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Songs that mention their title in the opening line of the song

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Songs That Open With Their Titles, F

Song Title
Opening Lines
Comments & Submittor Name
F.R. David Words Words don't come easy to me  - Candy Welty
Fabian Hound Dog Man Hound dog man, hound dog man, I wanna be a hound dog man  - Candy Welty
Falco Rock Me Amadeus Ooh. Rock me, Amadeus.  - Brian Kelly
Falco Macho Macho macho macho  - mads.
Falco Cyberlove cyber-ber-ber-berlove  - mads
Fall Out Boy Golden How cruel is the golden rule, when the lives we lived are only golden plated Twice, ha! - Felicia
Fanny Thinking of You You, thinking of you  - Sutch
Fats Domino I'm In Love Again Yes it's me and I'm in love again  - Candy Welty
Fats Domino The Big Beat The big beat keep you rockin' in yo' seat.  - Brian Kelly
Fats Domino I'm Walkin' I'm walkin' yes indeed and I'm talkin'  - Yvette Bristle
Fats Domino Blue Monday Blue Monday, how I hate Blue Monday.  - Brian Kelly
Fats Domino There Goes (My Heart Again) There goes my heart again, there goes my heart again, there goes my heart again, there goes my heart again, so don't let me down  - Candy Welty
Fats Domino Walkin' To New Orleans This time I'm walkin' to New Orleans, I'm walkin' to New Orleans  - Candy Welty
Feeder Tangerine Tangerine, turning green  - Nat
Feeder Can't Dance to Disco I can't dress so I can't dance to disco B-side to their 1999 single "Day In Day Out" (which does not open with its title) - Nat
Feist 1234 1, 2, 3, 4. Tell me that you love me more.  - Brian Kelly
Feist Cicadas and Gulls Cicadas and gulls, they scrape on the hull  - Nat
Ferlin Husky Gone Since you've gone, the Moon, the Sun, the stars in the sky know the reason why I cry  - Yvette Bristle
The Fiery Furnaces I'm in No Mood I'm in no mood to comb my hair  - Sutch
Fifth Dimension Last Night (I Didn't Get To Sleep At All) Last night, I didn't get to sleep at all. No! No!  - soul
The Fifth Dimension Go Where You Wanna Go You gotta go where you wanna go, do what you wanna do  - Candy Welty
Fifth Dimension One Less Bell To Answer One less bell to answer. "One Less Bell To Answer" was a top five hit for the Fifth Dimension in 1972 and was the follow up to the 1971 hit "Last Night (I Didn't Get To Sleep At All)" Both songs came during the group's major easy listening period when singer Marilyn McCoo took center stage and nearly was singing solo. (McCoo would find later success in a duet with her husband -- and fellow Dimension singer -- Billy Davis, Jr. with the 1977 #1 hit, "You Don't Have To Be A Star (To Be In My Show)" and later as the host of the "Solid Gold" TV show). "One Less Bell To Answer" was also written by the pop power duo writing team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David. - Peter
Fifth Dimension Paper Cup Here inside my paper cup, Everything is looking up. In the winter of 1968, "Paper Cup" was the third top ten hit for the Fifth Dimension after "Up Up And Away" and "Go Where You Wanna Go". After the success of "Paper Cup", the Fifth Dimension would delve into psychedelic rock-soul-pop with such hits as "Stone Soul Picnic" and their 1969 #1 hit remake/medley of the Broadway musical "Hair" songs, "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In The Flesh Failures". - Peter
Firefall You Are The Woman You are the woman that I've always dreamed of. I knew it from the start.  - Candy Welty
The Fireflies I Can't Say Goodbye No, I can't say goodbye, no, it would make me cry  - Candy Welty
The Firm Star Trekkin' Star trekkin' across the universe   - Jacynthia Maries
The Five Americans Zip Code Zip, zip, zip code, zip, zip, zip code  - Candy Welty
Five Finger Death Punch The Devil's Own The Devil's Own, WHY?! Ivan (singer) says it in a deep voice - Spiderskull98
Five Finger Death Punch No One Gets Left Behind No one gets left behind! Another fallen soul!  - Garrison
Five For Fighting Chances Chances are when said and done.  - Brian Kelly
The Five Satins In The Still Of The Nite In the still of the nite I held you, held you tight  - Candy Welty
The Fixx Red Skies Red skies at night. Red skies at night.  - Brian Kelly
The Fixx Are We Ourselves? Are we, are we, are we ourselves?  - Brian Kelly
Flavor Sally Had A Party Sally had a party (Sally had a party), groovy groovy party  - Candy Welty
Fleetwood Mac Brown Eyes You look at me with those brown eyes.  - Brian Kelly
Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon Rhiannon rings like a bell in the night  - crazydon
Fleetwood Mac I Don't Want To Know I don't want to know the reasons why.  - Brian Kelly
Fleetwood Mac Gold Dust Woman Rock on, gold dust woman.  - Brian Kelly
The Fleetwoods Outside My Window Outside my window, you're walkin' by with someone new  - Candy Welty
Flight Of The Conchords Ladies Of The World Just wanna do somethin' special, for all the ladies of the world  - Jonathan S.
