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Songs that mention their title in the opening line of the song

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Songs That Open With Their Titles, K

Song Title
Opening Lines
Comments & Submittor Name
K'naan Bang Bang She shot me, she shot me, bang bang.  - Brian Kelly
K's Chice I Fall Asleep Asleep, asleep, I fall asleep, I'm never waking up This is a really depressing song with almost a suicidal undertone - Rad
K's Choice How Simple It Can Be How simple it can be, I love you and you love me  Super cliché - Rad
K's Choice Too Many Happy Faces Too many happy faces, I wonder what that means  - Rad
K's Choice Echo Mountain From the slopes of Echo Mountain Echo Mountain is also the name of the studio in North Carolina where K's Choice recorded this album also called Echo Mountain. - Rad
K's Choice Only Dreaming I'm sure you're only dreaming  - Rad
K's Choice Losing You I'm losing you, am I losing you She sings through this special collapsible cup to get her voice to sound kind of echo-y - Rad
K's Choice Something's Wrong When your pubic hair's on fire, something's wrong  - Rad
K's Choice Quiet Little Place In this quiet little place I can't remember having known a different pace  - Rad
K's Choice 20.000 Seconds/ 20,000 Seconds 20.000 seconds since you left and I'm still counting I actually did the math and learned that 20.000 seconds equates to 333.3333... minutes. - Rad
K's Choice Butterflies Instead I lock the door and lock my head and dream of butterflies instead  - Rad
K's Choice I Smoke A Lot I smoke a lot, I'm not talking weed or pot  - Rad
K's Choice Old Woman I saw an old woman in a wheelchair on the highway yesterday  - Rad
K. Flay Black Wave Black wave coming, will it hit?  - Brian Kelly
K.T. Oslin Come Next Monday Come next Monday, I'm goin' to bed early  - William Ransom
K.T. Oslin Hey Bobby Hey Bobby   - Tarzan
Kaiser Chiefs Everyday I Love You Less And Less Everyday, I love you less and less. It's clear to see that you've become obsessed.  - Brian Kelly
Kansas Carry On, Wayward Son Carry on, my wayward son.  - rocky
Kanye West Good Morning Good morning (x4) Wake up, Mr. West.  - Brian Kelly
Kanye West Amazing It's amazing, I'm the reason.  - Brian Kelly
Karla Ventura Love, Love, Love Love, Love, Love Is In The Air its all about the love in the world floating around in our atmosphere. - Julia Solorzano
Kasey Chambers Not Pretty Enough Am I not pretty enough
Is my heart too broken
  - William Ransom
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Be My Baby Be my baby, be my baby, be my baby now  - Sutch
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Heart Like a Wheel Some say the heart is just like a wheel  - Sutch
Kathe Green Alone Again And Free Here I am, alone again and free Dubbed all of Mark Lester's singing voice in Oliver!. Daughter of composer and conductor Johnny Green. - Joey F.
Kathy Mattea Untold Stories All those untold stories  - William Ransom
Kathy Mattea She Came from Fort Worth She came from Fort Worth
Fort Worth couldn't hold her
  - William Ransom
Katy Perry Wide awake I'm wide awake Wish this was me in the morning! - Katycat
Kay Kyser Jingle, Jangle, Jingle I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle, as I go ridin' merrily along  - Candy Welty
Kay Kyser Who Wouldn't Love You Who wouldn't love you; who wouldn't care?  - Candy Welty
Kay Starr Wheel Of Fortune The wheel of fortune goes spinning around. Will the arrow point my way, will this be my day?  - Candy Welty
KC And The Sunshine Band Keep It Comin' Love Keep it comin' love, keep it comin' love, don't stop it now, don't stop it, no  - Candy Welty
Keith Ain't Gonna Lie Ain't gonna lie, that's one thing you and I could never see  - Candy Welty
Kelis Circus Come join our circus where we all wear masks.  - Brian Kelly
Kellie Pickler Someone Somewhere Tonight Someone somewhere tonight is taking their first steps  - William Ransom
Kellie Pickler Gotta Keep Moving Gotta keep moving
Nothing's gonna slow me down
  - William Ransom
Kellie Pickler Selma Drye My great-grandma's name was Selma Drye  - William Ransom
Kellie Pickler Lucky Girl Lucky girl, she got the diamond but I got the world  - William Ransom
Kelly Clarkson Miss Independent Miss Independent, Miss Self-sufficient  - Alex
Kelly Clarkson Mr. Know It All Mr. Know It All, well you think you know it all.  - Brian Kelly
Kelly Clarkson Tightrope I'm on the tightrope, you've got your reasons.  - Brian Kelly
Kelly Clarkson Heartbeat Song This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it.  - Brian Kelly
Kelsea Ballerini Homecoming Queen Hey, homecoming queen
Why do you lie?
