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These are arranged alphabetically for 2000s for the original song name beginning with a "#".

Parodies from 2000s starting with #

Original Song/PerformerParody Song/Author
"'03 Bonnie and Clyde," Jay-Z feat. Beyonce "Hireling And Me," M.S.G
"10,000 Motherf*ckers (That'll Do)," Jason Mraz "10 Million Record Buyers (That's What I Do)," Agrimorfee
"1,000 Miles," Vanessa Carlton "1,000 Pounds," Uberalex
"1000 Miles," Vanessa Carlton "1000 Pills (Or, Troubles of a 93 Year Old Woman)," Mitch O
"1000 Miles," Vanessa Carlton "Bust Twice Its Size," YouKnowItsJoe
"1000 Words," Final Fantasy "1000 Eyes," Will Agrudis Glover
"100 Years," Five For Fighting "100 Acre Woods," The Piano Minstrel
"100 Years," Five For Fighting "100 Bites," Stinky Marshmellow
"100 Years," Five For Fighting "100 Fish (Angler's Theme)," 007Nick
"100 Years," Five for Fighting "100 Lives," Hitman Feline X
"100 Years," Five For Fighting "100 Miles [Family Road Trip]," wannabemustangjockey
"100 Years," Five for Fighting "100 Yards," Arcade Junkie
"100 Years," Five For Fighting "100 Years (A Dying Cub Fan's Lament)," Michael Pacholek
"100 Years," Five For Fighting "1000 Years," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs
"100 Years," Five For Fighting "120 Years," Robert Rasbaugh
"100 Years," Five for Fighting "99 Beers," Little Lion
"100 Years," Five for Fighting "Dead End Jobs," Below Average Dave
"100 Years," Five For Fighting "Eternity," MysteryGoat
"1, 2, 3, 4 (I love you)," Plain White T's "I've Got The Flu (God Bless You)," The P.A.K
"1, 2, 3, 4," Feist "1, 2, 3, 4 (counting is stupid)," Christy McDaniel
"12:51," The Strokes "8:51 PM," katie
"The 12 Days Of Christmas," Lee Greenwood "The 12 Days Of Christmas," Twichick
"12 Days of Christmas," Tradition 12 days of Christmas "12 Violent Day of Christmas," Elli Swanson
"12 Days of Christmas," Various "6 Days of New Year," Garrison Foster
"The 12 Days of Christmas," Traditional "A Cosmonaut's Christmas (The Mir Song)," Michael McVey
"1, 2, Step," Ciara feat Missy Elliott "1, 2, Crap," Dumb Ass Kid
"1,2 Step," Ciara "1,2 Sh*t," Tyrell
"1,2 Step," Ciara "1,2 Snip!," Aey Jae
"1,2 Step," Ciara & Missy Elliot "2 Piece Meal," Alonzo McCord aka Sweet Tooth the Pimp aka Mr Wate
"1,2 Step," Ciara featuring Missy Elliot "2 Piece Meal," Shawntel Covington
"1, 2 Step," Ciara "A, B, C's," Sara Hite
"1,2 Step," Ciara "Crunch, Crunch, Munch," Hannah&Steph
"1,2,Step," Ciara "Eat It Up," Rebecca Gale
"1,2, Step," Ciara & Missy Elliott "Junk Food Shelf," Ethan Mawyer
"1,2 Step," Ciara/Rkelly "Piss On You Ciara Version Remix," Stephano
"1,2 step," Ciara "Diet Twist," Flipp
"16 Military Wives," Decemberists "16 Blood Splashed Knives," Mike Hector
"17," Kings Of Leon "18," Duc4AmIRight
"1901," Phoenix "The Homsar Song," SpencerTheGriffinator
"19/2000," Gorillaz "19/2000," Greg Thompson
"19-2000," Gorillaz "2000-2005," Anderson 'parody Man' Araujo
"19-2000," Gorillaz "24/12," Jim A
"19-2000," Gorillaz "AB-WXYZ," Jason
"19-2000," Gorillaz "Courthouse-2000," David Groves
"19-2000," Gorillaz "I'm High - Too Drowsy," Matthwala Quincy Ishmael (?)
