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Blame Hey Jude, but there have been some very long songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics, that are intended for radio play (singles).

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Entries Beginning with A

"A," Cartel Lenght:9:45
The epic follow-up to the preceding song on the album, "Q", it answers all of the songs on Chroma.
"A.D.I/Horror of it All," Anthrax Lenght:7:49
"Abacab," Genesis Lenght:7:02 (studio version)
"Abacab," Genesis Lenght:7:01
The album version was cut out to 4:27.
Mickey D.
"Achilles' Last Stand," Led Zeppelin Lenght:10:26
The opening track from the PRESENCE album, it is one of the few cuts from the album to receive substantial radio airplay.
Todd W. Zimmerman
"Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy," Manowar Lenght:28+ mins
very long, I listen to it every once and a while, often not getting past 20 min. Listen to the whole song is actually really good though
Sens Fan
"ACMA," Merzbow Lenght:22:43
Much different from Merzbow’s other stuff.
Clever Name
"Adrian," Jewel Lenght:7:02
A rather sad song about a boy who grows up in a coma. Track 8 on "Pieces Of You".
Brian Kelly
"The Adventures of Greggery Peccary," Frank Zappa Lenght:21:00
"Age of Accountability," Giant Squid Lenght:6:45
"Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast," Pink Floyd Lenght:13:00
"Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" is a three-part instrumental track from the 1970 Pink Floyd album Atom Heart Mother. It features Pink Floyd playing in the background as Alan Stiles (a Pink Floyd roadie, who appeared on the "live album cover" of Ummagumma; often mistaken to be Alan Parsons, who engineered The Dark Side of the Moon as well as Atom Heart Mother) speaks about the breakfast he is preparing and eating, as well as breakfasts he has had in the past ("Breakfast in Los Angeles. Macrobiotic stuff..."). There are significant breaks before the first, and in between all three, instrumental parts where only Alan's muttering and movements, with occasional exterior background noise, are heard. Much of Alan's speech is overdubbed throughout the piece in gradually fading echoes e.g. "Macrobiotic stuff" is repeated every couple of seconds, more quietly each time. It was performed live three times in the UK during the winter of 1970. In addition to the talking, the sounds of Alan making breakfast — such as lighting the stove, cooking bacon, pouring cereal (most likely Kellogg's Rice Krispies, from the sound of the cereal popping, lol), loudly gulping and drinking milk or juice, and loudly and vigorously eating cereal — are clearly audible in the background, which adds a conceptual feel to the track. Alan can be heard entering the kitchen and gathering supplies at the start of the track, and washing up and exiting the kitchen at the end; a dripping tap can be heard during both of these instances. On some copies of the vinyl version, the dripping tap at the end of the song is cut into the run-off groove, so it plays on infinitely until the listener removes the stylus from the album, an effect obviously lost on the CD release, though the dripping continues for approximately 17 seconds after all other sounds have ceased. Rise and Shine: This piece consists of piano, organ, steel guitar, cymbals and electric guitar fed through a Leslie speaker. During the opening of this section, Alan can be heard muttering to himself, deciding what to have as he begins to prepare his breakfast. He can be heard saying the following: "Oh... Er... Me flakes... Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, toast, coffee... Marmalade, I like marmalade... Yes, porridge is nice, any cereal... I like all cereals... Oh, God." Sunny Side Up: This piece was written and performed entirely by David Gilmour on two acoustic guitars and a steel guitar. Morning Glory: This piece was performed by the entire band. The main instrument is Rick Wright's piano, which was overdubbed three different times (one in the left channel, one in the centre, and one in the right channel). The piece also features very prominent bass, electric guitar, ADTed drums, and Hammond organ. At the end after saying "Well, my head's a blank", Alan picks up his car keys and leaves via the door. Faintly, a car can be heard starting and driving away.
Mickey D.
"Albuquerque," Weird Al Yankovic Lenght:11:25
It's only technically a song, but it's really a long rant/monolouge set to music. Oh, and it includes weasles.
"Albuquerque," Weird Al Yankovic Lenght:11:22
Al's first eleven minute song. Since then, he's matched that length with "Genius In France" and "Trapped At the Drive-Thru".
Brian Kelly
"Alice's Restuarant," Arlo Guthrie Lenght:18:20
"Alive," Pearl Jam Lenght:5:41
Featured on their debut studio album, "Ten". I wonder if this song that lasting at 5 minutes and 41 seconds would be fit on a 7-inch single.
Wisnu Aji
"Alive," Joe Budden Lenght:6:31
"All Around The World," Oasis Lenght:9:20
Used to be AT&T theme song (chorus) by the great 90's British rock band Oasis.
JC Foster
"All in a Mouse's Night," Genesis Lenght:6:37
Off of 1977's "Wind and Wuthering"
Mickey D.
"All My Friends," LCD Soundsystem Lenght:7:37
"All Nightmare Long," Metallica Lenght:7:58
DJ Blaze
"All Right Now," Free Lenght:5:32
To be the biggest hit single in the pre-Bad Company era.
Wisnu Aji
"All Those Yesterdays," Pearl Jam Lenght:7:40
So All Those Yesterdays is a 4 minute song but when it finishes theres silence then a couple seconds later the hidden track "Hummus" plays that is an eerie, VERY eerie, VERY VERY SO eerie song.
