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If you have one song that asks a question or makes a statement, come up with a different song that answers/responds to that question

For example: Shakira's "Whenever, Whenever" would be the response to Jesus Jones' "Right Here, Right Now"

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 19442 Song Titles to Answer a Different Song entries on the site.

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Latest Entries

Song & Band Name
Response Song & Band Name
Comments & Submittor Name
"There Is No Arizona," Jamie O'Neal "Liar, Liar," The Castaways Curtis E. Call
"Buzz-Buzz-Buzz," The Hollywood Flames "Joy In Repetition," Prince Peggy Pollock
"Liar, Liar," The Castaways "Don't Lie," Black Eyed Peas Kristen
"Liar, Liar," The Castaways "You Lie," Reba McEntire Kristen
"Who's Johnny?," El DeBarge "Man On The Moon," R.E.M. Any lunar explorers named Johnny? - Tanya
"I Want You To Want Me," Cheap Trick "Dream On," Aerosmith Yeah, that's never gonna happen. - Edward
"Here Comes The Rain Again," Eurythmics "Who'll Stop The Rain?," Creedence Clearwater Revival Serafina
"The Sword Of Orion," Krisiun "New Star," Tears For Fears A Well-known "stellar nursery" is in said "Sword". - Crystal Paisley
"Who'll Stop The Rain?," Creedence Clearwater Revival "Nobody," Sylvia Wendy Torrance
"Question," The Moody Blues "Where Do You Go?," No Mercy Lauren
"Listen To The Music," The Doobie Brothers "Silly Love Songs," Paul McCartney & Wings Serafina
"Some Kind Of Monster," Metallica "Slime Creatures From Outer Space," Weird Al Yankovic Edward
"What's Your Name?," Lynyrd Skynyrd "Miss Jackson," Panic! At The Disco Izza
"Where Did We Go?," Tyler Joseph "Slowtown," Twenty One Pilots Blurryface
"Who's That Girl?," Madonna "We Used To Be Friends," The Dandy Warhols She must be Veronica Mars. - Brian Kelly
"Who's Johnny?," El DeBarge "We Used To Be Friends," The Dandy Warhols Brian Kelly
"Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?," The Everly Brothers "I Will," The Beatles Bethany
"Who's That Girl?," Madonna "You Are," Lionel Richie Serafina
"Baby Let's Wait," The Royal Guardsmen "I Can't Wait," Nu Shooz Lauren
"Let's Get Drunk And Fight," Joe Nichols "This Probably Won't End Well," All That Remains Edward

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