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Songs that mention their title in the opening line of the song

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Songs That Open With Their Titles, L

Song Title
Opening Lines
Comments & Submittor Name
The La's There She Goes There she goes. There she goes again.  - Brian Kelly
Lacuna Coil Closer Want to get closer, in too deep.  - Brian Kelly
Lacy J. Dalton Crazy Love He gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love  - William Ransom
Lacy J. Dalton Black Coffee Black coffee, blue mornin'
Toast is burnin' and the rain keeps pourin'
  - William Ransom
Lacy J. Dalton Gone Again Gone again
Somebody help me; I'm sinkin' in
  - William Ransom
Lacy J. Dalton Lightnin' Strikes a Good Man Lightnin' strikes a good man easy as a bad  - William Ransom
Lady Gaga Marry the Night I'm gonna marry the night  - Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lady Gaga Brown Eyes In your brown eyes, walked away.  - Brian Kelly
Lady Gaga Bad Romance Oh oh oh oh oh, Caught in a Bad Romance I still think the best part is the 'rah rah rah rah rah' part. - Larcen Tyler
Lamont Washington Colored Spade I'm a Colored spade. Yes, "Colored Spade" is another song from the musical, "Hair". Not only would it be considered inappropriate today, it probably would have been considered inappropriate by many in 1968, but at the time it was more commonly used by many biggots to describe some in American society. Lamont Washington who played the African-American character of Hud in the original Broadway production of "Hair" sang it in a cheeky, tongue-in-cheek type a manner to sort of throw it back at the biggots of the time. - Peter
Lana Cantrell Like A Sunday Morning You're just like a Sunday morning  - Candy Welty
Lana Del Rey West Coast Down on the West Coast, they got a sayin' If you're not drinkin' , then you're not playin'. From her album Ultraviolence. - Odie Garfield
Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans Blue jeans, white shirt, Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn. From her album, Born To Die - Odie Garfield
Lari White If You Only Knew If you only knew the way I love you  - William Ransom
Lari White This Is Love This is love, this is love, this is love, Hey!  - William Ransom
Lari White Wishes If wishes were horses, I'd ride a fast one  - William Ransom
Larry Graham When We Get Married When we get married, we'll have a big celebration  - Candy Welty
Larry Hall Sandy Sandy, Sandy, took everything nice like sugar and spice  - Candy Welty
Laura Branigan Gloria  Gloria, you're always on the run now Running after somebody, you gotta get him somehow. "Gloria" was Laura Branigan's first hit, in 1982, and her highest charting, going all the way to #2 for 2 weeks in December 1982. - Peter
Laura Branigan Mama Mama, remember how you warned me?  - Brian Kelly
Laura Lee Wedlock Is A Padlock Wedlock is a padlock when your man is doing no-good things  - Candy Welty
Laura Lee Rip Off (Rip Off!) Hey, that's what it is. (You got that right!)  - Candy Welty
Laura Lee Dirty Man You're a dirty, dirty man, and you got a dirty mind  - Candy Welty
Lauren Alaina Run Run, Daddy said the truck's all yours if you make it  - William Ransom
Lauren Alaina If the World Was a Small Town (If the world was a small town)
Probably would've gone to the courthouse
  - William Ransom
The Laurie Berkner Band Boots B-O-O-T-S boots!  - Brionna Secret
Lawrence Reynolds Jesus Is A Soul Man Jesus is a soul man, Jesus is a soul man, Jesus is a soul man, and I'm sure sold on Him.  - Candy Welty
LCD Soundsystem Daft Punk Is Playing At My House Daft Punk is playing at my house, my house.  - Brian Kelly
LCD Soundsystem Drunk Girls Drunk girls [x4]  - Hawnta
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver Sound of silver, talk to me, makes you want to feel like a teenager  - Hawnta
LeAnn Rimes Blue Blue.... , Oh, so lonesome for you.
Why can't you be blue over me?