The Flirtations Nothing But A Heartache Nothing but a heartache every day. (Nothing but a heartache.) Nothing but a teardrop all of the way.  - Candy Welty
Flobots Handlebars I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars  - Alex
A Flock Of Seagulls European (I Wish I Was) I wish I was a European. From their 1984 The Story Of A Young Heart album. - Vic George
A Flock Of Seagulls Heart Of Steel Heart of steel, heart of stone, what I feel, I don't know. From their 1984 The Story Of A Young Heart album. - Vic George
A Flock Of Seagulls What Am I Supposed To Do You've given me a hard time; what am I supposed to do with a hard time, especially from you? From their 1983 Listen album - Vic George
A Flock Of Seagulls Man Made Man made machines to make music for the man From their 1982 self-titled album. - Vic George
A Flock Of Seagulls Remember David Remeber David's eyes, the way he used to hypnotize us all. From their 1984 The Story Of A Young Heart album - Vic George
A Flock Of Seagulls D.N.A. D, N, A The only words to this song, which was mostly an instrumental piece, from their 1982 self-titled album. - Vic George
A Flock Of Seagulls Transfer Affection I'm trying to transfer affection From their 1983 Listen album - Vic George
A Flock Of Seagulls Who's That Girl (She's Got It) Who's that girl? Who's that girl, yeah? Who's that girl? From their 1986 Dream Come True album. - Vic George
A Flock Of Seagulls The Traveller I am the traveller, and I'm arriving in a new place, with a new face From their 1983 Listen album. - Vic George
A Flock Of Seagulls The Story Of A Young Heart This is the story of a young heart From their 1984 album of the same title. - Vic George
Foals Mountain At My Gates I see a mountain at my gates.  - Brian Kelly
Foals 2am It's 2am and I've gone and lost my friends.  - Brian Kelly
Foals My Number You don't have my number.  - Brian Kelly
Foghat Slow Ride Slow ride, take it easy, slow ride, take it easy  - Candy Welty
Foghat Dreamer I used to be a dreamer.  - Brian Kelly
Folk Implosion Natural One I'm the one, natural one. Take it easy.  - Brian Kelly
Fontella Bass Rescue Me Rescue me and take me in your arms.  - Brian Kelly
Foo Fighters Down In The Park Down in the park where the matchmen meet.  - Brian Kelly
The Foo Fighters Waiting On A War I've been waiting on a war since I was young.  - Brian Kelly
Foo Fighters Lonely as You What would I do, lonely as you...  - J.D.
Foo Fighters These Days One of these days, the ground will drop out from beneath your feet.  - Brian Kelly
Foo Fighters All My Life All my life I've been searching for something  - Mike
The Foo Fighters No Son Of Mine No son of mine will ever do.  - Brian Kelly
Foo Fighters For All The Cows I'm called a cow, I'm not about to blow it now for all the cows.  - J.D.
