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Some songs have titles that aren't used in the lyrics, and end up becoming better known for their lyrics than their title. Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is better known for the refrain "Everybody must get stoned" than it is for the title.

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Latest Entries

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Song Title
Comments & Submittor Name
Slipknot Eyeless The song does mention eyes quite a lot, particularly the hook "you can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes", which was inspired by the words shouted by a homeless man at Corey Taylor (the singer). - Danny Hates Dubstep
Slipknot Duality "If the pain goes on, I'm not gonna make it!" Beautiful. - Danny Hates Dubstep
Arctic Monkeys Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But... 'Cause all you people are vampires
And all your stories are stale
And though you pretend to stand by us
I know you're certain we'll fail - Jonathan S.
Queen The Prophet's Song "The prophet" is in the lyrics, however. - AdmiralMercurial
Skrillex ft. Ellie Goulding Summit There are four lines in this song, and none of them mention the title. This song has nothing to do with mountains at all. - Crafthead
Relient K Sahara So I'll ask one thing
Just one thing of you
Don't ever turn me loose
Even when I turn my back - Jonathan S.
The Smiths There Is a Light That Never Goes Out "There is a light AND IT never goes out" - Evan
Jerry Lee Lewis High School Confidential It came from the movie of the same name, but not once is the title said in the song. However, "High School Hop" gets mentioned a lot! - crazydon
Sonic Youth Hallowe'en Bad Moon Rising is a great album to listen to for Halloween. The holiday is never directly mentioned in the song, however. - Evan
Garbage My Lover's Box They say "My lover's charms are in a box," but that doesn't match the title exactly.

The song should be entitled "Send Me An Angel To Love," because those lyrics are heard twice during each chorus. At the end of the song, immediately after the third and final verse, the chorus is sung twice. - Isac
The White Stripes Blue Orchid You tickled my orchid, turned it blue - Evan
Chicago Beginnings Even though the title is in the plural, in the song it is singular. - Isac
Patty Loveless Blame It On Your Heart So/Hey Blame it on your lyin', cheatin', cold dead beatin', two-timin' double dealin', mean mistreatin', lovin' heart

The above lyrics are too wordy and they take too long to say, so that's why Patty Loveless simply named the song "Blame It On Your Heart" - Isac
Fall Out Boy Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? They say quitters never win
But we walk the plank on a sinking ship
There's a world outside of my front door
That gets off on being down - Jonathan S.
Fall Out Boy Pavlove I'm the invisible man
Who can't stop staring at the mirror, at the mirror
I want to make you as lonely as me
So you can get, get addicted to this
You can get, get addicted to this now - Jonathan S.
The Story So Far Placeholder "and it's sodomy" , is actually "it's haunting me" - Jack
Friend & Lover Reach Out Of The Darkness They say "Reach out IN the darkness" rather than "Reach out OF the darkness." - Isac
Strong Bad Let's Get Started On Doing All Those Awesome Things I Suggested Uh
They got the, uh, what
We got the, uh, what
Oh girl, yeah
I said, "Oh girl"
Dang, you don't look half bad
You clean up pretty nice
What do you do, take a shower?
Use some bath salts?
Well anyways, you smell like apricots
Let's get started...[song abruptly winds down] - Jonathan S.
Brian McKnight feat. Vanessa Williams Love Is They say "Love 'does this and that'" throughout the song, but nowhere in the song is the word "love" followed by the word "is." - The Barber of Cadillac Seville
Disclosure F For You Well, it gets close to mentioning it because the refrain is "Because I played the fool for you", but it isn't obvious that the F in the title stands for Fool. - Crafthead

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