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Take a song name, and make an anagram out of it.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 38423 Song Title Anagrams entries on the site.

"Impetus," Ashley Tisdale originally "Time's Up"
K.N. Pepper
"Held Ivory," Dio originally "Holy Diver"
Sophia Borden
"Lynda Wears Her New Shoes At Amgen," Elvis Costello originally "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes"
Amgen=Applied Molecular Genetics (pharmaceutical)
"Gray Mare," Remy Zero originally "Gramarye"
Norma Lehigh
"A Dry Plow," Jason Mraz originally "Wordplay"
Karen Smith
"Cheater," Jethro Tull originally "Teacher"
"Cork Love," Todd Rundgren originally "Rock Love"
K.N. Pepper
"Over Lock," Todd Rundgren originally "Rock Love"
K.N. Pepper
"Female Rental," The Bangles originally "Eternal Flame"
Would this be like a dating service, in a sense?
Pete Worst
"Wordy Pal," Jason Mraz originally "Wordplay"
Paula Bland
"Ply A Word," Jason Mraz originally "Wordplay"
Amanda Svenson
"Pine Pile," The Chantays originally "Pipeline"
K.N. Pepper
"Get Us Hard," John Mayer originally "Daughters"
"Heard Gust," John Mayer originally "Daughters"
It must be super-windy!
"Trade Hugs," John Mayer originally "Daughters"
Sounds like a great idea!
"Hate Drugs," John Mayer originally "Daughters"
"Huge Darts," John Mayer originally "Daughters"
"Hated Rugs," John Mayer originally "Daughters"
that is, ones that were kinda ugly in appearance
"The Guards," John Mayer originally "Daughters"
"Cheater, Cheater," 38 Special originally "Teacher, Teacher"

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