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This is a page to mock current pop songs, by coming up with better names for existing songs.

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Entries Beginning with A

New Song Name
Original Name
Original Band Name
Submitted by:
A-Bomb  Applause  Lady Gaga Robert D. Arndt Jr.
A-holes Angels Kagen Meyers Robert D. Arndt Jr.
A.A.R.P. Y.M.C.A. The Village People Francis A. Sissy
A.C.L.U. Y.M.C.A. Village People  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
A.S.C.I.I.S. A.D.I.D.A.S. Korn Techie Foxham
About Loader About Schroeder No More Kings Alice Spoonerism
About Schroedinger About Schroeder No More Kings Nell Allen
About The Words You Say What Would You Say? Dave Matthews Band Mike Hack
Abracadaver Abracadabra The Steve Miller Band Nic
Abstract Angel Concrete Angel Martina McBride Regina Haniger
Abstract Devil Concrete Angel Martina McBride Regina Haniger
Academy Fights On Academy Fight Song Mission Of Burma D. Melody Dole, MD
Acapulco Acapella Karmin D. Melody Dole, MD
Accordian Squeeze Box The Who oldrock
Ache By The Ocean Cake By The Ocean DNCE Lori Tirol
Aching Me Sick Making Me Sick Bash & Pop Waldo D. Law
Achy Breaky Arm  Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus Mickey D.
Acid Indigestion Anticipation Carly Simon MOR
The Acid Memorabilia The Acid Memoirs Dog Fashion Disco Adlai Alda
The Acid Memoranda The Acid Memoirs Dog Fashion Disco Marlene L. Ram
The Acid Memorials The Acid Memoirs Dog Fashion Disco Marlene L. Ram
Act Like An Exhibitionist Walk Like An Egyptian The Bangles Susan M.
Actual Reality Virtual Insanity Jamiroquai killer_roach
Adam Of Destruction Eve Of Destruction Barry McGuire Regina Haniger
Adam's Bong Adam's Song Blink 182 Drax
Adam's Gong Adam's Song blink-182 Michael M
Adam's Ribs Adam's Song Blink 182 newrock
Adams Thong Adams Song Blink 182 Kaylie L
Addams' Booze Addams' Groove MC Hammer rapper
Addict, I Am You're Still My Man Whitney Houston Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Addicted to A*Teens Addicted Simple plan Margaret
addicted to gloves  addicted to love robert palmer  janette
Addicted to Hub Addicted to Love Robert Palmer The Mole
addicted to mase addicted to base puretone Katherine
Addicted to Mud Addicted to Love Robert Palmer noda
Addicted to Shove Addicted to Love Robert Palmer The Mole
Adjust The Girl Just The Girl Click 5 Sonya Raynos
Adressed My Case I Rest My Case Michael Stanley Nell Allen
Adversity You Must Love Me Madonna Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Aeriolas Aerials System of a Down Kaylie L
Afghanistan (or Birmingham) Rotterdam The Beautiful South Al Capone
After Me After Tea The Spencer Davis Group Emily Lime
After The Cold Mush After The Gold Rush Neil Young oldrock
After The Gold Thrush After The Gold Rush Neil Young oldschool
Age of Asparagus Age of Aquarius Fifth Dimension ~*(}--kat--{)*~
Agonized Spirit Nut House  Tortured Soul Asylum Cradle Of Filth Ynnad
ah huh uh huh b2k skittles
Ahhhh Ok Breakaway Kelly Clarkson jordyn
Ailing Vomit I'm Lovin' It Justin Timberlake Redlocks
Ain't A Rumor Paint A Rumor Eurythmics Regina Haniger
ain't i nerdy!!!!! slim shady eminem vj dude
Ain't Is The New Is Good Is The New Bad Dove Cameron D. Melody Dole, MD
Ain't It Crummy Ain't It Funny Jennifer Lopez Neki II
Ain't No Virgin Like A Virgin Madonna girl
Ain't The Silence Paint The Silence South Regina Haniger
Ain't The Town Blue Paint The Town Blue Jim Photoglo Marlene L. Ram
Air in My Head All in My Head  Fifth Harmony Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Airline Strikes Lightning Strikes Lou Christie oldsongs
The Airplane Life Is Gonna Kill You The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You My Chemical Romance Jessica
The Airway Is My Home The Highway Is My Home Joe Ely D. Melody Dole, MD
Airy Town Prairie Town Randy Bachman Regina Haniger
AK47 45 Shinedown hardrock
The al-Qaeda Took My Freedom Away The KKK Took My Baby Away The Ramones Becca
Alamo Te Amo Rihanna Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Alcoholic Metabolic Slipknot M parody
Alexander The Bomb Bucketheads 80smusic
Alibi And Goodnight Lullaby And Goodnight Laughing Hyenas Mary Byram
Alibi Of Broadway Lullaby Of Broadway Doris Day Regina Haniger
Alice's Restroom Alice's Restaurant Arlo Guthrie Jessica Childress
Alina Maria Blondie The Mole
Alina Hyena The Gazette The Mole
All About That Ace All About That Bass Meghan Trainor Evil Olive
All About That Baits All About That Bass Meghan Trainor Lori Blonde
All About That Face All About That Bass Meghan Trainor Evil Olive
All About That Grace All About That Bass Meghan Trainor Evil Olive
All About That Lace All About That Bass Meghan Trainor Evil Olive
All About That Pace All About That Bass Meghan Trainor Evil Olive
All By My Elf All By Myself Eric Carmen Nicole Velocin
All I Can Take Me in My Place Krysten Ritter Robert D. Arndt Jr.