Foo Fighters Everlong Hello, I've waited for you everlong. From their 1997 album, I believe. One of my favorite song of theirs, though I love the band overall. - Lizzie
Foreigner Hot Bloodied Well, I'm hot blooded check it and see I got a fever of a hundred and three. First he was "Cold As Ice" then he was "Hot Bloodied", I'm surprised it's not snowing inside of him. - Peter
Foreigner Say You Will Say you will, say you won't. Make up your mind tonight. The music and the vocals start simultaneously. - A Wreath O'Franklins
Foreigner Cold As Ice You're as cold as ice, you're willing to sacrifice our love   - Peter
The Forester Sisters Lyin' in His Arms Again Lyin' in his arms again
Sayin' things that I don't mean
  - William Ransom
The Forester Sisters You Were the One You were the one with the trusting eyes  - William Ransom
Forester Sisters I Fell in Love Again Last Night I fell in love again last night
You keep doing everything just right
  - William Ransom
The Forester Sisters Some People Some people
Spend all of their lives looking for someone
  - William Ransom
The Forester Sisters I've Just Seen a Face I've just seen a face
I can't forget the time or place
  - William Ransom
The Forester Sisters Sincerely Sincerely
Oh, yeah, sincerely
'Cause I love you so dearly
  - William Ransom
The Forester Sisters Something Tells Me Something tells me not to listen to you  - William Ransom
The Formations At The Top Of The Stairs At the top of the stairs there's darkness  - Claire Grayson
The Fortunes Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again Here comes that rainy day feeling again And soon my tears will be falling like rain The pride of Birmingham, AL, The Fortunes had to wait six more years (1971) before landing another hit in the top five on the American charts (their first was "You've Got Your Troubles" from the fall of 1965). As with "You've Got Your Troubles", the Fortunes' "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again" was written by the duo, Roger Greenwood and Roger Cook. "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again" was much more folk oriented than "You've Got Your Troubles" but still has an electric sound to it. - Peter
The Fortunes You've Got Your Troubles I see that worried look upon your face You've got your troubles, I got mine The fall 1965 top five hit, "You've Got Your Troubles" was a hit for the five member group, the Fortunes. - Peter
Foster The People Call It What You Want Call it what you want. I said call it what you want.  - Brian Kelly
Foster The People Best Friend When your best friend's all strung out.  - Brian Kelly
The Foundations Build Me Up, Buttercup Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup baby Just to let me down And mess me around?  The top three fall 1968 smash hit, "Build Me Up, Buttercup" came a year after the success of the Foundations' "Baby, Now That I've Found You", but was just as successful and followed generally the same formula for success. The only two differences were the lead singer was changed to Colin Young (from Barbados), instead of "Baby..."'s Clem Curtis and the writers, Tony MacCaulay still shared part writership of "Build Me Up, Buttercup" but not with Mike McCleod. McCaulay co-wrote, "Build Me Up, Buttercup" with Michael d'Abo who was then lead vocalist for the group Manfred Mann. - Peter
The Foundations Baby, Now That I've Found You Baby, (ba-da-da-da) Now that I've found you, I can't let you go, (Ba-da-da), I build my world around you, I need you so, (Oooh) Baby, even though, You The rest of the opening line: "... don't need me, You don't need me." "Baby, Now That I've Found You" was the first top ten American hit (in fall 1967) for the British soul group, the Foundations. With "Baby, ...", the Foundations finally combined the best of the British Invasion sound started with the Beatles and the American soul artist such as with Motown and Atlantic recording artist. A matter of fact it was startling, in America -- at least, to many to see how racially even (in terms of blacks and whites) the group the Foundations were -- at least at that time (the Foundations though would prove to be a foretelling as to what was to come with such 1970's groups as K.C. & the Sunshine Band). The song was very much sold by then lead vocalist, Clem Curtis from Trinidad. "Baby, Now That I've Found You" was written by Tony MacCaulay and Mike McCleod. - Peter
Fountains of Wayne You Curse At Girls They say you curse at girls  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Survival Car Don't you wanna ride in my survival car  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Stacy's Mom Stacy's mom has got it going on.  - Brian Kelly
Fountains of Wayne Sink To The Bottom I wanna sink to the bottom with you.  - Brian Kelly
