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Songs that mention their title in the opening line of the song

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Songs That Open With Their Titles, M

Song Title
Opening Lines
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M Pop Muzik Pop, pop, pop muzik Pop, pop, pop muzik "Pop Muzik" was a #1 song for one week in November 1979, it actually became a #1 song in the states before peaking there in M's homeland of Britian (a very rare exception to that rule). M's real name is Robin Scott who was born on April 1, 1947 in Craydon, London and whose career spans four decades. The first line though are sung by backup singer, Brigit Novik. Also playing on this tune are bassist Julian Scott (Robin's brother), keyboardist Wally Badarou and Canadian programmer, John Lewis. M (or Robin Scott) was leading the way to the new wave music of the 1980's and the tune is often found in 1980's compilation, although it was definitely a #1 in 1979. - Peter
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Gold Everything is gold, everything is equal.  - Brian Kelly
Mad Season I Don't Know Anything I don't know anything, I don't know anything, I don't know anything, I don't know who I am.  - Lily Orange
Madness My Girl My girl's mad at me.  - Brian Kelly
Madonna Why's so hard? Why's so hard to love one another? Why's so hard to love?  - Bere
Madonna Don't Tell Me Don't tell me to stop.  - Brian Kelly
Madonna Revenge There is not such thing as revenge, you will not give as good as you got... Non album track - Bere
Madonna Holiday Holiday Celebrate  - Peter
Madonna Who's That Girl Who's that girl? From the soundtrack of the 1987 movie of the same name, starring Madonna. - Vic George
Madonna This used to be my playground This used to be my playground, this used to be my childhood dream...  - Bere
Madonna To have and not to hold To have and not to hold, so hot yet so cold, my heart is in your hand, and yet you'll never do, anything to make want to stay From the album Ray of light - Bere
Madonna I want you I want you, the right way, I want you, but I want you to want me too, want you to want me, baby, just like I want you  - Bere
Madonna Keep it together Keep, keep it together... keep, keep it together  - Bere
Madonna Take a bow Take a bow, the night is over this mascarade is getting older...  - Bere
Madonna Words Words... they cut like a knife, come into my life, I don't wanna hear your words  - Bere
Madonna Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy ooh, Jimmy Jimmy  - Bere
Madonna Rain Rain... feel it on my fingertips, hear it on my window pane your love's coming down like... Rain...  - Bere
Madonna Cherish Cherish, cherish... so tired of broken hearts and losing at this game of love...  - Bere
Madonna Erotica Erotica... romance... erotica... I'd like to put you in a trance...  - Bere
Madonna Sky fits heaven Sky fits heaven so fly it, that's what the prophet said to me  - Bere
Madonna  Lucky Star You must be my lucky star 'Cause you shine on me wherever you are In the fall of 1984, "Lucky Star" followed on the heels of Madonna's #16 hit (in the winter of '84), "Holiday" and #10 hit (in the summer of '84) "Borderline". At the time, many critics were writing off Madonna as not going to have as big of career as one of her then rivals for chart success, Cyndi Lauper. All three of those hits were from Madonna's self-titled debut lp, and "Lucky Star" went to #3 in the charts. The critics would soon be proven wrong with the #1 smash hit by Madonna, "Like A Virgin" -- which would prove to be the start of an unstoppable train ride of success for the pop star, Madonna! - Peter
The Magnetic Fields The Book of Love The book of love is long and boring.  - Brian Kelly
The Majors A Wonderful Dream Last night I had a wonderful dream about you  - Alyssa Jayne
Mama Cass Elliot New World Coming There's a new world coming, and it's just around the bend  - Candy Welty
The Mamas & The Papas I Saw Her Again I saw her again last night  - Candy Welty
The Mamas & The Papas Monday Monday Monday Monday, so good to me, Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee That Monday evening  The rest of the first line is: " would still be here with me." In May 1966, "Monday Monday" was the first and only #1 song for The Mamas & The Papas on Billboard Magazine's HOT 100 charts. - Peter
The Mamas & The Papas Safe In My Garden Safe in my garden, an ancient flower grows  - Candy Welty
The Mamas & The Papas Words Of Love Words of love, so soft and tender, won't win a girl's heart anymore  - Candy Welty