All I Daunt Is Everything All I Want Is Everything Victoria Justice Lori Tirol
All I Haunt Is Everything All I Want Is Everything Victoria Justice Lori Tirol
All I Need Is Some Miracle Whip All I Need Is A Miracle Mike + The Mechanics SusanG
All I Vaunt Is Everything All I Want Is Everything Victoria Justice Lori Tirol
all i wanna do(is hurt someone) all i wanna do(is have some fun) sheryl crow  janette
All I Want For Christmas Is Food All I Want For Christmas Is You Mariah Carey Opie M.
All I Want is Some Bling-Bling All I Want is Everything Victoria Justice Robert D. Arndt Jr.
All I'm Missing Is Ewe All I'm Missing Is You Glenn Medeiros Featuring Ray Parker, Jr. Bruce Curb
All I'm Missing Is Yew All I'm Missing Is You Glenn Medeiros Featuring Ray Parker, Jr. Bruce Curb
All in My Bed All in My Head  Fifth Harmony Robert D. Arndt Jr.
all insain all to blame sum 41 carlia
All my exes are anorexics All my exes live in Texas George Strait DeenaBabe
All My Exes Change Their Sexes All My Exes Live In Texas George Strait SMyler
All my parts you see Every part of me Jump5 Daniel
All Night I Hurled All Over the World Electric Light Orchestra Robert D. Arndt Jr.
All Of Paula's Cheese All Apologies Nirvana Stephen Jackson
All Our Songs Are Poo Something Kinda Ooh Girls Aloud nevergonnaknow
All That She Daunts All That She Wants Ace Of Base Regina Haniger
All That She Haunts All That She Wants Ace Of Base Regina Haniger
All That She Taunts All That She Wants Ace Of Base Regina Haniger
All that Went was Everything All I Want is Everything Victoria Justice Robert D. Arndt Jr.
All That's Become Of You All Because Of You U2 bonoincarnate
All The (Why Am I Listening To This Junk?) Things All The Small Things Blink 182 Princess Chic
All The Girls Love Alice Cooper All The Girls Love Alice Elton John Paul Warren
All the Right Grooves All the Right Moves OneRepublic Blake DeKalb
All The Tall Things All The Small Things Blink 182 newrock
All Things Great and Small Greatest Love of All Whitney Houston Robert D. Arndt Jr.
All Time Low All Time High Rita Coolidge Bond
All Time Why All Time High Rita Coolidge Sarah
All Ways Always Bon Jovi Regina Haniger
All You Daunted All You Wanted Michelle Branch Regina Haniger
All You Got? Love on Top Beyonce Robert D. Arndt Jr.
All You Haunted All You Wanted Michelle Branch Regina Haniger
All You Need Are Slugs All You Need Is Love Beatles Danielle
All You Need is Blood All You Need is Love The Beatles Karl Doug
All You Taunted All You Wanted Michelle Branch Regina Haniger
All your Lies In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel Robert D. Arndt Jr.