  - William Ransom
Kenny Loggins I'm Alright I'm alright Nobody worry 'bout me The theme from 1980's "Caddyshack". - Peter
Kenny Loggins There is a Mountain First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain then there is Kenny's cover of the classic Donovan song from 1967. - KL Fan
Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks Whenever I Call You Friend Whenever I call you friend, I begin to think I understand. Anything we are, you and I have always been forever and ever.  - MOR
Kenny Nolan I Like Dreamin' I like dreamin' 'cause dreamin' can make you mine  - Yvette Bristle
Kenny Rogers Tell It All Brother Tell it all brother, before we fall  - Claire Grayson
Kenny Rogers Blaze of Glory Let's go out in a blaze of glory.  - Brian Kelly
Kenny Rogers Lady Lady, I'm your knight in shining armor, and I love you.  - Country
Kenny Rogers Someone Who Cares Someone who cares, someone who dares to love you  - Claire Grayson
Kenny Rogers Ruben James Ruben James, in my song, you live again On some copies of this record, the title is shown as "Reuben James" - Candy Welty
Kenny Rogers I Don't Need You I don't need you, I don't need friendship  - Candy Welty
Kevin Morby Harlem River Harlem River, talk to me. I found out about this song because of the Volvo commercial. - Brian Kelly
Kicking Harold Gasoline I am gasoline and matches. Theme from "Overhaulin'". - Brian Kelly
Kid Pix Rock the Party Come on and rock the party  - JohnHowarth
Kid Rock Lonely Road of Faith Up and down that lonely road of faith
I have been there
  - William Ransom
Kid Rock Bawitdaba Bawitdaba da bang a bang...  - Brian Kelly
The Killers A Dustland Fairytale A Dustland fairytale beginning.  - Brian Kelly
The Killers My Own Soul's Warning I tried going against my own soul's warning.  - Brian Kelly
The Killers Be Still Be still. And go on to bed.  - Brian Kelly
Killing Joke Eighties Eighties. I'm living in the Eighties.  - Brian Kelly
Killswitch Engage Fixation on the Darkness Fixation on the darkness that engulfs this world  - Nat
Kim Carnes Love Comes From Unexpected Places Love comes from the most unexpected places  - Sutch
King Crimson Heartbeat I need to feel your heartbeat, heartbeat.  - Brian Kelly
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Superbug Superbug coming up / Feels like he'll never stop  - Not Skaj
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Mars for the Rich Red Mars for the rich  - Not Skaj
Kings Of Leon Notion I got a notion that says it doesn't feel right.  - Brian Kelly
The Kingsmen Louie Louie Louie Louie, oh no We gotta go Aye-yi-yi-yi Louie Louie, oh baby We gotta go. So starts probably one of the most understood lyrics songs of the 1960's, but a definite party classic. "Louie Louie" was from a true garage band (and one of the first) from Portland, Oregon named the Kingsmen (at the time, in 1963 when the song was recorded, the members were: vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jack Ely, drummer Lynn Easton, guitarist Mike Mitchell, pianist Don Galluci and bassist Bob Nordby). "Louie Louie" deliberately sung by Ely as though he was drunk reached all the way to #2 for six weeks in December 1963 and January 1964. "Louie Louie" also has one of the most memorable and probably most copied beginning guitar riffs of all time. There is still a group called the Kingsmen still around, but it isn't the same group that recorded, "Louie Louie" back in 1963. - Peter
The Kingston Trio Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream Last night I had the strangest dream I never dreamed before. I dreamed the world had all agreed to put an end to war.  - Candy Welty
The Kinks The Village Green Preservation Society We are the Village Green Preservation Society  - RevengeFromMars YouTube
The Kinks Days Thank you for the days  - Sutch
