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This is the most recent information about Jimi Hendrix that has been submitted to amIright. If we have more information about Jimi Hendrix, then we provide a link to the section where it appears (the actual page whenever possible).

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Possible Misspelled Names:

These are the alternate spellings of the performer's name we've had to correct in submissions to amIright.

Jimmi Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix & Bob Dylan


"When I die, just keep playing the records."
Submitted by: Hoodoo Chile
Knowledge talks but wisdom listens.
Submitted by: myles
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From a freedom of Information release, it has emerged an Italian tabloid sent 4 prostitutes backstage at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, but on leaving Jimi Hendrix's dressing room, they were told they were only supposed to blow the bloody Doors off.
Submitted by: Van S A'Parody

Music Performer Pseudonyms:

Also known as: James Marshall Hendricks. Submitted by: billie joe

Also known as: James Marshall Hendricks. Submitted by: Bill

Weird Names of Music Performer's Children:

  • Ziggy - Ziggy's a hot name and Hendrix is a legend. Submitted by: cass

Song Titles Not Used as Lyrics:

Song Name
Comments & Submitter Name
"1983 (A Merman I should turn to be)"There are no references to mermen or 1983 in this song. - Paul Warren

New Song Names:

Original Song Name
New Song Name
Submitter Name
"The Ballad Of Jim E.""The Ballad Of Jimi"D. Melody Dole, MD
"Voodoo Chili""Voodoo Chile"hardrock
"Hey, Schmo""Hey, Joe"oldschool
"Little Thing""Little Wing"little
"Purple Grapes""Purple Haze"oldrock

Literally Impossible Song Titles:

Submitter Name
"The Wind Cries Mary,"Uh, Jimi? Wind can't really speak.Darius Kamron Whitehead
"I Don't Live Today,"True now, but not when he recorded this song.Yvette Bristle
"Stone Fire,"Stone doesn't burn.Candy Welty
"1983...(a Merman I Should Turn To Be),"A worm meal he really turned to be. C. Thompson

Use a Song Title to Answer a Different Song:

Song & Band Name
Song & Band Name
"I Believe I Can Fly," R. Kelly"Crash Landing," Jimi Hendrix
"Jet Airliner," Steve Miller Band"Crash Landing," Jimi Hendrix
"Learning To Fly," Pink Floyd"Crash Landing," Jimi Hendrix
"What Child Is This?," Traditional"Voodoo Child (Slight Return)," Jimi Hendrix
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Remove a Letter From a Song Title:

"Cash Landing" originally "Crash Landing"
Beverly Stiles
"I Don't Lie Today" originally "I Don't Live Today"
Yvette Bristle
"Tone Free" originally "Stone Free"
John Phillips Screwdriver
"Up From The Skis" originally "Up From The Skies"
Hayley Spalding
"Foxy Lad" originally "Foxy Lady"

Add a Letter to a Song Title:

"Mall Along The Watchtower" originally "All Along The Watchtower"
"Hey Joey" originally "Hey Joe"
Another variant of the name Joseph.
"Hey Joel" originally "Hey Joe"
"May I Whisper In Your Pear" originally "May I Whisper In Your Ear"
Alyssa Jayne
"May I Whisper In Your Gear" originally "May I Whisper In Your Ear"
Alyssa Jayne

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Change a Letter:

"I Don't Jive Today" originally "I Don't Live Today"
Yvette Bristle
"I Don't Love Today" originally "I Don't Live Today"
Could mean not liking the day, or not showing love
"I Don't Like Today" originally "I Don't Live Today"
Changes 'today' from adverb to direct object noun.
Naomi Swanson
"I Don't Jive Today" originally "I Don't Live Today"
Naomi Swanson
"I Don't Dive Today" originally "I Don't Live Today"
Naomi Swanson

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Apr 7
a parody of "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix
Ode to overactive Sweat Glands loaded with HandFarts & Tire Pump solos.
YouTube: (YouTube Video)
Mar 22
a parody of "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix
Much less violent than the original, features a fine tire pump solo.
YouTube: (Video)
Feb 26
a parody of "Red House" by Jimi Hendrix
Glue Traps, Home Depot and a '92 Fender Strat.
YouTube: (Video)
May 8
a parody of "The Wind Cries Mary" by Jimi Hendrix
A homeless man surveys his surroundings, revealing his pessimism on love/marriage, his distrust of the police and his growing belief that nature is out to do him in.
Soundclick: (Mp3)
Jan 2
a parody of "Foxy Lady" by Jimi Hendrix
Jimi expresses his attraction and affection for a homeless lady who collects cardboard boxes... she also lives in a cardboard box.
Soundclick: (Mp3)

Song Parody Lyrics:

Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"Hey Joe""Hey Prez"EWOP
"Foxy Lady""FOX Is Shady"eel deal
"Foxy Lady""Foxxy Lady (Kim Foxx)"Arch Vile
"Purple Haze""Scuse Me While I Sniff This Guy"Callmelennie
"Stone Free""Stone Freak"John A. Barry
"Purple Haze""Velvet Fog"Chris Caillouet
"Purple Haze""Froggy Maze"Darius Whitehead
"The Wind Cries Mary""Sonja Misses Heathcliff"Darius Whitehead
"Foxy Lady""Odie Doggy"Darius Whitehead
"Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire""Let Me Tell You About My Color"Darius Whitehead

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Songs for Commercials, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

Song Name
Foxy LadyFox News ChannelTarzan
Foxy LadyFox News ChannelTarzan
All Along The WatchtowerThe Jehovah's WitnessesPickle*
Manic DepressionZoloft or ProzacEl Scorcho
The Wind Cries Mary'Mary Poppins' Stage Showpickle*
There are additional commercials that haven't been done yet available.

Bad Choices for On Hold Music:

Song Name
I Don't Live TodaySuicide HotlineAkira
CocaineDrug RehabJoeKing
Purple HazeDrug HotlineStobes
FireHospital Burn Victim's WardChase Waggoner
FireCrematoriumPope George Ringo
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Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
And She Was
   Talking Heads
Foxy Lady
   Jimi Hendrix
And She Was A Foxy Lady
Three Times A Lady
   The Commodores
Foxy Lady
   Jimi Hendrix
Three Times A Foxy Lady
South California Purples
Purple Haze
   Jimi Hendrix
South California Purple Haze
When The Wind Blows
   Point Of Grace
The Wind Cries Mary
   Jimi Hendrix
When The Wind Blows Mary
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Misheard Lyrics:

Misheard Lyrics:
You don't care for me
I'm gonna kill myself
Original Lyrics:
You don't care for me
I don't care about that
"Purple Haze"
Misheard Lyrics:
Excuse me while I fish this guy!
Excuse me while I kiss this guy
Original Lyrics:
Excuse me while I kiss the sky
"All Along the Watchtower"
Misheard Lyrics:
All along the watchtower
Princess kept the view
While all the woman came and went.
One plus something’s two.
Outside in the cold distance, a wild captured growled.
Two rowdies were approaching; the wind began to howl.
Original Lyrics:
All along the watchtower
Prince’s kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too.
Outside in the cold distance
A wildcat did growl.
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl.
"Purple Haze"
Misheard Lyrics:
Excuse me while I kiss this guy.
Original Lyrics:
Excuse me while I kiss THE SKY.
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Misheard Lyrics Stories:

"Purple Haze"
Misheard Lyrics:
Excuse me while I fish this guy!
Excuse me while I kiss this guy
Original Lyrics:
Excuse me while I kiss the sky

Story about this misheard lyric by: Ashley Brown

When I first heard this, I was thinking that he was going fishing and caught a big fish and realized that it was a guy! LOL!

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Song Parody Fragments:

"Purple Haze"
Better Lyrics:
'Scuse me while I piss the sky
Original Lyrics:
'scuse me while I kiss the sky
Submitted by: rack-racki!

Funniest Song Lyrics:

"Red House"
The Funny Lyrics:
Cause if my baby don't love me no more
I know her sister will
Why They're Funny:
Apologies, but a guy immediately turning to his girlfriend's sister after a break up just seems funny to me.
Submitted by: Newt Gingpoor
"Manic Depression"
The Funny Lyrics:
Music, sweet music, how I wish I could caress thee.
Why They're Funny:
Wanting to make love to music (in the least sexually explicit way possible) is just crazy enough to make me laugh.
Submitted by: Adam
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Misrhymed Song Lyrics:

"Purple Haze"
The Misrhymed Lyrics:
Am I happy or in misery?
Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me
Why They're Misrhymed:
Misery and me dont rhyme at all. He was probably desprate for a rhyme scheme!
Submitted by: Jen
The Misrhymed Lyrics:
Freedom, that's what I need-em.
Why They're Misrhymed:
Tidy work there Jimi, never fails to crack me up.
Submitted by: Tom

Song Lyrics That Name Check Celebrities:

The Lyrics:
Move over, Rover
And let Jimi take over
Who They Mention:
Jimi Hendrix (One of the most famous songs where the artist mentions himself).
Submitted by: rocky

Song Lyrics That Mention Other Songs:

"1983 (A Mermaid I Should Turn To Be)"
The Song Lyrics:
Oh say can you see, It's really such a mess.
Song They Mention:
Refers to "Star Spangled Banner" (aka the U.S. national anthem) by Francis Scott Key.
Submitted by: Paul Warren

Songs That Open With Their Titles:

