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Songs that mention their title in the opening line of the song

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Songs That Open With Their Titles, J

Song Title
Opening Lines
Comments & Submittor Name
J Geils Band Freeze Frame Freeze frame! This is shouted at the beginning of the song. - Vic George
Jack Johnson Taylor They say Taylor was a good girl never one to be late complain express ideas in her brain  - Tahleea
Jack Johnson Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Now I was sitting, waiting, wishing.  - Brian Kelly
Jack Johnson Traffic in the Sky There's traffic in the sky and it doesn't seem to be getting much better  - J.D.
Jack Johnson If I Had Eyes If I had eyes in the back of my head...  - Lizzie
Jack Johnson The Horizon Has Been Defeated The horizon has been defeated by the pirates of the new age  - J.D.
Jack Johnson Times Like These In times like these, in times like those...  - J.D.
Jack Kays and Travis Barker Sideways Drink till I'm sideways.  - Brian Kelly
Jack Scott Geraldine Geraldine [16 times], oh, cutest girl I've ever seen, Geraldine  - Candy Welty
Jack Scott What In The World's Come Over You What in the world's come over you? Seems we never get along  - Candy Welty
Jack Scott Patsy Ah, Patsy, I'll be waitin', standin' by the schoolyard gate  - Candy Welty
Jack Scott Oh, Little One Oh, little one, oh, little one, oh, little one, oh, little one, I loved her so, I'll never let her go  - Candy Welty
Jack Scott There Comes A Time There comes a time in everybody's life when their true love lets them down  - Candy Welty
Jack Scott Is There Something On Your Mind Is there something on your mind that you're not telling me?  - Candy Welty
Jack Scott The Way I Walk The way I walk is just the way I walk. The way I talk is just the way I talk.  - Candy Welty
Jack Scott With Your Love With your love here beside me, here to guide me, how can I go wrong?  - Candy Welty
Jack Scott It Only Happened Yesterday It only happened yesterday, and already I miss you, my dear  - Candy Welty
Jack's Mannequin American Love You see I got this american love, a brand new planet in the solar system  - Alex
Jackie DeShannon Brighton Hill Brighton Hill, where the sky changes its color  - Candy Welty
Jackie DeShannon What The World Needs Now Is Love What the world needs now is love, sweet love, it's the only thing that there's just too little of  - Candy Welty
Jackie Wilson You Don't Know What It Means You don't know what it means, yeah, to lose the one you love  - Candy Welty
The Jackson 5 Dreamer I guess I'll always a dreamer.  - Brian Kelly
The Jackson 5 Body Girl, I want your body.  - Brian Kelly
Jackson 5 Dancing Machine Dancin', dancin' dancin'
She's a dancin' machine.
  - Indy Gent
Jackson Browne Doctor My Eyes Doctor, my eyes have seen the years.  - Brian Kelly
Jackson Browne Boulevard Down on the boulevard.  - Brian Kelly
Jackson Five Going Back To Indiana I'm goin' back to Indiana
Back to where my baby's from
I'm goin' back to Indiana
Indiana here I come.
  - Indy Gent
James Carr I'm A Fool For You Oh, I'm a fool for you. I'm a fool for you. If you want me to, baby, I'll break some rules for you.  - Candy Welty
James Darren Goodbye Cruel World (Goodbye cruel world, goodbye cruel world) Oh, goodbye cruel world, I'm off to join the circus  - Candy Welty
James Rado Where Do I Go? Where do I go, Follow the river. "Where Do I Go?" is another song from the musical "Hair". - Peter
James Rado I Got Life I got life, mother. "I Got Life" is another song from the 1968 Broadway musical, "Hair". It is sung by the main character, Claude, when he writes home to his parents in Manchester, England. Claude was played by one of the lyrist of "Hair", James Rado when it ran on Broadway. There was an attempt to revive the show in October 1977 but it only ran for 42 performances. The 1980 motion picture also met with much resistance, mainly because by the early 1980's there wasn't much resemblance to the youth culture of 1968. - Peter
James Rado Manchester England Manchester England England Across the Atlantic Sea. "Manchester England" is yet another song from the musical "Hair". It is sung by the main character, Claude, to introduce himself to the Tribe. Claude is from Manchester, England. Claude was played in the original Broadway production of "Hair" by James Rado. - Peter
James Taylor Believe It or Not Believe it or not, I've been waiting for you to come through.  - Brian Kelly
James Taylor Your Smiling Face Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself, because I love you.  - Larcen Tyler
Jan & Dean I Found A Girl I, I found a girl. Anybody can see just by looking at me that I found a girl.  - Candy Welty
