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Songs that mention their title in the opening line of the song

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Songs That Open With Their Titles, I

Song Title
Opening Lines
Comments & Submittor Name
Ian Matthews Heatwave We're having a heatwave  - Sutch
Icehouse Miss Divine Hey yeah, hey yeah, I was spellbound by MIss Divine  - Mickey D.
Icehouse Glam Dedicated to Glam...Dedicated to Glam... This song is partially instrumental. - Mickey D.
Icehouse Satellite Satellite...Satellite...Satellite...Satellite... That's right! - Mickey D.
Icehouse Fatman Fatman, fatman...Fatman, fatman... Give me the gun! - Mickey D.
Icehouse Dusty Pages Window frosted in the rain, dusty pages, broken lines is all I have  - Mickey D.
Icehouse Boulevarde The Paris hearts all line the boulevarde There's a line on the boulevarde, no! - Mickey D.
Icehouse The Mountain Do you remember the sea of our time? The mountain I've seen Last track off of 1984's "Sidewalk" lp - Mickey D.
Icehouse Icehouse It's always cold inside the icehouse, though the rivers never freeze Their own title track off of the album of the same name in 1980. - Mickey D.
Icehouse Sidewalk Sidewalk, sleep on the sidewalk, the ragman stands at the end of the line Title track off of 1984's album of the same name. - Mickey D.
Iggy Pop The Passenger I am the passenger.  - Brian Kelly
In Deep Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Last night, a DJ saved my life. Last night, a DJ saved my life.  - Brian Kelly
Incubus Stellar You are stellar.  - Crafthead
Incubus Pardon me Pardon me while I burst  - Natalie Ellwood
Incubus Earth to Bella Earth to bella, you think youve got it all figured in  - Natalie Ellwood
Inez Foxx Ask Me Ask me do I love you. Ask me if I plan to say yes.  - Candy Welty
Inner Circle Bad Boys Bad boys. Whatcha want? Whatcha want? Whatcha gonna do?  - Brian Kelly
The Interrupters She's Kerosene I'm a match, she's kerosene.  - Brian Kelly
The Intruders I Wanna Know Your Name I wanna know your name. Ooh, you look so good. I wanna know your name. What's your name, baby?  - Candy Welty
The Intruders Cowboys To Girls Cowboys to girls, I remember when I used to play shoot-'em-up  - Candy Welty
Inxs Suicide Blonde Suicide blonde, suicide blonde, suicide blonde, suicide blonde, suicide blonde  Yes, that is the way this song starts out. Although, a pretty good song, why the late great Michael Hutchence had to repeat the opening line five times is rather odd. - Peter
INXS Black and White Could be clear, black and white, make a decision "Black and white" are opposites of "color". - Mickey D.
INXS Original Sin You might know of the original sin.  - Brian Kelly
INXS I'm Just A Man I'm just a man, my will is so strong At the intro, the late Hutch-meister lit up a cigarette. - Mickey D.
INXS Here Comes Here comes the rationalization, here comes the song I know The original version was available on the album "Shabooh Shoobah", and the "II" version available was released as from an EP "Dekadance". - Mickey D.
INXS Searching I am searching, I am not alone One was the original version on "Elegantly Wasted" lp, and the other was the Leadstation radio edit on "Shine Like It Does" lp. - Mickey D.
INXS The Strangest Party (These Are The Times) Welcome to the strangest party, baby, it's like we're staring at the sum Half of two newly included on "The Greatest Hits" lp. - Mickey D.
INXS Strange Desire My strange desire is waiting here Neon signs are strange desires. - Mickey D.
INXS Baby don't cry Baby don't cry, baby don't cry Michael don't cry, Michael don't cry - Mickey D.
INXS Bitter Tears Bitter tears The extended version of the song. - Mickey D.
INXS Jesus Was A Man Jesus was a man, he was better than you or I One of these previously unreleased songs were additionally included on the "Kick" album. - Mickey D.
INXS Kick Sometimes you kick, sometimes you get kicked At the very beginning of the song, listen extremely careful until the music builds to the riff of the brass section. - Mickey D.
INXS Roller Skating I see a girl, she is roller skating, and I don't know her, but she makes me feel like roller skating The line "I don't know her" makes me think of my mom's acquaintences at the Hilton Pavillion. - Mickey D.
INXS Red Red Sun There's a red red sun, and I'm thinking of you The song was written by two of the Farriss Brothers, one was Jon, and one was Andy. - Mickey D.
INXS The Swing It's the swing, it's the swing like a pendulum The lyrics refers to Jean Bernard Leon Foucault, the French scientist who does the swing of the pendulums...just like I've learned from Bill Nye The Science Guy on the "Earth's Seasons" episode. - Mickey D.
Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida In-a-gadda-da-vida, honey, don't you know that I love you? In-a-gadda-da-vida, baby, don't you know that I'll always be true?  - Candy Welty
Irving Aaronson and his Commanders Let’s Be Thankful Let’s be thankful, for every little thing. For any little thing at all! What a beautiful recording!! - George&GermaineBriantFan
Isley Brothers It's Your Thing  It's your thing, do what you wanna do.  - Bob
The Isley Brothers Girls Will Be Girls, Boys Will Be Boys Girls will be girls, boys will be boys. One day they're lovers, and you know the next day, they're fighting one another.  - Candy Welty
The Isley Brothers I Turned You On Hold it, baby, I turned you on. Now I can't turn you off.  - Candy Welty
It Bites Midnight Where you gonna hide at midnight  - Joe Pearson
Ivory Joe Hunter Since I Met You Baby Since I met you baby, my whole life has changed  - Candy Welty

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