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This idea came from the Simpsons. Homer has lost his baby Maggie, so he calls a hot line for missing children. The song being played while he is on hold is "Baby Come Back" by Player. That's what I am looking for here, bad music to be used for "hold" music on the phone.

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Latest Entries

Song Name
Performer Name
Product Name
Submitted by:
Hero Of The Day Metallica Wounded Warrior Project  Rock Maninoff
Breaking The Law Judas Priest Dominic Cummings' answering machine pickle
Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine The White Stripes Anti-vaxxer organisation pickle
Little Hitler Nick Lowe Donald Trump Campaign Office I Saw Nick Lowe - Finally!
I'm A Lazy Sod The Sex Pistols Donald Trump's Answering Machine I Saw Nick Lowe - Finally!
Loudmouth The Ramones Donald Trump's answering machine I Saw The Ramones Live 4X!
Sick Boy Social Distortion Donald Trump's Answeing Machine SPANK that Donnie Douchebag!
I Got My Mind Set On You George Harrison ADHD Helpline Steve
Roam The B-52s Coronavirus hotline Tarzan
Demolition Man The Police Moammar Qaddaffy Nobody Misses Moammar
500 Chunks (Parody of 500 Miles) Dan Lloyd Lumberjacks Maximus Buttcrack
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper Radical Meninists HQ Maximus Buttcrack
Earth Lil Dicky Pest Exterminator Maximus Buttcrack
Spanked Van Halen Donald Trump's Oval Office SPANK that Donnie Douchebag!
No Feelings The Sex Pistols Donald Trump's Oval Office I Met Glen Matlock
Paparazzi Lady Gaga Tabloids Maximus Buttcrack
I’m a Cider Drinker The Wurzels Alcoholics Anoynmous Maximus Buttcrack
S.O.S. (Rescue Me) Rihanna 9-1-1 Ant Ko
Orphans Coldplay Hot Line For Missing Children americangirlfan8998
Lisa Frank Joey Vantes Drug addiction help hotline americangirlfan8998

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