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Song Parodies for The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Around The World" "Around New York" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Around the World" "War of the Worlds" "mouselover"
"Breaking The Girl" "Breaking The AOL" "Fack Sabbath"
"Breaking The Girl" "Riding 'The Whirl'" "Red Ant"
"By The Way" "Anti Brittney Chili Peppers Parody" "avrilsboi"
"By The Way" "Bi Way" "Andrew Rampersad"
"By The Way" "By The Way, Gay's OK" "Paul Robinson"
"By the way" "Dr. Dre" "Big T"
"By The Way" "Fart and Poop The Day Away" "Anthony"
"By The Way" "Have To Stay" "Charlie"
"By The Way" "I Fly Away" "Calum Muir"
"By the Way" "My First Day" "Crispy"
"By The Way" "On E-Bay" "Jim A"
"By the Way" "Standing in Line (to Go to the Bathroom)" "Anonymous"
"By The Way" "Tribute- Of Tragedies & Terrorists" "RogueSiren"
"By the Way" "Write Away (Parody writer theme song 2)" "DarkJon64"
"Cabron" "I Broke My Toe" "Paul Robinson"
"Calafornication" "Lancashirefication" "Paul Hogarth"
"Californiacation" "Mental Retardation" "Huff"
"Californication" "Back to the Future" "The Lost Dude"
"Californication" "Batman and Robin" "Ron Presley"
"Californication" "(B-ball) Texas Domination" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Californication" "Beach Vacation" "Drewster The Rooster"
"Californication" "California Cajun" "Ansley Hord"
"Californication" "California Wastin’" "John A. Barry"
"Californication" "Can't Afford Vacation" "Red Ant"
"Californication" "Cincinnatication" "Tim Hall"
"Californication" "Communication" "KYLIEZ"
"Californication" "Constipation" "Ron Presley"
"Californication" "Countdown To Extinction" "B. O'Connor"
"Californication" "Cross-Multiplication" "Rich Lyons"
"Californication" "Don't Want To Awaken" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Californication" "Engineering Nation" "Anitanium"
"Californication" "Furry Population" "TheNotoriusW.E.E.B"
"Californication" "Grand Central Station" "DJ-JohnnyRka"
"Californication" "It's Just Another -aden Name" "IAm5ft11"
"Californication" "Lampoon's Vacation: Vegas Vacation" "S.T.G."
"Californication" "Liberalcation" "Mikey F"
"Californication" "Life in Animation" "Below Average Dave"
"Californication" "Mr. Looney Tunes Man" "Darius Whitehead"
"Californication" "Native Medication" "Robbie G."
"Californication" "Overpopulation" "Twiggy Sixx"
"Californication" "Pentaphobia" "Shawn Kussel and Jeff Dubois"
"Californication" "Permanent Vacation" "Matthias"
"Californication" "Return Communication(For KYLIEZ)" "Paul Robinson"
"Californication" "Sleep Deprivation" "Erucolindo Ohtarea"
"Californication" "Transvestitillation" "Phil Alexander"
"Californication" "World Domination" "The Random Mayhem"
"Californication" "World Wide Web Sensation" "Luminous Veil"
"Can't Stop" "56 Bad Relationships" "Scott No Last Name Given"
"Can't Stop" "Blah Blah" "Peter (the Reader)"
"Can't Stop" "Bus Stop" "Bob O'Mara"
"Can't Stop" "Canned Nuts (Party For One)" "Kristof Robertson"
"Can't Stop" "Can't Sleep" "Omega8"
