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Real Lyrics

This section explores real song lyrics, as opposed to lyrics that are misheard or made up.

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Songs That Mention a Boasting -> Latest Entries

Eminem's, "Rap God"
The Boasting Lyrics:
You rodent, I'm omnipotent
I can't think of a larger boast than claiming omnipotence.
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Songs That Mention a Celebrity -> Latest Entries

Eminem's, "Guts Over Fear"
The Lyrics:
And I sound like AZ & Nas, out came the claws
Who They Mention:
AZ (Anthony Cruz, rapper), Nas (Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, rapper)
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Songs That Mention a Product -> Latest Entries

Mother Love Bone's, "Holy Roller"
The Lyrics:
You know they're like Malt-O-Meal for you, they're good for you
Product Brand Name:
Malt-O-Meal hot breakfast cereal
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Songs That Mention Other Songs -> Latest Entries

Randy Barlow's, "Sweet Melinda"
The Song Lyrics:
Sweet Melinda
Turn back the hands of time
Song They Mention:
"Turn Back The Hands Of Time" by the late Tyrone Davis
Submitted by: Eric Carmen Miranda Lambert

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Dated Song Lyric -> Latest Entries

The Lonely Island's, "I'm On a Boat (ft. T-Pain)"
The dated Lyrics:
I'm flippin burgers, you at Kinko's straight flippin copies
Why They're dated:
FedEx Kinko's was renamed to FedEx Office in 2008, a year before the song's release. But the Kinko's name was still unofficially used to avoid confusions with customers until 2010.
Submitted by: JeReMy

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Dirty Song You Didn't Know Is Dirty -> Latest Entries

The Beatles', "She's a Woman"
The dirty Lyrics:
My love don't give me preasants I know that she's no Peasant
Why They're dirty:
The girl friend doesn't give him children. She's not a peasant because she's on the pill.
Submitted by: jr565

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Funny Song Lyric -> Latest Entries

R Kelly's, "I Believe I Can Fly"
The Funny Lyrics:
I believe I can fly
Why They're funny:
You live in a time when commercial air travel is affordable for many people, and you only *believe* you can fly?
Submitted by: Sheogorath

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Repetitive Song Lyric -> Latest Entries

Spin Doctors', "Two Princes"
The Repetitive Lyrics:
Just go ahead now
Why They're Repetitive:
"Just go ahead now" is repeated 26 times during this song, especially near the end.
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Nonsensical Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Ariana Grande's, "Break Free (2010s)"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
I only wanna die alive
Why They're Nonsensical:
When you die, you're no longer alive.
Submitted by: Mr. Critic

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Insincere Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Everclear's, "I Will Buy You a New Life"
The Insincere Lyrics:
They have never had the joy of a welfare Christmas
Why They're Insincere:
He really means that a "welfare Christmas" isn't that joyful.
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Misrhymed Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Eve 6's, "Situation Infatuation"
The Misrhymed Lyrics:
We have a situation infatuation
We haven't even had a conversation
And I'm lying awake and picturing you naked
I already feel I owe an explanation
Why They're Misrhymed:
Is "naked" supposed to be rhyming with "explanation" or "awake and"? In either case, it doesn't rhyme.
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Insulting Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Juliana Hatfield's, "Universal Heartbeat"
The Insulting Lyrics:
Beauty can be sad.
You're proof of that.
Why They're Insulting:
Pretty self explanatory. But my favorite lyrical insult.
Submitted by: Fred Morrow

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Inappropriate Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Scanner's, "Frozen Under The Sun"
The Inappropriate Lyrics:
So many ways to choose for walking
Which of this paths should I try
There is a man returning
Guess he has got a false trial
Why They're Inappropriate:
They must have some freaky accent to think that trial rhymes with try. That's what I think is inappropriate here.
Submitted by: No One In Particular

