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Songs that mention their title in the opening line of the song

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Songs That Open With Their Titles Latest Entries

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Song Title
Opening Lines
Comments & Submittor Name
Herb Alpert Love Is Love is carin', love is meaning, love is sharin', love is feeling Those are the only lyrics, the rest is instrumental. - Frosty The Cat
Cast of 'Pajanimals' Happy Thoughts Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!  - Lefty Lucy
Foster The People Call It What You Want Call it what you want. I said call it what you want.  - Brian Kelly
Rick Nelson I'm A Fool To Care I'm a fool to care when you treat me this way  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson Welcome To My World Welcome to my world. Won't you come on in?  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson I Tried I tried, I tried. You said to go out, find another girl. Well I tried.  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson When The Chips Are Down Whatcha gonna do when the chips are down  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson Hello To The Wind Hello, hello to the wind. Will you carry my song gently along as you sing?   - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson Night Train To Memphis Take that night train to Memphis, take that night train to Memphis, and when you arrive at the station I'll be right there to meet you   - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson Salty Dog Let me be your salty dog  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson Walkin' Down The Line I'm walkin' down the line, I'm walkin' down the line, I'm walkin' down the line, my feet'll be a-flyin'  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson In My Dreams I'll see you tonight in a place where we meet in my dreams  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson The Bridge Washed Out The bridge washed out and I can't swim and my baby's on the other side  - Alyssa Jayne
Claudja Barry Everybody Needs Love Everybody needs love like a flower needs the rain  - Alyssa Jayne
Ben E. King They Don't Give Medals (To Yesterday's Heroes) Oh they don't give medals to yesterday's heroes 'cause yesterday's over and I've got to live for today  - Alyssa Jayne
Marina and the Diamonds Froot Froo-oo-oo-oot lalalalalala  - Lefty Lucy
Rick Nelson Just A Little Bit Sweet If you'd be just a little bit sweet to me  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson Come Out Dancin' Hey, come out dancin', yeah yeah yeah  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson Be My Love Be my love, for no one else can end this yearning  - Alyssa Jayne
Rick Nelson Say You Love Me Say you love me, say you do  - Alyssa Jayne

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