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Some songs have titles that aren't used in the lyrics, and end up becoming better known for their lyrics than their title. Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is better known for the refrain "Everybody must get stoned" than it is for the title.

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R.E.M. Texarkana I would give my life to find it./I would give it all./Catch me if I fall. - Brian Kelly
R.E.M. So. Central Rain The chorus just repeats "I'm sorry!" over and over. Maybe Michael's apologizing to the title for not featuring it. - Brian Kelly
R.E.M. E-Bow The Letter Look up, what do you see?
All of you and all of me
Flourescent and starry
Some of them, they surprise. - Rocky
R.E.M. Pop Song '89 Can we talk about the weather? Should we talk about the government? - Brian Kelly
Radiohead Bodysnatchers The chorus has the line "I'm trapped in the body and can't get out" but that's as close as it gets. - Hawk
Radiohead High And Dry Not every word in the title is in the song. Which word is missing? "And". - Brian Kelly
Radiohead Paranoid Android You don't remember. You don't remember. Why don't you remember my name? - Brian Kelly
Radiohead Idioteque An unusually electronic piece from this group, from their 2000 album Kid A. As for the lyrics... well, there are a lot that get briefly repeated ("Who's in bunker?", "Women and children first" and "Ice age coming" to name a few), so it's anyone's guess what people might think the title is. - Jonathan S.
Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees He says "Fake plastic" a couple of times, but follows it with "trees" neither time. - Brian Kelly
The Ramones Censorshit Tipper what's that sticker doing on my CD?
Is that some kind of warning to protect me?
Freedom of choice needs a stronger stronger voice
... Ah Tipper come on, don't you think you're getting on?
Ask Ozzy, Zappa or me
We'll show you what it's like to be free... Hey hey all you senators' wives
You need to take a good look at your own lives
Before you come preaching to me
Your definition of obscenity... Neither the words "censorship" or "censorshit" are used but the lyrics clearly indicate what the subject is and what the Ramones feel about that issue. - Rock Out Censorship
Randy Newman Political Science "They all hate us anyhow, so let's drop the big one now - let's drop the big one now." The song is about the USA bombing the rest of the world to smithereens - a twisted version of political science - but the title makes no appearance in the song. - Martha Hankins
Raydio Jack And Jill Although the names Jack and Jill are mentioned during the song , the "and" is not. - Percy Fingertips
Reba McEntire Ring on Her Finger, Time on Her Hands The word "her" is nowhere in the lyrics. The closest lines to the title are "I had a ring on my finger and time on my hands" and "It's just a ring on your finger when there's time on your hands." - William Ransom
Rebecca Frezza B3 She sings the word "bee" many times in the song, but never the number 3 - Brionna Secret
Rebecca Frezza H20 + O2 + Sun The exact title isn't sung, but the common terms for them " Give them water, clean air, and sunlight" are - Brionna Secret
The Red Hot Chili Peppers Emit Remmus London in the summer time - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Grim Goodbye I feel something deep inside me,
I feel deep inside
I feel something deep inside me and I can't let this go, whoa, - Katy
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus In Fate's Hands "Shake it, break it, get off your feet,
come dance with me and don't you fake it." - Katy
Refreshments European Swallow I'll do anything for you
Anything that you want me to
It's just going to take a little more money - Katy
Refreshments Blue Collar Suicide I can't sleep cause she snores like a chain saw And I can't eat cause she can't cook I can't write cause she's got all my inspiration And she can't count all the pills I took - Katy
Refreshments Banditos Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people, So meet me at the mission at midnight, We'll divvy up there. - Katy
Regina Spektor  Fidelity I hear in my mind, All these voices I hear in my mind, all these words I hear in my mind all this music And it breaks my heart And it breaks my heart And it breaks my heaaaaaaaaaaart, It breaks my heaaaaaaaart (She streches out the "a" sound in the the chrorus - Allen Sanchez
Relient K Elephant Parade What's actually sung is, "Hip hip hooray for the elephants *ON* parade." - Jonathan S.
Relient K Sahara So I'll ask one thing
Just one thing of you
Don't ever turn me loose
Even when I turn my back - Jonathan S.
Relient K The Only Thing Wose Than Beating A Dead Horse Is Betting On One Nothing even close to the title is used in the song. I'd show you a chorus, but this song is so short it doesn't even have one! It ends with, "We control the chaos In the back of our minds Our problems seem so small But they grow on us Like gravity But gravity still makes us fall" (You can also look this one up under "Super Short Pop Songs.") - Jonathan S.
Relient K Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care The lyrics are, "I just wasted ten seconds of your life." That's it, that's the whole song. Do YOU see anything about melting crayons in ther??? Didn't think so. - K@
Relient K Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet The title isn't mentioned ANYWHERE in the song! The chorus goes: "No, I don't hate you/Don't wanna fight you/You know I'll always love you/But right now I just don't like you" Which particular one of these lines people would think is the title, I don't know. - Jonathan S.
REM Star Me Kitten The title is censored. Michael's actually singing "F*** me kitten". - Brian Kelly
Remy Zero Perfect Memory The parenthetical title "I'll Remember You" is said instead. - JohnHowarth
Remy Zero Over the Rails and Hollywood High Now the last great hollywood high/Stole right over the rails - JohnHowarth
The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody Title is definitely not in lyrics, although I know of no other "alternate title". - Thessaly Danes
The Righteous Brothers Soul And Inspiration The Brothers add two words, making the first line in the chorus "You're my soul and my heart's inspiration." The Words "soul and inspiration" are never sang together - Odie Garfield
Ringo The NO NO Song Naturally, he never says anything along the lines of, you know "Here's The NoNo song". - Rich Sully Connelly
Rise Against Savior This one comes close; the chorus mentions a girl who says "I just wanna save you while there's still something left to save," but I don't recall the word "savior" being mentioned. - Jonathan S.
Rise Against Injection So, give me the drug
Keep me alive
Give me what's left of my life
Don't let me go - Katy
Rise Against The Good Left Undone All because of you
I havent slept in so long
When i do i dream
Of drowning in the ocean - Katy
Rise Against  Politics of Love The title is nowhere to be found in the lyrics. - Jack
Ritchie Family Quiet Village Most every line in the song is repeated several times. Repetitious lines or couplets include:"You sexy thing, you turn me on / Keep rockin' steady all night lo-ong", and "Gimme, gimme what I want". From those might come various apparent titles, including "Sexy Thing', "You Sexy Thing" and "Gimme What I Want". But the actual title occurs nowhere in the lyrics. - Lauren Overstreet
Rob Thomas Streetcorner Symphony "Street" and "corner" are mentioned at separate times, but never as one word. And "symphony" isn't heard at all. - MOR
Robert Plant Burning Down One Side One of his early hits following the break-up of Led Zeppelin. The title is nowhere in the song. - Frosty The Cat
Robert Plant Other Arms The word "other" is not in the lyrics. He actually sings "Lay down your arms". - Rock Maninoff
Robert Plant Big Log "My love is in league with the freeway" is the song's most famous line. - Bone Soup
The Robins Riot In Cell Block #9 What's Actually sung is "There's a riot goin' on up in cell block #9".

