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Can you think of a song title that describes something not literally possible.

For example: Oasis' "Live Forever" isn't really something that one can do.

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Most Recent Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 4914 Literally Impossible Song Titles entries on the site.

"Stereo Hearts," Gym Class HeroesStereos don't have heartsJohnHowarth
"No Roots," Alice MertonRoots exist.JohnHowarth
"Mama Guitar," Don CornellNo guitar gives birth to baby guitars.Heather Brockwell
"Sweetest Goodbye," Maroon 5"Goodbye" has no taste.Lance Crackers
"Sweet Nothing ," Brenda Lee"Nothing" does not have a taste.Sheila Oh
"The Sweetest Taboo," SadeA taboo has no taste.Sheila Oh
"Private Idaho," The B-52'sIdaho is a public state!Isac
"Pineapple Princess," Annette FunicelloPineapples don't have royalty.Heather Brockwell
"The Jean Genie," David BowieGenies do not exists, even those in jeans.Opie M.
"Happy Sad," Ocean AlleySelf-contradictory.Chowder
"Happy Sad," Ocean AlleyYou cannot be both at the same time.Lance Crackers
"We Don't Talk Anymore," Charlie PuthPeople don't quit talking suddenly.JohnHowarth
"I've Never Been To Me," CharleneLiving isn't by out-of-body experiences alone.Heather Brobkwell
"Country Sunshine," Dottie WestSunshine does not have a music genre preference.Polly Darton
"Red Earth," Crash VegasEarth cannot be red (it's blue, is it not?)JohnHowarth
"Nothing Ever Happened," Crash VegasMany things ever happenedJohnHowarth
"Heaven Hurts," ColdplayI know of no "theology" implying that heaven hurtsHeather Brockwell
"Back In My Body," Maggie RogersCould she REALLY have ever been out of it?Heather Brockwell
"Spoonman," SoundgardenNo man can be a spoon.Rock Maninoff
"Crazy Love," PocoLove cannot experience craziness.Lance Crackers

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