All-consuming Love Of Two Black Holes Romance Of Two Planets Sun Ra D. Melody Dole, MD
AllI Have To Do Is Pee AllI Have to Do Is Dream the Everly Brothers Marian
Alligator Mineral Crocodile Rock Elton John Tess O. Gosset
Allison Crowed Allison Road Gin Blossoms Regina Haniger
Allison Rode Allison Road Gin Blossoms D. Melody Dole, MD
Allison Rowed Allison Road Gin Blossoms Regina Haniger
Almost Dead Pop Is Dead Powerman 5000 Redlocks
Almost Dead Almost Alive Crush 40 layla
Almost Pair O' Dice Almost Paradise Mike Reno & Ann Wilson D. Melody Dole, MD
Almost Paradox Almost Paradise Mike Reno & Ann Wilson D. Melody Dole, MD
Almost Parasite Almost Paradise Mike Reno & Ann Wilson D. Melody Dole, MD
Aloof Alive Sia Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Alpha Dawn Delta Dawn Tanya Tucker Bruce Curb
Alpha Lady Delta Lady Joe Cocker Bruce Curb
The alphabet song H to da Izzo Jay-Z Beyonce
Alright, Alright, Alright Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Genesis Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Altercation Celebration Madonna Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Always Sometimes Britney Spears Bronwyn
Always something there to forget about Always something there to remind me Naked Eyes Nicole
Always Therefore You Always There For You Stryper Adlai Alda
Am i a survivor  im a survivor  Destineys child Kayla
Am I A Toy Or A Measure Am I A Toy Or A Treasure Kay Starr Regina Haniger
Am I A Toy Or A Pleasure Am I A Toy Or A Treasure Kay Starr Regina Haniger
Am I Borin' Ya'? California Phantom Planet Ken
Amazon Babylon The Tea Party Kai94
America Sucks, Deal With It American Idiot Green Day Idiot101
American Express National Express Divine Comedy Paul Warren
American Flat Ass American Bad Ass Kid Rock Kaylie L
American High American Pie Madonna Robert D. Arndt Jr.
American Idol American Idiot Green Day Optimus Lime
American Lies American Pie Madonna Robert D. Arndt Jr.
American Psychic American Psycho Treble Charger D. Melody Dole, MD
American Spy American Pie Madonna Robert D. Arndt Jr.
American Stranger American Solider Toby Keith Matthias
Americans Aboard Americans Abroad Against Me! Evil Olive
Amiright It's My Life Dr. Alban Mads
Amiright Amigone Goo Goo Dolls Mac
Amnesia Forget-Me-Nots Patrice Rushen soul ii
Amok Tik Tok Ke$ha Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Amway Salesman Please, Mr. Postman The Marvelettes MOR
Amy Grant Song Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin Regina Olsen
An Old Passioned Love Song An Old Fashioned Love Song Three Dog Night H. Tim Smith
Ana's Bong (light my fire) Ana's Song (Open Fire) Silverchair EmotionSickness
Anaheim Birmingham Amanda Marshall *BIFF!*
Anal Baby Angel Baby Rosie And The Originals Evil Olive
Anal Penetration Californication The Red Hot Chili Peppers Mushi
Anal Smile Angel Smile Nat King Cole Tess O. Gosset
Anarchy Legecy Papa Roach Engel
Anarchy Control Puddle Of Mudd hardrock
And Justice for Most And Justice for All Metallica Chazm
And You Wonder Why? Me, Myself, and I Beyonce Robert D. Arndt Jr.
And You, An Eye And You and I Yes Sutch
Aneurysm (In My Feet) Hemmorrhage (In MY Hands) Fuel newrock
Angel (Shouldn't Have Left Buffy) Angel Shaggy rappa
Angel Maybe Angel Baby Rosie And The Originals Evil Olive
angel of hardon angel of harlem U2 joecap
Angels Bought Me Beer Angels Brought Me Here Guy Sebastian neptunevsmars
Angels Made Me Queer Angels Brought Me Here Guy Sebastian SP
Angie Baby Angel Baby Rosie And The Originals Evil Olive
Angrily We Walk Along Merrily We Roll Along Stephen Sondheim Francis A. Sissy
Angry Whore Parade Lady Marmalade Moulin Rouge Soundtrack call me Al
Angst Of The Sky Ants Of The Sky Between The Buried And Me Marlene L. Ram
Animal Species Original Of The Species U2 CRA-Z-4-U2
Animals Are Normal People Are Strange The Doors Rocky
Animole Animal Neon Trees rodent
Anna Moon Anna Sun Walk The Moon Dawn Anwad
Anne In The Rain Man In The Rain Mike Oldfield Lisa Basil
Annika Jessica The Allman Brothers Band sport
Annoyed The Boys Girls' Generation Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Another Bottle Of Beer On The Wall Another Brick In The Wall Pink Floyd Dnalex
Another Kick In The B@lls Another Brick In The Wall Pink Floyd simon
Another Kick In The Balls Another Brick In The Wall Pink Floyd tom
Another One Bites the Butt Another One Bites the Dust Queen Charlotte(submitted for David)
Another One Bites The Crust Another One Bites The Dust Queen Brandon Barlow
Another One F***s It Up Another One Bites The Dust Queen ha ha
Another One Sucks the Dust (The Vacuum Cleaner) Another One Bites The Dust Queen mistermystery
Another Terd's left to rust Another One Bites The Dust Queen Mini Mercury
