I appreciate, of course!). I sung along to this song maybe 50 times to work on the pacing and that and the “varied chorus” comment you made mean a lot to me, that it was noticed. Parodies do not come easily for me at all be it the political or the “more universally funny” kinds. I have written both kinds, by the way, but since I would be a lot more “bummed” by negative comments for funny non-political songs, I do not do many. Thank you for taking the time to comment, real decent of ya!
Cat - September 17, 2005 - Report this comment
Are you Ann Coulter in disguise?
Adagio - September 17, 2005 - Report this comment
Welcome back, Linda! Here are some 5's for you. Good one.

Michael, it is so very obvious about your 'contest'. No matter what subject you pick, nearly everybody will know that it's basis started in politics. There are very few conservatives on the site and those few will be trampled by your liberal friends in a mad rush to vote for anything you write. Linda may or may not decide to accept your offer, but please at least don't call it fair.
Linda - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Cat - ah, shucks! I would love to have her sense of humor, her smarts and her incredible background, but alas, I am humbly behind her in all that. So, do I take that as a compliment? (In case you do not answer, I will take it as a compliment). Thanks for asking though; it made my night a bit nicer! (All kidding aside, I like me okay and I think I have enough enemies without adding a few thousand strangers to that list... enemies really can bring me down, but she doesn't seem to mind much, at least she doesn't appear to be overtaken by them!)
Linda - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Adagio - thanks! It can get lonely writing parodies w/ a right wing perspective; your comment was super, thanks for taking the time. Oh, about Michael's challenge, he is a bit of a blowhard. See, about 3 weeks or so ago he made the same challenge, stating that I was "prob. too much of a "chicken hawk" (I think that was the word), and so I said yes! I even made a few terms to help us get started, but alas, the "chicken hawk" was all words, all talk. I even posted about a week later, knowing he would find my reply, he always seems to anyway, but nope, again, no walk with his talk. I know it is far more liberal in here and I do not mind it too much, some are kind of nice, help me out with constructive comments, and bow out of voting. I am up for his “challenge” and really, win or lose, I think I would take the results far better than Michael, (maybe that is where his fear lies in not responding) as this place seems to hold a good deal of his self esteem feelings.... Should he "not win" I think the poor confused boy would be lost forever; you know how extremist fanatics get!
Linda - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Michael; to answer your question, the vocabulary still sucks and while we are at it, so do the other errors in your small paragraph, (like stepping-stones). I never said you were trying to be mature, but golly, I did not imagine you or anyone else here would shoot for the mentality of a 3rd grade child and call that “on purpose”. Okay then, it is fine, I will try not to mention your pathetically immature political parodies and your redundancies with big words like “dumb” and the like. I have come to realize that your apparent immaturity, redundant use of juvenile words and concepts fit in well with your thwarted poetical views, your over-the-top and all consuming (and sometimes comical) rage adopted from your herders, your severe lacking of real facts, the immature content of your songs and your poor vocabulary blend perfectly, they go hand and hand! When I write a political parody you comment that ‘it is not true” and then toss out a few choice parroted names for the right and surrounding topics/subjects/issues, but you never show me my errs! In fact, the only thing you do to support your “not true” bits is present your tired and unconvincing “not true, so nah nah on you!” type response, which hardly impresses. As I see it, your entire package is messed up, but hey, it is your life to spend grazing in the fields with the rest of the sheep if you so choose, just do not imagine it looks too terribly smart! As for your silly challenge, I answered you last time, you “chicken hawked” out! I answered right away and then again the next week, but alas, you abandoned your own challenge. I know you may think you look and sound more special with your “challenges” while a song is new and still being read by folk, but when it comes time to answer to your big talk, (when the readers have died down and the song is not read, not new etc), you drop it. Now, another song, another challenge from Mr. Parody Man, and I am still waiting for your to read the answers I gave you two times before… all talk… I have only written 15 songs to date, (one form submission was filled out incorrectly and got credited to “classic children’s song” --- maybe you remember it, “But Kill the Babies” from the song “Pop Goes the Weasel”? In any case, I have 14 under my name and I am sure if you looked your could find your grade school sounding "challenge" on one of them and my responses. You are not all that to me, maybe to your groupies and your own ego tripping mind, but not to me… You proved the coward, (not surprisingly)
Rob - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Damn people.......just...............damn.....
Paul Robinson - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda, tired of you...but, for just a few got one of my song titles wrong...actually 4 out of 5 is way above what I would expect from you...Then...You cannot read - I did not say YOUR pieces were "broadly-drawn, over-the-top ridicule:. Here - I will REPEAT what I said...and then I'll PARAPHRASE what I said...WHAT I SAID: "Residents of the planet Linda comes from, "Right-Wing Nut-Case Bizarro World" are impervious to logic. They can only be dealt with through broadly-drawn over-the-top ridicule..." Can you read that? Do you understand what I am saying? OK, see if what you THOUGHT it meant matches what it really does mean: My statement means that I believed (and still do)that it was(and still is) a waste of time trying to approach you on a rational basis because, frankly, you are nothing but a Right-Wing Nut-Case . Linda, as far as the notion of "Fact" goes, when I SAY something is a fact I mean it and you are welcome to disprove. I very rarely make that statement in a parody, even if it is true. I never said ALL my songs were factual - it would be a ridiculous statement... When I said Bush was weak in a parody, it was my which I still hold...I never represented that as a Fact...when I associated him with Neo-Cons and arrogance, I believed that to be true...but it is also my OPINION...IN FACT, there is NO FACTUAL way to prove someone is arrogant because that is a SUBJECTIVE appraisal, i.e., one that takes place within the mind and is modified by individual bias. To be a FACT something has to be demonstrable in some manner, not just stated as a fact by the writer or speaker. So, now that you know that, will you please stop referring to all your wild-assed accusations as "FACTS"...because they are nothing of the sort. Also, I might mention that none of the parodies of MINE that you mentioned are very recent. I made a personal decision a few months ago that I would try to avoid writing pieces that were anchored in my anger over Mr. Bush's action. Since that point I have tried to refrain from calling the President "Bush" in any of my PARODIES (comments were not included in this personal standard). Since that point I have mostly referred to him, "the President" "Mr. President", "Mr. Bush" or "Sir". I do this because I don't want to associate this man in any way with anything less than the seriousness that the office deserves...because what he does IS serious...and when I think he does it poorly or recklessly or whatever I want my piece to be taken as a SERIOUS comment about, not some kind of know, there is SO much more...but you don't listen, you don't read carefully, you willfully misrepresent other writer's statements or works whenever you damn well please...and then you have the nerve to write the type of silly, nasty, ugly tripe that dirties the page above us...Yeah...shame on you...I'm done...had enough of you...I respond here because you once again chose to misrepresent me and I will continue to respond io those occasions because I do not wish to let some unethical weasel-type define me...Yes, I will upbraid you at LENGTH when you do can count on it...I shouldn't bother even posting anything in a thread of yours, but much of what you write is just so bizarrely twisted, nasty and inaccurate that I really feel the need to point it out...I shouldn't are truly not worth it...
