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This idea came from the Simpsons. Homer has lost his baby Maggie, so he calls a hot line for missing children. The song being played while he is on hold is "Baby Come Back" by Player. That's what I am looking for here, bad music to be used for "hold" music on the phone.

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Entries Beginning with V, Page 1

Song Name
Performer Name
Product Name
Submitted by:
Vain Moi Dix Mois Beauty Products Kitase
Valentine's Day Marilyn Manson Dating service tictacs941
The Vatican Rag Tom Lehrer Catholic church/Convent Ingeborg S. Nordén
Vegetarian Mumbo-Jumbo NOFX Paul McCartney Fan Club Kerry
Vegetarian Mumbo-Jumbo NOFX PETA xravenhartx
Velvet Tongue Virgin Black Church Idont Havaname
Venus The Bangles Royal Observatory Cloaky
Venus In Furs The Velvet Underground 'Focus On The Family' (Christian organization) ecgwald
Vertigo U2 Hospital Dongquan
Vertigo U2 Motion sickness clinic Crystal
Vertigo U2 Alfred Hitchcock Museum Crystal
Very Melon Zatch Bell Watermelon farm Anonymous
The Vice Sonata Arctica Al Gore, Biden, other vice presidents DJ Blaze
Victim Of Changes Judas Priest Plastic Surgeon's Office Herculina Alencar
Victim Of Love The Eagles Dating Hotline RatFaceLace
Victim Of The Paranoid Six Feet Under Mental Institution Freedom Rock
Video Games Lana Del Rey GameStop Andrew
Video Killed The Radio Star The Buggles Best Buy MC Blargenfedibblenohip
Video Killed The Radio Star The Buggles Blockbuster Video Syncronos
Video Killed The Radio Star The Buggles Any Radio or TV station/ MTV TayaBox
"Video Killed the Radio Star" The Buggles radio station Iludium Phosdex
Video Romeo Kidd Video Radio station Kerry
View From Heaven Yellowcard Funeral Director Jenson
Violent Love Oingo Boingo Rape Hotline Ed
Violent Pornography System Of A Down The FCC Incredible Dudeman
Virginity System Of A Down Planned Parenthood Tati A
Virtue To Vice Deathstars Church Eden
Virus Iron Maiden Microsoft Anna Buehnenheim
Virus Alert "Weird Al" Yankovic AVG Technical Support Bort & Ornie
Virus Alert Weird Al Yankovic Microsoft Darius Kamron Whitehead
Virus Of The Mind Heather Nova Psychiatrist Diane
The Visitors (Crackin' Up) ABBA Mental Hospital Scott
Vital Signs Rush Morgue carly_carlz
Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) Chevelle Drug-Free Hotline Candice
Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) Chevelle Pharmacy stevemcmahan
Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley Branson, Missouri Chamber of Commerce Kerry
"Viva Las Vegas" Elvis Presley Gamblers Anonymous Iludium Phosdex
Vogue Madonna Glamour, InStyle, or Marie Claire magazine Martha Irvin
Voice Of Defiance Crashdog Pet Obedience School Idont Havaname
Voice Of Defiance Crashdog Constitution Party Headquarters Idont Havaname
The Voice Within Christina Aguilera Insane Asylum Brooke
The Voice Within Christina Aguilera Insane Asylum Gwen
Voices Disturbed Insane Asylum hardrock
Voices Pax217 Psychaiatrist Admiral Memo
Voices Carry 'Til Tuesday Paranoia Helpline Quinn
Voices Carry Til Tuesday Mental Institution Edward
Voices in my Head Knaan Schizophrenia Hotline Rychendroll
Voices In The Sky The Moody Blues Mental Asylum costanza
Voices Of Violence Billy Talent Abuse Centre Alyssa
Volcano Damien Rice Natural Disaster Helpline moonset87
Volvo Man Scared Weird Little Guys Volvo Troy
Voodoo Godsmack A Church Nohbdy
Voodoo Godsmack Drug Rehab Chickypoo
Voyeur Blink 182 Stalker Helpline Az
VX Gas Attack Skinny Puppy Iraqi Government agent nerve

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