Ant-a-boo bugaboo Destinys Child Ashley
Antarctica Artantica Urban Dance Squad Regina Haniger
The Antelope Woman The Cantaloupe Woman Grant Green Bruce Curb
Anti-Tong Song Thong Song Sisqo o
Ants Master Dance Master Willie Henderson Tess O. Gosset
Ants Of The Rye Ants Of The Sky Between The Buried And Me Marlene L. Ram
Ants Tonight Dance Tonight Lucy Pearl Chris Chendo
Antsy Dancer Fancy Dancer Bobbi Humphrey Regina Haniger
Antsy Pants Worryin' Shoes Quicksilver Messenger Service Regina Haniger
Anxiety (Get Service) Anxiety (Get Nervous) Pat Benatar Marge Pegram
Any Day Later Any Day Now Luther Vandross Daniel Yaccarino
Any Thyme At All Any Time At All The Beatles Regina Haniger
Any Thymol Any Time At All The Beatles Regina Haniger
Any Tylenol Any Time At All The Beatles Regina Haniger
Anybody Somebody 15& Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Anyone Listing Anyone Listening Pennywise D. Melody Dole, MD
Anything But Crazy Anything But Ordinary Avril Lavigne raul
Anything But Crazy!!! Anything But Ordinary Avril Lavigne krissi
Anything But Punk Anything But Ordinary Avril Lavigne ds
Apathy For The Devil Sympathy For The Devil The Rolling Stones Christian
Apple Milkshake Kelis anonomous
Apple Light Limelight Rush Brian Kelly
Aqua Teen (Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad) Shake, Rattle, and Roll Bill Haley & His Comets Paul Warren
Arbor Day Deadbeat Holiday Green Day Tom
Arby's Girl  Barbie Girl Aqua Steve
Are You Bare? Are You There? Oleander rock
Aren't You Really A Dove? Are You Ready For Love? Elton John Juzzzzzzzz
Arena Maria Blondie Sweet Anne
Ariel (Sharon) Aerials System Of A Down hardrock
Armadillo Amarillo Tony Christie Tarquin
Armageddon Holiday Green Day newrock
Armpit hair Everywhere Michelle Branch Amith
Arrogantly Wasted Elegantly Wasted INXS Donna W
Arrow Threw Me Arrow Through Me Wings Marlene L. Ram
Art Bench Art Bitch Charli XCX Emily Lime
Art Bits Art Bitch Charli XCX Emily Lime
Art Flop ARTPOP Lady Gaga Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Art Official Life Artificial Life Ultravox Regina Haniger
Art Pinch Art Bitch Charli XCX Emily Lime
ART PROP ARTPOP Lady Gaga Robert D. Arndt JR.
ART SLOP ART POP Lady Gaga Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Art With 4 Wheel Drive Heart With 4 Wheel Drive Road Hammers Regina Haniger
Arthur's Theme (Best That Youth Can Do) Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) Christopher Cross Trevor Overt
Artificial Strife Artificial Life Ultravox Regina Haniger
Arty Party Beyonce Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Aryan Nation Rhythm Nation Janet Jackson Robert D. Arndt Jr.
As Long As You Hate Me As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys Brian Litrell
As Long As You Suck Me As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys Chris
ASDA Providers Survivor Destiny's Child M!KEY
Ashes Of The Fag Ashes Of The Flag Shadows Over Silence daniel
Asleep Awake Godsmack Mac
Asphyxiating Echos Drowning Shadows Sam Smith Eva Cave
Ass, Gas, or Grass Heart of Glass Blondie Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Assassination affirmation Savage Garden Bighead
At Least I Got Paid At Least I Got Laid Space Hog Heather
At Seven At Seventeen Janis Ian Sutch
At Seven Drinks  At Seventeen Janis Ian MOR
At The Beginning In The End Linkin Park Tommy
At The Jump At The Hop Danny & The Juniors Renee Keener
At The Riviera At The River Groove Armada H. Tim Smith
At The Skip At The Hop Danny & The Juniors Renee Keener
At the Zoo Xanadu Olivia Newton-John Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Athletic Jock Electric Shock f(x) Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Audi Day Cloudy Day J.J. Cale D. Melody Dole, MD
Audubon Autobahn Kraftwerk Regina Haniger
aunt irene hurt your finger Does my ring hurt your finger Charley pride mike
Australian Boy American Boy Estelle featuring Kanye West Dongquan
Author's Theme (Best That You Can Do) Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) Christopher Cross Trevor Overt
Auto Ban Autobahn Kraftwerk Regina Haniger
Automaton Under My Thumb The Rolling Stones Bob Fishy
The Autumn Forgot The Summer Knows Earl Klugh Dawn Anwad
Avada Kedavra Abracadabra Steve Miller Band Scandia
Avenue of Dirty Trash  Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day newrock
Average Joe Mistle Toe Justin Bieber Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Avon Calling Vienna Calling Falco austria
Avon Lady Shady Lady Uriah Heep SusanG
Away From Comb Away From Home Dr. Alban Flora Rolf
Away From Foam Away From Home Dr. Alban Flora Rolf

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