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Some songs have titles that aren't used in the lyrics, and end up becoming better known for their lyrics than their title. Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is better known for the refrain "Everybody must get stoned" than it is for the title.

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The Cab This City Is Contagious It gets super close with "this city's contagious", but the contraction isn't in the title, so it doesn't count. - Insertnamehere
The Cab That '70s Song There is no mention of the 70s anywhere in the song - Insertnamehere
Cage The Elephant Social Cues "At least, you're on the radio" is the song's most repeated line. - Opie M.
Cake Shadow Stabbing Say it all - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Calvin Harris & R3HAB Burnin' This one's for all the bouncers - JohnHowarth
Cannibal and The Headhunters Land of 1,000 Dances This is the original version of the song. Like the Wilson Pickett cover and all other versions, the title is nowhere to be seen. - Rock Maninoff
The Capsules Bossy Boots Song This is the song featured in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Bossy Boots" hence the song's name. - JohnHowarth
Cardi B Bodak Yellow She doesn't say "bodak yellow" in any of the lyrics. Instead, the song's title was inspired by Florida-based rapper Kodak Black and his 2014 song "No Flockin". - John Howarth
The Cardigans Lovefool Love me, love me, say the you love me... - Joe H
The Carpenters Superstar "Don't you remember you told me you loved me, baby?" - crazydon
Cartoon Themes Classic Nick Nick Nick Nick nick nick nick na-nick nick nick. Nickelodeon! - JohnHowarth
Cast of 'Guys And Dolls' Fugue For Tinhorns This is the opening song in 'Guys And Dolls' and is in a round. The most popular lines are "I have the horse right here, his name is Paul Revere" and "If he says that the horse can do, can do, can do". - Broadway Cho
Cat Stevens Bad Penny "Oh, no, don't say those same idle lies
I-I've heard them before."

From the album "Buddha and The Chocolate Box". - oldsongs
Cat Stevens Father and Son It's more of a scripted song where the father sings one part and the son sings the next. And "I have to go away" is mentioned more in this song. - Paul Warren
CBS Radio Laid James Gang and cover version by Matt Nathanson - Brian Thomas
Cerrone Love In C Minor While an enormously influential recording, the only lyric is "Love me". - Rich "Sully" Connelly
Chad & Jeremy A Summer Song "soft....kisses on a summer day" Naturally, they never say anything along the lines of, you know, "Here's a summer song".And, not for nothing...if you'll forgive an observation, anyone who dislikes this recording should seek help. - Rich Sully Connelly
The Chainsmokers Roses The word "Roses" isn't said in any of the lyrics, but instead references its guest vocalist, Philadelphia songstress Rozes. - John Howarth
Change A Lover's Holiday Holiday....Holiday...Celebrate....All Right, Yeah - Rich Connelly
The Charlatans U.K. Polar Bear "Your not one of those...". The same album contain's a song called "Your not very well", so I cant tell if these guys are ignorant or just not comfortable with the english language. Either way , they SHOULD be able to express themselves, as they are from the U.K. - princejellyfish
Charlie Daniels Uneasy Rider The song about a hippie's encounter with angry patrons of a "redneck" bar is still funny--and timely---today. - Country
Charlotte Church She Moved Through The Fair Lyrics include "She went through the fair" but never "She moved through the fair". Opening line is "My young love said to me", which might form an "alternate title". On the other hand, the words that end the first and last verses are "It will not be long, love, 'til our wedding day". That is another excerpt that might be the best known words and / or form an "alternate" title. - Karen Smith
Charlotte Church Gabriel's Message "The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came" is the opening line, and therefore might be a "title" by which the song could be better known. It conatins the only mention of Gabriel in the lyrics, and that mention is in the nominative case, not the possessive case, as is found in the title. And the word "message" is entirely absent from the lyrics. - Ava Murphy
Chasing Thrill Fast Like You The title is not in the lyrics at all. - Jack
Cheap Trick Hummer there is a 'hmm hmm' in the lyrics but that's it. The content has nothing to do with hummingbirds, the vehicle or that vulgar sexual slang word either. - Get Your Mind Out Of the Gutter
Chevelle Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) Once again, the only part of the title that's actually sung is what's in parentheses. - Jonathan S.
