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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics, that are intended for radio play (singles).

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Entries Beginning with N

"Nantucket Sleighride," Mountain Lenght:31:34
The original is 5:52 but they extended it a little bit on their live album "Twin Peaks". No nothing to do with the drama television serie. That was nineties, this is seventies.
Martin Vrijmoed
"Nantucket Sleighride," Mountain Lenght:31:34
The original is 5:52 but they extended it a little bit on their live album "Twin Peaks". No nothing to do with the drama television serie. That was nineties, this is seventies.
Martin Vrijmoed
"Nassau/Baby, I Love Your Way," Peter Frampton Lenght:5:49
"Nassau/Baby, I Love Your Way" is track #7 on the album, "Frampton" (1975). The latter was reaching #12 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making him one of his biggest hit singles. When "Baby, I Love Your Way" was released as a single, "Nassau" was only heard on the album, "Frampton".
Wisnu Aji
"Natural Science," Rush Lenght:9:17
Yet another multi-part epic. The parts, in order, are "Tide Pools", "Hyperspace", and "Permanent Waves".
"The Necromancer," Rush Lenght:12:29
No comment, just listen
Martin Vrijmoed
"Neonate," Giant Squid Lenght:6:39
"Neverland," Marillion Lenght:12:10
"New Frontier," Donald Fagen Lenght:6:22
Fagen was half of Steely Dan.
Mickey D.
"New Grass," Talk Talk Lenght:9:40
Awesome song is this one. Definitley long but yet again so are most of their later songs.
"New York 1963 - America 1968," The Animals Lenght:19:00
"New York State Of Mind," Billy Joel Lenght:6:05
At the very end of this song, I really like the delightful, charming melody ending.
Mickey D.
"Next 100 Years," Bon Jovi Lenght:6:19
"A Nightmare to Remember," Dream Theater Lenght:16:07
"Nights in White Satin," The Moody Blues Lenght:7:40
Most radio stations pay an edited version, but the album version includes a long musical interlude and a concluding poem, "Late Lament."
"Nikki Adams," Calvin Wilkerson Lenght:26:05
A guitar solo from his album "My Mill Grinds Pepper And Spice, Your Mill Grinds Rats And Mice".
Burger King Corporatiom
"Nine Feet Underground," Caravan Lenght:22:43
Joe Pearson
"Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution," Frank Zappa Lenght:6:00
Clever Name
"Nirvana," Something In The Way Lenght:20:45
Overall, it lasts about 10 minutes, but, as it's the last track, an untitled bonus is in order!
Jakko Wakko
"No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)," Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer Lenght:11:40
In 1979 both Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer were considered superstars in two different music genres. Barbra was considered a superstar in the field of Easy Listening music, while Donna was considered the supreme superstar in the field of Disco music. But in 1979, to expand her status Barbra recorded a Disco album, "Wet" on the Columbia music label (her long standing label). Donna also was cutting her followup album to the Grammy award winning "Bad Girls" ("On The Radio") on Casablanca records (her long standing label). There was a thought of perhaps striking the same gold as Barbra had the previous year of 1978 with the song, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" which put Barbra into a duet with Neil Diamond and sent that song to #1 on the charts, by perhaps bringing both Barbra and Donna together to record a Disco duet . Born out of that was the #1 song and one of the most memorable Disco records of all time, "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)". Several different length versions were recorded with a 11:40 version appearing on Barbra's "Wet" album (Donna would put that version on later greatest hits album). And although there was a single edit version of the song, the more memorable version the one that appeared on the "Wet" album and also put on 12" dance disc was the one that got much more airplay (including on radio). The song went to #1 for two weeks in November 1979.
"No Quarter," Led Zeppelin Lenght:7:00
Has a long an interesting intro. Was played at most Led Zeppelin concerts after 1972
"None of Them Knew They Were Robots," Mr. Bungle Lenght:6:03
"Not Just Knee Deep," Funkadelic Lenght:15:21 (Album Version)
Written by George Clinton, sometimes listed as "(Not Just) Knee Deep)" or "Knee Deep"
"Not So Tough Found Out," Copeland Lenght:10:29
"Not That Funny," Fleetwood Mac Lenght:9:04
From the 1980 Fleetwood Mac live album. They took a bad song from Tusk that was already way too long at 3:11 and made it excruciating. IMO this is the worst track ever released by Fleetwood Mac.
Jeffrey Kasten
"Nothing Else Matters," Metallica Lenght:6:28
One of several popular slow rock songs that peaked at #34 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Wisnu Aji
"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You," Glenn Medeiros Lenght:6:09
"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You" is track #1 on his self-titled album released in 1987. It reaching #12 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making him his biggest hit single. Note that the version that lasting at 6 minutes and 9 seconds is the extended mix version of this song. This song is also recorded as a love song ballad by George Benson although it was a minor hit.
Wisnu Aji
"November Rain," Guns N' Roses Lenght:8:58
This is the longest hit that Guns N' Roses have ever had. There is one even longer song on the album "Use Your Illusion I", though.
"November Rain," Guns n' roses Lenght:8:57
"Nubian Sundance," Weather Report Lenght:10:40
The first track played live for the "Mysterious Traveller" LP in 1974.
Mickey D.
"The Number One Song in Heaven," Sparks Lenght:7:26

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