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These are arranged alphabetically for 1990s for the original song name beginning with a "#".

Parodies from 1990s starting with #

Original Song/PerformerParody Song/Author
"1,000 Points of Hate," Anthrax "1,000 Points of Love," Cactus Impersonator
"10 Crack Commandments," Notorious B.I.G "10 Snack Commandments," Dominick Pennella
"11AM," Incubus "Zanarkand," Katz
"12 Days Of Christmas," Holiday Songs "12 Treasures Of Christmas," Erik "Taz" Mokracek
"12 Days of Christmas," Parody Authors "12 Films of Clint Eastwood," Fitu Petaia
"12 Days of Christmas," The Muppets "Too Much Fighting," Fitu Petaia
"16 Going On 17," Rodgers & Hammerstein "13 Going On 30," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger
"1979," The Smashing Pumpkins "1979 (Greensboro Version)," Hu's On First
"1979," Smashing Pumpkins "8.0," pizzahunks
"1979," Smashing Pumpkins "UHF 2," Brian Kelly
"1985," Bowling for soup "1995," Dakota
"1985," Bowling For Soup "Windows 95," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd
"19," Paul Hardcastle "Covid 19," Joseph Little
"#1 Crush," Garbage "#1 Simp.," Monstermaster13
"1st Of The Month," Bone Thugs N Harmony "1st of The Season," Xander999
"2,000 Light Years Away," Green Day "10,000 Light Years Away," Fack Sabbath
"2000 Light Years Away," Greenday "2000 Pints Away," Glyn
"21 Things I Want In A Lover," Alanis Morissette "21 Things Girls Love 'Bout The Charnstar," The Charnstar
"21 Things You Want In A Lover," Alanis Morissette "17 Things You Know About Sesame," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger
"21st Century (DIgital Boy)," Bad Religion "21st Century (DIgital Perv)," Jite
"24 Hours to Live," Ma$e "24 Dollars to Spend," Insert Coin(s) to Continue
"25 Years," Pantera "25 Beers," Rex Ungericht
"2 Bad," Michael Jackson "2 Fat," DJ-JohnnyRka
"2 Become 1," Spice Girls "2 Lanes Become 1," Thalia's Dog
"2 Become 1," The Spice Girls "Bathroom Trips," Chris Smith
"2 Become 1," Spice Girls "Number 2, not Number 1!!!," Robert D. Arndt Jr.
"2 Become 1," Spice Girls "We Become Stoned," ~~alice~~
"2-Tone Army," The Toasters "St. Patty's Day," Jeff Reuben
"2 of Amerikas Most Wanted," 2pac & Snoop Dogg "2 of Am I Rights Most Wanted," BLO-TOWN & Wolveroses
"2x4," Metallica "(Jeep) 4x4," B. O'Connor
"3 AM," Matchbox 20 "3 AM (I should be sleeping)," Mikey F
"3AM," Matchbox Twenty "9PM," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger
"3AM," Matchbox Twenty "Woolly World," Darius Whitehead
"3 MC's and 1 DJ," The Beastie Boys "3 PC's and 1 Ebay," DarkJon64, Junior, and S.T.G.
"3 a.m. (I must be lonely)," Matchbox 20 "3 a.m. (Why am I hungry?)," Syncronos
"45," Shinedown "Never Want To See My Kitten Cry," Mari Williams
"4 Page Letter," Aaliyah "4 Page Report," MiguelG
"4 Seasons In One Day," Crowded House "3 Assignments In One Day," Wozzyhonk
"4 Walls," Staind "Same Old Stalls," S.T.G.
"4th of July," Soundgarden "1st of April," Cheran S
"500 Miles," The Proclaimers "100 Songs," Syncronos
"500 Miles," The Proclaimers "500 Drinks," NeonPaul
"50 Ways To Leave Your Lover," Paul Simon "50 Ways To Annoy A Customer," Alex Zander
"50 Ways to Leave your Lover," Paul Simon "50 Ways to Kill a Negan," CryHavoc
"5,6,7,8," Steps "Disconnection in 5,6,7,8..," BarbieBimbo
"5 Days In May," Blue Rodeo "Some Snow In Mae," Malcolm Higgins
"6th Avenue Heartache," Wallflowers "6th Avenue Crotchache," Paul Wooten
"6th Avenue Heartache," Wallflowers "Amiright Is Real Great," Mikey F
"74-75," The Connells "96-2003," Fack Sabbath
"7," Prince "7 of 9," Agrimorfee
"88 Lines About 44 Women," The Nails "88 Lines About 44 Flash Flood's Women," Flash Flood
"88 Lines About 44 Women," The Nails "88 Lines About 44 Simpsons," The great Luke Ski
"88 Lines About 44 Women," Nine Inch Nails "88 Lines About 44 Writers," Stockton
"8 Million Stories," A Tribe Called Quest "3 Billion Dollars," Duc4AmIRight
"8th World Wondeer," Kimberley Locke "Bratwurst Buthcer," White Trash
"96 Quite Bitter Beings," CKY "96 Ignorant Fundies," KintarosTiger
"99.9 F," Suzanne Vega "39.9 C (The Swine Flu Song)," Susanna Viljanen
"99 Red Balloons," Nena "99 Red-nosed Drunks," NeonPaul
"99 Red Balloons," Nena "99 Wretched Tunes," John A. Barry

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