Manchester Orchestra April Fool I was born an April fool.  - Brian Kelly
Manchester Orchestra Shake It Out Shake it out, shake it out.  - Brian Kelly
Maneskin I Wanna Be Your Slave I wanna be your slave, I wanna be your master. You can't be both. - Brian Kelly
Manfred Mann Do Wah Diddy Diddy There she was just a-walkin' down the street, singin' "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do." "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" was the only #1 for the original/1960's group of South African keyboardist Manfred Mann. Many at the time that "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" was hot on the charts, thought Manfred Mann might be British, but he wasn't he is definitely South African -- although he did have a five man combo that was composed mainly of British men. Manfred Mann also originally started out as jazz artist, but realized that to make money he might need to go into pop. "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" was also a remake of the American soul group the Exciters song written by the duo Barry/Greenwich. - Peter
Manfred Mann Blinded By The Light Blinded by the light, revved up a like deuce, another runner in the night "Blinded By The Light" was written by Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen and the original (more acoustic than Mann's version) version was featured on The Boss' 1973 lp, "Greetings From Asbury Park". - Peter
The Manhattan Transfer Ray's Rockhouse Ray's Rockhouse, that's my joint  - Yvette Bristle
The Manhattan Transfer Trickle Trickle Trickle trickle, splash splash. Tell me how long will this rain last?  - Candy Welty
The Manhattan Transfer Operator Operator, give me information, information, give me long distance  - Candy Welty
The Manhattans If My Heart Could Speak If my heart could speak, then it could tell you how I feel about you  - Candy Welty
Mansionair Violet City Wide awake in this violet city.  - Brian Kelly
Marcie Blane What Does A Girl Do What does a girl do? What should she do?  - Candy Welty
Margaret Whiting I Hadn't Anyone Till You I hadn't anyone till you. I was a lonely one till you.  - Candy Welty
Margaret Whiting Haunting Love A haunting love, a wanting love, is floating somewhere in the air  - Candy Welty
Margaret Whiting I've Told Every Little Star I've told every little star just how sweet I think you are. Why haven't I told you? [Note: Linda Scott's 1961 hit version does not open with title.]  - Candy Welty
Margaret Whiting Time After Time Time after time, I tell myself that I'm so lucky to be in love with you  - Candy Welty
Margaret Whiting Love Can Happen Anytime Love can happen anytime, when you least expect it  - Candy Welty
Margaret Whiting My Own True Love My own, my own true love, you'll always be my love  - Candy Welty
Maria Muldaur Midnight At The Oasis Midnight at the oasis, send your camel to bed. Mildly suggestive for its time (1975), it was about a desert love affair set in old Arabia. It might have been responsible for the most pregnancies from a 70's song, according to Matthew Greenwald of All Music Magazine. (from Wikipedia) - MOR
Mariah Carey Hero There's a hero if you look inside your heart.  - Brian Kelly
Marilyn Monroe I Wanna Be Loved By You I wanna be loved by you, just you and nobody else but you  - Candy Welty
Marina and the Diamonds Primadonna Primadonna girl, yeah...  - ashley
Marina and the Diamonds Froot Froo-oo-oo-oot lalalalalala  - Lefty Lucy
Marion Worth Shake Me I Rattle (Squeeze Me I Cry) Shake me I rattle, squeeze me I cry, please take me home and love me  - Candy Welty
Maroon 5 Sunday Morning Sunday morning, rain is falling  - Alex
Martha & the Vandellas Nowhere To Run Nowhere to run, baby Nowhere to hide (ooh) Got nowhere to run, baby Nowhere to hide (ooh) "Nowhere To Run" was a #8 hit for Motown's Martha & the Vandellas. Another one of the Motown hits written by the songwriting team of Holland, Dozier, Holland, "Nowhere To Run" was thought to be too earthy for the more well-polished Supremes to sing. Of course it was well known by this point that Motown founder, Barry Gordy was much more favorable to the Supremes than Martha Reaves and her Vandellas. But Martha & the Vandellas' tunes probably had more spins on the dance floors across America (just my opinion). - Peter
Martha and the Vandellas Quicksand Quicksand, quicksand, pulling me closer.  - Brian Kelly
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas Jimmy Mack Jimmy Mack, Jimmy, oh Jimmy Mack, when are you comin' back?  - Candy Welty
Martina McBride When You Love a Sinner When you love a sinner, you hate the sin  - William Ransom
