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Some songs have titles that aren't used in the lyrics, and end up becoming better known for their lyrics than their title. Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is better known for the refrain "Everybody must get stoned" than it is for the title.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 827 Song Titles Not Used as Lyrics entries on the site.

Song Title
Comments & Submittor Name
When In Rome The Promise The word "promise" is preceded by "I" through the song, but "promise" is never preceded by "the" - Isac
Cast of 'Guys And Dolls' Fugue For Tinhorns This is the opening song in 'Guys And Dolls' and is in a round. The most popular lines are "I have the horse right here, his name is Paul Revere" and "If he says that the horse can do, can do, can do". - Broadway Cho
The Arrognt Worms Carrot Juice Is Murder What's actually sung is "Carrot juice CONSTITUTES murder." - Jonathan S.
Knife Party Sleaze Until they kick us out, until they kick us out, until they kick us out, people move your feet. - Crafthead
10,000 Maniacs You Happy Puppet Even though it says "YOU Happy Puppet" in the title, Natalie Merchant says "*A* happy puppet." - Isac
Ministry Cannibal Song Neither the word "cannibal" nor the word "song" ever occurs in the lyrics (not that the latter would much be expected to occur). The most repeated line is "Thrown into a cell". Song seems to be more about torture than about cannibalism. - Holly Stefan
Dr. John Right Place, Wrong time "I was in the right place...but it must have been the wrong time." - Rich "Sully" Connelly
Genesis It's A Shame In the lyrics, Phil Collins always inserts the word "just" into the title. In other words, you hear "It's JUST a shame," not "It's a shame." - Jonathan S.
Hall & Oates Kiss On My List What's actually sung is "Your kiss *IS* on my list" - Jonathan S.
The Robins Riot In Cell Block #9 What's Actually sung is "There's a riot goin' on up in cell block #9".

NOTE: Because some members of this group later became part of The Coasters, this song is sometimes credited to that group. - Jonathan S.
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers Band Houston (Means I'm One Day Closer To You) The phrase "Houston means THAT I'm one day closer to you" is often repeated in the lyrics, but the lyrics never contain the title line exactly, that is they never contain that lyrics phrase minus "that". Surely a lot who've heard the song think the title contains the word "that", as in the lyrics. I did, in fact. In preparing to make a different amiright post for this song, I googled what I thought was the title, containing the word "that". I only got one "hit" from goggling that as the title, and that is when I suspected something. Surely the song is not so obscure as to give only one "hit" on google for its title I thought. I searched a little more and found that "that" is not in the title. - Fiona Montrose
Collective Soul Tremble For My Beloved What's actually sung is "I tremble for my LOVE, always". - Jonathan S.
Iron Maiden The Prisoner The word "prisoner" is mentioned several times throughout the song. However, even though the word "prisoner" is preceded by "the" in the title, in the song it is preceded by "a." - Isac
The Righteous Brothers Soul And Inspiration The Brothers add two words, making the first line in the chorus "You're my soul and my heart's inspiration." The Words "soul and inspiration" are never sang together - Odie Garfield
Led Zeppelin Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman) The band members omit the word "maid" from the title. However, they do mention the subtitle. - Isac
Leonard Cohen The Stranger Song From the film "McCabe And Mrs. Miller", the song does not mention a stranger or song. - Man With The Deep Voice
The Decemberists Summersong I don't think "summersong" is in the song as one or two words. - Opie M.
Genesis Man On The Corner Phil Collins inserts the word "there" into the title. Instead of "Man ON the corner" he says "Man THERE on the corner." - Isac
Harry Nilsson Remember Christmas Harry says "Remember 'this and that,'" but there is no mention of the word Christmas anywhere in the song.

The song has nothing to do with Christmas, and, I might add, it's a sad song. - Isac
Ringo The NO NO Song Naturally, he never says anything along the lines of, you know "Here's The NoNo song". - Rich Sully Connelly

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