carol - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda I'm a newbie here, have written only 7 parodies but have consistantly recieved higher marks and compliments than you have and you have written MORE parodies than I. Trouble is, with the exception of one or two of your parodies that actually were clever and well written, just about every other one is just plain mean spirited and vindictive. THEY ARE NOT FUNNY!!!
Linda - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Paul - I have written a mini Parody just for you. It's from the old Mickey Mouse Show’s goodbye song that was sung at the end of every episode by the Mousekateers.......................................... Many posts he says “goodbye” but never seems to go………. H Y P O C R I T E is Paul ……….. Hypocrite Paul, Hypocrite Paul ………….. He never really gets it but he tries.. tries tries tries! ………. Then in his defensive blurbs, he shows the strangest gall ……….. H Y P " Short memory? …………. O C R " R, all his brain cells there? …………. I T E is Paul……………. -- I have another parody in mind to write and it is about double standards. It is about how some are so blinded by their own loser pride and caught up in feeding their egos as a life choice just to run from that loser pride, (which unreal as it is, dates back to an election over 10 months ago!). It shows how they just cannot come to see the crystal clear double standards and hypocrisy that flood their writings and comments! It is such a bizarre phenomenon and as if they cannot use their adult coping skills to get over that pride and so run so hard to avoid that nasty pent up pride that they become illogical and unbelievably blind. I was going to use you as an example, want to hear what I have so far?
Linda - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Carol, Okay, let us get this comment of yours a little bit more understood here, shall we? You start off by saying that even though you are a “newbie” here, you have written 7 parodies (to my whopping 14 parodies) and that your marks and compliments on those parodies are higher than my marks are in a consistent way. What I gathered by that statement is that you feel you are just “starting out” and should not be as grand as you are, blessed with a gift that awards you higher marks and higher compliments (what ever higher compliments means) than someone like me, an old hat at this parody thing! I do understand your bragging and that you wanted your great “marks” to be noted by others, but what I do not understand in your bragging is why you felt the need to use that self-promotion to prove your point. I suppose one must self promote all they possibly can if they need it for inner health and I understand there are many people who look at their scores and feel some sort of accomplishment if high and dread it if they are low, (and even base their self esteem in life over a couple hundred songs and their like-minded groupies ratings), but where is the relevance after that? I do not understand why you would even speak of marks and writing comparisons when you could hardly spell correctly (some feel a requirement in writing), all the words in your biggest brag moment! Since you are a self-proclaimed “newbie” and all and you seem to like to compare and such, I felt the need to look up the score sheet myself today. My experience as a seasoned parody writer, having 7 more than your mere “newbie” 7 pieces, I looked over the parody authors section and found that there are a lot of authors who have written several times more than both of us! In fact, my pro-status of 14 parodies pales in comparison to some who have hundreds and a few over a thousand parodies to their credit! Did you know that? I would bet that you did know that but still, I will give you the benefit of my doubts by pretending that you posted your comment in haste and ignorance rather than posting it in a well thought out moment with intent. You see even without the writers who have posted so very many songs, your brag bits and your conclusion/personal opinions of my parodies have other telling holes in them. You are a manipulator and transparent to boot, little Miss Newbie Carol. Manipulation 1; You would have others believe that you were not attempting to promote yourself, but to use a valid comparison to make your point showing that I should be far better than you, being that I am not a “newbie” and I am not. Manipulation 2; Playing on your vulnerable “newbie-ness” you leave the impression of a kinder soul, one who is appalled by the “plain mean spirited and vindictive” tone to a few of my parodies. Ah, but you are not so new to commenting on parodies such as mine and have “consistently” commented with the kiss arse manner that bestows7 those who write anti-Bush, anti-Republican and anti-anything right wing " and those, my double standard little innocent, can be very harsh indeed! Tasteless name calling and disrespect the norm, but in those cases, you praised them, giving them their lift, adoring your fellow sheep as you graze in the same old field of nothingness. You just happened to leave out the fact that the songs you found to be against your liking were not against your liking because they were harsh for your little eyes to read, mean spirited or NOT FUNNY (as you screamed in your comment) " you disliked them because you are a demoncrat! Your poor attempt to say they are un-funny and then praise the classless, disrespect and vulgarity of the same sort of parody (if not worse), from a demoncrat’s perspective is not only manipulative, but keeping to your party member’s double standards and enhanced hypocrisy.
