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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics (no 25 minute instrumentals, like Pink Floyd's "Echoes").

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"Everybody," Madonna Length:6:02
Now that is one of Madonna's longest songs! - ?!
"What Would You Have Me Do?," Local H Length:25:15
Technically, the song only lasts for 15 minutes, with the last 10 being random street noises, but even then it's still a long track.
"Fool's Overture," Supertramp Length:10:52
Most of the lyrics are in the end, but there is even a Winston Churchill recording in the song
"Tales From Topographic Oceans," Yes Length:81:04
This double LP is technically just one song broken up into four parts. If you do accept that it is actually one song, then it is very likely the longest song in the history of rock. And I have heard all of it (except for the excruciatingly awful third side) played on the radio at various times.
"A Light In The Black," Rainbow Length:Around 8 Minutes
The closing track on the band's second album.
"European Son," Velvet Underground Length:7:46
A pretty long song for the days when most songs were a little more than 3 minutes.
Robert Ballinger
"Heroin," Velvet Underground Length:7:12
A pretty long song for the days when most songs were a little more than 3 minutes.
Robert Ballinger
"Shout (US Remix)," Tears For Fears Length:8:02
Wow that's long.
"Take Your Time (Coming Home)," Fun Length:7:51
The final song on Fun's debut album was almost eight minutes long.
Robert Ballinger
"Flying," UFO Length:26:30
This album is distinctive for its title track, which is the longest song the band ever recorded. The track finishes with a backmasked reading from Rudyard Kipling's Gunga Din: "Tho' I've belted you an' flayed you, By the livin' God that made you, You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!" and a slowed phrase "Yes we know, it's all been done before before before".
Mickey D.
"Star Storm," UFO Length:18:54
The long and second track off of 1971 album "UFO 2: Flying"
Mickey D.
"Silver Bird," UFO Length:6:54
The first track off of 1971 album "UFO 2: Flying"
Mickey D.
"War Pigs," Black Sabbath Length:7:58
Just found this out yesterday.
"Roll Over Beethoven," Electric Light Orchestra Length:8:10
ELO's re-make of the Chuck Berry classic incorporates excerpts from Beethoven's 5th Symphony
Robert Ballinger
"Rage of Poseidon," Apocalyptica Length:7:25
7+ minutes of 'Cello rock!
Robert Ballinger
"Do You Feel Like We Do," Peter Frampton Length:7:19
Frampton's breakout hit includes extended sections featuring his famous use of a talk box which makes the guitar imitate speech patterns. The single version was edited down from the album track, which is over 14 minutes long!
Robert Ballinger
"Father O.S.A," Styx Length:7:08
From the album Styx II
Robert Ballinger
"A Day," Styx Length:8:21
From the album Styx II
Robert Ballinger
"The Hourglass," Savatage Length:8:05
The final track on 'The Wake of Magellan.' As with so many of their of their albums, this album is about redemption.
Robert Ballinger
"The Prophet's Song," Queen Length:8:20
Similar idea to The Beatles 'Fool on the Hill,' but more aggressive lyrics and music.
Robert Ballinger

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