Fountains of Wayne Seatbacks And Traytables Seatbacks and traytables up  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Places Places  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Peace And Love Peace and love  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Nightlight Oh whoa leave your nightlight on  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Michael And Heather At The Baggage Claim Michael and Heather at the baggage claim  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Laser Show Oh yeah we're going to the laser show  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Kid Gloves She's wearing kid gloves  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Joe Rey Joe Rey came from Spain  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne It Must Be Summer It must be summer  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne I've Got A Flair I've got a flair  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Hat And Feet I'm just a hat and feet  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Halley's Waitress Halley's waitress  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Go, Hippie Go, hippie  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Fire In The Canyon There's fire in the canyon  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Denise I know this girl named Denise  - Fly Scorpio
Fountains of Wayne Chanukah Under The Stars Chanukah under the stars  - Fly Scorpio
Four Aces Written On The Wind Written on the wind, written on the wind. A faithless lover's kiss is written on the wind.  - Candy Welty
Four Aces Love Is A Many Splendored Thing Love is a many splendored thing It's the April rose that only grows in the early spring "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" from the movie of the same title was the only #1 song, in 1957, for the four man Philadelphia vocal group known as the Four Aces. - Peter
The Four Coins One Love, One Heart One love, one heart I give to you alone, dear  - Candy Welty
The Four Knights I Love The Sunshine Of Your Smile I love the sunshine of your smile. I love the laughter in your eyes.   - Candy Welty
The Four Preps Dreamy Eyes Dreamy eyes, who are you dreamin' of?  - Candy Welty
The Four Preps Down By The Station Down by the station early in the mornin', met a little girl about as cute as she could be  - Candy Welty
The Four Seasons Watch The Flowers Grow Watch the flowers grow, watch 'em grow  - Candy Welty
The Four Seasons December, 1963 (Oh What A Night) Oh what a night, late December back in 63 I'm not quite sure what it was about late December back in 63 that was so special to him? Oh well? - Celeste
The Four Seasons Workin' My Way Back To You I'm workin' my way back to you, babe, with a burning love inside. This song was later covered in 1980 by the US version of The Spinners, who mixed it with another song "Forgive Me Girl" by Michael Zager. - Vic George
The Four Seasons Marlena Marlena, Marlena, Marlena, don't go oh no whoa whoa  - Candy Welty
The Four Seasons I've Got You Under My Skin I've got you under my skin, I've got you deep in the heart of me  - Candy Welty
The Four Seasons Sherry Sher-er-rry, Sherry baby Sher-er-rry, Sherry baby  With Frankie Valli's falsetto so opens the second of two number 1's for the then new group the Four Seasons back in the fall of 1967. - Peter
The Four Seasons Who Love You Who loves you pretty baby, Who's gonna help you through the night? "Who Loves You" was a top 3 hit for the Four Seasons back in the summer of 1976, following the success of the #1 winter hit, "December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)". By 1976 the only original member of the Four Seasons was it's lead singer, Frankie Valli. - Peter
The Four Seasons Big Girls Don't Cry Big girls don't cry-yi-yi (they don't cry) "Big Girls Don't Cry" with Frankie Valli's falsetto was the first of two #1's ("Sherry" being the second) for the new group the Four Seasons back in fall 1962. Both "Big Girls" and "Sherry" spent five weeks at #1 during that fall. - Peter
The Four Seasons Candy Girl I've been a-searchin' all this wide world, Now finally I've found my candy girl (candy girl).  "Candy Girl" was a top ten hit for the Four Seasons in winter of 1965. - Peter
The Four Tops Seven Lonely Nights Seven lonely nights I cry for you, all week long now  - Candy Welty
The Four Tops Baby I Need Your Lovin' Baby I need your lovin' Baby I need your lovin' This fall 1964 Motown #11 hit, "Baby I Need Your Lovin'" is another tune written by the songwriting team of Holland/Dozier/Holland. The lead vocals are what made it a hit, done by Levi Stubbs. The background vocals Renaldo "Obie" Benson, Lawrence Payton and the Andantes (who were Jackie Hicks, Marlene Barrow and Lou Vain Demps). The instrumental portion was the Funk Brothers. Johnny Rivers would have a hit remake of the tune in 1967. - Peter
Foushee Deep End I been trying not to go off the deep end.  - Brian Kelly