Linda - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
cont... Manipulation 3; Those who you have actually praised and judged by the nature of the content and (I would hope to God), not the fact they were brass and juvenile, poorly written and “mean-spirited” are some of the very same who have written over 350 parodies to the unreal amount of 1400 parodies and who have “marks” lower than mine! The same authors whom you have blessed with your “high marks and compliments” and who have written several times more very vicious and “mean-spirited” political pieces for the left have lower “marks” than I do! How can that be, Ms. Self promoting, bragging transparent manipulator? Hmm. Maybe because they write political parodies too and the mere nature of a political parody makes it a risky piece and a certainty for poor “marks” from the party that feels offended. I get lower scores for the political parodies because most of these fanatical extremists, (again, who have written hundreds with lower scores…) and other left wing groupies like you, give one’s no matter what the pace or any other factor. They seem to get lower scores for their political parodies because the right does not like their songs attacking their party. And to pretend as if you are that stupid and naive and “newbie” is why that point made the grade for ‘manipulation 3’! Since you care so much about my 7 more songs and how my overall score should be in what ever place you think it should be " then why don’t you hold that standard to those who have lower scores than I do and have written hundreds more? In fact, out of those authors who are far from “newbie” who have written over 350, I have out-“marked” 5 of them! Of the 5 out of 14 mega-non-newbie parody writers who scored below me, I conclude by reading a few of their pieces or their comments of mine and out of logic if nothing else, that they write political parodies. So given your “playing ignorance’ you win that manipulation number 4 spot. I dislike people who are game players and dishonest in their dealings, and that includes you. I would much rather read the bashing parodies of a few misguided left wing sheep writers than to deal with those out there in the world who think and act and prob. react in a wo4rld of manipulation. At least the authors of the songs I think are too left and unfair or rude to the right are honest in their efforts, they really do feel the thwarted and misguided things they write, but you, you are a bragger and a game player who has yet to learn that everyone out “there” is not nearly as stupid as you think they are and probably smarter than you will ever be or know.
Donovan - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Smells Like Right-Wing Blowhard
carol - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Sorry but I lost interest before getting even 1/4 of the way thru your vile attacks. I'm not going to waste my time or breath getting into it with you. I know there are others out here who are much more experienced at writing parodies than I am. I don't think I've ever seen someone who can rant and attack and yet make less sense than you do. Adagio's posts and comments make for better reading and are more coherent than what I have read here. Frother. Keep drinking the kool-aid.
Rob - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Don't stop now dammit! I just made popcorn!
Michael Pacholek - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
I will admit to being a blowhard. Not an easy thing to admit, being a Bill Clinton fan. (Which IS an easy thing to admit.) I admit to having a big ego, which I've earned here and then some. I don't remember you responding to my first challenge AT ALL, Linda -- I don't even remember which song it was on -- but I'll do something your kind never does for mine and give you the benefit of the doubt on it. Republicans always run away from the big fights, particularly when "standing on principle" compromises their biggest principle, which is money. As for me having "groupies," you flatter me. As far as I know, I have only one -- being guys, I don't think Johnny D and Spaff count -- and I am very much her groupie as well, in spite of my(s)elf. Maybe (assuming you're unattached) you could hook up with John Jenkins, one of the Florio Brothers, or, if you're really a vocabulary freak, Guy DiRito. They're not only about 90 percent as right-wing as you are, they often make sense and are, especially Guy, funny. You might not fall in love, but you'll probably learn a thing or two about writing better parodies. But as long as you're still in the Proud "American"/Alex mode, your songs aren't gonna get off the ground. By comparison, "Your Worst Nightmare" is a dream.
Rick D - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Wow. A good pissing contest! Let's see who can pee higher up on a wall. (Remember, no hands!)
Adagio - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
carol...too bad that you don't like my parodies. Aside from me, please do not insult other people's parodies on a parody website.
John Jenkins - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
I have been observing the Linda Terhune vs. the AmIRight liberals debate mostly from the sidelines with much amusement. But, my name has been mentioned by Mr. Pacholek (in, what I think, is a very left-handed compliment), so I feel compelled to comment. First of all, I am more of a libertarian than a conservative. I don’t avoid the “conservative” designation, but once in a while, I do think that Republicans are wrong and I am very disappointed that they are no longer the party of small government. Secondly, it is very depressing that AmIRight liberals outnumber us “conservatives,” so I definitely welcome the contributions of Ms. Terhune. But, I do find that there is some validity in some of the criticism of her style (but very little validity in the criticism of her substance)! Thirdly, my parodies do not elicit the passionate responses that your parodies (or the parodies of Royce Miller) do, so I have to conclude that Mr. Pacholek, Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Pagliaro are sexually attracted by the spirited works of Ms. Terhune and Ms. Miller. Fourthly, Linda, I hope that the quality of your parodies continues to improve; but, whatever you do, Linda, don’t back down!

Finally, I like the images stirred up by Rick Duncan’s suggestion, but I think that Michael Pacholek might have an unfair advantage.
carol - September 18, 2005 - Report this comment
This last post has Adagio's name on it but something tells me that she didn't make this last post. Adagio knows that I have never insulted her posts. If anything, I have had compliments for several of her past parodies such as Bane of Fools, written on September 6th, and although I didn't get around to putting my vote in on her parody of "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head", I thought that one was a 555 too. And her parody "Did You Ever Say You Had A Good Time?" on September received a vote of 5's too. Adagio, if you happen to come back here, please tell me if the above post was written by you or not. As far as anyone telling me what I can or can't say, I have this to say : Sorry 'bout that but I had to pass gas, now get on your knees and kiss my *ss.
Adagio - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
carol, thank you for your votes. that was my comment. It seemed to me that you were holding my parodies up as a bad example. The last point was "suggesting" that this is a very highly insulting thing to do on a parody site...degrade other's parodies. Advice yes, but not insults. Lastly, you eat with that mouth?
carol - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
All right now that we both understand that I was not holding your parodies up as a bad example, I hope you also understand that I was not degrading your posts and comments. If you will check, there have been some recent posts from other writers who have said the very same thing I said, only in all caps. I'm not going to name names here, you will see for yourself. Would you ask them the same question you asked me? And I am not the only person on this site who has run down anyone's parodies, so please don't make it sound as if I am the only one who has. You know better.
carol - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Adagio--I long ago checked the link Parody Authors, and know for a fact that your name is listed at number 36, that you have 150 parodies to your name, that the vast majority of them rate in the 4's and 5's, for pacing and funny, and that your overall score is 4.6. And you thought I was holding your parodies up as a bad example?