 The opening word is the title, "Blue", drawn out over several notes in a wailing manner. - Regina Haniger
Leanne Leyden Um Golly Gee Um golly gee, oh gosh darn me, I don't know what to do  - Candy Welty
The Leaves Hey Joe Hey Joe, where are you goin' with that gun in your hand?  - Candy Welty
Led Zeppelin Dancing Days Dancing days are here again.  - Brian Kelly
Led Zeppelin In The Evening In the evening The first line sung before the intro. - Robert Plantfood
Led Zeppelin In My Time of Dying In My Time of Dying  - TJ Chamberlin
Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused Been dazed and confused for so long, it's not true.  - J.D.
Lee Brice Boy Boy, you're gonna know it all  - Jana Fipp
Lee Clayton Silver Stallion I'm gonna steal me a silver stallion  - Sutch
Lee Dixon Kansas City I got to Kansas City on Frid'y, By Sattidy I l'arned a thing or two. "Kansas City" is another song from Rodgers and Hammerstein's many award winning and historical musical, "Oklahoma!" Lee Dixon was the first thespian to sing this song for "Oklahoma!" - Peter
Len Barry 1 2 3  1-2-3 Oh, that's how elementary it's gonna be. The fall 1965 #2 hit, "1 2 3" has an interesting life all it's own. The song started as the Supremes' tune "Ask Any Girl" as written by the Motown writing trio of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland. "Ask Any Girl" released in 1962 didn't go far. Later Len Barry, the former lead singer of the Dovells, got the songwriting trio of Len Madara, David White and Leonard Borisoff to rework "Ask Any Girl" with the smash, "1 2 3" being the result. - Peter
Lenny Kravitz My Love My love paints the desert sky.  - Brian Kelly
Lenny Kravitz American Woman American Woman, stay away from me!  - Larcen Tyler
Lenny Kravitz Mr. Cab Driver Mr. Cab Driver, won't you stop to let me in?  - Brian Kelly
Lenny LeBlanc Above All Above all powers, above all kings, above all nature and all created things.  - Vic George
Lenny O'Henry Across The Street Across the street, there's a party goin' on  - Candy Welty
Leo Sayer When I Need You When I need you, I just close my eyes and I'm with you.  - Brit Boxx
Leo Sayer How Much Love How much love do you need before you give your love to me?  - Lily Orange
Leonard Cohen Suzanne Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river  - Sutch
Les Emmerson Control Of Me You've got control of me, some strange kind of hold on me  - Yvette Bristle
Les Paul & Mary Ford The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise Dear one, the world is waiting for the sunrise  - Candy Welty
Lesley Gore Judy's Turn To Cry Now, it's Judy' turn to cry, Judy's turn to cry, Judy's turn to cry-cry-cry, 'cause Johnny's come back, come back to me. "Judy's Turn To Cry" was the top ten follow-up to Lesley Gore's #1 song, "It's My Party". Lesley Gore beat other artist to the punch by providing her own answer tune to "It's My Party" with "Judy's Turn To Cry" as Johnny leaves Judy (as he did Lesley in "It's My Party") to come back to Lesley. Pure soap opera of the teen variety, 1963 style. "Judy's Turn To Cry" as with "It's My Party" was produced and written by James ingram, a producer and later artist in his own right that would have much success in the future with an artist named, Michael Jackson. - Peter
Lesley Gore I Don't Wanna Be A Loser I don't wanna be a loser. I don't wanna have a broken heart.  - Candy Welty
Lesley Gore You Don't Own Me. You don't own me, I'm not just one of your many toys. "You Don't Own Me" was a #2 hit for Lesley Gore in February 1964, ending up just behind the Beatles, who owned the #1 spot with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" during the two weeks that Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me" stayed at #2. "You Don't Own Me" was written by John Madara and David White. "You Don't Own Me" is also very ahead of it's time, for what Lesley Gore sings about. Remember that 1964 was eight years (and nearly nine in terms of the calendar of these two hits being #1) before 1972 when there would be Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" being #1 and even three years before Aretha Franklin's version of "Respect". Lesley Gore certainly matches in intensity Helen Reddy and Aretha Franklin on "You Don't Own Me" in intensity that she's demanding to stand on her won without the guy putting on her display. - Peter
Lesley Gore It's My Party It's My Party, and I'll cry if I want to.  - anything
Less Than Jake She's Gonna Break Soon She's gonna break soon, gonna break soon, gonna break soon.  - Lizzie
Less Than Jake Modern World This is the modern world. [x2]  - Lizzie
Levellers One Way There's Only One Way Of Life  - Chris Roberts
Lewis Furey Louise Louise, the name  - Sutch
LFO Summer Girls Yeah, I like it when the girls stop by / In the summer The actual phrase "summer girls" is only heard once in the song, most of the time it's as above or stated "summertime girls". - Alex
Liberty X Got To Have Your Love I've got to have your love. Whispered over the introduction. - rok iz kool
Lifehouse Days Go By So don't sit back and watch the days go by.  - Brian Kelly
Lifehouse Broken The broken clock is a comfort.  - Brian Kelly
Lifehouse From Where You Are So far away from where you are  - Alex
Lighthouse One Fine Morning One fine morning, girl, I'll wake up  - Sutch
Lillian Axe Nobody Knows Nobody knows when there's clouds in the skies From the band's eponymous 1988 debut album - Joey F.