Martina McBride At Last At last
My love has come along
  - William Ransom
Martina McBride God's Will I met God's Will on a Halloween night  - William Ransom
Martina McBride Strangers Two strangers passing on the sidewalk.  - Brian Kelly
Martina McBride Wild Rebel Rose Wild rebel Rose, kids used to tease you  - William Ransom
Martina McBride Where I Used to Have a Heart Where I used to have a heart
Feels like a mile-wide ditch
  - William Ransom
Martina McBride Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong Wrong, baby, wrong, baby, wrong
It ain't the end of the world
  - William Ransom
Martina McBride In My Daughter's Eyes In my daughter's eyes I am a hero  - William Ransom
Martina McBride The Time Has Come The time has come to let you go
My tears will run and they'll keep me afloat
  - William Ransom
Martina McBride Ashes Ashes
He's nothing but ashes
  - William Ransom
Martina McBride When You Are Old When you are old and tired and gray
Wear your overcoat on sunny days
  - William Ransom
Martina McBride There You Are There you are in the early light of day  - William Ransom
Marty Balin Atlanta Lady Atlanta lady, I'm losing my mind  - Joey F.
Marty Robbins I Walk Alone I walk alone where once we wandered  - Candy Welty
Marty Robbins El Paso Out in the West Texas town of El Paso I fell in love with a Mexican girl Marty Robbins' "El Paso" has the distinction, according to Billboard Magazine's HOT 100 charts, of being the first #1 song of the decade of the 1960's. It would later be reworked and have more of a life when Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead would play it regularly in concert after 1970. - Peter
Marty Robbins My Love My love is the valley.  - Brian Kelly
Marty Robbins It's Your World It's your world, and your smile turns on my sunshine  - Candy Welty
Marty Robbins Cap And Gown Cap and gown, you'll be so pretty in your cap and gown  - Candy Welty
Marty Robbins Love Can't Wait Love can't wait, so don't hesitate  - Candy Welty
Marty Robbins Just Married Just married this morning, how happy they are  - Candy Welty
Marty Robbins Five Brothers Five brothers who left Arkansas, set out to find the gambler who murdered their pa  - Candy Welty
Marty Robbins A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) A white sport coat and a pink carnation. I'm all dressed up for the dance.  - Candy Welty
Marty Robbins I Told The Brook I told the book that runs down through the valley  - Candy Welty
Marty Robbins Don't Worry Don't worry 'bout me, it's all over now  - Candy Welty
Marty Robbins Is There Any Chance Is there any chance that you and I can start all over  - Candy Welty
Marvin Gaye Mercy Me Whoa, oh, Mercy Mercy Me! Oh, things ain't what they used to be!  - Larcen Tyler
Marvin Gaye If I Could Build My Whole World Around You Oh, if I could build my whole world around you, darlin', first I'd put Heaven by your side  - Candy Welty
Marvin Gaye I Want You I want you (& I want you) the right way.  - Brian Kelly
Marvin Gaye Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby. Ain't nothing like the real thing.  - Candy Welty
Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells What's The Matter With You Baby What's the matter with you, baby? What's the matter? What did I do wrong?  - Candy Welty
Marvin Gaye and Mary Wells Once Upon A Time Once upon a time, I almost lost my mind.  - Brian Kelly
Marvin Rainwater Gonna Find Me A Bluebird Gonna find me a bluebird, let him sing me a song  - Candy Welty
Mary Chapin Carpenter Going Out Tonight I'm going out tonight to find myself a friend  - William Ransom
Mary Chapin Carpenter River River full of stones when there's no rain  - Sutch
Mary Chapin Carpenter Girls Like Me Girls like me aren't hard to find  - William Ransom
Mary Hopkin When I Am Old One Day When I am old one day, children will laugh as I shuffle on by  - Candy Welty
Mary Martin I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair, I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair.  "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" is another tune from Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific". Although, a chorus tune, the character of Nellie sings the first line, therefore the credit to Mary Martin the first Nellie on Broadway. - Peter
Mary McGregor Good Friend If you let me, I could be your good friend From her eponymous and final album, released in 1980. The song was recorded for the 1979 Bill Murray comedy Meatballs. It peaked at Nos. 39 and 86 on the US and Canadian charts, respectively. - Joey F.