Jan & Dean The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena)  It's the little old lady from Pasadena ...  - Peter
Jan & Dean Sidewalk Surfin' Grab your board and go sidewalk surfin' with me ... Surf music duo, Jan & Dean had a top twenty hit with "Sidewalk Surfin'" in 1964. "Sidewalk Surfin'" refers to skateboarding that was just becoming the fad it would later become in that year of 1964. - Peter
Jan Bradley Mama Didn't Lie Mama didn't lie, she didn't lie  - Candy Welty
Jane Child Don't Let It Get To Ya Don't Let it, get to ya  - Rob Carter
Jane Morgan Softly, Softly Softly, softly, softly, softly, softly, softly, come to me  - Candy Welty
Jane Morgan Fascination It was fascination, I know  - Candy Welty
Jane's Addiction Jane Says Jane says "I'm done with Sergio."  - Brian Kelly
Jane's Addiction Been Caught Stealing Been caught stealing, once when I was five.  - Brian Kelly
Jane's Addiction Had a Dad Had a dad, big and strong.  - Brian Kelly
Janet Jackson Control This is a story about control.  - Brian Kelly
Janie Fricke Tell Me a Lie Tell me a lie
Say I look familiar
  - William Ransom
Janis Ian Jesse Jesse, come home  - Sutch
Janis Ian At Seventeen I learned the truth at seventeen, that love was meant for beauty queens  - Candy Welty
Janis Joplin Mercedes Benz Oh lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?  - Brian Kelly
The Jarmels A Little Bit Of Soap A little bit of soap will wash away your lipstick on my face  - Candy Welty
Jason Mraz One Love One Love, One heart... 1st 2 words are the title.... I don't know who originally wrote this song, but Jason Mraz does perform it - who
Jay & The Americans What's The Use What's the use of caring (what's the use) for a girl who doesn't love you?  - Candy Welty
Jay & The Americans Let's Lock The Door (And Throw Away The Key) Let's lock the door and throw away the key now, shom-dooby-dum dooby-dum-dum  - Candy Welty
Jay & The Americans This Magic Moment This magic moment, so different and so new, was like any other until I kissed you  - Candy Welty
Jay & The Americans Cara Mia Cara Mia, why must we say goodbye?  - Candy Welty
Jay & The Techniques Keep The Ball Rollin' Keep the ball rollin', keep the ball rollin', girl, the name of the game is love  - Candy Welty
Jay Black The Part Of Me That Needs You Most What's the part of me that needs you most? Deep in the heart of me, I feel you close.  - Claire Grayson
Jay Sean Down Baby are you down down down down down?  - Dongquan
Jay Sean Tonight I'm gonna give it to you tonight.  - Brian Kelly
Jaye P. Morgan Miss You I miss you since you went away, dear  - Lily Orange
Jaye P. Morgan Danger! Heartbreak Ahead Danger, heartbreak ahead, look out little fool, you're not wise  - Lily Orange
Jaye P. Morgan Not One Goodbye Not one goodbye from now until forever  - Lily Orange
Jaye P. Morgan Johnny Casanova Johnny Casanova, you break each lover's heart  - Lily Orange
Jaye P. Morgan The Longest Walk I took the longest walk in the world last night  - Lily Orange
Jaye P. Morgan Lost In The Shuffle Lost in the shuffle, lost in the crowd  - Lily Orange
Jaye P. Morgan Softly, Softly Softly, softly come to me, touch my lips so tenderly  - Lily Orange
Jean Knight My Toot Toot Don't mess with my toot toot, don't mess with my toot toot. I know you have another woman, so don't mess with my toot toot.  - Candy Welty
Jean Knight You Think You're Hot Stuff You think you're hot stuff. But in my book, you're not hot enough.  - Candy Welty
Jean Stapleton If A Girl Isn't Pretty If a girl isn't pretty Like a Miss Atlantic City, All she gets in life Is pity and a pat. "If A Girl Isn't Pretty" is from the Broadway musical, "Funny Girl". It was originally sung, on Broadway, by Jean Stapleton in a scene between her character, Mrs. Strakosh, to Barbra Streisand's lead character, Fanny Brice (a real person back in the early half of the 20th Century -- who won fame as a comediene and later actress and singer despite her looks). In the 1968 motion picture of the Broadway musical, Mrs. Strakosh would be played by Mae Questal. - Peter
Jeannette McDonald San Francisco San Francisco, open your Golden Gate!  - Rick O'Shea
Jeannie C. Riley Oh, Singer Oh, singer, sing me an old song, yeah  - Candy Welty
Jeff Buckley Last Goodbye This is our last goodbye.  - Brian Kelly
Jefferson Airplane Pretty As You Feel You're only pretty as you feel, only pretty as you feel inside  - Candy Welty
Jefferson Starship Jane Jane, you say it's all over for you and me, girl From their 1979 album Freedom At Point Zero, where Mickey Thomas replaces Marty Balin as the band's lead vocalist. - Vic George
Jefferson Starship Ride The Tiger I want to ride, ride the tiger  - Claire Grayson
