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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics, that are intended for radio play (singles).

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Entries Beginning with I

"i," Meshuggah Lenght:21:00
"I Am Maybe Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Allways," Ten Years Later Lenght:10:40
I posted "Ten years after" then I also should post "Ten Years Later". From their "undead" album.
Martin Vrijmoed
"I am the Resurrection," Stone Roses Lenght:8:12
Driving Madchester tune stretched out with an extended freaky instrumental outro.
"I Believe," Bon Jovi Lenght:5:58
"I Couldn't Help It," Joe Budden Lenght:6:05
"I Heard It Through the Grapevine," Creedence Clearwater Revival Lenght:11:06
The one standout track on their "Cosmo's Factory" album, it was cut down for radio play, but you may still hear the 11-minute version on some album rock stations even today.
"I Talk To The Wind," King Crimson Lenght:6:05
The second track taken from the CD "In The Court of The Crimson King".
Mickey D.
"I Walked On Gilded Splinters," Humble Pie Lenght:23:28
Do have more long songs, so I picked the longest.
Martin Vrijmoed
"I Want You," Bon Jovi Lenght:5:44
"I Want You (She's So Heavy)," The Beatles Lenght:7:47
Could be considered two song in one, with the same purpose. The "She" is none other than Yoko Ono.
"I Want You (She's So Heavy)," Beatles Lenght:7:47
This is probably one of the longest running songs on the Abbey Road album. Maybe because it sounds like they were all stoned when they wrote it.
"I Will Possess Your Heart," Death Cab For Cutie Lenght:8:35 (album version)
This latest stalking song has an almost 5 minute instrumental intro.
Judas Kiss
"I Wish I Could," Alquin Lenght:11:25
Since I am Dutch, also some Dutch entries, like the band Alquin. They are actually quit good.
Martin Vrijmoed
"I Won't See You Tonight Part 1," Avenged Sevenfold Lenght:8:58
"I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version)," Prince Lenght:10:15
The 12" version was essentially a studio jam session of this Prince classic. It ran for 30 minutes, but the 12" had only the first 10 minutes of it. Thankfully the more-common 12" release had the regular song.
"I'd Do Anything for Love (but I Won't Do That)," Meat Loaf Lenght:11:59
I heard that this song was the longest song to hit the #1 spot in the states, but I misheard the length as 7 minutes, and I thought "American Pie" had also hit #1, but the length of the Meat Loaf song is 11, not 7, minutes! More like 12!
"I'll Be There for You," Bon Jovi Lenght:5:46
"I'll Bet You," Funkadelic Lenght:6:13
Burger King Corporation
"I'm a Believer," Giant Lenght:5:45
"I'm a Believer" is track #1 on the album, "Last of the Runaways" (1989). It reaching #56 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them one of only two biggest hit singles on that chart, the other being is the power ballad, "I'll See You in My Dreams", also featured on that album.
Wisnu Aji
"I'm a Man," Chicago Lenght:7:39
The Spencer Davis Group's version of this song was 1/3 of the length of the Chicago rendition.
Paul Warren
"I'm Going Home," Ten Years After Lenght:10:54
Little bit surprised that this one isn't on the list already
Martin Vrijmoed
"I'm Lost Without You," Blink 182 Lenght:6:21
Unusually long for Blink.
"I'm Not in Love," 10cc Lenght:6:04
Sholto Rock
"I'm the Mountain," Stoned Jesus Lenght:13:01
"I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)," Grand Funk Railroad Lenght:10:00
Still a rock classic, although 5 minutes of "I'm getting closer to my home" is quite exhausting.
Rock Maninoff
"I've Seen All Good People," Yes Lenght:6:57
one of their shorter songs (Owner of a Lonely Heart notwithstanding)
"I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)," Donald Fagen Lenght:6:03
"I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)" is track #1 on the album, "The Nightfly" (1982). It reaching #26 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making him his biggest hit single.
Wisnu Aji
"Idols," Joe Budden Lenght:6:11
"If Eternity Should Fail," Iron Maiden Lenght:8:28
"Ijime, Dame, Zettai," Babymetal Lenght:6:07
*aggresive headbanging*
Clever Name
"The Ikon," Utopia Lenght:30:25
The fourth and final track off of “Todd Rundgren’s Utopia” album from ‘74.
Mickey D
"The Illinois Enema Bandit," The Mothers Of Invention Lenght:8:10
Live version at Vancouver 1975
Clever Name
"Illumination Theory," Dream Theater Lenght:22:17