Mary Wells My Guy Nothing you could say Can tear me away from my guy Mary Wells' "My Guy" is considered by many as the ultimate classic Motown song. "My Guy" was one of two songs, along with Louis Armstrong's "Hello, Dolly!" that stopped the Beatles' 15 week hold on the #1 position on Billboard Magazine's HOT 100 charts back in 1964. "My Guy" was Mary Wells' first and only #1 single, but Mary Wells had many other hits before this. - Peter
Mary Wells He's A Lover He's a lover. Some people talk about my guy. (He's a lover.) They say he always acts so shy.  - Candy Welty
Mary Wells Two Lovers Well, I've got two lovers and I ain't ashamed A deceptive song title, "Two Lovers", a Motown hit for Mary Wells back in 1963 isn't about her having two different guys as lovers. No, not indeed, if you continue to listen you find out that she's talking to the same guy about his multiple personality disorder. - Peter
Mary Wells Laughing Boy Laughing boy (ha ha ha ha ha), that's what they used to call you  - Candy Welty
Mass Production Welcome To Our World (Of Merry Music) Welcome to our world of merry music where everybody lends a helping hand  - Yvette Bristle
Massive Attack Angel You are my angel come from way above.  - Brian Kelly
The Matches Chain Me Free Chain me (ooh) free, lose the (ooh) key  - Alex
Matt Maeson Cut Deep Cut deep and I'm still alive.  - Brian Kelly
Matt Maeson Hallucinogenics Pushing past the limit, tripping on hallucinogenics.  - Brian Kelly
Matt Redman Blessed Be Your Name Blessed be Your name, in the land that is plentiful  - Vic George
Maureen Gray Dancin' The Strand (Dancin' the Strand, oh-oh-oh, dancin' the Strand) The night we were dancin' the Strand, we fell in love as if it were planned  - Candy Welty
Maureen McGovern The Morning After There's got to be a morning after If we can hold on through the night "The Morning After" was a # 1 song in 1973. It was featured in the original version of "The Poiseidon Adventure". Although, McGovern had the #1 tune, she didn't get to sing it or even appear in the film. Instead Renee Amand sang the tune, while actress Carol Lynley lip-synched in front of the camera. Even at the Oscar ceremony, the next year, McGovern would be denied singing it. - Peter
Maxi Priest Close To You I just wanna be close to you. I'm sure a lot of us thought he was saying, "I just wanna be cool like you!" - Larcen Tyler
Mayday Parade Jersey 'Cause Jersey just got colder and...  - Lizzie
MC5 Kick Out The Jams Kick out the jams motherfucker! MC5 (short for Motor City five -- they were a band from Detroit, MI and had five members)'s "Kick Out The Jams" almost seems out of place for 1969 America (when it made a small dent on many FM and AM radio dials -- although not becoming a national hit -- it was a hit in many American markets), and this isn't just because of the racy opening line. No, the thing that makes "Kick Out The Jams" and MC5 unique was the combining of several forms of music available at that time, and even some that were just in the experimental early stages to come up with a sound that would become more common place three decades later and sound not to unlike such 1990's and 2000's bands as Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Living Colour, etc. A matter of fact, MC5 was way ahead of their time, combining not only psychedelic rock and funk, but also proto-punk and the yet to be realized sounds of later hip-hop and even a trace of rap can be heard in MC5's sound. - Peter
The McCarters Letter from Home A letter from home came this morning  - William Ransom
The McCarters I Don't Want to Cry Anymore I don't want to cry anymore
I don't want the blues at my back door
  - William Ransom
The McCarters Flower in the Desert Sometimes I feel like a flower in the desert  - William Ransom
The McCoys Hang On Sloopy Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on. A number 1 song in November 1965, "Hang On Sloopy" was the most successful song for the American quartet the McCoys. The McCoys were formed in 1962 in Gary, IN by guitarist Ricky Zehringer (later known as Rick Derringer) and his brother, drummer, Randy (later known as Randy Z). Derringer would later go on to have a semi-successful solo career with the song, "Rock & Roll Hootchie Coo" being a huge rock 'n' roll anthem from the 1970's and produce such acts in the 1980's as the Go-Go's. - Peter
Me & My Lion Eddie Lion eddie let's go steady  - mads.