Jeffree Star Get Away With Murder I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder  - nyunyu
Jermaine Jackson Do What You Do Why don't you do what you do when you did what you did to me?  - Larcen Tyler
Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick and Joseph Stein Anatevka Anatevka, Anatevka, underfed, overworked, Anatevka, where else could sabbath be so sweet? "Anatevka" is another song from the musical, "Fiddler On The Roof". It is sung as a chorus piece near the end of the musical, when the generations are singing about the families moving to America (Anatevka in Yiddish). Since "Anatevka" is a chorus piece the credit for it goes to Jerry Bock who wrote the music, Sholom Aleichem who wrote the lyrics and Joseph Stein who wrote the book for the musical. - Peter
Jerry Butler I Dig You Baby I dig you baby. I dig you, yes I do.  - Alyssa Jayne
Jerry Butler Don't Let Love Hang You Up Oh, don't let love hang you up. Don't let it make you sad and blue.  - Alyssa Jayne
Jerry Butler Whatever You Want Whatever you want, I want for you, whatever you need, I need for you  - Candy Welty
Jerry Butler I'm A Telling You I'm a telling you, I'm a telling you, I'm a telling you, I'm a telling you  - Candy Welty
Jerry Keller Here Comes Summer Here comes summer, school is out, oh happy days  - Candy Welty
Jerry Reed East Bound and Down East bound and down. Load it up and truck it. Theme song from "Smokey and the Bandit". - Brian Kelly
Jerry Vale Have You Looked Into Your Heart Have you looked into your heart? Did you find a memory or two?  - Candy Welty
Jerry Vale Tears Keep On Falling Tears keep on falling for the fool that you see  - Alyssa Jayne
Jerry Wallace Shutters And Boards Shutters and boards cover the windows of the house where we used to live  - Candy Welty
Jerry Wallace In The Misty Moonlight In the misty moonlight, by the flickering firelight, any place is all right, long as I'm with you  - Candy Welty
Jesse Anderson I Got A Problem I got a problem, I say I got a problem, I say I got a problem, people  - Candy Welty
Jesse Belvin Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) Goodnight, my love, pleasant dreams and sleep tight, my love Credited on the label as Jessie Belvin, his song was recorded and released as a single only. It reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot R&B chart in 1956 and became one of the most covered songs in music history. - Joey F.
Jesse Belvin Funny Funny how the phone stopped ringing  - Candy Welty
Jesse Colin Young Songbird Listen to the songbird, hear him singing  - Sutch
Jessi Colter I'm Not Lisa I'm not Lisa, my name is Julie  - Candy Welty
Jesus Jones Welcome Back Victoria Welcome back, Victoria.  - Brian Kelly
Jesus Jones Are You Satisfied? Are you satisfied?  - Brian Kelly
Jesus Jones Who? Where? Why? Who am I? Where am I? Why do I feel this way?  - Brian Kelly
Jethro Tull Jack-In-The-Green Have you seen Jack-In-The-Green? With his long tail hanging down  - Doug N.
Jethro Tull Songs From The Wood Let me bring you songs from the wood: / To make you feel much better than you could know  - Doug N.
Jethro Tull Velvet Green Walking on velvet green, Scot's pine growing Isn't it rare to be taking the air?  - Doug N.
The Jets Cross My Broken Heart Cross my broken heart, boy. Cross my broken heart for you.  - Brian Kelly
Jewel Little Sister Hey, little sister. I heard you went to Mr. So-and-so.  - Brian Kelly
Jewel Fat Boy Fat boy goes to the pool.  - Brian Kelly
Jewel Adrian Adrian came home again last summer.  - Brian Kelly
Jewel Don't Don't walk too close.  - Brian Kelly
Jewel Barcelona Barcelona where the winds all blew.  - Brian Kelly
Jewel Daddy My bones are tired, Daddy.  - Brian Kelly
Jewel Akens The Birds And The Bees Let me tell ya 'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the Moon up above, and a thing called love.  - Candy Welty
Jigsaw Brand New Love Affair Yes, it's like a brand new love affair, it's still like a brand new love affair  - Candy Welty
Jigsaw Love Fire Love fire, hold me close and breathe my name  - Candy Welty
Jill King Down 'n' Out I'm down 'n' out since you've been gone  - William Ransom
Jim & Jean People World It's a people world where we'll not be all alone  - Candy Welty
Jim Capaldi Eve Eve, there's a woman in your eyes  - Claire Grayson
Jim Croce Operator Operator, oh could you help me place this call?  - MOR
Jim Croce Time In A Bottle If I could save time in a bottle  - Candy Welty
Jim Diamond I Should Have Known Better I should have known better to lie to one as beautiful as you From the 1985 album Double Crossed and, as a re-recorded version, his 1993 eponymous album. The song went No. 1 in UK and Australia during 1984. Rest in peace, Jim. - Joey F.