"Can't Stop" "Can't Spel (AOL Instant Messenger)" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Can't Stop" "Can't Stop (Calculus Remix)" "Anitanium"
"Can't Stop" "Can't Stop(Makes Much Less Sense Than The Orignal)" "Cheezmeister"
"Can't Stop" "Can't Stop - Version That Makes A Little More Sense Than The Actual Lyrics." "The Lost Dude"
"Can't Stop" "Get Stuffed" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Can't Stop" "Giant Bombs" "Josh"
"Can't Stop" "Rubber Gloves (An Ode to Doctors)" "Bad Puppy"
"Can't Stop" "Why Jail Is Hell(Clean)" "Paul Robinson"
"Coffee Shop" "Coffee Shop" "NeonPaul"
"Dani California" "Dani Amidala (A story of a Queen)" "UnexpectedDec"
"Dani California" "Fidel's Cuban People" "The Piano Minstrel"
"Dani California" "Granny California" "Michael McVey"
"Dani California" "I Love Women's Tennis!" "McKludge"
"Dani California" "(Kali-Pornia) Rust in Peace" "Dennis"
"Dani California" "Life Of A Man" "JMasta"
"Dani California" "Red Hot Chili Peppers" "Ned Riley"
"Dani California" "Scotty's Brother, Guy" "Darius Whitehead"
"Dani California" "The Duo From Paris (Daft Punk)" "AmIRightHead07"
"Dani California" "The Duo From Paris (Improved Version)" "AmIRightHead07"
"Dani California" "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" "Bennyben1998"
"Dani California" "The Joker" "Josh Bain"
"Dani California" "The TV Song" "Jack Wilson"
"Dani California" "V for Vendetta" "avesjohn"
"Desercration Smile" "Delivery Style" "Paeroa Blender"
"Dosed" "Drilled" "Jon Katz"
"Dosed" "Hosed" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Dosed" "Kevin" "moonset87"
"Fire" "Wire" "Fack Sabbath"
"Fortune Faded" "Relocated" "AussieBullDog"
"Fortune Faded" "Speed Dating" "Drewster The Rooster"
"Give It Away" "Get It Today" "Alan Hochbaum"
"Give It Away" "Give 'Em a Name" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Give It Away" "Give Me Your Best" "Darius Whitehead"
"Give It Away" "Ho Ho Ho" "Ned Riley"
"Give It Away" "Ho Ho Ho (revised)" "Ned Riley"
"Give It Away" "Keep Him Away (The Steve Urkel Song)" "Zak Randall"
"Give It Away" "Movin' Away (for Christina)" "T-Dawg"
"Give It Away" "Must Be Santa" "mouselover"
"Give It Away Now" "Give It Away Now--Bailout Version" "LibrarianMan"
"Give It Away Now" "Give It Away Now--Bailout Version" "LibrarianMan"
"Give It Away" "Ribbit Away" "DarkJon64"
"Give It Away" "Spirited Away" "Ferguson"
"Higher Ground" "Anatomy Of Steve-O The Cat Part 1" "Jane & Jonass"
"Higher Ground" "Minor Pound" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Higher Ground" "Music's The Shitter" "Fack Sabbath"
"Higher Ground" "Til I Hit The Ground" "Lizzie Roxx"
"I Could Die For You" "I Could Die For Juice" "Bizzy E"
"Knock Me Down" "I'm A Clown" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Knock Me Down" "Sock Me Now" "MrMacphisto"
"Love Rollercoaster" "Call The Coast Guard" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Midnight" "Parsite ( Everyone Knows The Stench Of My Toes)" "Bizzy E"
"My Friends" "My Facebook Friends" "Matthias"
"My Friends" "My Fiends" "Fack Sabbath"
"My Friends" "My Fiends" "S.T.G."