Meghan Trainor All About That Bass Because you know I'm all about that bass.  - Brian Kelly
Meghan Trainor Dear Future Husband Dear future husband, here's a few things you'll need to know.  - Brian Kelly
Meghan Trainor Genetics My genetics/My genetics/My genetics/G-E-N-E-T-I-C  - Maths -Angelic Version-
Meghan Trainor Lips Are Movin' If your lips are movin'.  - Brian Kelly
Mel & Tim Backfield In Motion Backfield in motion, yeah  - Yvette Bristle
Melanie Please Love Me Please love me, please, please love me  - Sheila Oh
Melanie Some Say (I Got Devil) Some say I got devil, some say I got angel  - Candy Welty
Melanie Momma Momma Momma momma, I fear you reared me wrong.  - Sheila Oh
Melanie Ring The Living Bell Ring the living bell, ring the living bell, shine the living light  - Candy Welty
Melanie Cyclone Hold tight, cyclone, found love in the music but lost in the overtones  - Candy Welty
Men Without Hats Antarctica Antarctica! From their 1983 Rhythm Of Youth album - Vic George
Men Without Hats Living In China They got the red book, they got the new look, the little people that are living in China. From their 1983 Rhythm Of Youth album. - Vic George
Men Without Hats I Got The Message I got the message, and the message is clear. From their 1983 Rhythm Of Youth album - Vic George
MercyMe I Can Only Imagine I can only imagine what it would be like when I walk by Your side  - Vic George
Meredith Wilson It's You It's you in the sunrise, it's you in my cup. "It's You" is another song from Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man" musical. "It's You" is sung by the Men's Barbershop Quartet in "The Music Man". - Peter
Meredith Wilson Lida Rose Lida Rose, I'm home again, Rose To get the sun back in the sky. "Lida Rose" is another song from Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man' musical. "Lida Rose" is another song sung by the Men's Barbershop Quartet. - Peter
Meredith Wilson Sincere How can there be any sin in sincere, Where is the good in goodbye? "Sincere" is another tune from Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man" musical. Since it is one of many tunes in the musical sung not by just one character (in this case the Men's Barbershop Quartet), credit for the performer goes to the man who wrote the music and lyrics, Meredith Wilson. - Peter
Meredith Wilson Wells Fargo Wagon O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a comin' down the street, Oh please let it be for me! "Wells Fargo Wagon" is another song from Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man" musical. Again a chorus tune, the town's people as a whole. And Wells Fargo Wagon was something a lot of people would wait for in old-fashioned and frontier towns of the late 19th/early 20th century America, the time setting for "The Music Man". - Peter
Merle Haggard Everybody's Had The Blues Everybody's had the blues sometimes, and everybody knows the tune.  - Candy Welty
Merle Haggard Carolyn Carolyn, let me tell you what I heard about a man today  - Chris Duncan
The Merry-Go-Round You're A Very Lovely Woman You're a very lovely woman, but I think I better turn you down this time  - Candy Welty
Metallica Don't Tread On Me Don't tread on me.  - Jessica
Metallica Fuel Gimme fuel! Gimme fire! Gimme that which I desire!  - Brian Kelly
Method Man Even If Even if I died a thousand deaths/When I resurrect, I'll still be Meth/The Jams will still be Def.... From the "Nutty Professor 2" soundtrack. Produced by Da Rockwilder. - ljchandler
Metric Front Row I'm in the front row with a bottle.  - Brian Kelly
mewithoutYou January 1979 January 1979, saw a terrible crash and I couldn't help but laugh  - Nat
MGMT Future Reflections And there were future reflections.  - Brian Kelly
MGMT The Handshake I just shook the handshake.  - Brian Kelly
Miami Sound Machine Bad Boy Bad boy, bad boy, bad boy, bad boy, boys will be boys  - Candy Welty
Miami Sound Machine Conga Come on, shake your body. Baby, do the conga.  - Brian Kelly
Michael Bolton Carrie Carrie is a girl disillusioned by the world.  - Brian Kelly
Michael Crawford It Only Takes A Moment It only takes a moment For your eyes to meet and then Your heart knows in a moment You will never be alone again. "It Only Takes A Moment" is another song from the Jerry Herman musical, "Hello, Dolly!" Michael Crawford is better known for the tune from his turn as the character of Cornelius Hackl in the 1969 motion picture. In the original Broadway run of "Hello, Dolly!" from 1964 to 1970 Cornelius was played by Charles Nelson Reilly. Michael Crawford would become better known in the late 1980's for his performance as the original Phantom Of The Opera in the Broadway and London musical of Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Phantom Of The Opera". - Peter
Michael Cretu Love Me Love me and do not ever leave me From Moon, Light & Flowers (1979). - Joey F.