Jim Gilstrap Swing Your Daddy Swing your daddy, sexy mama, you got his love Jones out of control  - Candy Welty
Jim Reeves Bimbo Bimbo, bimbo, where ya gonna go-e-o?  - Brian Kelly
Jim Reeves Have I Stayed Away Too Long Have I stayed away too long? Have I stayed away too long? If I came home tonight would you still be my darling  - Candy Welty
Jim Reeves Adios Amigo Adios, amigo. Adios, my friend. The road we have traveled has come to an end.  - Candy Welty
Jim White If Jesus Drove a Motorhome If Jesus drove a motor home
I wonder would he drive pedal to the metal, or real slow?
Checking out the stereo
Cassette playing Bob Dylan,
  - Tania WYEP
Jimi Hendrix Angel Angel came down from Heaven yesterday.  - Brian Kelly
Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze Purple Haze all in my brain.   - nikki
Jimi Hendrix Room Full of Mirrors I used to live in a room full of mirrors  - Sutch
Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe Hey Joe, where are you going?  - Brian Kelly
Jimi Hendrix Izabella Hey Izabella, I'm holding you in my dreams every night  - Candy Welty
Jimmie Rodgers Honeycomb (Honeycomb, honeycomb) Well it's a darn good life and it's kinda funny how the Lord made the bee and the bee made the honey  - Candy Welty
Jimmy Buffett Delaney Talks to Statues Delaney talks to statues as she dances 'round the pool From the 1994 album "Fruitcakes". - Michael T. Mondak
Jimmy Clanton Darkest Street In Town We meet on the darkest street in town, we kiss when there's no one else around  - Candy Welty
Jimmy Dorsey Tangerine Tangerine, she is all they claim  - Candy Welty
Jimmy Dorsey So Rare So rare, so rare, so rare, so rare. You are perfection.  - Candy Welty
Jimmy Dorsey Amapola Amapola, my pretty little poppy  - Candy Welty
Jimmy Eat World Futures I always believed in futures.  - Brian Kelly
Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs Daisy Petal Pickin' I've been daisy petal pickin' to see if she loves me  - Candy Welty
Jimmy McCracklin My Answer This is my answer. Now I received your letter saying you were sorry.  - Alyssa Jayne
Jimmy McCracklin Just Got To Know I want to know, just got to know  - Alyssa Jayne
Jimmy Reed Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth Aw shucks, hush your mouth. Baby, you're knockin' me out.  - Candy Welty
Jimmy Soul If You Wanna Be Happy If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife  - Candy Welty
The Jive Bombers Bad Boy I'm just a bad boy, (boy), all dressed up in fancy clothes  - Candy Welty
The Jive Five Never, Never Never, never, never, no, will I let you go. Never, never, never, because I love you so.  - Candy Welty
The Jive Five I'm A Happy Man I'm a happy man, I'm a happy man, whoa whoa who whoa, my baby, you look so good  - Candy Welty
Jo Dee Messina Angelene Angelene, she's such a pretty thing  - William Ransom
Joan Armatrading Temptation Temptation drags you down.  - Brian Kelly
Joan Baez We Shall Overcome We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome someday.  - Candy Welty
Joanie Sommers One Boy One boy, one special boy. One boy to go with, to talk with and walk with.  - Candy Welty
Joanna Newsom Easy Easy, easy. My man and me.  - Brian Kelly
Joe Cocker You Are So Beautiful You are so beautiful to me.  - britrock
Joe Henderson Snap Your Fingers Snap your fingers, I'll come runnin'  - Candy Welty
Joe Jones You Talk Too Much You talk too much, you worry me to death  - Candy Welty
Joe Reisman Pamela Throws A Party When Pamela throws a party, everyone comes.  - Candy Welty
Joe Simon River There's a river somewhere, flows through the lives of everyone  - Alyssa Jayne
Joe Tex You Said A Bad Word Ahh, you said a bad word. I'm gonna tell your mama on you, huh  - Alyssa Jayne
Joe Tex I Gotcha I gotcha, uh huh, huh. You thought I didn't see ya now, didn't ya  - Alyssa Jayne
Joe Tex Show Me Ahh, show me a man that's got a good woman  - Alyssa Jayne
Joe Walsh Ordinary Average Guy I'm just an ordinary average guy. My friends are all boring. And so am I. We're just ordinary average guys.  - Wedgie Miller
Joe Walsh Rocky Mountain Way Spent the last year Rocky Mountain way.  - Brian Kelly
Joe Walsh Dreams Taking the time for dreams  - Sutch
Joey + Rory Cheater Cheater Cheater, cheater, where'd you meet her?  - William Ransom
John Denver Sunshine on my Shoulders Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.  - Cheeseburger in Parodies
John Denver Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I wake as a child to see the world begin.  - Candy Welty
John Denver I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado I guess he’d rather be in Colorado. He’d rather spend his time out where the sky looks like a pearl after the rain.  - Hunter Sullivan
John Fred & His Playboy Band Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) Judy in disguise, well that's what you are Lemonade pies with a brand new car Cantalope eyes come to me tonight Judy in disguise, with glasses.  In the winter of 1968, John Fred & His Playboy Band took this obvious rip-off of the Beatles' "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" (Texan, John Fred has admitted as much) to #1 for two weeks. With psychedelic lyrics to match the psychedelic bubblegum music it became an instant classic despite the Beatles' "Lucy" or maybe because of it. - Peter
John Frusciante My Life My life goes blank. (x5)  - Brian Kelly
John Hiatt I Know a Place I know a place Where the dogs ain't barking  - Tania WYEP
John Legend Please Baby Don't Please baby don't (baby don't) don't fall in love with me.  - Candy Welty
John Lennon Imagine Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky So, starts my personal favorite tune of all time. - Peter