Lily Allen 22 When she was 22  - Dongquan
Lina Fly Fly fly fly fly, fly fly fly, (repeat) I heard her say, life ain't fair, and I felt her when she said it, 'cause i've been there, where she's heading. Absolutely super urban R&B track with beautifully delivered lead vocals and lovely harmonies also. Very uplifting uptempo track produced during the middle part of the 2000's. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. - Mikey J
Linda Hargrove Blue Jean Country Queen I'm a blue jean country queen  - Sutch
Linda Ronstadt Different Drum You and I travel to a beat of a Different Drum. It is also was mentioned on the first line of the song only. - Paul Warren
Linda Ronstadt Skylark Skylark, have you anything to say to me? Won't you tell me where my love can be?  - Candy Welty
Linda Ronstadt Love Is A Rose Love is a rose but you better not pick it. Only grows when it's on the vine.  - Candy Welty
Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram Somewhere Out There Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight  - PennyP1998
Linkin Park Crawling Crawling in my skin, these wounds they will not heal  - B1982
Linkin Park Easier To Run It's easier to run replacing this pain with something numb  - Wolfgang59
Lion Guard Soundtrack Bird of a Thousand Voices I'm the bird of a thousand voices yes, indeed  - Fred boy
Lion King Soundtrack Hakuna Matata Hakuna matata! What a wonderful phrase!  - Freddie Cannon Ball
Lionel Richie Stuck On You Stuck on you, got a feeling down deep in my soul that I just can't lose. From his 1983 album Can't Slow Down. - Vic George
Lionel Richie Ballerina Girl Ballerina girl, you are so lovely.  - Brian Kelly
Lionel Richie Say You, Say Me Say you, say me; say it for always, that's the way it should be. Originally appearing in the 1985 movie White Nights, this song was released a year later on his 1986 album Dancing On The Ceiling. - Vic George
Lisa Stansfield When Are You Coming Back? Tell me when you're coming back. When are you coming back?, When are you coming back?  From Affection. - A-lean
Lisa Stansfield  Change  If I could change, the way, I live my life today, I wouldn't change, a single thing.  The lead single from her 1991 Real Love album. - A-Lean
Lisa Stansfield  This Is The Right Time  This is the right time to believe in love  From Affection - A-lean
Lisa Stansfield  Mighty Love  Mighty Love, Mighy Love. Spoken: It's once in a lifetime. And this time, it's mine.  From the Affection album. - A-lean
Lisa Stansfield  All Around The World  Been around the world and I,I,I. I can't find my baby  Excluding the spoken lines, the song opens with it's title - A-lean
Little Anthony & The Imperials Goin' Out Of My Head Well, I think I'm goin' out of my head, yes, I think I'm goin' out of my head From the 1964 album of the same title. No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Canadian RPM charts during 1965. One of the most covered songs in modern music history. - Joey F.
