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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics (no 25 minute instrumentals, like Pink Floyd's "Echoes").

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"Station to Station," David Bowie Length:10:14
The opening track of his masterpiece album of the same name.
"Estranged," Guns 'N' Roses Length:9:23
From the album "Use Your Illusion II"
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Estranged," Guns 'N' Roses Length:9:23
From the album "Use Your Illusion II"
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Got To Give It Up," Marvin Gaye Length:11:52
The full-length version, with parts 1 and 2, is 11 minutes and 52 seconds long. The single version, with just part 1, is 4 minutes and 12 seconds long.
"Sir Psycho Sexy," Red Hot Chili Peppers Length:8:15
From Blood Sugar Sex Magik. The ending of the song runs on for quite a while.
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Foreplay/Long Time," Boston Length:7:47
Appropriately named. The slash may make it look like two songs, but it's a single track and gets radio airplay (on oldies stations) in its entirety.
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Any Time, Any Place," Janet Jackson Length:7:08
Appearing on the album janet., this is her longest song to date.
"Back For More (EP Version)," Ratt Length:5:16
This song would also appear in a different, shorter form on the band's full-length debut album, "Out Of The Cellar".
"Bluebird," The James Gang Length:6:02
The Buffalo Springfield/Stephen Stills homage to Stills' then girlfriend Judy Collins rocked out by Joe Walsh and company.
"Stop," The James Gang Length:12:04
Joe Walsh plays multiple guitars and piano on this classic rocker.
"Are You Ready," Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Length:5:47
Arguably the first Christian rock song.
"Machine Gun," Jimi Hendrix Length:12:36
From the Band of Gypsys album.
"Time Has Come Today," The Chambers Brothers Length:11:06
For anyone needing "more cowbell", this should do the trick. Considered by many the ultimate psychedelic rock song it was released in three edited versions on 45.
"Get Ready," Rare Earth Length:21:30
The album version was released in two edited versions on 7 inch vinyl: a 3:14 version which reached #3 on Billboard and an extended version of 7:07 for FM radio play.
"Refried Boogie (Parts 1&2)," Canned Heat Length:41:00
This version of Canned Heat's boogie was recorded live at The Kaliedoscope in Los Angeles. It filled two sides of the double album "Living the Blues". On the CD it is listed as tracks 3 and 4, but on the vinyl LP it was printed as tracks 2 and 4 so it could be listened to without the need of turning over the record.
"Will You Be There," Michael Jackson Length:7:40
This must have been his longest released song.
"The Raven," Bryan Cherry Band Length:9:13
None of the songs from this Jimi Hendrix sound-alike blues rocker are short, and longer songs clearly exist. But the marathon jam session at the end of this one could make you think the song is their "Kashmir."
The Skuz
"Everybody," Madonna Length:6:02
Now that is one of Madonna's longest songs! - ?!
"What Would You Have Me Do?," Local H Length:25:15
Technically, the song only lasts for 15 minutes, with the last 10 being random street noises, but even then it's still a long track.
"Fool's Overture," Supertramp Length:10:52
Most of the lyrics are in the end, but there is even a Winston Churchill recording in the song

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