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Take one letter out of a song title to change it's meaning. The removal of the letter should still form a word, and the title should be humorous as a result.

For example: Steve Winwood's "Split Decision" would become "Spit Decision"

Thanks to Philip Eno for the inspiration on this one!

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 13187 Remove a Letter From a Song Title entries on the site.

"I Did What I Did For Aria," Tony Christie originally "I Did What I Did For Maria"
Christie Blanchard
"Mama Mia," ABBA originally "Mamma Mia"
Same pronunciation, but with 1 'm' removed
"Calm Don," Rema featuring Selena Gomez originally "Calm Down"
Yvette Bristle
"Stole Dances," Milky Chance originally "Stolen Dances"
Rose Cathcart
"About Dam Time," Lizzo originally "About Damn Time"
For beavers. Same pronunciation, different meaning
"Riven By You," Brian May originally "Driven By You"
Sylvia Curruca
"Romeo's Tun," Steve Forbert originally "Romeo's Tune"
Tun = 252 gallons
Rose Cathcart
"Pace Is Flowing Like A River," Carey Landry originally "Peace Is Flowing Like A River"
Sylvia Curruca
"Our Power," Billie Eilish originally "Your Power"
"Keeper of the Caste," Four Tops originally "Keeper of the Castle"
Not the Same Bob
"Ear John," Teach-In originally "Dear John"
Alexis Whitworth
"Before The Wort," The Script originally "Before The Worst"
Wort = archaic word for some kinds of plants
Francesca Burleson
"Moonlight Ambler," Frankie Laine originally "Moonlight Gambler"
Ruby Gillespie
"Sole," Kelly Rowland originally "Stole"
Julia Stiles
"Tim Is Running Out," Muse originally "Time Is Running Out"
Changes the meaning of the word run.
"Hose On Fire," Mimi Webb originally "House On Fire"
Rose Cathcart
"House On Fir," Mimi Webb originally "House On Fire"
Rose Cathcart
"House On Ire," Mimi Webb originally "House On Fire"
Rose Cathcart

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