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
DONOVAN - says; Smells Like Right-Wing Blowhard - great points, good contribution. ------------ CAROL - whined; (while stating she did not want to waste her time and breath), a lot of angry stuff - but bottom line, she's just testy cuz her manipulative attempts were transparent, she did not like the well earned title of hypocrite or the fact that she has severe double standard issues... (proving them again with her last post too) and the reality that she was caught self promoting and bragging when she had though she was doing a rather sly job at hiding it with trickery. So, what's new, demoncrats hate facts, hate reality and love to hate but hate to take it .... ----- ROB, cute humor relief, thanks.....
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Michael, I was with you in your last post, (not agreeing, but understanding), up until this whole last part; """"" But as long as you're still in the Proud "American"/Alex mode, your songs aren't gonna get off the ground. By comparison, "Your Worst Nightmare" is a dream.""" I hope it was not too terribly important, I did not understand any part of it. Oh, you can see my replies to your challenge - if you look - I have written only a few, it should not be so tough. You will discover the dates I responded to your rather brassy toned challenge.. If you can't or do not intend to follow your "challenges" though, don't post them just to look bigger, that's such a crock... and... my asperations are not geared at being the queen of the parodies, many of my 14 have higher marks than yours, as does my overal scores for our collections, so I don't know how much you have earned, or how much you want to feel that you have earned. I find it interesting that you admit so far, to date, you are a blowhard, write redundant parodies in excess, *(maybe not your wording, but mine sounds better), "mean to be immature" in your parodies and do not care about vocab. Hmmm.... should people really learn from you cuz you write so many or cuz they are worth reading?
carol - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda--you have absolutely no room to talk or point fingers at anyone else. Manipulative attempts you say? You have done that yourself but it's ok when you do it, right? Double standards is what it is. Where do you get off calling me or anyone else hypocrite? If the work is good, I'll say it. If it's not I'll also say it. Your parody of The Rolling Stones I can't get no Satisfaction was good, your parody of Green Day's Good Riddance" was good, the parody of YMCA was ok(because there is some truth to it). I follow the ACLU often to see what they are going to sue over next. For your information, I took the time(and it was a lot of it)to read every parody by the writers who post here the most often, and yes I read every one of yours too. Did you get that? I read every one of yours too. Froth all you want, rant all you want, try your best to label me manipulative, but if the parody is good it will be rated as such. I've taken my share of criticism for mistakes I've made, but that doesn't mean I'm going to start going off on the other writers. What makes you so different or special? Grow up.
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Rick D, -- Good idea, if it were a fair one. I have not had much practice in pissing contests and no practice in pissing high without hands or with them for that matter. Cute humor break, but geepers, make it a contest that we all can participate in and I am in!
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
carol writes; """Sorry 'bout that but I had to pass gas, now get on your knees and kiss my *ss"""" ,,,,,,,,,,,, and her facade of being an innocent, high marking and newbie parody writer who cannot stomach “mean-spirited and vindictiveness”, begins to unravel and her manipulations begin to fall apart. It is interesting that Carol does not make nearly as much of an effort to hide her unambiguous double standards and hypocrisy as she does her manipulations and self-promotions … very interesting - but sadly, her efforts fall short of her needs.
Donovan - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
I'm going to give you an "A" - "Smells Like A Right-Wing Blowhard."
carol - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda--are you ignorant or what? Are you so busy flaming that you can't see when one is complimenting works of yours that are actually good? Is that all you know how to do? You didn't like what I said? Tough. You are the one who labeled me as innocent, you are the one who, labeled me manipulative from the start, you are the one that has managed to take everything I've said and try to twist it to mean something entirely different. Just like you have done with others here. Did you even bother to read my last post? Compliment---praise for work well done. Are you capable of understanding that? Does that filter thru yet? I said in my last post and I'll say it again: Grow up.
Robert J. Pagliaro - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
JJ - Well to be honest, I wasn't sexually excited by Ms. Terhune's parodies or writing skills. Frankly, given her strong ideological passion, even though she's wrong, I was sexually excited by the fact that she was either a 5'2", size 2 blond or looked like Sarah Jessica Parker (just not like Ann Coulter). My hope then was that I could channel her passion. We could be a better looking Carville/Matlin couple. However, I'd rather have carol. Just want to highlight one thing that Mr. Pacholek mentioned - Guy can write and he is funny. He is also very right-wing and wrong, in my opinion. But he was entertaining, well-read and I always respected his opinion.
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Carol, I am getting a strong feeling that I am posting to the back end of a donkey when I post to you. To answer your question “manipulative attempts you say?” " ---- Yes! It is more than clear to me and if you have to ask that question, you really have not been paying much attention. To respond to your “big fat grade school playground type question; “”””You have done that yourself but it's ok when you do it, right?””” - Although it is a highly defensive and turning the tables sort of question, you do get a small amount of credit for at least admitting you are manipulative " it’s a start I suppose. You say, “”””“ Double standards is what it is “”””””” and to that I say, what? I do not think I “get off” as you say, calling anyone a hypocrite per sey, but I can say that I call em like I see them and you are a hypocrite. If you do not like it " change it. If you do not see it, you should add it to your manipulative personality issues and take it to a shirk. If you accept that in yourself, then accept the title and move on --- a lot of fanatical democrats and republicans are hypocritical, but some stand out and do not back down even when in the height of proving their utter hypocrisy, (as in your case). Maybe that reality is just too much for you to grasp and take in and claim " but don’t lose hope, with some more maturity and in time, you should be able to see it as it pours out. Finally, you write; “””””””””” “…. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to start going off on the other writers”””“ Well, as I recall, I wrote the parody on this page and you came in and slipped in your self-promotion and your holier than thou “higher marks” etc., comments which were not meant as any constructive criticism at all, and then wrote your little comment and with no reasoning for your little outburst, you dug in for your cause. You vote in high marks for those more vulgar in their political parodies than I have ever been in any of mine and because they are all on the donkey side of the fence, you gleefully say a sweet thing and note that you are giving 5’s. I have read some of those you have been pleased with, and there are several that are way out in the left field, have off lines and no theme. Many clearly rushed and boring, you are there to be their personal cheerleader and fan. They have been redundant and some just plain childish, yet, 555! So you come in with your sweetness and light and in what you thought was cleverness " you dig into me, the writer of this parody. Now you say you do not attack other writers while doing so on the very same page as you deny it. Short-term memory is a bitch huh Carol, it doesn’t help your manipulations one bit huh? Then you say you dislike the mean spirited vulgar stuff etc., and then as if you changed your whole value system in under 24 hours, you write crude and downright scummy trash talk in the next post you enter here "go figure. ,,,,,,, ------ Think about that… or as you would so politely and with halo say, “Did YOU get that”?