Opening Lines:
Angel came down from Heaven yesterday.
Submitted by: Brian Kelly
"Room Full of Mirrors"
Opening Lines:
I used to live in a room full of mirrors
Submitted by: Sutch
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Song Title Space Change:

"The Ballad Of Jim I." originally "The Ballad of Jimi"
Submitted by: Linda Radnil
"We Gotta Live To Get Her" originally "We Gotta Live Together"
Submitted by: Yvette Bristle

Band Name Anagrams:

I.R. Jinxed Him Submitted by: James d
Jinx Hide Rim Submitted by: Travis
Emir Hid Jinx Submitted by: Tiffany Llewellyn-Affit

Song Title Anagrams:

"The Wary Mind Cries" originally "The Wind Cries Mary"
Submitted by: Sabrina Flowe
"The Ram Cries Windy" originally "The Wind Cries Mary"
Submitted by: Dinah Bartilson
"To See Fern" originally "Stone Free"
Submitted by: Alexis
"No Free Set" originally "Stone Free"
Submitted by: Alexis
"Free Tones" originally "Stone Free"
Submitted by: Alexis

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Real Places Mentioned in Songs:

"Spanish Castle Magic"
The Lyrics:
just a little bit of spanish castle magic.
Spanish Castle was a teen nightclub in Seattle, where Jimi grew up. It was segregated, and he couldnt go there, even though he wanted to
Submitted by: Sam
"Hey Joe"
The Lyrics:
I'm goin' way down south, way down Mexico way.
Submitted by: Paul Warren

Songs That Are Banned:

"Voodoo Child"
Was banned from being played in a now-defunct London-based guitar shop because of many potential customers using it for testing guitars. 'Sweet Child Of Mine' by Guns 'n' Roses was also banned.
Submitted by: Weird Dave
"How Would You Feel"
In 1965, this Jimi Hendrix's single is given little airplay on radio because the song deals with the plight of blacks in America.
Submitted by: Peter

Super Long Pop Songs:

"Machine Gun" Length: 12:36
From the Band of Gypsys album.
Submitted by: GB
"1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)" Length: 13:39
Probably one of Jimi Hendrix's longest-running song.
Submitted by: Paul Warren

Song Title Spoonerisms:

"Fry Mend" originally "My Friend"
Submitted by: Penelope Beckinsale
"Song Not Hummer Lights" originally "Long Hot Summer Nights"
Submitted by: Cheryl Jordan
"Ratfish Blues" originally "Catfish Blues"
Ratfish (aka Chimaera), vaguely related to sharks.
Submitted by: Melanie Bianca Green
"Batfish Clues" originally "Catfish Blues"
I have no clue as to what a batfish would be.
Submitted by: Thessaly Danes

Upbeat Songs With Depressing Lyrics:

"Manic Depression"
The Lyrics:
"Music sweet music, I wish I could caress (in a kiss). Manic depression's a frustrating mess!"
'The song does a great job describing the emotional Tilt-a-whirl that a lot of artists faced as virtual overnight media darling's. Welcome to the machine.
Submitted by: princejellyfish
"Burning of the Midnight Lamp"
The Lyrics:
The Morning is dead, and the day is too.
There's nothing left to greet me, but the Velvet Moon.
All my Loneliness I have felt today,
It's a little more than enough to make a man throw himself away.
This hard-rocker with great guitar-effects almost drowns the sorrow of the lyrics which mentions about a guy who's lonely everyday.
Submitted by: Paul Warren

Names as a Word Bank:

Jim, I'm Him, Den, Ren, Rix Submitted by: Darius Whitehead
jim has twins who can't take the licks.

Crime Records:

"Drug Possession"
Hendrix said that the drugs were put in his luggage when he was arrested in Toronto. He also was arrested and sent to Juvenile Hall back in High School.
Submitted by: Paul Warren

What A Band is Best Known For (aside from their music):

"The One-Finger Salute"
Jimi Hendrix opened for The Monkees in 1967, but since many of the people in the audience jeered him, Jimi Hendrix showed them how he felt about raising his middle finger!
Submitted by: Paul Warren
"Choking on His Vomit"
Jimi Hendrix broke all sorts of racial barriers by being the best guitar player in the caucasian dominated world of rock music. So why do people only remember that his personal life was a mess?-G.P.
Submitted by: Gary Phelps
"Playing his Fender upside-down and backwards."
Lacking the money to buy his first new guitar, he bought a left-handed Fender. He then learned to play the guitar upside-down. Because of this his strings were reversed as well.
Submitted by: Wade Brock
"Burning his guitar on-stage"
Jimi Hendrix was known of burning Fender Stratocaster on-stage.
Submitted by: Susanna Viljanen

Movies Named After Song Titles:

"Purple Haze"
1983 cult film with 60's music
Submitted by: Paul Warren

Other Artists:

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