Foxy Get Off Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Yeah Get off! All the "ooh"s are sung by back-up singers. - Frosty The Cat
France Joli Come To Me Oooh! Come to me when you're all alone and feeling down  - Candy Welty
Francis L. Harris My Baby's Acting Kinda Strange My baby's acting kinda strange, yeah, she's acting kinda strange  - Candy Welty
Frank & Moon Unit Zappa  Valley Girl Valley Girl, She's a Valley Girl. 1982's minor hit (Hot 100, but not Top 40 on Billboard), "Valley Girl" from the late great Frank Zappa with his daughter Moon Unit speaking the parts of the Val, was to many the introduction to the subculture known as the Val's in the Encino & Ventura, CA area. The Val's were the teenage girls and sometimes boys that had come of age with parents who had probably been hippies in the late 1960's. Frank Zappa picking up on trends, decided to cut this song to make fun and maybe to celebrate the "Val" culture. On this tune, America and much of the rest of the world was introduced to the following sayings: "Gag me with a spoon!", "Grody to the max." and "Fer sure." and taught me people how to "Bag things" that were just way too gross to look at. - Peter
Frank Gari Utopia Ah-a-a-ah, Utopia. Ah-a-a-ah, Utopia. Never thought there really was Utopia, the land where every dream you dream comes true.  - Candy Welty
Frank Gari Princess Princess, la la la la la la la la la la, princess, oh how I adore you  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra The Moon Was Yellow The Moon was yellow and the night was young  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra This Town This town is a lonely town.  - Brian Kelly
Frank Sinatra It Was A Very Good Year When I was seventeen It was a very good year. I nearly forgot this classic from Ol' Blue Eyes until I heard it on the Walter Conkrite special on Friday. "It Was A Very Good Year" was from the mid-1960's during the time that there was a sudden resurgance for Sinatra's music during the time when British Invasion started by the Beatles and Motown sound was dominating the charts. - Peter
Frank Sinatra Close to You Close to you, I will always stay.  - Brian Kelly
Frank Sinatra Somewhere In Your Heart Somewhere in your heart, try to find a place for me. Somewhere in your heart, I won't care where it might be.  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra If You Are But A Dream If you are but a dream, I hope that I never waken  - Claire Grayson
Frank Sinatra Strangers In The Night Strangers in the night exchanging glances Wondring in the night What were the chances we'd be sharing love Before the night was through. Frank Sinatra's "Strangers In The Night" seems like an impossible song to have been a #1 hit in the early summer of 1966. But it was. What makes it impossible is not only Frank Sinatra's age at the time, which was at least twenty years older than most of the hitmakers at that time (during the height of the British invasion and the Motown groups dominating the charts) but also by who collaberated with Frank on this hit. The arrainger was Nelson Riddle and it is Nelson Riddle's Orchestra who is providing the instrumental. And it was written by Bert Kaempfert (who had an instrumental #1 hit of his own back in 1961, "Wonderland By Night"), Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder. But yes, Frank Sinatra sort of revived his career by sending "Strangers In The Night" up to #1 (released on Sinatra's studio album of the same name) in the first week of the summer of 1966 (a matter of fact "Strangers In The Night" is the song that would halt the Beatles' "Paperback Writer" from being the #1 song for three weeks, the Beatles had to settle for two non-consecutive weeks at the top with "Paperback Writer" to make way for "old blue eyes" hit, "Strangers In the Night")! - Peter
Frank Sinatra Nice And Easy Let's take it nice and easy. It's gonna be so easy.  - Lily Orange
Frank Sinatra Once Upon A Time Once upon a time a girl with moonlight in her eyes  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra My Blue Heaven When whippoorwills call and evening is nigh, I hurry to my blue heaven Remade by Fats Domino and Harry Connick, Jr. - MOR
Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon Fly me to the moon Let me sing among the stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars  - Peter
Frank Sinatra Dancing In The Dark Dancing in the dark 'til the tune ends. This song from the "Chairman Of The Board" is completely different from the similarly titled one from "The Boss". - Brian Kelly