Paul Robinson - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
PLEASE...Remember, folks...Linda is not from HERE. On the planet in the Bizarro-Right-Wing-Nut-Case Universe that she lives in they are impervious to logical entreaties. I believe the only way to communicate with Linda-the-Liberal-Slayer is with over-the-top ridicule. Again, 'Slayer - we come in there some material object we can offer you so that we will no longer be subject to your attacks? Please bear in mind that by cultural custom we are not allowed to offer you Human Sacrifice, but if there is anything else, please let us know.
Paul Robinson - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Hey, JJ...with all due respect...please refrain from speculating on what might or might not be "sexually attractive" to me. Hell, you know nothing about my sexual preferences or attractions...Hey, for all you know I might be attracted to's that make ya' feel? Outside of being rather disrespectful to me, I believe it also serves to belittle the female writers on this site by positing that they are here to flirt (which is OK if one wants to). BTW -Although I have tangled with Ms. Miller on occasion here, I have a great deal of respect for her work. I think it is quite insulting to lump her in the same sentence with Ms. Terhune, who has so far not exhibited much potential in parody-writing, possibly due to her political prejudices and obsessions. It's hard to write well when in a constant state of twisted rage.
carol - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda--Could not accept any genuine compliments I had to say, but you could come right back and flame and attack more. The first question I asked was whether you were ignorant or not. The second question I asked was if you were so busy flaming that you could not accept genuine compliments or not. This latest post of yours no doubt answers yes to both questions. I spelled out compliment and its definition to see if you could or would understand it and also to see if you were capable of responding with anything else but flaming and attacks. Once again you have responded with nothing but frothing attacks, and flaming. I'll keep on saying it: Grow up.
Royce Miller - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
John Jenkins--"by the way, did he mention my name"? You're a hoot, John; and I agree that Republicans can be wrong, cause they're human. And it's not the name of the "party" that counts. Linda, I changed the 13 votes to 14. I'm writing a little more stuff of my own, but I'm not going for comments.
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Carol writes: “””>>>>>>>Did you even bother to read my last post? Compliment---praise for work well done.>>>>>>>>>. Are you capable of understanding that? Does that filter thru yet?<<<<<<<<<<< I said in my last post <<<<<<<< and I'll say it again: Grow up<<<<<<<<< ””””””” I sit and wonder if Carol even “bothers to read” her own posts. In the same breath she wonders if I read her last post which was a “compliment” and “praise” for a work well done and then reminds me that in her last post, she told me to “grow up”. Hmm. Carol seems to believe that her suggestion that I “grow up” is the thing I did not read and the thing I misunderstood as a compliment and praise for work well done. Carol, if you think telling someone to grow up, (a rather overused and dull bit to say/write) is a compliment or a praise and you even go so far as to use it to define your charity, you are one sorry little passive - aggressive person. Asking me if I am ignorant in the context in which you did, tells me that you are a moron who does not know the meaning of the word “ignorant”. The rest of your dribble is really as unimportant and unmoving. I understand that you are a defensive and confused lady who posts with such an absent mind; you do not even know what you are saying most of the time. I am not upset or irritated that I do not “like what you post” and frankly judging by your performance and your clear inability to evaluate what you or others are actually trying to convey does not make your actual opinions important to me. Why should I place value on the thoughts and opinions of such a mess as you have demonstrated to be today? Finally, you are right, I am the one who “libeled” you as manipulative - however, you are the one who takes your own statements and later twists them to mean something different, and that is the thing you should worry the most about and get the most help with " cuz hun, you are one crazy fish..
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Royce Miller writes: """"" I'm writing a little more stuff of my own, but I'm not going for comments """"" Gee Royce, why not? It's so much fun to have the comments "on" and read the ranting and witness the unreal level of double-standards straight from the mouths of these "think and write as I do or you are wrong , stupid and a liar" gang. These whining, defensive, egocentric and self promoting side show acts come out in forces with an entertaining array of arrogance as they trod on with seemingly no mirrors in the house and no shyt that stinks. How could you not want that sort commenting on your parodies, they seem credible, helpful and intellectual to me, why pass on that chance of growth?
PMS's Cat - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Red Ant - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda, I thought I would take a minute to explain why I did not vote this. Your pacing, as I said before, is very good and a high 4, though still a 4. The reason I didn't vote this is that using absolutes (all, never, etc.) when talking about politics is usually incorrect in my opinion, and thusly invalidates me voting on such pieces. It doesn't matter to me which party is being lampooned (I can sometimes find humor in either side getting slammed), but phrases like "We're all evil" are just untrue. I am liberal (lowercase) in views by your standards but not a Liberal, and probably far too conservative in my views for those like Michael Pacholek but not a Conservative.