The Kinks You Really Got Me Girl, you really got me goin', You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'. The Kinks are a British band, that during the years 1964 - 1965 were competing well with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in Great Britian, but had only modest success in the States at that time. But the Kinks, or more specifically lead singer (and the writer for most of their tunes), Ray Davies (who would continue to lead the group amid several line-up changes), would continue to have chart success in both Britain and the United States and worldwide well into the 1980's (with such hits as "Lola" & "Come Dancing"). Unfortunately the Kinks have been one of those rare groups, that despite having chart success, have yet to have a #1 song on Billboard Magazine's HOT 100 charts. "You Really Got Me", originally released in August 1964 and having success in both the States and Britain, has been covered by many artists over the years, with probably the most well-known and recognizable one (at least to Classic Rock station listeners) being Van Halen's 1978 version that didn't change a thing with the lyrics. - Peter
The Kinks Mr. Pleasant Oh Mr. Pleasant, how is Mrs Pleasant?  - RevengeFromMars YouTube
The Kinks  Dandy Dandy, Dandy  - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Kiss She She walks by moonlight, no one really knows.  - Vic George
Kiss I I was so frightened, almost ran away  - Vic George
Kiss A World Without Heroes A world without heroes is like a world without sun. This song from their 1981 album (Music From) The Elder was later covered by former Gene Simmons "girlfriend" Cher on her 1991 Love Hurts album. - Vic George
Kiss Hotter Than Hell She looked good, she looked hotter than hell, all dressed in satins and lace. Besides the "come on", this is what this song opens with. - Vic George
Kiss Beth Beth, I hear you calling, but I can't come home right now. "Beth" was the flip side of the "Detroit Rock City" single from their first 1976 album Destroyer that surprisingly got more airplay than the intended single. - Vic George
The Knack That's What The Little Girls Do That's what the little girls do From their debut album "Get The Knack" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
The Knack Frustrated Frustrated she's getting to me From their debut album "Get The Knack" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
The Knack Oh Tara Oh Tara oh oh From their debut album "Get The Knack". - RevengeFromMars YouTube
The Knack Heartbeat Heartbeat why do you miss when my baby kisses me From their debut album "Get The Knack". - RevengeFromMars YouTube
The Knickerbockers Lies Lies, lies  - Sutch
Kodaline All I Want All I want is nothing more.  - Brian Kelly
Kool & The Gang Open Sesame Open sesame, ha , ha, ha, ha! Has my favorite line in the song, "Get down with the genie!" - The Hand
Kool & the Gang Tonight Tonight, ooh.  - Brian Kelly
Kool & The Gang Joanna Joanna, I love you. You're the one, the one for me.  - Bill Cosby Clinton
KoRn Y'all Want A Single (Say F*** That) Y'all want a single say f*** that (f*** that!) 'nuff said. - Travis
Kris Kristofferson Jesus Was A Capricorn Jesus was a Capricorn. He ate organic foods.  - Candy Welty
Kris Kristofferson Why Me Why me, Lord, what have I ever done to deserve even one of the pleasures I've known?  - Candy Welty
Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge A Song I'd Like To Sing There's a song I'd like to sing. Do you know the song I mean?  - Candy Welty
Kula Shaker Tattva Acintya bheda bheda tattva.  - Brian Kelly
Kylie Minogue Give Me Just A Little More Time Give me just a little more time  - mads.
Kylie Minogue It's No Secret It's no secret [8 times]. When I first met you, how you changed my life that day  - Alyssa Jayne
Kylie Minogue Can't Get You Out Of My Head La la la la....
I just can't get you out of my head
  - Sheila Oh
Kylie Minogue Hand On Your Heart put your hand on your heart and tell me  - mads.
Kylie Minogue Better The Devil You Know Better the devil you know. (x2) Woh.  - Brian Kelly
Kylie Minogue What Kind Of Fool what kind of fool do you take me for  - mads.
Kylie Minogue Word Is Out and the word is out  - mads.
Kylie Minogue Fine Fine you know you'll be fine  - mads.
Kylie Minogue Finer feelings the finer feelings  - mads.

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