Frank Sinatra Ol' MacDonald Ol' MacDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o. And on this farm there was a chick, the prettiest chick I know.  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra Love Me Or Leave Me Love me or leave me and let me be lonely  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra That's Life That's life, that's life, that's what all the people say  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra We Kiss In A Shadow We kiss in a shadow. We hide from the Moon.  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra Love And Marriage Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra Younger Than Springtime Younger than springtime are you. Softer than starlight are you.  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra Can I Steal A Little Love Can I steal a little love, can I steal a little love? Coo me, honey, I'm on fire. To steal your love is my desire.  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning In the wee small hours of the morning while the whole wide world is fast asleep  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra Call Me Irresponsible Call me irresponsible. Call me unreliable. Throw in undependable, too.  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else The one I love belongs to somebody else. She means her tender songs for somebody else.  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra Come Fly With Me Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra South Of The Border South of the border - down Mexico way  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra Summer Wind The summer wind came blowin' in from across the sea  - Candy Welty
Frank Sinatra I'll Never Smile Again I'll never smile again until I smile at you  - Candy Welty
Frank Turner Demons If life gives you demons, make a deal.  - Brian Kelly
Frank Zappa It Can’t Happen Here It can't happen here It can't happen here, I'm telling you, my dear This song is crazier than it sounds. Trust me. - Clever Nam3
Frank Zappa I Ain’t Got No Heart Ain't got no heart, I ain't got no heart to give away  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa Anyway The Wind Blows Anyway the wind blows is-a fine me, Anyway the wind blows, it don't matter to me  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa Planet Of The Baritone Women On the Planet of the Baritone Women They talk low  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa Help, I’m A Rock Help, I'm a rock (Repeat 4 times) This song is crazy bonkers, trust me. - Clever Name
Frank Zappa Why Don’t You Like Me? Why don't you like me? Why don't you like me? Why don't you like me? Am I really that bad?  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa Wowie Zowie Wowie Zowie, your love's a treat, Wowie Zowie, you can't be beat  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa Elvis Has Just Left The Building Ladies and Gentleman, Elvis has just left the building  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa You’re Probably Wondering Why I’m Here You're probably wondering why I'm here, And so am I  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa Jezebel Boy Jezebel Boy! You know all the guys In the Sheriff's Patrol  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa You Didn’t Try To Call Me You didn't try to call me, Why didn't ya try, didn't ya try?  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa Rhymin’ Man Rhymin' Man, Tall and tan  - Clever Name
Frank Zappa Motherly Love Motherly love, Motherly love, Forget about the brotherly and other-ly love  - Clever Name
Frankie Avalon Venus Hey, Venus! The second line of this oldies song is: "Oh, Venus!" Was a #1 song back in 1959. This is the first of three times the mythical goddess of love would make the #1 position, the other two times were in 1970 with Shocking Blue and 1986 with Bananarama's remake of Shocking Blue's tune. - Peter
Frankie Avalon Just Ask Your Heart Just ask your heart who dreams about you.  - Candy Welty
Frankie Calen Joanie Joanie, mm hm, Joanie, mm hm, Oh, Joanie, they say young love must learn to wait  - Candy Welty
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score.  - Brian Kelly
Frankie Laine I'll Take Care Of Your Cares I'll take care of your cares for you. And I'll be there with you when you're blue.  - Claire Grayson
Frankie Laine Making Memories We're making memories each time we kiss  - Candy Welty
Frankie Valli My Eyes Adored You My eyes adored you; though I never laid a hand on you, my eyes adored you.  - Vic George
Frankie Valli Can't Take My Eyes Off You You're just too good to be true, Can't take my eyes off you. "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" was Frankie Valli's first solo hit (#3 in 1967) away from the Four Seasons, where he was the lead singer with the wonderful falsetto, it wouldn't be his last. - Peter
Frankie Valli Swearin' To God Swearin' to God, there's no one else on earth I'd rather be.  - Vic George
Franz Ferdinand Jacqueline Jacqueline was seventeen working on a desk.  - Brian Kelly
The Fray Happiness Happiness was just outside my window  - Dongquan