Now, I am not a "master" parodist by any stretch, but I'll share some things I've noticed regarding many political pieces, this one included. There are usually only 2 votes, either a 111 or 555, regardless of pacing. You basically have an agree/disagree situation here. I don't know about you, but I prefer to try to make the majority of the readers of my works laugh (or take pause for a serious/profound work) whilst occasionally irritating one or two.

Not to criticise your work or your topics, but something that I think would help would be using puns and staying away from absolutes, though in reality even if this was loaded full of puns and refrained from absolutes it would still probably have drawn roughly the same marks it has now

Now, I've explained that in a way that I hope comes across in a somewhat neutral, mature and constructive manner. I would like to see your write more like your Green Day parody, which I believe I gave a 455 or 555 on, as that parody was pretty funny (I didn't comment there, so I'm saying it here).

PS: I will point out as well that I am rarely moved or vote for parodies that bash Conservatives. Have a good night Linda.
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Paul Robinson " I see that you continue to come back to post more of your relevant and mature wisdoms which you carefully disguise as exceptionally juvenile stabs " brilliant, it could not get cleverer than that! I am so blessed that you so often appear in the comment section of my parodies to bring in more insights straight from your superior brain " all I can say it that I am utterly honored. I can only hope that any future parodies, should I ever write another, will be worthy enough for you to return and offer some more of your impressive gems of knowledge. ----------by the way, the comment section of the other parody I submitted this last weekend, apparently ran out of room so I could not comment on your mix-up of locations and your ever-so-humble omission of your error in that regard. However, your research offerings leave little to be desired and in fact, your error was much more widely spread than just the city of the heat wave. I know you claimed that the city was your only error, but I do my own research, thank you, and I do not make up facts or put on the drama show like you and Michael do in order to make my statements “more valid”. I was correct in my numbers, correct in the parody facts and need not offer you that omission of error that you so arrogantly felt you earned. Sorry to burst your egocentric bubble, but if you read the reply I gave to Michael after your silly ramblings of “facts” you researched, you will see you look a bit foolish in your attempts to prove me wrong. Is it so difficult for you to come to any realization that your idol " Mr. Do-nothing Clinton, was not nearly as wondrous as you have made him out to be in your misguided little mind? Are you so far gone in your pride that you will not even venture to take a quick glance into the remote possibility that your hate and bitterness re. Bush and your love of Clinton stems from propaganda pushed on you in the last 5 years by a very driven, viscous and desperately evil left wing party who apparently duped you badly? Ah, never mind, I think that pride thing is so deeply imbedded in you that you have lost all reason, so no need to comment, a brick wall has really nothing much to say anyway.
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Red Ant "Thank you for your comments re: the Green Day parody, it was my first entry and first parody written. It really did not cross my mind to write any political parodies and really enjoyed my first visit here and all the very funny (and rarely political) pieces I read. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to give it a shot and that was the Green Day piece. - - ------ I got into the political parody thing after reading a few really rather disturbing bashes from the known left wing parody regulars here. For the most part, I only read parodies that were written to songs that I knew I could sing along with, not by title or topic. After reading those wild ideas and over-the-top bashes, I discovered there were hundreds to be viewed that were more of the same disrespect and classless name calling etc. They seemed to be getting the attention that I, IMHO, really did not see as very deserving, after all, anyone with a tune in their head and the vocabulary level of a third grader could win the hearts of these ego-feeding groupies. I thought I would attempt a few of my own right wing parodies in order to show a little bit more balance and a little break from that redundant pitiful and all too typical left wing crud flooding this site. I really should have known, and maybe I did in a way, that if folk are that far gone, offering a couple of truth filled and “out there” parodies would not even stretch their minds in the slightest " that is what happens when all reason is gone. I am not as extreme as I come across in this place, but here, I feel I just need to be or am more motivated to be… I do not know. -------------- What I wanted to say to you here and never really got around to saying it, was that I really appreciated your comments and tips and the reasoning behind them. I read them carefully and found them to be very insightful and helpful and I am grateful that you took the time to post them. I really like the constructive and very helpful tips from others, but do not get much of those types of comments as you may have noticed. So when your type of comments is offered, I really do jump on the opportunity to learn something new, and I did, thanks.
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Carol, I could accept genuine compliments and I do in fact accept and acknowledge them when they are in fact, given and genuine. However, your backhanded compliments and just that, backhanded. You are apparently not even trying to se my point and taking the same of defensive response that again, tells me to grow up and in the same breath demands that you are complimenting. Read your posts from the first one on and if you cannot see that you did not offer one single sincere compliment in any one of those posts, then you are living in some alternate world of existence where you just have “no clue at all” " period! The fact is, (try to follow me here real closely) >>>>>>>>>> no matter how much detail you “spelled out” in your so-called “compliments” - they were presented with equal or greater amounts of slams, digs or other baggage that made them invalid. The only reason for your posting your “detailed” compliments were to supplement other backhanded points you were trying to make. Either you are more stupid than a stick that and you truly and honestly cannot see your own manipulation and honestly believe you were being generous with your praises or you are just attempting to cover up the very obvious manipulation with your apparent dumb blond snow job show. Either way, I am finished with this topic with you. Those who have no mirrors in their own mind and who never seem to look within, really lack a whole lot of perspective. Let’s just say that you win, I lose and you can go toddle off and enjoy your victory without feeling the need to force more of your goodwill and compliments down my throat.
Linda - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Attention: Michael P, Paul R, Agrimorfee, Libby Rull , Robert J. Pagliaro , Donovan and various visitors who read this and are pro-left, pro-cindy sheehan's fight, still think all of Moore's lies that have been proven false, are still, in thier minds true, etc., ----- Tell me something, how big of fans for your Cindy Sheehan now that she is in New York, on TV and announcing to Hillary Clinton and the world that if Hillary does not change her belief system to her demands, she will make sure that Hillary is forced out of office? I told you she was a wreak and using the terribly tragedy of her son's death as an arena to promote her own twisted and ever changing political convictions, or "convictions of the day". I wrote a parody re her and you die hard libs came out in force, you loved her, voted that song down worse than any other parody I have written and now, you Cindy Sheehan fans are being betrayed by your own. What to do dems, what to do when your hero who you praised even in light of her "America is not worth fighting for" comment (among other equally as anti-american and vulgar from this greif stricken mom now enjoying her 15 min of fame) --- turns on your own Hillary and threatens her out right and in New York no less? I told you this woman, like many of you, is far gone in her programing to even know better.. brought to her and our TV sets by the cud chewing cow Moore and the billionare blow hard George Soros! Can your party get any more divided and corrupt, any more nasty and classless and any more dividing and civil unrest urging than this? Maybe not, but I would venture to bet , they will surely try!