John Lennon Sunday Bloody Sunday Well it was Sunday. Bloody Sunday.  - Brian Kelly
John Lennon Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Whatever gets you thru the night, it's alright, it's alright  - Candy Welty
John Lennon Grow Old With Me Grow old along with me  - Sutch
John Lennon Instant Karma Instant Karmas's gonna get you. Gonna knock you right on the head. You better get yourself together. Pretty soon, you're gonna be dead. How prophetic! - George Harrison Ford
John Lennon Power To The People Power to the people, power to the people  - Candy Welty
John Lennon Give Peace A Chance All we are give peace a chance.  - Lord Of The Ringo Starr
John LiVigni Machines Machines. They're the end to our means  - Alyssa Jayne
John Mayall Sitting on the Outside I'm sitting on the outside  - Sutch
John Mayer Who Says Who says I can't get stoned It was the first thing that came to my mind. I didnt see it yet... - Liz Bone
John Mellencamp Small Town I was born in a small town.  - Brian Kelly
John Mellencamp Lonely Ol' Night She calls me up and says "Baby, it's a lonely ol' night."  - Brian Kelly
John Mellencamp I Need A Lover I need a lover that won't drive me crazy. Also covered by Pat Benatar. - Brian Kelly
John Mellencamp Jack and Diane A little ditty about Jack and Diane.  - Brian Kelly
John Miles Highfly Highfly, touch the sky. Whatcha gonna do now the well's dry?  - Candy Welty
John Montagna Oobi Oobi's like me... Oobi's, like you The theme song for the "Oobi" TV show that aired on Noggin/Nick Jr during the early 2000s - Brionna Secret
John Paul Young Love Is In The Air Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. Love is in the air, every sight and every sound.  - MOR
John Rowles If I Only Had Time If I only had time, only time, so much to do  - Yvette Bristle
John Sebastian Welcome Back Welcome back. Your dreams were your ticket out.  - Alyssa Jayne
John Stewart Josie Josie loved the sailors  - Sutch
Johnnie & Joe Over The Mountain, Across The Sea Over the mountain, across the sea, there's a girl, she's waiting for me  - Candy Welty
Johnnie Ray Just Walking In The Rain Just walking in the rain, getting soaking wet, torturing my heart by trying to forget  - Candy Welty
Johnny Cash San Quentin San Quentin, you've been livin' hell to me. You've hosted me since 1963.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Cash Come In Stranger She said, 'Come in, stranger, it's good to have you home'  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Life Is A Song Worth Singing Life is a song worth singing. Why don't you sing it?  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Gina Gina, Gina, I kissed you once and then I felt so wonderful, so very wonderful  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Listen Lonely Girl Listen lonely girl, I've told the Sun to shine for you  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Bye Bye Barbara Never more to hurt me deep, bye bye Barbara  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis I'll Search My Heart I'll search my heart and try to see why I lost your love; it's worrying me.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Come Back Come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back to me  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Sooner Or Later Sooner or later, you will fall in love. You will find that love's designed to fit you like a glove.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Marianna Marianna, Marianna, like lovely music, a dream never dies  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Sweet Thursday It was on a sweet Thursday. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or half past, came the day I waited for at last.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Wasn't The Summer Short? Wasn't the summer short? Didn't it seem to fly?  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis My Love For You My love for you is deep and endless as the sea  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Starbright Starbright, I have made a wish upon you. Now my heart is counting on you. Won't you grant my wish tonight?  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis The Story Of Our Love It's hard to tell the story of our love, or how it all began  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Someone Someone really loves you; guess who. Someone really needs you; guess why.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis You Are Beautiful You are beautiful. Small and shy. You are the girl whose eyes met mine just as your boat sailed by.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Let's Love Let's love while the night is young. Let's love; life has just begun to become a dream, a dream of reality.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Call Me Call me if your arms are lonely. Call me if you're feeling blue.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis A Certain Smile A certain smile, a certain face, can lead an unsuspecting heart on a merry chase  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Teacher, Teacher Teacher, teacher, there's so much I'm longin' to know  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis All The Time I want you with me all the time. Sunrise and sunset all the time.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Come To Me Come to me now that I have found you. Come to me; wrap my love around you.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis No Love (But Your Love) No love but your love can set my world on fire. No love but your love can fill me with desire.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis Chances Are Chances are 'cause I wear a silly grin the moment you come into view, chances are you think that I'm in love with you  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mathis It's Not For Me To Say It's not for me to say you love me. It's not for me to say you'll always care.  - Candy Welty