Little Caesar & The Romans Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me Of You) Those oldies but goodies remind me of you, the songs of the past bring back memories of you  - Candy Welty
Little Junior Parker Next Time You See Me Next time you see me, things won't be the same  - Candy Welty
Little Milton Baby I Love You Baby I love you, oh baby, yes I do  - Alyssa Jayne
Little Milton If Walls Could Talk Hey yeah, if walls could talk, I'm sure you'd hear a lot of things that make you cry, my dear  - Alyssa Jayne
Little Milton Feel So Bad Feel so bad, feel like a ballgame on a rainy day  - Alyssa Jayne
Little Milton Blind Man Blind man standing on the corner  - Alyssa Jayne
Little Peggy March I Wish I Were A Princess I wish I were a princess, I wish I were a princess, and if I were a princess, I'd make you my prince  - Candy Welty
Little Peggy March Dream World Dream world, they say I'm in a dream world.  - Lily Orange
Little Richard Ooh! My Soul Baby baby baby baby baby, Don't you know my love is true, Honey honey honey honey honey, Get up off of that money, Love love love love love, Ooh! my  The rest of the opening line: " ... soul." "Ooh! My Soul" was a hit solely written by Little Richard - Peter
Little Richard Tutti Frutti A-Wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop-bam-boo, tutti-frutti, all over rootie  - Ed Iter
Little Richard True Fine Mama Oh, true fine mama, she's really on the ball, Yes, true fine mama, she's really on the ball, She hears my every plea, comes to my beckon' call.  "True Fine Mama" was written solely by Little Richard. - Peter
Little Richard Keep A Knockin' Keep a knockin' but you can't come in, Keep a knockin' but you can't come in, Keep a knockin' but you can't come in, Come back tomorrow night and try  Rest of the opening lines: " ... it again." "Keep A Knockin'" was a Little Richard written exclusively by him. - Peter
Little Richard Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny, won't you come along with me, Jenny Jenny, ooh, Jenny Jenny, Jenny Jenny Jenny, won't you come along with me, Jenny Jenny, ooh,  The rest of the opening line: "... Jenny Jenny, You know that I love, we could live so happily, Jenny Jenny, ooh, Jenny Jenny." "Jenny Jenny" was a Little Richard hit co-written by him and Enotiris Johnson. "Jenny Jenny" was later covered by Mitch Ryder. - Peter
Little Richard Good Golly Miss Molly Good golly Miss Molly, sure like to ball, Good golly Miss Molly, sure like to ball, When you're rockin' and a rollin', can't you hear your mama call.  "Good Golly Miss Molly" was one of the few hits by Little Richard not written or co-written by him. The song was written by Robert Blackwell and John Marascalco. It was later covered by Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels. - Peter
Little Richard Slippin' And A Slidin' Slippin' and a slidin', peepin' and a hidin', been told long time ago, Slippin' and a slidin', peepin' and a hidin', been told long time ago, I been The rest of the opening line: " ... told, baby, you been bold, I won't be your fool more." "Slippin' And A Slidin'" was co-written by Little Richard, Albert Collins, Bocage and Smith. - Peter
Little Richard Heeby Jeebies Bad luck baby put the jinx on me, I got the heeby jeebies and I can't get well, I got the heeby jeebies and it's you I gotta tell, If I can't find my  Rest of the opening line is: "... baby, then you know darn well, I'm gonna ring your door till I break your bell." Another Little Richard hit not written by him. "Heeby Jeebies" was written by M. Jackson and John Marascalco. - Peter
Little Richard Miss Ann Oh, oh, oh, Miss Ann, you're doin' something no-one can, Yeah, yeah, yeah, Miss Ann, you're doin' something no-one can, Because believin' and  The rest of the opening line: " ... deceivin', it's drivin' me to grievin' now." "Miss Ann" was a hit co-written by Little Richard and Enotris Johnson. - Peter
Little Richard Lucille Lucille, you won't do your sisters will, Lucille, you won't do your sisters will, You ran off and married, but I love you still. "Lucille" was a Little Richard hit co-written by him and Albert Collins. - Peter
Little Richard  Bama Lama Bama Loo Bama lama bama loo Got a girl named Lucinder, we call her the great pretender, Got a girl named Lucinder, we call her the great pretender, And when  The rest of the opening line: " ... she talks, she says bama lama loo." I won't say much about Little Richard, I'm assuming most people on this site are familiar with him. His influence on Rock 'n' Roll is very huge! He is still alive, of course. He was born Richard Wayne Penniman on December 5, 1932 in Macon, Georgia. A great piano player as well. "Bama Lama Bama Loo" is one of his hit songs written by him. - Peter
Little River Band Listen To Your Heart Listen to your heart, it knows right from wrong  - Joey F.