John Jenkins - September 19, 2005 - Report this comment
Mr. Pagliaro and Mr. Robinson " I apologize that my speculation for the cause of your passionate assaults on the parodies of Linda Terhune and Royce Miller might have been in error. You just seem to get more excited when you comment on their parodies than when you comment on mine. Bob, you are definitely correct that some things transcend politics, but I don’t think I will ever understand the James Carville/Mary Matlin chemistry. And, Paul, you are definitely correct that Royce could have been offended that I lumped her parodies with Linda’s (Linda’s parodies have a lot of potential, but they probably are not yet as polished as Royce’s), but she appears not to have been. Could it be that conservatives have better senses of humor than liberals?

Also, I would like to respond to Red Ant’s comment that discourages writers from writing political parodies. May I direct Red Ant and Linda (and anyone else) to the political parodies of the Capitol Steps at This is a popular group that spoofs politicians on both the right and the left and has performed for every American president since 1982. They definitely prove that political parodies can be humorous and set a good example for those of us at AmIRight.
Robert J. Pagliaro - September 20, 2005 - Report this comment
JJ - no apology necessary for me as I was not offended by your comments. It takes a lot to offend me.
Paul Robinson - September 20, 2005 - Report this comment
Thank you, JJ...even the insinuation that I might somehow have an attraction for this harridan was enough to light my fuse...the reason your works don't generate that type of 'enthusiasm' is because even if they take a position that is disagreeable to me you do not take low, cheap shots or engage in name-calling...and that goes for your comments, too. Beneath whatever political attitudes/positions you have there is a decent, thoughtful human being who wants to state his opinions or share his thoughts, but does not wish to intentionally offend... In fact, my recollection is that pretty much all of your work that involves factual issues is pretty carefully researched before you post it. I might disagree with your interpretations or perhaps a source, but at least there is an element of responsibility present. That's one reason I was a bit taken aback that you seemed to endorse the loaded, malicious garbage in this piece. But you are entitled to your opinion...I just wondered if folks to the right-of-center are feeling so outnumbered that the would rally around ANY piece that reflects negatively on those left-of-center, regardless of the quality or accuracy. However, that said, I apologize, JJ, for jumping at you. It was mostly aggravation that was being misdirected. At this point, however, I am considering pulling back out of the site, perhaps for just a while, perhaps for longer...I don't know...Most political pieces I disagree with I can let pass, or perhaps make a FAIRLY brief response (for me, or post my objections. But that is not the case with this writer. I won't go into my particulars now...I've already done at so at GREAT length in many places and pieces on the site. And that is the problem...I just CANNOT let the type of slander and inaccuracy served up by this writer to stand unchallenged. Another thing bothering me is the lack of equivalency...she pulls out five pieces of mine to criticize as loaded...none are recent, for one thing. For another, I don't see anything near the bile or name-calling in mine that we see from her. You disagree? Fine...You want to challenge my assertions? Fine...Tell me I'm wrong? Fine...Tell me I'm crazy? Hey, OK...if you give me a reasonable rationale for that assessment. Just don't call ME a HYPOCRIT because I object to overly-broad, malicious character assassination...both of public figures (all sorts of them, by the way...ALL demons & devils and unholy scum), but also of other writers and commenters, many of whom started out by merely trying to point out this writer's penchant for absurd and insulting excess. So, if I stick around I will have to say something...and it just aggravates me too f*cking much to have to keep doing it. So I have to give it some thought for a few days and see whether it's worth sticking around and dealing with the annoyance. Anyway, if I leave, you'll all still have Linda and her superbly crafted works to amuse and edify you...won't that be a treat. Who knows? Maybe she will drive off ALL the writer's who try to challenge her...then this site can be just like those 'flaming' blogs that are so very enlightening...with the same level of rancor and discord...and maybe even the same type and level of ugly name-calling and bad feelings. I tried one of them, ONCE...I pointed out a writer had linked to an opinion piece...and called it you may have noticed, that really annoys me...All I did was POINT it out...and he called me a "lying, liberal scum-bag"...Then, when I pointed THAT out....he called me a liar I copied & pasted his earlier "scum-bag" remark...and he STILL denied it and called me more I withdrew...left him a little poem and exited. Well, I've had my say...maybe I'll see you all around...maybe not...