Johnny Mercer, Jo Stafford & Pied Pipers Candy Candy, I call my sugar Candy, because I'm sweet on Candy, and Candy's sweet on me  - Candy Welty
Johnny Nash I Can See Clearly Now I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.  - Brian Kelly
Johnny Nash Stir It Up Stir it up, little darling, stir it up  - Candy Welty
Johnny Paycheck Take This Job & Shove It Take this job and shove it/I ain't workin' here no more  - crazydon
Johnny Preston Running Bear On the bank of the river stood Running Bear. I first learned of this song on a compilation called Wacky Favorites. I can see how it might sound wacky, but it's a very interesting love story about two Native Americans in a Romeo & Juliet type of situation. - Larcen Tyler
Johnny Rivers Summer Rain Summer rain taps at my window   - Randy P.
Johnny Rivers Under Your Spell Again You got me under your spell again, saying those things again  - Candy Welty
Johnny Tillotson Dreamy Eyes Dreamy eyes, you've got such dreamy eyes  - Yvette Bristle
Johnny Tillotson Little Boy Little boy with your ship a toy, an admiral you pretend to be  - Yvette Bristle
Johnny Tillotson Talk Back Trembling Lips Talk back trembling lips, shaky legs, don't just stand there  - Candy Welty
Johnny Tillotson Jimmy's Girl Jimmy's girl, Jimmy's girl, wish that I were holding Jimmy's girl  - Yvette Bristle
Johnny Tillotson Worry Worry the nights away, worry all through the day  - Yvette Bristle
Johnny Tillotson True True Happiness True true happiness will follow  - Yvette Bristle
Johnny Tillotson Angel (Angel, angel) Angel, gentle as a flower is  - Yvette Bristle
Johnny Tillotson Please Don't Go Away Please don't go away (little girl, won't you stay?), let me hold you in my arms  - Yvette Bristle
Jon Anderson Save All Your Love Save all your love, to be a better child, to be a better child. From his 1985 Christmas album 3 Ships. - Vic George
Jonas Brothers Hello, Beautiful Hello, Beautiful. How's it going?  - Jessica
Jonas Brothers I Am What I Am I am what I am; I can't help myself, and if you don't like it get with somebody else.  - Jessica
Jonas Brothers You Just Don't Know It You just don't know it; it's getting hard to say "hello"; you just don't know it  - Jessica
Jonathan Edwards Sunshine Sunshine, go away today. I don't feel much like dancing.  - Candy Welty
Jonathan King I Hate Coca Cola I Hate Coca Cola  - Mads
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers Roadrunner Roadrunner, roadrunner. Going faster miles an hour.  - Brian Kelly
Joni James There Goes My Heart There goes my heart. There goes the one I love.  - Candy Welty
Joni James How Important Can It Be? How important can it be that I tasted other lips  - Candy Welty
Joni James I Still Get Jealous I still get jealous when they look at you. I may not show it, but I do.  - Candy Welty
Joni James There Must Be A Way There must be a way to help me forget that we're through  - Candy Welty
Joni James I Woke Up Crying I woke up crying, crying over you. I saw you in my dream, kissing someone new.  - Candy Welty
Joni James Don't Tell Me Not To Love You Don't tell me not to love you, not to love you, love you  - Candy Welty
Joni James I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You) Because I still get a thrill thinking of you. And I still feel your lips kissing me, too.  - Candy Welty
Joni James Nina-Non Nina-non, go to sleep. I recall long ago how my mother would sing to me this melody  - Candy Welty
Joni James My Believing Heart My believing heart holds a love so true. My believing heart, it belongs to you.  - Candy Welty
Joni James Wishing Ring If I had a wishing ring, I wouldn't ask to be a king  - Candy Welty
Joni James Mama, Don't Cry At My Wedding Mama, don't cry at my wedding. Don't let him see you in tears.  - Candy Welty
Joni James Why Don't You Believe Me Why don't you believe me? It's you I adore forever and ever.  - Candy Welty
Joni James Is It Any Wonder Is it any wonder that I've fallen for you?  - Candy Welty
Joni James You Are My Love You are my love (You are my love), my one and only  - Candy Welty
Joni James When We Come Of Age (When we come of age, when we come of age, then, then, then, then) You say when we come of age, you would give a true love, a great love to me  - Candy Welty
Joni James Almost Always Almost always, I believe that you care  - Candy Welty
Joni James You're Fooling Someone You're fooling someone with your make-believe heart  - Candy Welty
Joni James Have You Heard Have you heard who's kissing him now?  - Candy Welty
Joni James Maybe Next Time Maybe next time when we meet again, dear, you'll hold me and then, dear, you'll call me your own   - Candy Welty
Joni James Purple Shades Purple shades at eventide remind me of our love  - Candy Welty
Joni Mitchell Help Me Help me I think I'm falling In love again  "Help Me" was Joni Mitchell's most popular song. It was a top 3 hit for her back in 1974. - Peter
Joni Mitchell Blue Blue, songs are like tattoos.  - Brian Kelly
Jose Feliciano Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, Prospero año y felicidad.  - Ava Murphy
Joss Stone Bad Habit You're my bad habit.  - Brian Kelly
Joss Stone Baby Baby Baby Baby baby baby, tell me do you really love me.  - xxxpress
Joss Stone You Had Me You had me, you lost me, you're wasted, you cost me, I don't want you here messing with my mind.  - xxxpress
José Feliciano Once There Was A Love Once there was a love deeper than any ocean. Once there was a love filled with such a devotion.  - Joey F.