"19-2000," Gorillaz "Mobile Madness," Blade
"19-2000," Gorillaz "Prairie Dawn Anna," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger
"1970 Somethin'," Mark Wills "She Weighs 1970 Somethin'," Shane Frederick
"1973," james blunt "1973," Ros Jessamine
"1973," James Blunt "Prisoner No. 173," nix
"1985," Bowling For Soup "$19.85," Eli Russell
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1685," The Punch Zone
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1865," Thor2000
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1865," Jordan Hochmuth
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1885," The P.A.K
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1885," AntBoogie
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1885," Chris Bodily TM
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1918," Michael
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1925," Mike Armstrong
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1945," crazydon
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1955," sonikku337
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1965," T-Pitt and S-Blake
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1965," crazydon
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1969," Julie
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1984," Conrad Szumilas
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1985: The Back to the Future Version," Anakin McFly
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1985," A. Grabowski
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1985," Zack Factor B
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1985," B. O'Connor
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1986," The Orphans
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1993 (My Tribute to the Backstreet Boys)," backstreetgrl
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1995 (A Trainer's Lament)," Sylvia Viridian
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1995 (re-write)," Billy Boyd
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1995," Billy Boyd
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1995," Erin
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1995," Goggleboy
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1995," Kyle Tope
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1995," Charlene Lipkus
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1995," Little Lion
"1985," Bowling for Soup "1995," Sunbok
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1999," Garrett
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1999," S.T.G.
"1985," Bowling For Soup "1999," Xweetokfairy
"1985," Bowling for Soup "199X," Erin Brown
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2004 (the year in review)," Ethan Mawyer
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2004," Abbott Skelding
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2005 (Better Version)," Joe Lollo
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2005 (Looking Back From 2025)," Michael Pacholek
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2005 (The Drug Song)," Mike D.
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2005," Abbott Skelding
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2005," Brendon Billard
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2005," Joe Lollo
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2005," kylock
"1985," Bowling for Soup "2005," Dbone2you
"1985," Bowling for Soup "2005," crayon says go
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2006," Abbott Skelding
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2007," Abbott Skelding
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2008," Abbott Skelding
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2009 (Year in Review)," carly_carlz
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2009," Abbott Skelding
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2009," MissChrisl
"1985," Bowling For Soup "2019," Kim McCarthy
"1985," Bowling For Soup "A Nice Guy," M.S.G
"1985," Bowling for Soup "American Idol," Rebecca Gale
"1985," Bowling for Soup "Back To The Future," Matthias
"1985," Bowling for Soup "Charmed's Paige," Shaz
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Charmed," Bob
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Don't Know He's A Guy," geniuskid
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Good Cartoons All Died," Joel Martinez
"1985," Bowling for Soup "He's Always Benedict to Me (Dumb Ass Kid Remix),"
"1985," Bowling for Soup "He's Always Benedict to Me,"
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Hitler 1945," LiLi
"1985," Bowling for Soup "Homosexual," HUBBS
"1985," Bowling For Soup "If Tigerclaw gets through," Bozbix
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Justin Timberlake," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger
"1985," Bowling for Soup "Learning How To Drive," jphil529
"1985," Bowling for Soup "Love the Cosby Show!," Syncronos
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Murderer For Life," Victor Barron
"1985," Bowling For Soup "NCIS," Duc4AmIRight
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Nineteen Eighty Five," blackjack21
"1985," Bowling For Soup "None Too Lady Like," White Trash
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Psycho 101," Matt Grazulis
"1985," Bowling for Soup "Quizzing In The Past," Graham H.
"1985," Bowling for Soup "Season Number 5," Jason
"1985," Bowling for Soup "Steaming Turds With Flies," poomaster
"1985," Bowling for Soup "The Villanova Song," XUmusketeers
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Totally Out Of My Mind," zIpPy
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Well Done! You Lost Your Teeth, And 400 Pounds!!!!," Viva La Spatula
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Worst Day of my Life," blackjack21
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Youtube," Skullbird11
"1985," Bowling For Soup "[Model Year] 1979," wannabemustangjockey
"19 Something," Mark Wills "$19 Something," Linus Pierce
"19 Something," Mark Wills "1990/2000 Something," Ryan Harder
"19 Something," Mark Wills "270 Something (The Gas Prices Song)," Zak Randall
"19 Something," Mark Willis "Thirtysomething," S.T.G.