Paul Robinson - September 20, 2005 - Report this comment
OH...BTW, Linda...I just read your last remark to me above, and also a remark to several people, including me. Just to pick out one item - because I just don't have the time to address the whole laundry list - you somehow assume that I approved of everything Bill Clinton did while in office...and that I somehow 'worship' him...While it's true that all-in-all, over eight years in office, I generally approved of his Presidency, to say that I was in full agreement and approved of ALL his actions and decisions is not anywhere near correct. Mr. Clinton made mistakes...and in some cases acted late...particularly in intervening in overseas genocide. However, had he responded earlier you can be sure the wails from the Right (yes, and the Left, too) would have been deafening. Still, as President sometimes one must do what is right instead of popular. But all in all, Mr. Clinton demonstrated that by his actions and decisions that his intention was to better the lives of all Americans, particularly those with less. Not by hand-outs, but with assistance that might allow them to lift themselves up. The Right often holds up "Social Programs" for disdain and mentions fraud and abuse. Any large scale program is subject to those things...oversight is very important and needs to be employed effectively...the same scrutiny should be applied to programs that benefit others, not just the poor...Subsidies to Agriculture and Industry...Government Contractor's...everyone...OH...I see I digress and rambled again...sorry, yes I am prone to do that...Anyway, Mr. Clinton, for good or bad, WAS the President for 8 years and whether by luck or design, he left the country in a Fiscally sound state and in relative peace and harmony...we were not involved in any messy, unresolvable foreign conflicts, our military resources were not stretched and tied down in foreign entanglements...and facing serious manpower and re-enlistment you may recall the biggest problem here, at least according the much of the Right, was whether or not Mr. Clinton had engaged in extra-marital sex with a willing intern...and whether he was truthful about it. My take on it? He tried to get too cute in parsing language...and it harmed his ability to lead...and I was disappointed in him for that - while still recognizing that those who pushed the issue so fervently were much way too much ado about was NOT a deception intended to trick the people of this country into accepting an unneccessary War or a Fiscal policy that would end up harming most of them....When measured next to Mr. ?Bush's "Accomplishments" and the state and situation of our Nation now, it is not difficult for me to choose which one I think is/was more effective and did the most to promote a better life and future for all Americans...But, enough...I could go on for days, but I will not...I know you will have lengthy and numerous reasons and remarks about how wrong and ignorant and hypocritcal and self-absorbed and delusional and hate-filled and prejudiced and mean-spirited and immature and in love with my own words (the only one of those items I would agree with)...but you only be reflecting the turmoil in your own mind and feel free to call me whatever you want...I don't care and the people who have read what I have written on this site with an open mind will not put much credence it it anyway...even if they nod once in a while a bit...I won't be reading it , so you will only be talking and cursing to yourself...which is what you really ought to be doing in the first place instead of trashing up this site with ugliness and your obsessive, misdirected anger...good-bye...
Agrimorfee - September 20, 2005 - Report this comment
Meow. Actually, in terms of parody writing, this is one of your better ones, Linda. I don't know most of the names cited, so you lost me a bit here. 534.
carol - September 20, 2005 - Report this comment
Paul--I know this has been hard on you, dealing with someone like her. It's been hard on a lot of us. Yesterday was rough, I was tired, but there was no way I was going to quit until one of us conceded and left. I hope I'm not being premature, but I don't think she will be back anytime too soon. If so, I'm ready. One of my best and worst qualities is that I am too stubborn to quit, and although that has gotten me a long ways in life, it has also gotten me into a lot of trouble(lol). Take a few days off and refresh, but please don't leave for good. xoxo
carol - September 20, 2005 - Report this comment
I'm not exactly a Green Day fan, but I did read all of her parodies, and ended up rating that one 5's across the board. Also decided to give "ACLU" high marks because there is some truth to what she said without it being over the top. The parody of " Can't Get No Satisfaction" also rated 5's. Couldn't help but smile when reading that one. The rest of them, sorry no high marks at all. She definately has the potential, but potenial doesn't count for much when one goes off the deep end so much.
Linda - September 21, 2005 - Report this comment
Agrimorfee -- All the names in this song are Senators who are representing their respected states, all are serving at this current time and they are all in the democrat party. Thank you for your compliment, have a good one
Linda - September 22, 2005 - Report this comment
Paul Robinson - If you are reading this then bummer, you are still here! You comment with these nasty little immature bits talking about me but not to me, pretty low, (but expected). Then, you comment on all of mine with attacks and challenges that -- surprisingly - I can answer and can answer with the correct, real, truthful responses making your protected and very misguided feelings about a subject challenged right back, and that makes you mad. You are a big boy, I believe, and no one should have to fall into your game playing "I am leaving, I have been hurt": by supporting that sore loser in you, that one that has been eating your insides for nearly 11 months, (the end of the elections in which your candidate lost, and thank God he lost). You feel strongly for your over emotional attachment to your hobby of hating the right and bush and supporting anyone who writes anything bad about him, no matter how badly written or childish they are and those type of political parodies seem to be flooding this place. Look bud, for the most part, the majority of political parodies are written by far left wing nut jobs who theme their masterpieces with whining, trashing, bashing, disrespect and total disregard for the truth They are for the most part, utterly classless and seemingly written in a mindset of rage and / or habit writing. The majority of these parodies from the far left have no facts, real topics or reasons -- just a lot of bashing, non points and are filled with tons proven wrong proven lies, lies that even your own party leaders do not believe, save the wackos like Dean. Yet, with all the hate and rage and bitterness you and those like you can muster, you will fight for this non-issue fight until death. You can't handle what you and your friends dish out... huh? I am so out numbered it is sick and those on the left are voting just out of hate, pure and simple "revenge" on / for me because they too do not like the truth and feel voting ones will make them feel a bit better. Mirror mirror on no liberal’s wall, with this hate only left party, the party will fall. Like Carol, is this act of yours, this leaving game the way you manipulate, by playing victim and hoping others will save you? Gad... and carol wants me to grow up!
Linda - September 22, 2005 - Report this comment
Carol - love your last post to Paul about me. It was not surprising at all, the same old self-promotion and double standards you are so good at displaying. I don't want to crush your egocentric little head, however, your “fight to the end” posting on this page was a fight going on in your own mind, you are hardly the type of person who would make me conceded and leave over any issue, let alone the issues you were "fighting for" which were NO ISSUES. Simply bragging about yourself and then telling me to grow up because you are a fanatic and do not enjoy my political parodies is no bother to me. One would think it would be a bother to you, aggressively attempting to defend your backhanded compliments with such an obvious reading comprehension disability going on, but that is your issue. So Carol, why not do something here or anywhere for that matter, which would actually be of some real merit, (not fantasy merits), and then go and announce what a good job you did. This post for you, must be the most embarrassing one of all your comments on this page and if you cannot see that, it is sad, (but terribly funny on my end!)
carol - September 22, 2005 - Report this comment
laughing right back at you.

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