Chicago Beginnings Even though the title is in the plural, in the song it is singular. - Isac
Chicago Poem 58 I wonder what they did to the other 57 Poems. - Paul Warren
Chicago South California Purples Huh? - Agrimorfee
Childish Gambino Redbone He doesn't say the word "redbone" in any of the lyrics, but he does sing this in the chorus: "Stay woke / n****s creepin'". - Ariana Grande mocha swirl
Chiodos A Letter From Janelle don't you think i could tell that you were trying to, trying to make a fool out of me. a fool out of me. - Katy
The Chipmunks Alvin's Harmonica The lines "I wanna play my harmonica" and "I'm gonna play my harmonica" appear in the lyrics, but the title doesn't appear. - Candy Welty
Christmas Traditional The Cherry Tree Carol Begins "When Joseph was an old man, An old man was he," The first part of that might make an alternate "title". Though a cherry tree is referred to in the lyrics, the word "carol" is never found there. - Ava Murphy
Chuck Berry Run Rudolph Run He sings "Run, run, Rudolph" in the song; never "Run, Rudolph, run." - crazydon
Chumbawamba Tubthumping The biggest earworm of the 1990's, the title is nowhere in the lyrics, but the line "I get knocked down, but I get up again" appears a lot! - crazydon
Circa Survive Handshakes at Sunrise We wont stop until the dawn has Given its all to you - Katy
The Clash Train in Vain This ought to be called "Stand by Me" because it's the most-repeated line in the song, but since there is already a song called "Stand by Me"… - crazydon
The Classic Crime The Fight I'll take my heart back
And set the people free
I'll leave the dead to die
And take who's coming with me - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The End Complete I: The Fall Of House Atlantic No. - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The Willing Well III: Apollo II: The Telling Truth "I'll make you wish you hadn't burned our time before.
I'll live through this in a manner cursed at my own accord." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The End Complete IV: The Road And The Damned I believed in the world, once in front of me; well now that's gone. - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The Willing Well II: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness "Run, little rabbit, go hide in the blades of that grass.
Run, rabbit, run." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Second Stage Turbine Blade No lyrics at all =] - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The Willing Well I: Fuel For The Feeding End "The better end of all to come.
The truth be now here one by one.
I am to you extend to none.
The memory to fuel the fire." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The Reaping Hell must know there have been worse things I've done. I hold out these hands to receive the sum. Purge these days. Will we accept the things we must? The world will now learn of change to come... or no world. - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Mother May I "So run little children, play.
I’ll leave the light off to turn your mother on. " - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Gravemakers & Gunslingers I don’t wanna live no more. You’ve got the gun, I’ve got the bullets. Don’t wanna live no more. Oh baby, be my lover, go on & pull that trigger. - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The Lying Lies & Dirty Secrets Of Miss Erica Court No, no, I said, “When you go, they won't be following.” - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The Ring In Return A phone rings, a girl answers, music ensues, a man responds. No lyrics. - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Apollo I: The Writing Writer "I'll gravitate towards you.
I will, in the now, hate you. " - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Crossing The Frame "Press the steps I take to cross your door frame
if you decide to answer when my fist rings hello." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Welcome Home "Hang on to the glory at my right hand.
Here, laid to rest, is our love ever longed.
With truth on the shores of compassion,
you seem to take premise to all of these songs." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Always & Never "Stay with me and fall asleep.
Pray to God for no bad dreams. " - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Keeping The Blade It's an instrumental. - Katy
Coheed and Cambria A Favor House Atlantic "Bye, bye beautiful, don't bother to write.
Disturbed by your words, and they're calling all cars.
Face step, let down. Face step, step down." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The Velorium Camper III: Al The Killer "Let this colony know, in the name of the dead, we're coming." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Three Evils (Embodied In Love In Shadow) "You'll listen to reason while you're face down in the dirt.
You'll stomach the hurt and break for him here just how much he's worth." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Cuts Marked In The March Of Men "Slowly the streets begin to fill with new flesh bound to bone.
Armed and ready, it begins again." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 "The navigator, the pilot, her favorite,
the one they call the vision that bears the gift." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria The Ring In Return "Hello?

Hello Apollo. Where should I begin?" - Katy
Coheed and Cambria 33 "In pieces, they staggered embedded.
Rush me to the emergency room.
Flat line equals frantic endeavor,
but I guess this’ll have to do now.
Patrick short flip and outside. We’re bringing it home." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Hearshot Kid Disaster "Still searching for your face in the arm that killed the president.
Relapse waiting here for.
Still searching for your face in the crowd that buried New Mexico.