Michael Jackson This is it This is it, here I stand  - J.
Michael Jackson Got To Be There Got to be there, got to be there in the morning  - Candy Welty
Michael Jackson She's Out Of My Life She's out of my life, she's out of my life, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry  - Candy Welty
Michael Jackson Working Day and Nigt Ooh my honey, you've got me working day and night  - J.
Michael Jackson Ben Ben, the two of us need look no more. The song was from the movie "Ben", the sequel to the original "Willard". Ben was Willard's pet rat. - The Late Bruce Lee
Michael Jackson Smile Smile, when your heart is aching  - J.
Michael Jackson Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' I said you wanna be startin' somethin'  - Brian Kelly
Michael Jackson Take Me Back Take me back, take me back where I belong, that's with you, baby  - J.
Michael Jackson Liberian girl Liberian girl, you came and you changed my world  - J.
Michael Jackson You can't win You can't win, you can't break even and you can't get out of the game  - J.
Michael Jackson They don't care about us All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us  - J.
Michael Jackson This time around This time around, I'll never get bit though you really wanna fix me  - J.
Michael Jackson It's the falling in love It's the falling in love that's making me high  - J.
Michael Jackson Money Money (Lie for it... Spy for it... Kill for it... Die for it...)  - J.
Michael MacDonald I Keep Forgetting (We're Not In Love Anymore) I keep forgetting we're not in love anymore.  - Brian Kelly
Michael Nesmith & The First National Band Joanne Her name was Joanne, and she lived in a meadow by a pond  - Candy Welty
Michael W Smith Draw Me Close Draw me close to You, never let me go. From his "Worship" album. - Vic George
Michael W Smith Let It Rain Let it rain, let it rain, open the floodgates of heaven Actually, the whole song is just this one verse repeated over and over, with a spoken interlude from Psalm 97:1-6 (NIV) - Vic George
Michael W Smith Breathe This is the air I breathe From his "Worship" album - Vic George
Mickey & Sylvia Love Is Strange Love, love is strange, lots of people take it for a game  - Candy Welty
Midge Ure If I Was If I was a better man.  - Brian Kelly
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Royal Oil Royal oil, come on bubble and boil.  - Brian Kelly
Mika Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) Big girl, you are beautiful On the album version of this song, the first line is heard right before the introduction starts. - Stompgal
Mike Oldfield Shadow On The Wall Shadow on the wall (x4), like a shadow on the wall  - B1982
Mike Posner I Took a Pill in Ibiza I took a pill in Ibiza, to show Avicii I was cool.  - Crafthead
Mildred J. Hill and Patty Smith Hill Happy Birthday To You Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear _________ , Happy birthday to you. Those are both the opening lines and the only lines of the tune! The blank line after the dear is left opening for someone's first name or whatever title they liked to be called by people when you are wishing them a happy birthday with the tune. "Happy Birthday To You" is a very simple song that has a long history to it, but not as long as many people think. "Happy Birthday To You"'s lyrics were written by Louisville, KY schoolteacher, Mildred J. Hill, who was an expert on Negro spirituals and her sister, Dr. Patty Smith Hill who was a professor emeritus at Columbia University back in the 1850's. Mildred J. Hill would compose the melody for "Happy Birthday To You" on June 27, 1859. "Happy Birthday To You" was copyrighted in 1935 and the copyright was renewed in 1963. - Peter
Miley Cyrus I Miss You I miss you, I miss you smile...  - Raphaella So
Milky Chance Colorado I get high like Colorado.  - Brian Kelly
The Miller Stain Limit Cellophane Cellophane, wrap me under  - Tommy
Milli Vanilli Take It as It Comes Take it as it comes, girl.  - Bob
