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Some songs have titles that aren't used in the lyrics, and end up becoming better known for their lyrics than their title. Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is better known for the refrain "Everybody must get stoned" than it is for the title.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 707 Song Titles Not Used as Lyrics entries on the site.

Song Title
Comments & Submittor Name
Chicago Beginnings Even though the title is in the plural, in the song it is singular. - Isac
Patty Loveless Blame It On Your Heart So/Hey Blame it on your lyin', cheatin', cold dead beatin', two-timin' double dealin', mean mistreatin', lovin' heart

The above lyrics are too wordy and they take too long to say, so that's why Patty Loveless simply named the song "Blame It On Your Heart" - Isac
Fall Out Boy Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? They say quitters never win
But we walk the plank on a sinking ship
There's a world outside of my front door
That gets off on being down - Jonathan S.
Fall Out Boy Pavlove I'm the invisible man
Who can't stop staring at the mirror, at the mirror
I want to make you as lonely as me
So you can get, get addicted to this
You can get, get addicted to this now - Jonathan S.
The Story So Far Placeholder "and it's sodomy" , is actually "it's haunting me" - Jack
Friend & Lover Reach Out Of The Darkness They say "Reach out IN the darkness" rather than "Reach out OF the darkness." - Isac
Strong Bad Let's Get Started On Doing All Those Awesome Things I Suggested Uh
They got the, uh, what
We got the, uh, what
Oh girl, yeah
I said, "Oh girl"
Dang, you don't look half bad
You clean up pretty nice
What do you do, take a shower?
Use some bath salts?
Well anyways, you smell like apricots
Let's get started...[song abruptly winds down] - Jonathan S.
Brian McKnight feat. Vanessa Williams Love Is They say "Love 'does this and that'" throughout the song, but nowhere in the song is the word "love" followed by the word "is." - The Barber of Cadillac Seville
Disclosure F For You Well, it gets close to mentioning it because the refrain is "Because I played the fool for you", but it isn't obvious that the F in the title stands for Fool. - Crafthead
Staind Change "How do I feel? I've been here before, I've felt this/Retreat to a place, a place within me, I need this/Keep it all down, bottled inside, it breaks me/To torment again and torture me like it used to." - Danny Hates Dubstep
Staind Epiphany "'Cause it's always raining in my head/Forget all the things I should have said." - Danny Hates Dubstep
Staind Warm Safe Place "And then I come to find you here/Through your eyes everything's clear/And I'm home inside your arms/But I'm alone for now." - Danny Hates Dubstep
Linkin Park The Catalyst "God save us, everyone/We're a broken people living under loaded gun/And it can't be outfought, it can't be outdone/It can't be outmatched, it can't be outrun, no!" - Crafthead
Linkin Park Iridescent Could probably have been called "Let It Go" because it was around long before Frozen... - Crafthead
Rod Stewart The Motown Song The only mention of the word "Motown" is in the lyrics "Bring over some of your old Motown records." However, nowhere in the song is the word Motown preceded by "the" or followed by "song." - Isac
Wild Cub Thunder Clatter I couldn't say what I was thinking
My heart shrinking
Two sad sparks blinking in the sun
Wait one minute
I had to listen for it
It was hidden in the fall
Hidden in the fall
Waiting on love to call
Hidden in the fall

[Note: There is a lyric that mentions "broken thunder", but that's as close as the song gets to saying its title.] - Jonathan S.
Morrissey Suedehead "Why do you come here when you know it makes things hard for me? When you know, oh, why do you come?" (One of Morrissey's best songs never mentions the title Suedehead) - Rob
A Day To Remember If It Means A Lot To You La, la la la, la la la
Till everyone is singing.
La, la la la, la la la

If you can wait till I get home
Then I swear to you that we can make this last
(La la la)
If you can wait till I get home
Then I swear come tomorrow, this will all be in our past
Well, it might be for the best - Jonathan S.
A Day To Remember You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic I still wish you the best of luck, baby
And don't go thinking that this was a waste of time
I couldn't forget you if I tried
You killed what was left of the good in me
I'm tired, so let me be broken
Look down at the mess that's in front of me
No other words need be spoken
And I've got nobody else to blame though I tried
Kept all of my past mistakes held inside
I'll live with regret for my whole life - Jonathan S.
The Rolling Stones Paint It Black The closest he comes is "painted black". - Brian Kelly

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