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Real Lyrics

This section explores real song lyrics, as opposed to lyrics that are misheard or made up.

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Songs That Mention a Boasting -> Latest Entries

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown's, "Fire"
The Boasting Lyrics:
I am the god of Hellfire...
Arthur Brown is not a god, plain and simple. He's just rather flamboyant!
Submitted by: GlamRockNinjaLord

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Songs That Mention a Celebrity -> Latest Entries

Fountains of Wayne's, "New Routine"
The Lyrics:
Two men sit in the corner of a diner
Both of them look quite a bit like Carl Reiner
Who They Mention:
Carl Reiner - Actor, Director
Submitted by: Mark

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Songs That Mention a Product -> Latest Entries

Paul Simon's, "Kodachrome"
The Lyrics:
Well I've got a Nikon camera,
I love to take photographs...
Product Brand Name:
Nikon cameras
Submitted by: Chowder

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Songs That Mention Other Songs -> Latest Entries

Warrant's, "Heaven"
The Song Lyrics:
Now the lights are going out along the boulevard
Song They Mention:
"The Lights Are Going Out" by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)
Submitted by: Mickey D.

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Dated Song Lyric -> Latest Entries

Sue Thompson's, "Sad Movies"
The dated Lyrics:
And in the middle of the color cartoon I started to cry.
Why They're dated:
Cartoons aren't shown before movies anymore.
Submitted by: David

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Dirty Song You Didn't Know Is Dirty -> Latest Entries

The Monkees', "Cuddly Toy"
The dirty Lyrics:
You're not the only cuddly toy That was never enjoyed by any boy
Why They're dirty:
Sounds like a sexual metaphor.
Submitted by: Alan the Ottoman

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Funny Song Lyric -> Latest Entries

Herman's Hermits', "No Milk Today"
The Funny Lyrics:
The company was gay
Why They're funny:
Maybe in the sixties they're saying everyone was having a good time, but nowadays, all that lyric means is everyone was men doing dirty things with each other!
Submitted by: Sheogorath

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Repetitive Song Lyric -> Latest Entries

10cc's, "I'm Not In Love"
The Repetitive Lyrics:
Big boys don't cry
Why They're Repetitive:
I just noticed this line. It's whispered very softly in the middle of the song but I hear it.
Submitted by: Celeste

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Nonsensical Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Adele's, "Rolling In The Deep"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
Baby, I have no story to be told.
Why They're Nonsensical:
Actually she is well into telling a story by the time she reaches this line!
Submitted by: Karen Smith

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Insincere Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Helmet's, "Smart"
The Insincere Lyrics:
I know that your smart
I've heard it all before
Why They're Insincere:
Imagine meeting some guy in a bar and that's what he said to you.
Submitted by: S.O.S

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Misrhymed Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Yes', "I've Seen All Good People"
The Misrhymed Lyrics:
Move me on to any black square, Use me anytime you want
Just remember that the goal Is for us all to capture all we want
Why They're Misrhymed:
Yes may have some of the most creative lyric writing ever, but rhyming a word with itself is hardly what I'd call creative.
Submitted by: RJSchex

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Insulting Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Third Eye Blind's, "Semi-Charmed Life"
The Insulting Lyrics:
When I'm with you, I feel like I could die
And that would be all right, all right
Why They're Insulting:
Is Stephen Jenkins insinuating that he wants this person to kill him???
Submitted by: Alex

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Inappropriate Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Blue Swede's, "Hooked On A Feeling"
The Inappropriate Lyrics:
Ooga chacka, ooga chacka, ooga ooga ooga chacka...
Why They're Inappropriate:
The "jungle chanting" which occurs for much of the song (but not on the original version by BJ Thomas). What does it have to do with the main lyrical content?
Submitted by: U. Guest It

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Spelling Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Iggy Pop, "L.o.s.t."
The Words:
Submitted By: Allan
Morrissey, "Ouija Board, Ouija Board"
The Words:
S.T.E.V.E.N. and P.U.S.H.O. double F.
Submitted By: Allan