"My Friends" "My Lenses" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"One Big Mob" "One Big Debt" "NeonPaul"
"On Mercury" "It's Circulatory" "Macheeoo"
"Otherside" "Another Line" "Luis Matias"
"Otherside" "Biggy Size" "MysteryGoat"
"OtherSide" "I'll Die" "Scott Aubé"
"Otherside" "Otherside - Chemistry Remix" "Anitanium"
"Otherside" "Other Side" "Jim A"
"Other Side" "Other Side" "Papageno"
"Otherside" "Runner's Stride" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Otherside" "Salad Bowls" "Darius Whitehead"
"Otherside" "Yellowknife" "Rocky"
"Otherside" "Yellowknife" "Rocky Mak"
"Purple Stain" "Pupil Strained" "Tim O'Heron"
"Road Trippin" "Toad Dodgin" "Below Average Dave"
"Scar Tissue" "Big Bruises" "D. Paquet"
"Scar Tissue" "Car Issue" "Peter (the Reader)"
"Scar Tissue" "Car Trouble" "Scott No Last Name Given"
"Scar Tissue" "Chinese Food" "lebeiW15"
"Scar Tissue" "Hanging Chad" "Mikey F"
"Scar Tissue" "No Tissue" "Rex Ungericht"
"Scar Tissue" "Rap Battle" "Darius Whitehead"
"Scar Tissue" "Round House" "Pixton Chuck"
"Scar Tissue" "SCART Issue" "Wous Nost"
"Scar Tissue" "Survivor Is The Show I Saw" "Western River"
"Scar Tissue" "The Misheard Lyric Song" "Anonymous"
"Scar Tissue" "Ultimate X-Men" "B. O'Connor"
"Show Me Your Soul" "I'll Be Your Troll" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Slow Cheetah" "Bad Cheeto" "Mary Covert"
"Snow (Hey Oh)" "No (Say So)" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Snow (Hey Oh)" "Oh, Gecko (An Ode to Geico)" "YousoCrazy"
"Snow (Hey-Oh)" "Seven (Windows)" "Weily Coyote"
"Snow" "Raising The Bar" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Soul To Squeeze" "Bowl of Cheese" "DarkJon64"
"Soul To Squeeze" "Shield To See" "Darius Whitehead"
"Stone Cold Bush" "Bill Bailey's Bush" "Fack Sabbath"
"Suck My Kiss" "The Blissey Song" "Stupid Un-funny Idiot Who Thinks She Is Funny"
"Tell Me Baby (What's your Story?)" "Why Are Mormon Girls so Horny?" "Jango"
"The Greeting Song" "The John Squire Song" "Fack Sabbath"
"The Otherside" "Go, Web, Go!( Got It From A Spider Bite)" "B. O'Connor"
"The Zephyr Song" "The Chili Peppers song" "Ethan Mawyer"
"The Zephyr Song" "The Leper Song" "Klarissa"
"The Zephyr Song" "The Louie Anderson Song" "Josh Bain"
"The Zephyr Song" "The Pepper's Song" "DarkJon64"
"This Is The Place" "They're Lost In Space" "Paul Robinson"
"Throw Away Your Television" "Throw Away This False Conviction" "Paul Robinson"
"Throw Away Your Television" "Throw Away Your Politician" "The Lost Dude"
"Under the Bridge" "An Early Christmas parody" "Mikey F"
"Under the Bridge" "Blundered a Smidge" "Rick Duncan"
"Under The Bridge" "Crispy Aromatic Duck" "Phil Alexander"
"Under the Bridge" "Giligan's Island" "S.T.G."
"Under the Bridge" "In My Underpants" "Chuck"
"Under The Bridge" "Inside The Fridge" "Silly Willie"
"Under The Bridge" "Inside The Fridge" "South Park Al"
"Under The Bridge" "Inspiration" "Mr. Karaoke a.k.a. Chris Helms"
"Under The Bridge" "In The World Cup" "Jim A"
"Under The Bridge" "Joe Lieberman's Theme" "ZSGhost"
"Under The Bridge" "On The Internet" "Wolveroses"
"Under the Bridge" "On the Toilet" "Ripls"
"Under The Bridge" "Out of the Blizzard" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Under the Bridge" "Over the Wee-Wee Pad" "Melanie Lee"
"Under the Bridge" "Run to the Fridge" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Under The Bridge" "Takin' My Shirt Off" "Count Nobbus"
"Under The Bridge" "Temper In My Bones" "Darius Whitehead"
"Under the Bridge" "The North Pole" "Ned Riley"
"Under The Bridge" "They [Aliens] Don't Exist" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Under The Bridge" "Under The Breath" "Fack Sabbath"
"Under the Bridge" "Under the Mistletoe" "mouselover"
"Under The Bridge" "What's In The Fridge?!" "Matthias"
"Universally Speaking" "Pie" "Bad Puppy"
"Universally Speaking" "University Teaching" "Jim A"
"Zephyr Song" "Amiright Party Campaign Song" "Kristof Robertson"
"Zephyr Song" "Stalker Song" "Charlie"
"Zephyr Song, The" "Zephyr Song - Physics Remix" "Anitanium"
"Zephyr Song" "Zipper Song" "Agrimorfee"


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