Millie Small My Boy Lollipop My boy lollipop, You made my heart go giddy up. "My Boy Lollipop" was a surprise at the time #2 hit in the summer of 1964. A definite reggae beat tune several years before reggae would be more acceptable by the audience buying most of the pop/rock records sold at that time. Millie Small also points to the fact that the British Invasion hitting the American charts was more international than just being artists from Britian. Mille Small was from Jamaica. - Peter
The Mills Brothers You Always Hurt The One You Love You always hurt the one you love, the one you shouldn't hurt at all  - Candy Welty
The Mills Brothers Yellow Bird Yellow bird, up high in banana tree  - Candy Welty
The Mills Brothers Cab Driver Cab driver, drive by Mary's place  - Candy Welty
The Mills Brothers Up A Lazy River Up a lazy river by the old mill run  - Candy Welty
The Mills Brothers Across The Alley From The Alamo Across the alley from the Alamo lived a pinto pony and a Navajo  - Candy Welty
Mimi Webb House on Fire You liar, now Imma set your house on fire You can actually (barely) hear it in the first few seconds. - Dongquan
Mindless Self Indulgence Mastermind I am the mastermind, leaving you all behind  - Jonathan S.
Minnie Riperton Loving You Loving you is easy 'cause you're beautiful   - Sheila Oh
The Miracles What's So Good About Good-By What's so good about good-by? All it does is make-a you cry.  - Alyssa Jayne
Miscellaneous JIngle Bell Rock Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock,
Jingle bell swing and jingle bells ring.
  - Kris Kringle Aguilera
Miscellaneous Baby, It's Cold Outside I really can't stay/Baby, It's cold ouside A pop standard mostly played at Christmas time. Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.(among others) have performed the song, usually with a female as a duet. - Francis A. Sissy
Miscellaneous Our Song Our song, we used to call it our song Originally written as the Italian "La musica è finita" (The music is over). - Joey F.
Miscellaneous This Is My Song Love, this is my song, here is a song, my serenade to you Many subsequent versions omit the first three stanzas of the original lyrics written by Charlie Chaplin. - Joey F.
Miscellaneous Again Again, this couldn't happen again. This is that once in a lifetime.  - Joey F.
Missio I See You I see you when you're down and depressed.  - Brian Kelly
Missy Elliot Lose Control Music make you lose control, music make you lose control  - Alex
Missy Higgins You Just Like Me Cause I'm Good In Bed You just like me 'cause I'm good in bed  - Tarzan
Mitch Miller Yellow Rose Of Texas  There's a yellow rose of Texas that I am gonna see. The folk song, "Yellow Rose Of Texas" was not written by Mitch Miller, and actually dates back to the 1830's. The yellow rose in question refers not to a flower, but to a person. Mitch Miller popularized the tune though taking it to #1 back in the fall of 1955. - Peter
Mitchell Torok Pink Chiffon Pink chiffon, brand new evening gown. You're all dressed up for our graduation dance.  - Candy Welty
Mitchell Torok Hootchie Kootchie Henry Oh, Hootchie Kootchie Henry from Hawaii, he does the hootchie kootchie in the sand  - Candy Welty
Mitchell Torok Teeny Weeny Bikini A teeny weeny bikini, a teeny weeny bikini, a teeny weeny bikini is what my baby wears  - Candy Welty
Moby Find My Baby I'm gon' find my baby (woo!) 'fore the sun goes down. This is the only line in the whole song, so technically is the opening line... - Nat
Modest Mouse Dramamine Traveling swallowing dramamine.  - beth
Modest Mouse Ohio Ohio  - Braksnen
Mogwai R U Still In 2 It? Are you still into it? Cause I'm still into it.  - Nat
The Mojo Men Dance With Me Dance with me, hold my hand. Dance with me. Ain't love grand?  - Lily Orange
Molly Hatchet Flirtin' With Disaster I'm traveling down the road, I'm flirtin' with disaster.  - Brian Kelly
The Monarchs Look Homeward Angel Look homeward angel, tell me what you see  - Candy Welty
Monkees Steppin' Stone I I I I I'm not your stepping stone Another Pre-fab four hit written by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart. - Peter
The Monkees Oh My My Oh my my, I could love you forever. Oh my my, I only wish that I could.  - Candy Welty