Freddie & The Dreamers I'm Telling You Now I'm telling you now I'm telling you right away I'll be staying for many a day I'm in love with you now. A number 1 song in the spring of 1965 in the U.S., "I'm Telling You Now" was Manchester, England's Freddie & The Dreamers most popular song in the states (they wouldn't equal that chart position, again in the states). Freddie & The Dreamers were a quintet that pre-rehearsed all of their on stage shows, but are most remembered for their lead singer, Freddie Garrity (born: November 14, 1936, died May 19, 2006) a 5'3" bespectled, gangly man who created a widely successful dance (at least in England, less so in the states) called the "Freddie" with very interesting arm and leg movements. - Peter
Freddie Mercury Time Time waits for nobody.  - Brian Kelly
Freddie Scott Hey, Girl Hey, girl, I want you to know, I'm gonna miss you so much if you go  - Loree Dare
Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon Palasades Park Last night I took a walk after dark A swingin' place called Palasades Park, To have some fun and see what I could see, That's where the girls are. Cannon continued to have some minor charting hits after the success of 1959's "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans", but his next Top Five hit would have to wait until 1962's "Palasades Park". Cannon would continue to have some lower charting hits well into the 1960's and even past 1964's British Invasion started by the Beatles, but would not have another hit make it even into the top twenty, let alone top five. Cannon appeared as himself, singing of course, in the final June 24, 1966 episode of the teen soap opera, "Never Too Young". Today, Cannon resides in Tarzana, California. Palasades Park is a real place by the way. - Peter
Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon Tallahassee Lassie Well she comes from Tallahassee, she's got a hi-fi chassis, maybe looks a little sassy, but to me she's real classy, yeah my Tallahassee lassie down  Rest of the opening line: " ... in F-l-a". "Tallahassee Lassie" was the first of three top five hits for Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon from 1958 to 1962. Freddy Cannon was born Frederick Anthony Picariello on December 4, 1939 in North Boston, Massachusetts. Cannon was another one of the early rockers who started in band in high school and was influenced by Little Richard to go into Rock 'n' Roll. Cannon was renamed with the "Boom Boom" when he was promoted by Dick Clark and appeared on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" with his thundering vocals. - Peter
Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon Way Down Yonder In New Orleans Well, way down yonder in New Orleans in the land of the dreamy scenes there's a Garden of Eden, ah-you know what I mean.  1959's "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" was the second Top Five hit from Cannon. - Peter
Freddy Cannon If You Were A Rock And Roll Record If you were a rock and roll record, you would be a hit, I know  - Candy Welty
Freddy Cannon Transistor Sister She's my transistor sister with a radio under her arm  - Candy Welty
Freddy Fender Wasted Days And Wasted Nights Wasted days and wasted nights, I have left for you behind  - Candy Welty
Frederick Lowe and Alan Jay Lerner Once In The Highlands Once in the Highlands, the Highlands of Scotland, Deep in the night on a murky brae; There in the Highlands, the Highlands of Scotland, Two weary  The rest of the opening line: "... hunters lost their way." "Once In The Highlands" is another chorus song from Lowe and Lerner's "Brigadoon". - Peter
Frederick Lowe and Alan Jay Lerner Brigadoon Brigadoon, Brigadoon, Blooming under sable skies. "Brigadoon" was a Broadway musical from the early 1950's that would later be turned into a film. Since, "Brigadoon" the song was sung by the chorus and not just one character, this song is credited to the writers of "Brigadoon", Frederick Lowe and Alan Jay Lerner. - Peter
Free Travellin' Man Travellin' man goes anywhere.  - Brian Kelly
Freedy Johnston Bad Reputation I know I got a bad reputation.  - Brian Kelly
Frente Clue Ooh, do you have a clue? Ooh, you don't have a clue.  - Candy Welty
The Friends Of Distinction Love Or Let Me Be Lonely Love or let me be lonely. Part-time love I can find any day.  - Candy Welty
From First to Last Mothersound Mothersound, what have they done to you, you're withering away in the cold this is their only song (at least with sonny moore) that has had the title in the first line - Heather
Fuel Bad Day Had a bad day again.  - Brian Kelly
Fun Some Nights Some nights, I stay up cashing in my bad luck.  - Brian Kelly
Funkadelic I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing I got a thing, you got a thing, everybody's got a thing, when we get together, doin' our thing  - Candy Welty
The Fuzz I'm So Glad I'm so glad I found someone like you to love me  - Candy Welty

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