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Some songs have titles that aren't used in the lyrics, and end up becoming better known for their lyrics than their title. Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is better known for the refrain "Everybody must get stoned" than it is for the title.

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Jack Jones Wive and Lovers "Oh, wives should always be lovers too... "HEY...LITTLE GIRL...Comb your hair...fix your makeup"" In this randy little number, he never says "Wives ans Lovers". - rich Connelly
James Gang Funk 49 Probably best known for Joe Walsh's guitar riff, the song starts off
Sleep all day, out all night
I know where you're goin'

But doesn't contain the word "funk" nor the number 49, either. (And they have a song Funk 48 too!) - ChrisW
Janet Jackson Strawberry Bounce Though Janet says "bounce" a few times, the word "strawberry" is never mentioned. - xxxpress
Jars Of Clay Love Song For A Savior The song should be entitled "I Want To Fall In Love With You" because those lyrics are the most common but there is no mention of the title anywhere in the song. - Isac
Jason Aldean Dirt Road Anthem He doesn't mention the word "anthem" in the song, but he mentions a dirt road. - JohnHowarth
Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit Full of references to Lewis Carroll's "Alice" books, this song could be called "Go Ask Alice" because it's the most-recognized line in the song. - crazydon
Jefferson Starship Things to Come The line "I'll be your lifeline" repeated four times. No mention of the title anywhere in the lyrics, though. - Sutch
Jerry Butler He Will Break Your Heart The only mention of the phrase "break your heart" is in the lyrics "If he did he wouldn't break your heart." This song was covered by Tony Orlando and Dawn under the title "He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)." - Isac
Jerry Lee Lewis High School Confidential It came from the movie of the same name, but not once is the title said in the song. However, "High School Hop" gets mentioned a lot! - crazydon
Jethro Tull Hymn 43 Not really a hymn, but it was quite controversial in its time; not for the morally questionable lyrics, but for the graphic (and quite accurate) account of the white man's distortion of history concerning their relationship with Native Americans in the Old West, both in books and Hollywood movies. The song claims rightfully that the white man used religion as an excuse to murder defenseless tribes - Rocky
Jethro Tull Barren Beth, Wild Desert John "Barren Beth" is used once, "Wild Desert John" is never used in the song - Doug N.
Jethro Tull For Michael Collins, Jeffery, and Me "Everyone knows who Neil Armstrong is, but SOMEONE had to stay behind and mind the store. Michael Collins is the boy who got no cake at the party known as the moonshot in '69. - princejellyfish
Jethro Tull Pibroch Pibroch is a type of bagpipe music, in this song, the guitar plays a droning note similar to the drone on a bagpipe. The word "Pibroch" is never used. - Doug N.
Jethro Tull Sad City Sisters The word "sister" is used once in the song, the title never appears. - Doug N.
Jethro Tull Cheap Day Return Only 1:20 long the song features one verse, that does not contain "Cheap Day Return" or any of the individual words in the title. "Cheap day return" refers to a type of train ticket in England and the song was written after Ian Anderson took a train to visit his father in the hospital, and wonders whether the nurses are giving him the care he needs. - Doug N.
Jim Ed Brown Morning "Suddenly I look into your sleepy eyes" (which begins each chorus) is quite possible the best know lyrics. The word "morning" is never in the lyrics. - Thessaly Danes
Jim Stafford Nifty Fifties Blues "I got the blues for the Fifties.... Miss the early Sixties too". - rich "sully" connelly
Jimi Hendrix 1983 (A Merman I should turn to be) There are no references to mermen or 1983 in this song. - Paul Warren
Joey Gian Special Agent Oso Theme He's oh so special - JohnHowarth
Joey Vantes Lisa Frank Pokes fun of her products. - americangirlfan8998
John Denver Annie's Song The "Annie" in the title is nowhere to be found in the lyrics. Instead, most people probably remember: "You fill up my senses, come fill me again." - Bob Borst
John Fogerty The Old Man Down The Road According to LyricsFreak, he sings "The old man's down the road" and at the end, "The old man is down the road". And I think Fogerty got sued because this song sounded too much like "Run Through The Jungle", a song he had relinquished the rights for. He won the suit, then countersued to recover legal fees and costs, and won that too. Moral: sue the bastages!!! - Greg Hulak
John Mellencamp Key West Intermezzo No mention of any of the Florida Keys in this song, only "I saw you first" and something about crucifying John Lennon. - Indy
John Mellencamp Authority Song The only mention of the word "authority" is in the line "(Well) I fight authority, Authority always wins" but there is no mention of the word "song" anywhere in the song. - Isac
Johnny Cash Spiritual Jesus If you hear my last breath / Don't leave me here / Left to die a lonely death / I know I have sinned / But Lord I'm suffering - Azrael
Johnny Cash Ballad Of Ira Hayes Not surprisingly, neither the word "ballad" nor the phrase "ballad of" tend to be found in the lyrics of songs whose titles begin with that phrase. The most familiar line is probably at the beginning of each chorus: "Call him drunken Ira Hayes. He don't answer anymore." So a possible "alternate title" by which it might be known could be "Call Him Drunken Ira Hayes" or simply "Ira Hayes". - Thessaly Danes
Johnny Horton The Battle Of New Orleans The word "battle" does not occur in the lyrics. - Thessaly Danes
Journey Daydream Fly, fly by my window - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Joy Division Atmosphere Walk in silence - Joey F.
Juice Newton Texas Heartache Lyrics include "There's a heartache, deep in the heart of Texas" and "It takes a place as big as Texas to hold a heartache big as mine", but never the phrase "Texas heartache". - William Ransom
Julia Ward Howe The Battle Hymn of the Republic Best known lines include "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord" and "Glory, glory, Hallelujah". - Daisy Pappus
Julian Lennon Valotte Not mentioned in the song - Joe H
Julie Andrews Wexford Carol First line is "Good People All, This Christmas Time"; the title is not found in the lyrics. - Donna Rand Blitzen
Julie Andrews Irish Carol First line is "Christmas Day Is Come"; the title is not found in the lyrics. - Donna Rand Blitzen
June Elevators Are Matchmakers Can you really think just how this feels? All I wanted was your time Cause I know you've got an answer set aside - Katy
The Just Dance Band Sugar Dance "Don't Stop, don't stop till the break of day!" - 64Gamer

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