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Made Up Words Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Temptations, "Ball of Confusion"
The Made Up Words:
Great Googamooga
Why has this classic song not yet been mentioned?
Submitted By: Russell
Dio, "Evilution"
The Made Up Words:
Submitted By: GlamRockNinjaLord

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Songs That Open With It's Title Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Black Veil Brides, "In The End"
Lyrics it Opens With:
In the end as you fade into the night
Submitted By: Nurul
Peter Combe, "Down in the Bathroom"
Lyrics it Opens With:
Down in the bathroom, he looks so sad
Ultimately, the song is about a toothbrush that is about to be thrown away.
Submitted By: Brendan Richards

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Scary Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Pat Benatar's, "Hell is for Children"
The Lyrics:
Hell is for children!
I first thought that this was indicating that children were going straight to Hell itself. I later found out that it was about child abuse, but then again that's a form of "Hell" in this material life anyway : *** (
Submitted by: Stop The Madness NOW

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Bad Grammar in Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Dan Fogelberg's, "Leader of the Band"
The Lyrics:
"... Living out this life I've chose and learned to know so well."
"... I don't think I've said 'I love you' near enough."
Should be "life I've chosen"
Should be "nearly enough" (Editor: It's Fogelberg. Not Folgelberg.)
Submitted by: Carolyn

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Real Places Mentioned in Songs -> Latest Entries

Mel Tillis', "Send Me Down To Tucson"
The Lyrics:
Go on and send me down to Tucson and I’ll get the job done.
Tucson, Arizona
Submitted by: Bob

The most recent song that real places mentioned in songs available

Lyrics Pronunciation -> Latest Entries

Gerry Rafferty's, "Right Down The Line"
The Lyrics:
The changes that I've been through
Gerry pronounces "through" as "true." That's pretty annoying the way he mispronounces "through."
Submitted by: Isac

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Foreign Language in English Songs -> Latest Entries

Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz's, "Talk Dirty"
The Lyrics:
Dos Cadenas, close to genius
"Dos Cadenas" literally means "two chains" in Spanish. You don't say.
Submitted by: <3

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Upbeat Songs With Depressing Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Richie Havens', "Handsome Johnny"
The Lyrics:
Looks like Handsome Johnny with a flintlock in his hand,
Marching to the Gettysburg War
The whole song is about the brutality of war and Handsome Johnny fights every single one.
Submitted by: Alan the Ottoman

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Onomatopoeia in Lyrics -> Latest Entries

The Beatles', "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"
The Lyrics:
Bang Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer came down on her head!
Bang Bang is heard many times during the chorus.
Submitted by: GlamRockNinjaLord

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Lyrics Spoonerisms -> Latest Entries

The Mamas & The Papas', "Creeque Alley"
The Lyrics:
And no one's gettin' fat except Mama Cass.
And no one's kitten fat except mama gas.
Submitted by: D. Melody Dole, MD

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Lyrics Alliteration -> Latest Entries

The Ramones', "The KKK Took My Baby Away"
The Lyrics:
My baby left for a holiday
She said she was heading to LA
.... She never got there, she never got there, she never got there they say
The KKK took my baby away. They took her away, away from me
* REPEAT 3X* Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!
There's so many uses of the phonetic "A" sound here! Also note the "Hey! Ho!"s, referring to another Ramones gem, "Blitzkrieg Bop".
Submitted by: I Saw the Ramones Live 4X!

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TV and Movies Mentioned in Lyrics -> Latest Entries

"Weird Al" Yankovic's, "You Make Me"
The Lyrics:
You make me watch The Gong Show
The Gong Show
Submitted by: Isac

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Bad Ringtone Choices -> Latest Entries

OK Go's, "Get Over It"
The Lyrics:
Get, get, get, get, get over it!
Not good if you are trying to comfort a friend who had something really bad happen to them.
Submitted by: JeReMy

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