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A spoonerism occurs when the first letters or syllables of two or more words get swapped. The term spoonerism is named in honor of the Reverend William Archibald Spooner whose students used to write down all the instances of spoonerisms that he made. This page focuses on spoonerisms in song titles.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 5459 entries in this section.

"Natural Corn Billers," Brides of Destruction originally "Natural Born Killers"
Natalie Lundgren
"What Are Few A Raid Of?," West Indian Girl originally "What Are You Afraid Of?"
Natalie Lundgren
"Stentor Sage," Indigo Girls originally "Center Stage"
Stentor = a type of protozoan
Natalie Lundgren
"Knee Gave Me A Hew Song," Amy Grant originally "He Gave Me A New Song"
Washington Irving Berlin Wall Flower Pot Boiler
"Bean Quee," Puscifer originally "Queen B"
"Sadie Jane," America originally "Daisy Jane"
Lance Crackers
"Mold Ann, Moses," Les Humphries Singers originally "Old Man Moses"
Margo Gram
"Mack In Bi Body," Maggie Rogers originally "Back In My Body"
Rachel Stedman
"Viva La Diva," Cold Play originally "Viva La Vida"
Sylvia Curruca
"Cheer Dealer," St. Vincent originally "Cheerleader"
Mary Byram
"Deer Leacher," St. Vincent originally "Cheerleader"
Mary Byram
"Change Ty Moon," Forest Sun originally "Change My Tune"
Emily Lime
"Corn In A Basket," Cannibal Corpse originally "Born In A Casket"
Marge Pegram
"Moon Span," Soundgarden originally "Spoonman"
Henrietta Caroleen Ellenboro
"Salary Of Goo Aside," Cannibal Corpse originally "Gallery Of Suicide"
Terror Reid
"Fig Ban," Stiff Dylans originally "Big Fan"
Nicole Velocin
"Floored Of The Lies," Iron Maiden originally "Lord Of The Flies"
Margo Gram
"Burt Cocaine," Proof originally "Kurt Kobain"
Preacher that likes Nicole
"A Craze Porous," Jimmy Eat World originally "A Praise Chorus"
How can a craze be porous?
U. Carrie Oats
"Weep On Caulkin'," CeCe Peniston originally "Keep On Walkin'"
Ron N. O'Connor

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