"19' Sometin'," Mark Wills "I Ate Somethin'," Smar99
"1 Morning.," Sum 41 "Last Warning!," T.J. Spindler
"# 1 Spot," Ludacris "Lawyers and Cops," Just Flipp
"1 Step Closer," Linkin Park "1 Step Closer (To The Bar)," Cypher Ams
"1 Stp Klosr," Linkin Park featuring Jonathan Davis "1 Rsty Guttr," S.T.G. feautring XXX
"(1st part) Crawdad Hole; (2nd part) Boondocks," (1st part)Doc Watson; (2nd part) Little Big Town "You Do A Line (I Smoke A Bowl)," Nick Everson
"#1," Nelly "Weighs a Ton,"
"2000 Watts," Michael Jackson "2000 Kcals," Heskima
"2000 Watts," Michael Jackson "Pentium 4," A.A. Fussy
"2008 Opening Number Medley," Miss Texas USA "2008 Lenox Industrial Tools 301 Recap Song," Jay Jianoran
"20 Good Reasons," Thirsty Merc "20 Bad Excuses," Irulz
"21 Guns," Green Day "2 NL Cy Young's (Lincecum tribute)," Joey Grisso
"21 Guns," Green Day "21 Days," Kween_Kol!n
"21 Guns," Green Day "Ode to the $2.5-Million Bra," Rebekah Dub
"21 Guns," Green Day "Shunned, by Everyone," Below Average Dave
"21 Guns," Green Day "Unbeatable Buns,"
"21 Qeustions," 50 Cent "21 Beers," Jamin Shue
"21 Questions," 50 Cent "101 Questions," Insert Coin(s) to Continue
"21 Questions," 50 Cent "21 Answers," Freddie C.
"21 Questions," 50 Cent feat. Nate Dogg "21 Questions," M.S.G
"21 Questions," 50 Cent "Indigestion," John Spoof
"21 Questions," 50 Cent "Sporting News Radio," Arcade Junkie
"21 Questions," 50 Cent ft. Nate Dogg "Vague-To-None Gestures," the_conqueror_of_parodies
"21 Seconds (Radio edit)," So Solid Crew "Another Sentence," Jim A
"21st Century Breakdown," Green Day "21st Century Meltdown," Below Average Dave
"27 Jennifers," Mike Doughty "27 Generals," MasonR
"27 Jennifers," Mike Doughty "27 Genesees," MasonR
"27 Jennifers," Mike Doughty "27 Genitals," MasonR
"27 Jennifers," Mike Doughty "27 Jupiters (The ballad of the drunk astronomer)," MasonR
"27 Jennifers," Mike Doughtry "27 Parodies," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger
"27 Jennifers," Mike Doughty "57 Condiments," MasonR
"27 Jennifers," Mike Doughty "We Need Better Candidates," MasonR
"2 Hearts," Kylie Minogue "2 Hearts (A Tenth Doctor Parody)," Alexa/Billie Jean
"30 Something," Jay Z "60 Something Or Other," Andre Smith Jr
"32 Flavors," Ani DiFranco "32 Tasers," Monica-The Good Witch of Washington
"3 AM," Eminem "12 PM," Chance Gollnick
"3AM," Matchbox Twenty "2PM," Joe Kaiser
"3 AM," Matchbox 20 "3rd Wheel," The Emo Voice
"3AM," Matchbox Twenty "CNN," Jeannie
"3 Libras," A Perfect Circle "3 Tokes," Kirsty Y Ferguson
"3 Peat," Lil Wayne "2 Peat," Skittle, and Fattylicious
"3am," Busted "3am," Lauren De Lacey
"3," Britney Spears "Pee," Daparodysong
"3," Britney Spears "Squee," the_conqueror_of_parodies
"40 oz.," D-12 "20 oz.," Dumb Guys -wit- Parodies
"40'," Franz Ferdinand "Incomplete," Mr. Tex
"45," Shinedown "7:45," Acecartoons
"45," Shinedown "7:45," Acecartoons
"45," Shinedown "Another Wife," Johnny Pyro
"45," Shinedown "Fortify," the_conqueror_of_parodies
"45," Shinedown "Kentucky Fried," Gary Thorpe
"4 Minutes To Save The World," Madonna & Justin Timberlake "4 Minutes To Sing This Song," Flash Flood
"4 Minutes," Madonna "4 Minutes (To Save The Girl)," the_conqueror_of_parodies
"4 Minutes," Madonna "4 Pinheads," Robert D. Arndt Jr.
"4 Minutes," Madonna & Justin Timberlake "Don McLean Appeared And Stole The Show," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger
"4 Minutes," Madonna "More Lettuce," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger
"4 Minutes," Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake, Timbaland "She's in It," Robert D. Arndt Jr.