Little River Band Lonesome Loser Have you heard about the lonesome loser?  - Brian Kelly
Little River Band Happy Anniversary Happy anniversary, baby, got you on my mind  - Candy Welty
Little Willie John Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me) Heartbreak, it's hurtin' me. Weak in the knees, loose in the head.  - Candy Welty
Little Willie John You're A Sweetheart You're, you're a sweetheart, umm-hmm, if there ever was one  - Yvette Bristle
Little Willie John Walk Slow Walk slow, don't run. Our love is slow, but we're having so much fun.  - Candy Welty
Little Willie John Talk To Me, Talk To Me Talk to me, talk to me, mmm, I love the things you say  - Yvette Bristle
Little Willie John Let Them Talk Let them talk if they want to  - Yvette Bristle
Live Lightning Crashes Lightning crashes and a new mother cries.  - Brian Kelly
Living Colour Glamour Boys The glamour boys swear they are a diva.  - Brian Kelly
Livingston Taylor Rodeo Rodeo, where have all of the good times gone?  - Sutch
Liz Phair Never Said Yeah. I never said nothing.  - Brian Kelly
Local Natives When Am I Gonna Lose You Wait, when am I gonna lose you?  - Brian Kelly
Loggins & Messina Your Mama Don't Dance Your mama don't dance and your daddy don't rock 'n' roll  - oldrock
Lois Fletcher I Am What I Am I am what I am, I'm just one of the people. I scheme and I dream and I try.  - Candy Welty
Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah Hard rock hallelujah, hard rock hallelujah This song represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and won. Finland won the ESC for the first time in history. - B1982
Lordi Would You Love A Monsterman? Would you love a monsterman could you understand beauty of a beast?  - Mads
Lorraine Frisaura No Thanks No thanks, I don't wanna go out tonight  - Candy Welty
Lorrie Morgan Something in Red I'm looking for something in red  - William Ransom
Lorrie Morgan Dear Me Dear me, I'm writing this letter  - William Ransom
Los Bravos Black Is Black  Black is black I want my baby back It's gray, it's gray Since she went away, ooh-ooh What can I do 'Cause I-I-I-I'm feelin' blue. "Black Is Black" was a top three American hit for the five man group Los Bravos back in the spring of 1966 (actually an international hit). Los Bravos is yet another example of how the British Invasion of the 1960's was much more international. Los Bravos was a five man group, with four of it's members from Spain and the fifth member (lead singer Michael Volker Kogel aka Mike Kennedy) hailing from Germany. But "Black Is Black" is one great dance and rock tune and is still very popular with many young people -- when they get to hear it. - Peter
Louis Armstrong I'll See You In My Dreams I'll see you in my dreams and then I'll hold you in my dreams  - Candy Welty
Louis Armstrong When You Wish Upon A Star When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are  - Candy Welty
Louis Armstrong All Of Me Yes, all of me, why not take all of me, baby?  - Brian Kelly
Louis Armstrong We Have All The Time In The World We have all the time in the world, time enough for life  - Joey F.