Monkees Last Train To Clarksville Take the last train to Clarksville, And I'll meet you at the station. So, opens the first #1 song from the Pre-fab four. Written by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart. - Peter
The Monkees D.W. Washburn D.W. Washburn, I heard a sweet voice say  - Candy Welty
Monotones Book Of Love I wonder, wonder who, who-oo-ooh / Who wrote the Book Of Love?  - Bob
The Monroes Cheerio Cheerio, cheerio, bye bye. Cheerio, it's too late to cry.  - Candy Welty
The Moody Blues Nights In White Satin Nights in white satin, never reaching the end, letters I've written, never meaning to send Definitely a blast from the past! - Michael E Cormier
The Moody Blues Ride My See-Saw Ride. Ride my see-saw.  - Brian Kelly
The Moody Blues Nice to Be Here Nice to be here, hope you agree  - Cyhunt
The Moody Blues I Know You're Out There Somewhere I know you're out there somewhere...somewhere, somewhere A sequel song to "Your Wildest Dreams" from their 1988 album Sur La Mer - Vic George
Morningwood Jetsetter This is a jetsetter music letter from me to you.  - Brian Kelly
Morphine Good You're good, good, good.  - Brian Kelly
Morris Albert Feelings Feelings, nothing more than feelings. Trying to forget my...feelings of love.  - MOR
Morris Albert She's My Girl She's my girl when the sun goes down  - Joey F.
Morrissey The youngest was the most loved The youngest was the most loved, The youngest was the shielded...  - Bere
Morrissey The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get The more you ignore me, the closer I get. You're wasting your time.  - Brian Kelly
The Mothers of Invention Concentration Moon Concentration Moon, over the camp by the valley One of the very rare occasions that Frank Zappa and the Mothers include the song title at the beginning (let alone within the song!). - Agrimorfee
Motion City Soundtrack Broken Heart I’ll start this broken heart...  - Lizzie
Motley Crue In The Beginning In the beginning God always overpowered the evils of all men's sins.  - Candy Welty
Motley Crue Without You Without you, there's no change.  - Brian Kelly
Mountain Mississippi Queen Mississippi queen, if you know what I mean.  - Brian Kelly
The Movielife Hey Hey, I guess I'll figure it out.  - Lizzie
Mr. Mister Kyrie Kyrie eleison.  - Brian Kelly
Muddy Waters Baby, Please Don't Go Baby, please don't go
Baby please don't go
Baby please don't go down to New Orleans
You know I love you so
Baby please don't go.
 Written by Big Joe Williams and remade by several artist like Van Morrison, AC/DC and Aerosmith. - Blues
Mumford & Sons Roll Away Your Stone Roll away your stone. I'll roll away mine.  - Brian Kelly
Mungo Jerry In The Summertime In the summertime when the weather is high. You can stretch right out and touch the sky.  Sometimes I think songs can be just a little too literal. - Celeste
Murray Head One Night In Bangkok One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.  - Brian Kelly
Muse Jimmy Kane Jimmy Kane can't sleep at night  - Nurul
Muse Agitated You make me agitated  - Nurul
Muse Falling Down I'm falling down, and fifteen thousand people scream, they were all begging for your dream  - Nurul
Muse Unintended You could be my unintended choice to live my life extended  - Nurul
Muse Animals Animal, you're animal, don't take anything less  - Nurul
Muse Save Me Save me from my superstitions This song is one of two songs written by Chris Wolstenholme (bassist). Muse member that usually write songs is Matt Bellamy (vocalist) - Nurul
The Music Explosion Sunshine Games I've been playing sunshine games all my lonely life  - Candy Welty
Musique In The Bush Push, push in the bush, push, push in the bush  - Candy Welty
MxPx Chick Magnet Well, he's a chick magnet if ya know what I mean.  - Brian Kelly
My Chemical Romance Na Na Na Na na na na na na na... Sounds like he's doing the Myposian Dance Of Joy. - Brian Kelly
My Chemical Romance Mama Mama, we all go to hell, mama we all go to hell - Felicia

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