Journey Someday Soon Someday soon, someday soon. From their album "Departure" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Journey Any Way You Want It Any way you want it, that's the way you need it.  - Brian Kelly
Journey Good Morning Girl Good morning girl, how you been? From their album "Departure" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Journey Lights When the lights go down in the city.  - Brian Kelly
Journey Patiently Here I stand so patiently From their album "Infinity" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Journey I'm Cryin' Oo, I'm cryin', tears are fallin' down From their album "Departure" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Journey Do You Recall Do you recall From their album "Evolution" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Journey Where Were You Where were you From their album "Departure" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Journey Anytime Ooh, ooh Anytime that you want me From their album "Infinity" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Journey Walks Like a Lady Walks like a lady From their album "Departure" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Journey City of the Angels City of the angels From their album "Evolution" - RevengeFromMars YouTube
Juanita Hall Happy Talk Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk, Talk about things you'd like to do. "Happy Talk" is another tune from Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific" (by the way Rodgers and Hammerstein based the musical upon James A. Michener's book of the same name). Juanita Hall played the character of Bloody Mary in the original Broadway production of "South Pacific" and was the only thespian who also be in the movie version of "South Pacific". - Peter
Judah & the Lion Take It All Back So I'd take it all back, take it all back...  - Brian Kelly
Judas Priest Living After Midnight Living after midnight, rockin' to the dawn.  - Brian Kelly
The Judds One Man Woman Well, I'm a one-man woman
I want a one-woman man
  - William Ransom
The Judds Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days) Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days. Sometimes it feels like this world's gone crazy.  - Candy Welty
The Judds I Know Where I'm Going I know where I'm going
Don't you want to come too?
  - William Ransom
Judy Collins Happy New Year Happy new year, happy new year, silver bells are calling.
  - Kirsten Abercrombie
Judy Collins All On A Wintry Night All on a wintry night,
A bright star was shining down.
  - Bridget Andrews
Judy Valentine She Was Five And He Was Ten She was five and he was ten, twice as old as he was then  - Lily Orange
The Judybats Native Son Native son, what have you done?  - Brian Kelly
Juice Newton Tell Me True Tell me, baby, tell me true  - William Ransom
Juice Newton Hurt I'm so hurt
To think that you would--you'd lie to me
  - William Ransom
Juice Newton You're Making It Easy You're making it easy for somebody else  - William Ransom
Jule Styne, Bob Merrill and Isobel Lennart Henry Street Henry Street, No, it ain't Broadway, it's Henry Street.  "Henry Street" is from the musical "Funny Girl". The song is sung by a chorus (therefore the credit given to Jule Styne {who wrote the music}, Bob Merrill {who wrote the lyrics} and Isobel Lennart {whose book the musical is based on}) at Rose Brice's salon for a party for Rose's daughter, Fanny Brice (the lead character), after Fanny's first success on Broadway. - Peter
Juliana Hatfield Three My Sister My sister. My sister. I hate my sister.  - Brian Kelly
Julianne Hough Jimmy Ray McGee Jimmy Ray McGee used to lean on his old Corvette  - William Ransom
Julie Andrews The Bells Of Christmas The bells of Christmas are ringing, / For Jesus the Saviour is born.  - Donna Rand Blitzen
Julie Andrews Just You Wait Just you wait 'enry 'iggins, just you wait! "Just You Wait" is from the 1957 Broadway musical "My Fair Lady" (music by Frederick Lowe and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner). "My Fair Lady" was based upon George Bernard Shaw's play, "Pygmalian". Julie Andrews played the original Eliza Doolittle, but unfortunately would not get the role in the 1964 motion picture adaption, that would go to Audrey Hepburn. - Peter
Julie Andrews  The Sound Of Music The hills are alive with the sound of music With songs they have sung for a thousand years "The Sound Of Music" was the final Broadway musical that Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II collaberated on before Hammerstein's death in August 1960. Hammerstein barely got to even see Mary Martin who sang this song and several others for the Broadway musical, and the musical itself did not hit the stage until after Hammerstein's death. In the Robert Wise movie of the same title, Wise wisely chose up and coming Julie Andrews to play Maria, the nun who would marry a Captain shortly before World War II in pre-war Austria (the von Trapp story is a real story, although maybe slightly embellished for the Broadway musical and movie). The opening of the movie (1965), "The Sound Of Music" and Andrews singing this number high upon a mountain is probably one of the most memorable worldwide moments in cinema. - Peter
Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay, Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay, It's ... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" does certainly sound atrocius! -:) Seriously, this song is another song from the Disney classic, "Mary Poppins" (music and lyrics by brothers, Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman). Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke lead a chorus in the part animation sequence in this film. Even though Julie Andrews didn't get to appear in 1964's Academy Award winning motion picture of "My Fair Lady" as Eliza Doolittle (the role she created on Broadway), she did get the last laugh in many ways, when she got to appear as the lead character of Mary Poppins and win the lead actress Oscar with her "My Fair Lady" co-star, Rex Harrison. And if you say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" loud enough, well you know ... - Peter
Julie Andrews and Jon Cypher Ten Minutes Ago Ten minutes ago I saw you, I looked up when you came through the door My head started reeling, You gave me the feeling the room had no ceiling or flo  "Ten Minutes Ago" is another song from Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1957 TV special, "Cinderella". - Peter
Julie Andrews and Jon Cypher Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful Do I love you because you're beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?  "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful" was a song from the Rodgers and Hammerstein's TV musical special that first ran on CBS back on the evening of March 31, 1957. It was sung by Andrews playing the title character, Cinderella and Jon Cypher playing the character, Prince. "Cinderella" was rare thing for TV back then (and even for today in many ways) it was shown mainly on black & white televisions, but filmed for later showing in full color (color broadcast was a possibility as early as 1952 -- the American soap opera, "The Guiding Light" was actually the first show to have a color broadcast back in 1953, but TGL's creator and then head writer, Irna Phillips, insisted on showing a hospital scene that used only black & white items so many TV execs didn't think color would be thought of too kindly by many many audience members, so in 1957 the networks weren't ready and neither were most American households)! "Cinderella" was also a live entirely musical event (not to unlike "Peter Pan" from the same decade). "Cinderella" would be shown for many years into the early 1970's by CBS, as holiday special. - Peter
Julie Andrews, Rex Harrison and Robert Coote  The Rain In Spain The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. "The Rain In Spain" is a trio piece (Henry Higgins -- played originally on Broadway and in the motion picture by Harrison, Eliza - played originally on Broadway by Julie Andrews and in the motion picture by Audrey Hepburn, and Col. Pickering -- played originally on Broadway and in the motion picture by Robert Coote) from "My Fair Lady". - Peter
Julie Reeves Trouble Is a Woman Trouble is a woman with a chip on her shoulder  - William Ransom
Julio Iglesias Hey Hey, (the rest is sung in Spanish)  - Lance Crackers
Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson To All The Girls I've Loved Before To all the girls I've loved before, who traveled in and out my door  - Candy Welty
Jump5 Spinnin' Around You keep me spinnin' around  - Alex
Junior Walker & The All Stars Pucker Up Buttercup Pucker up buttercup, hey! I wanna kiss you one time, hey!  - Candy Welty
Junior Walker & The All Stars Shotgun I said shotgun, shoot him 'fore he runs now  - Candy Welty
Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl There's gonna be one less lonely girl  - give_me "a/ reason
Justin Bieber Never Say Never Never say never. (Never, never, never.) You see I never thought that I could walk through fire.  - Candy Welty
Justin Bieber Boyfriend If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go.  - Brian Kelly
Justin Bieber As Long As You Love Me As long as you love me (x3), we're under pressure.  - Brian Kelly
Justin Bieber What Do You Mean? What do you mean/Ohhhhhhhhh/When you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no  - wand erection
Justin Timberlake Sexyback I'm bringing sexy back. From his second solo release Future Love/Sex Songs. This line is pretty pathetic when I think about it. - Celeste
Justin Timberlake Damn Girl Damn Girl, Damn Girl, Damn Girl, Damn Girl, Damn Girl, Damn! Damn Girl, Damn Girl, Damn Girl, Damn Girl, Damn Girl, Damn!  Repetitive, too. - Rocky Mak

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