I’ll be waiting here for." - Katy
Coheed and Cambria Delirium Trigger "You made a good friend to me,
but while you were outnumbered and torn,
you made us do things." - Katy
Coldplay Music of the Spheres II Close, but after someone singing the album's title, all lyrics are spoken backwards messages. - JohnHowarth
Coldplay Orphans No mention of orphans in the song - Brit Boxx
Coldplay Viva La Vida "I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing / Roman Cavalry choirs are singing" - hamburger456
Coldplay Infinity Sign Despite the name, there is no mention of an infinity sign in the lyrics. The most well-known lyrics are "ole, ole, ole, ole, ole, ole" and "spiritus sanc" - JohnHowarth
Coldplay The Scientist Nobody said it was easy. It's such a shame for us to part. Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it would be this hard. - Brian Kelly
Coldplay Parachutes Chris Martin doesn't say the word "Parachutes" in any of the lyrics, but he says "always, always". - JohnHowarth
Coldplay Don't Panic Despite the name, they never say "Don't Panic." The most well known lyrics are "We live in a beautiful world." Because of this, it is often mistakenly called "Beautiful World." - Bob
Coldplay Hymn For The Weekend Never mentions anything close to "Hymn For The Weekend" - Jim
Collective Soul Tremble For My Beloved What's actually sung is "I tremble for my LOVE, always". - Jonathan S.
Concrete Blonde Bloodletting Despite the name, singer Johnette Napolitano never mentions bloodletting in the song, but she mentions a vampire. - JohnHowarth
The Countdown Kids I Was Working on the Railroad This is an alternative title for I've Been Working on the Railroad, not a different version. - JohnHowarth
Countdown Kids This Is The Way the Ladies Ride This is the way the farmer rides - John Howarth
Counting Crows A Murder Of One All your life is just a shame, shame, shame./All your love is just a dream, dream, dream. (Note: While the song doesn't feature its own name, it does feature that of the band.) - Brian Kelly
The Cowsills The Rain, The Park, And Other Things I've heard it called "The Flower Girl" instead of its official title. The words "rain" and "park" are scattered through the lyrics, but never the words "other things" or the entire phrase that is the title. One who didn't klnow the title could never come close to guessing it from the lyrics. - Thessaly Danes
Cracker Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now) Dan sings "What the world needs now" several times, but never says "teen angst". - Brian Kelly
The Cranberries Ode To My Family The most familiar part would be the "Do do do do"s at the start and end. - Brian Kelly
The Cranberries Sunday You're spinning me around./My feet are off the ground./I dunno where I stand./Do you have to hold my hand? - Brian Kelly
The Cranberries All Over Now Dolores actually sings "so over now" instead of "all over now". - Brian Kelly
Crash Test Dummies Superman's Song It is a song about Superman's mortality, but the "song" part is not in the lyrics. And there is no apostrophe s in Superman that could be found there either. - MOR
Crash Vegas It's Not Funny Anymore The Crash Vegas singer Michelle McAdorey always inserted the word "just" between "It's" and "not" in the title. - JohnHowarth
Cream Badge Where in the song do they ever talk about a badge? - David Jones
Cream SWLABR The odd title is an acronym standing for: "She Was Like A Bearded Rainbow". Which is interesting when you recall the chorus: "But the rainbow has a beard" - Doug N.
Creedence Clearwater Revival Fortunate Son He sings "(something) son" several times followed shortly by "fortunate one", but never "fortunate son". - Brian Kelly
Crosby Stills & Nash Suite: Judy Blue Eyes I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are... you take it hard. - Carole Krus
Crowded House Kare Kare It is dedicated to the place where the album and song were recorded. "Sleep by no means comes too soon, in a valley lit by the moon." - dizrythmia
The Cruel Sea Black Stick The word black is used twice in the lyric. Stick is never used. - Doug N.
Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman "She's she stands there singing for money" - Rich "sully" Connelly
Culture Club Time (Clock Of The Heart) The parenthetical part of the title is never found in the lyrics. - Brit Boxx
The Cure Love Song The word song never appears in the song.. - Joe H
The Cure Open This is the opening song for the album "Wish" hence the song's title. - JohnHowarth
The Cure Alt.end I want this to be the end. - JohnHowarth
Curve Fait Accompli These words are not in the song's lyrics. They do mention "fate". But it's a totally different word from "fait", which is pronounced "fay". - Brit Boxx
Cyndi Lauper The Goonies R Good Enough The Goonies are never mentioned in the song even though it was from the movie. "Good enough" is mentioned several times. - MOR

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