"4 Minutes," Madonna, Featuring Justin Timberlake "Tiger Woods," Syncronos
""4" To The "OH" To The "4"," Free Credit Report Commercial "Bus Fight," Max Power
"4 in the Morning," Gwen Stefani "Four At The Mourning," Abbott Skelding
"50 Playaz Deep," Drunken Master "100 Parodies Deep," Wolveroses
"50 Ways To Get bin Laden," Ray Stevens "50 Ways To Spoof Ray Stevens," Michael McVey
"[515]," Slipknot "The Blood Demon," Idlepunk2020
"5 Colours In Her Hair," McFly "5 Llamas And A Bear," Cait Sith
"5 Colours In Her Hair," McFly "Am I Right T-Shirt," EyeSpit
"5 Colours In Her Hair," Mcfly "Bona Fide," Adam Henderson
"5 Colours In Her Hair," McFly "Flying Through The Air," I'm Not Going To Say As It's The Internet!
"5 Colours In Her Hair," Mcfly "Kenzie Gives Me A Scare," Willy
"5 Days," Fastball "Getting Married," ADEXEC700
"619," WWE "Eat Some Pie," Alex O.
"7734," Sabaton "00:00," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd
"7 Days To The Wolves," Nightwish "Chase the Worlds," Sensorium
"7 Days," Craig David "7 Days," the_conqueror_of_parodies
"7 Nation Army," The White Stripes "Grocery Store Army," Jillyfoo
"7 Nation Army," White Stripes "Subway," Adrian Reavill
"7 Things I Hate About You," Miley Cyrus "7 Things I Hate About Food," Josie A. Frank
"7 Things (I hate 'bout this school)," Miley Cyrus "7 Things (I hate 'bout this school)," Rocky
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "20 Things I Hate About America," Incompetentia
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "7 Things (I Ate At Wendy's)," Mr. Washable
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "7 Things (I Hate About Miley Cyrus)," Stella Constellation
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "7 Things I Hate About This Song," Ten Second Braeden
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "7 Things I Hate About YOU, Miley Cyrus!," Caldoran
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "7 Things I Love About Edward Cullen," ashbeeanne
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "7 Things," Amy
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "7 Things," Hailey Andrews
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "7 Things," Maddy
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "9 Mistakes of Britney," Hailey Andrews
"7Things," Miley Cyrus "Ode to Chuck(7 things casey hates about you)," Hilary (Star) Rodney
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "Shouldn't Sing," the_conqueror_of_parodies
"7 Things," Miley Cyrus "The Many Things (I Hate About Miley Cyrus)," Abbott Skelding
"7 Thing," Miley Cyrus "7 things (in a kewler way)," amarty11 and marty
"7 Years And 50 Days," Groove Coverage "7 Minutes And 50 Seconds," Ten Second Braeden
"867-5309 (Jenny)," Less Than Jake "Wait, Here Comes the Dora 9 (ME)," Robert D. Arndt Jr.
"8 Mile Freestyle Pt. II vs. 'Lotto'," Eminem "Fat Boy Freestyle Pt. I vs. 'Pie Slam'," John Spoof
"8 Mile Freestyle vs. 'Lickty Spilt'," Eminem "Fat Boy Freestyle vs. 'Stuffed Tako'," John Spoof
"8 Mile," Eminem "Sugarcane," John Spoof
"8th of November," Big and Rich "11th of September," Daniel Croxton
"911 for Peace," Anti-Flag "911 for Sweets," DarkJon64
"96 Quite Bitter Beings," CKY "96 Quite Awful Presents," Mikey Boy
"99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before)," Brian McComas "33.3% Sure (I Won't Lose It In '04)," Mike Armstrong
"99.9% Sure," Brian McComas "99.9% Sure (I Didn't Bring Home A Whore)," Static
"99 Problems," Jay-Z "31 Flavors," Abbott Skelding
"99 Problems," Jay-Z "99 Problems (And A Glitch Is One)," Airrider
"99 Problems," Jay-Z "99 Problems (But a Snitch Ain't One)," brightCAP
"99 Problems," Jay-z "99 Problems (Myspace Song)," Weiner Face
"99 Problems," Jay Z "99 Problems (The One Ring is one)," Ahnonamis
"99 Problems," Jay-Z "99 Problems, Football Manager's Lament," Phil Alexander
"99 Problems," Jay Z "99 Problems," Kit Kat
"99 Problems," Jay-Z "STI Problems (and an itchy bum)," Phil Alexander
"99 Red Balloons," Goldfinger "99 Dead Balloons," DJ Blaze
"99 Red Balloons," Goldfinger "99 Death Eaters," Parodygm
"99 Times," Kate Voegele "99 Fines," the_conqueror_of_parodies

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