NOTE: Because some members of this group later became part of The Coasters, this song is sometimes credited to that group. - Jonathan S.
Rock 'N Learn Color Practice This song is for practicing finding colors. - JohnHowarth
Rock 'N Learn Basic Colors The song teaches basic colors. - JohnHowarth
Rod Stewart Young Turks Nowhere in the song is the title mentioned; the chorus begins with the line "Young hearts be free tonight"! - crazydon
Rod Stewart The Motown Song The only mention of the word "Motown" is in the lyrics "Bring over some of your old Motown records." However, nowhere in the song is the word Motown preceded by "the" or followed by "song." - Isac
Rod Stewart Maggie May Only the title calls the subject "Maggie May". In the lyrics, she is referred to only as "Maggie". - Emmy Kay Butanone
Rod Stewart Tomorrow Is a Long Time The similar line "If tomorrow wasn't such a long time" appears in the song, but not the title itself. - Bob
Rod Stewart Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? He never sings the whole title. Instead, he sings "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy". This has always bothered me. - Odie Garfield
Rod Stewart The Killing Of Georgie Like a lot of Rod's best songs, the lyrics tell a story - Eddie2112
The Rolling Stones Country Honk On Joe Cocker's album "Mad Dogs & Englishmen," this song is called "Honky Tonk Women," which is what the title should be - Alan of Seville
The Rolling Stones She's A Rainbow Mick Jagger says "She's LIKE a rainbow" in this song. - Rich Poor
The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed Sexually explicit song from the album of the same name. The title is a parody of the Beatles' "Let It Be". - stoned
The Rolling Stones Paint It Black The closest he comes is "painted black". - Brian Kelly
Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil Though this is about Satan, it should be called "Please to meet you", but then again it may cause confusion. - Paul Warren
The Rolling Stones  Rocks Off The title is suggestive, but it's nowhere in the song. - Rock Maninoff
Roy Orbison Mean Woman Blues Well, I got a woman... Mean as she could be. - rich connelly
Royal Guardsmen Snoopy vs. the Red Baron Should be known as 'The Bloody Red Baron', but this was the 60's so 'bloody' may have been too explicit for that time. - Paul Warren
Rush Marathon From first to last
The peak is never passed - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rush The Spirit Of Radio Invisible airwaves crackle with life - Eddie2112
Rush Distant Early Warning The world weighs on my shoulders./But what am I to do?/You sometimes drive me crazy,/but I worry about you. - Brian Kelly
Rush BU2B In the song, "BU2B" is actually short for "brought up to believe", which is sung multiple times, but "BU2B" as a word is never sung. - noskcaJ
Rush The Body Electric 1 0 0 1 0 0 1
SOS - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rush Lessons You didn't listen again - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rush The Analog Kid You move me - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rush Rivendell You feel there's something calling you
You're wanting to return
To where the misty mountains rise and friendly fires burn
- RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rush Manhattan Project The big bang took and shook the world
Shot down the rising sun - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rush Entre Nous Just between us
"Entre Nous" means "between us" in French but "entre nous" isn't present in the song lyrics. - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rush Red Sector A I hear the sound of gunfire at the prison gate
Are the liberators here?
Do I hope or do I fear? - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rush Vital Signs Everybody got to elevate from the norm... - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rush Madrigal When the dragons grow too mighty
To slay with pen or sword
I grow weary of the battle
And the storm I walk toward - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Rusty Eye Return Of The Scarecrow Return Of The Scarecrow is not in the lyrics - weirdkid106

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