"Impossible Soul," Sufjan Stevens Lenght:25:35
"In A Gadda Da vida," Iron Butterfly Lenght:17:00
Probably the longest drug song ever created. Took up one whole side of an LP
"In Held 'Twas In I," Procol Harum Lenght:17:39
This is actually the first epic-song. It's divided into five songs, 'Glimpses of Nirvana', 'Teatime at the Circus', 'Autumn of my Madness', 'Look to your Soul', and 'Grand Finale'. It also appears on the 'Live in Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra' album which is 2 minutes longer than the original.
Paul Warren
"In My Time Of Dying," Led Zeppelin Lenght:11:06
Another fine "Physical Graffiti" cut.
"In The Air Tonight," Phil Collins Lenght:5:36
"In The Cage," Genesis Lenght:8:15
Off of 1974's "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
Mickey D.
"In the Court of the Crimson King," King Crimson Lenght:9:22
It sounds like a medevial type song for nine minutes.
Paul Warren
"In The Flesh," Dean Zunker Lenght:19:24
From his second album, Doomsday Clock.
"In the Land of Grey and Pink," Caravan Lenght:22:43
"In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida," Iron Butterfly Lenght:17:05
Of course they edited it to 3 minutes for radio, but there are some album-rock stations that play the full 17-minute version, which includes a Ron Bushy drum solo and a part where Erik Braunn makes his guitar sound like an elephant, and it's rumored that DJ's that play the 17-minute version do so to take a restroom break!
"In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida," Iron Butterfly Lenght:17:10
Possibly one of the longest songs ever recorded... and it gets credit for it alot, too. There probably isn't a person on Earth that can deny the fact this song had something to do with Psychedelic Drugs. Fact: It was originally supposed to be "In the Garden of Eden".
"Inca Roads," The Mothers Of Invention Lenght:8:45
Clever Name
"Industrial Disease," Dire Straits Lenght:5:52
The song takes a look at decline of the British manufacturing industry in the early 1980s, focusing on strikes, depression and dysfunctionality. For example, the absurdity of media-driven maladies is laid out in a segment of the song describing the narrator's visit to a doctor's office for treatment of his "Industrial Disease". The reference to "Brewer's Droop" as a medical condition is an in-joke, referring both to the effect of alcohol on libido and to the band of the same name that Mark Knopfler played in prior to Dire Straits.
Mickey D.
"Inferno," Beck Lenght:7:02
Clever Name
"Infinite Rise," King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Lenght:10:10
Clever Name
"Initiation ," Todd Rundgren Lenght:7:04
Such a fun title track off of that album!
Mickey D
"Inside Looking Out," Grand Funk Railroad Lenght:9:55
The sample of this song was used in Beck's "High 5 (Rock The Catskills)"
Mickey D.
"The Instrumental," Split Enz Lenght:About 14 minutes
It was one of the earlier pieces, never released.
"Into Dust," Mazzy Star Lenght:5:36
"Into Dust" is track #9 on the album, "So Tonight That I Might See" (1993). It reaching #47 on the UK Singles Chart, making them one of some songs by them to reaching the UK Singles Chart.
Wisnu Aji
"Invitation to a River," Chase Lenght:14:12
The final track of the jazz-rock band's self-titled debut.
Todd W. Zimmerman
"IOWA," Slipknot Lenght:15.03
I like it, but the whole lyrics are like, 10 or 15 lines, so the rest is all sampled sounds. I love Slipknot anyway :D
"Is The Black At The End Good," Flaming Lips Lenght:6:22
Clever Name
"Isle Of Avalon," Iron Maiden Lenght:9:06
"It Makes Them Disappear," Pantera Lenght:6:21
"It Never Rains," Dire Straits Lenght:7:59
"It Never Rains" is a track for the 1982 album Love over Gold by the Blues-rock band Dire Straits. The song is the final song on the album. The song displays two distinct sections: the first section which is blues based, and the second second is more progressive. This blends the two major styles present during the album.
Mickey D.
"It's All Coming Back to Me Now," Céline Dion Lenght:7:37
The radio version that I've heard is considerably shorter, but this is the length of the album version.
"It's the End of the World As We Know It," Riddlin' Kids Lenght:6:33
Much longer than the original by R.E.M.!
"The Ivory Gates of Dream," Fates Warning Lenght:21:58
Joe Pearson
"The Ivory Gates of Dream," Fates Warning Lenght:21:58
Joe Pearson

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