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Spelling Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Eminem, "You're Never Over"
The Words:
I keep trying to pass it but they keep on dropping the torch and it won't be long til this sport is O-V-E-R
Submitted By: RevengeFromMars YouTube
Eminem, "W.T.P."
The Words:
slim, shady
I'll be the S-L to the I-M to the S-H-A-D-Y
Submitted By: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Made Up Words Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Slim & Slam, "Flaat-Foot Floogie With A Floy-Floy"
The Made Up Words:
floogie, floy-floy
These were fun times.
Submitted By: Opie M.
Mother Love Bone, "Half Ass Monkeyboy"
The Made Up Words:
"If you want a plate of my beef swellington, baby / You're gonna have to pay the cover charge". Which is clearly different from the original item, beef wellington.
Submitted By: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Songs That Open With It's Title Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Natalie Merchant, "Jealousy"
Lyrics it Opens With:
Ooh, jealousy
Submitted By: Tim
Brandy, "Baby"
Lyrics it Opens With:
Baby, baby, baby, baby, don't you know that you're so fine
Opens right with the title...not once, not twice...but 4 times!
Submitted By: Tim

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Scary Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Judas Priest's, "Love Bites"
The Lyrics:
Into your room
Where in deep sleep
There you lie still
To you I creep
Now you are mine
In my control
One taste of your life
And I own your soul
At first hearing it sounds like a vampire attack. A bit later it's less scary when one realizes it's really about sex.
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Bad Grammar in Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Green Day's, "Jesus of Suburbia"
The Lyrics:
And I could really care less
I think you mean you couldn't care less. If you could care less, you would, right?
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Real Places Mentioned in Songs -> Latest Entries

Mel Tillis', "Send Me Down To Tucson"
The Lyrics:
Go on and send me down to Tucson and I’ll get the job done.
Tucson, Arizona
Submitted by: Bob

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Lyrics Pronunciation -> Latest Entries

Aerosmith's, "Come Together"
The Lyrics:
He one mojo filter.
I don't if it was a mistake or Steven Tyler showing off again, but he pronounced filter 'filker', which I don't believe is in the dictionary.
Submitted by: Opie M.

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Foreign Language in English Songs -> Latest Entries

Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz's, "Talk Dirty"
The Lyrics:
Dos Cadenas, close to genius
"Dos Cadenas" literally means "two chains" in Spanish. You don't say.
Submitted by: <3

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Upbeat Songs With Depressing Lyrics -> Latest Entries

The Kingston Trio's, "Hard, Ain't It Hard"
The Lyrics:
The first time I seen my true love,
She was a-standin' by my door, And the last time I seen her false-hearted smile,
She was dead on that bar room floor! (Poor girl!)
This song has quite a rousing, uptempo tune. And yet it tells of finding one's love untrue and then finding her dead. What a tale to sing so blithely!
Submitted by: Karen Smith

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Onomatopoeia in Lyrics -> Latest Entries

The Archies 's, "Bang-Shang-A-Lang"
The Lyrics:
My heart went bang-shang-a-lang, bang-shang-a-lang.
How it feels when you're falling for someone!
Submitted by: Bob

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Lyrics Spoonerisms -> Latest Entries

Lady Gaga's, "Bad Romance"
The Lyrics:
Want your bad romance.
Want your mad beau rants.
Submitted by: Regina Haniger

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Lyrics Alliteration -> Latest Entries

Rush's, "Countdown"
The Lyrics:
This magic day when super-science
Venting vapours, like the breath
A humid, motionless mass
The crowds and the cameras
2x S "super science" / 2x V "venting vapors" / 2x M "motionless mass" / 2x C "crowds, cameras"
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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TV and Movies Mentioned in Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Eve 6's, "Bang"
The Lyrics:
Big bang little girl run away with me
And be my Thelma & Louise
1991 movie "Thelma & Louise"
Submitted by: RevengeFromMars YouTube

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Bad Ringtone Choices -> Latest Entries

Alice Cooper's, "Go To H***"
The Lyrics:
You can go to h***.
You wouldn't want this going off if you were having an argument with someone.
Submitted by: VitaminB6

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