Louis Armstrong  Hello, Dolly! I said hello, dolly, ... well, hello, dolly It's so nice to have you back where you belong.  "Hello, Dolly!" was the #1 song that broke the Beatles string of #1 hits back in 1964, according to Billboard Magazine's HOT 100 charts. Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong sang this tune from the hit Broadway play and took it to #1 in May 1964. That is also him playing the solo trumpet on the record. "Hello, Dolly!" was so popular, both as a Broadway musical and a hit song, that President Lyndon Baines Johnson's re-election campaign (actually finishing up the term of the assassinated JFK) reworded the song and used it in the re-election campaign as, "Hello, Lyndon!" - Peter
Louise Mandrell Some Girls Have All the Luck Some girls have all the luck
Some girls have all the pain
  - William Ransom
Louise Mandrell Maybe My Baby Maybe my baby's got a new girl who can take him where he wants to go  - William Ransom
Louisiana's Le Roux New Orleans Ladies New Orleans ladies, a sassy style that will drive you crazy  - Candy Welty
Love My Little Red Book I just got out my little red book the minute that you said goodbye  - Candy Welty
Love Orange Skies Orange skies, carnivals and cotton candy and you. And I love you too, you know I do.  - Candy Welty
Love Fist Dangerous Bastard I'm a dangerous bastard. The song and the (fictional) band were featured in the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City". - Brian Kelly
Love Song A Love Song Lend an ear to a love song An early rock band in CCM history. From their 1971 self-titled debut album. - Joey F.
The Lovelites How Can I Tell My Mom & Dad How can I tell my mom and dad that I've been bad?  - Candy Welty
lovelytheband sail away Sail away. Sometimes I really wanna sail away  - Brian Kelly
lovelytheband These Are My Friends These are my friends. These are my friends. I love them. I love them.  - Brian Kelly
lovelytheband broken I like that you're broken. Lowercase is intentional on the part of the band. - Brian Kelly
The Lovin' Spoonful Daydream What a day for a daydream, what a day for a daydreamin' boy. None, other than Peter forgot this one from the Spoonful. - Indy
The Lovin' Spoonful Do You Believe In Magic Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart? This was covered by several artists such as Shaun Cassidy, John Mellencamp, Bud Shank, Randy VanWarmer, The Format, and BBMak. - Vic George
The Lovin' Spoonful You Didn't Have To Be So Nice You didn't have to be so nice, I would have liked you anyway, if you had just looked once or twice, And gone upon your quiet way.  - Peter
The Lovin' Spoonful Summer In The City Hot town, summer in the city Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty. In August 1966, "Summer In The City" was the Lovin' Spoonful's first and only #1 song on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 charts. - Peter
The Lovin' Spoonful Nashville Cats Nashville Cats, play clean as country water   - Peter
The Lovin' Spoonful Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? Did you ever have to make up your mind?   - Peter
The Lovin' Spoonful Rain On The Roof You and me and rain on the roof, Caught up in a summer shower, Dryin' while it soaks the flowers, Maybe we'll be caught for hours, Waitin' out the su   - Peter
Luke O'Shea Lady of the Land I am the Lady of the Land. / I've been there and back again.  - Brendan Richards
The Lumineers Cleopatra I was Cleopatra, I was young and an actress.  - Brian Kelly
The Lumineers Ho Hey  Ho! Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho! I've been trying to do it right While it's not the first real lyric of the song you can hear the Ho Hey in background before the first lyrics of it. - Jack
The Lumineers Where We Are Where we are. (Where we are.) I don't know where we are.  - Brian Kelly
The Lumineers Gloria Gloria, I smell it on your breath.  - Brian Kelly
Lustra Scotty Doesn't Know Scotty doesn't know that Fiona and me...  - Alex
Lynn Anderson Rose Garden I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden From her 1970 album of the same title. The song was first recorded by Billy Joe Royal in 1967 but Anderson's version became a worldwide hit. It was subsequently recorded by many others, namely k.d. lang and the Reclines, and Martina McBride. - Joey F.
Lynn Kellogg I Believe In Love I believe in love, I believe in love, I believe in love, I believe in love "I Believe In Love" is from the musical, "Hair". It is sung by another main character, Sheila. Sheila was played in the original Broadway production of "Hair" by Lynn Kellogg. - Peter
Lynyrd Skynyrd They Call Me The Breeze They call me the breeze, I keep blowin' down the road. Written by the great J.J. Cale. - Keith Urban Legend

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