Clever Name
"Almost Cut My Hair," Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Lenght:8:52
I love this song
"Alone," Heart Lenght:5:30
This is the extended version of "Alone" which was featured on their album, "Bad Animals". Although many radio stations play the short version of this song that lasting at 3 minutes and 39 seconds, the version that lasting at 5 minutes and 30 seconds is the extended version and having a little play on radio stations.
Wisnu Aji
"Always," Bon Jovi Lenght:5:54
This is the album version of "Always". They also recorded an easy listening version of "Always" that featured on their album, "This Left Feels Right".
Wisnu Aji
"Am I In Heaven," King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Lenght:7:05
Clever Name
"Am I In Heaven," King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Lenght:7:05
Clever Name
"Amarok," Mike Oldfield Lenght:60:00
"America," Prince Lenght:21:36
The 12" version is a studio jam session for Prince and The Revolution, jamming until the tape ran out. They, of course applied a fade-out at the very end.
"American Pie," Don McLean Lenght:8:32
Most songs played an edited version of this, and the 45 was split into two parts, but a lot of stations prefer to play the unedited album version.
"American Woman," The Guess Who Lenght:5:07
Although the length of the original lp version of this tune, at 5:07, is not as long as many songs put on this section of amiright, "American Woman's original lp version is so much more superior than the 3:46 single edit heard more often (including for some unknown and unfathomable reason on many Classic Rock and Classic hit stations), with it's opening of Burton Cummings spelling out A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N. The anti-American war machine tune, "American Woman" was the first and unfortunately for the Canadian band's U.S. fans, only #1 single going to #1 on the same week, May 4, 1970, as the Kent State University in Ohio massacre of four students by National Guardsmen when students utilized their Constitutional rights to protest President Nixon's expanding the Vietnam War into Cambodia.
"Ampullae of Lorenzini," Giant Squid Lenght:9:16
"Ancestral," Steve Wilson Lenght:13:33
"And You And I," Yes Lenght:10:08
Track 2 off of "Close To The Edge"
Mickey D.
"Andy," The Mothers Of Invention Lenght:6:02
Clever Name
"Anesthesize," Porcupine Tree Lenght:17:42
"Angry Eyes," Loggins And Messina Lenght:7:40
The long version of "Angry Eyes" appears on their self-titled album. The instrumental interlude in the middle of the song is long and boring. The version that appears on The Best of Friends is only 2:33 long, and that's nothing compared to the length of the album version. In the album version, the lyrics "You and I must start to realize, Blindness binds us together in a false disguise, Can you see me through those angry eyes?" are not heard until the very end of the song. In the single version, those particular lyrics are heard before a very brief instrumental interlude, and then the final verse plays. After the final verse, you hear a brief outro, and then the song ends.
"Angry Son," Indian Summer Lenght:7:27
"Answer? Questions! - Questions? Answer!Answers," Focus Lenght:13:55
The title is funny the band is funny. Dutch band you might now from "Sylvia" or "Hocus Pocus".
Martin Vrijmoed
"Any Downers (Including Canadian Customs Rap)," The Mothers Of Invention Lenght:18:24
Live at Vancouver 1975 version
Clever Name
"Any Time, Any Place," Janet Jackson Lenght:7:08
Appearing on the album janet., this is her longest song to date.
"Anything You Say Now, I Believe," Flaming Lips Lenght:6:40
Clever Name
"Anything You Say Now, I Believe," Flaming Lips Lenght:6:40
Clever Name
"Aqualung," Jethro Tull Lenght:6:34
"Are You Ready," Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Lenght:5:47
Arguably the first Christian rock song.
"Are You Receiving Me?," Golden Earring Lenght:9:32
Featured on their breakthrough album titled 'Moontan' (1973), it is their longest song (94 seconds longer than 1982's "Twilight Zone"). 'Moontan' contain their first successful single titled "Radar Love" which was peaked at #13 on Billboard's Pop Chart (#10 on the same chart for 1982's "Twilight Zone"). 'Moontan' was also would be the first and only album to be certified Gold by the RIAA. After all, since 1973, no one album would be certified Gold like 'Moontan' (for example 'Grab It for a Second', 'Cut', 'N.E.W.S.', etc.).
Wisnu Aji
"Aren't You Angel," Indian Summer Lenght:7:11
"Arriving Somewhere But Not Here," Porcupine Tree Lenght:12.02
Just a great song and certainly not too long
Martin Vrijmoed
"Arriving Somewhere, But Not Here," Porcupine Tree Lenght:12:02
"Art of Life," X Japan Lenght:33:45
This song, 29 minutes when it was released as a single (!), reaches over half an hour when played live. It is composed of several different parts, from heavy guitar playing to a piano segment lasting almost ten minutes, which is performed by the same person who spends a total of sixteen minutes on drums. Is often considered Japan's answer to Stairway of Heaven.
"The Art of Reason," Threshold Lenght:10:23
Simon Lobel
"Ashes Are Burning," Renaissance Lenght:23:00
On the original album Ashes are Burning it reaches 11:21. So it is more the double fun.
Martin Vrijmoed
"Assassin Beetle: The Dream Is Ending," Flaming Lips Lenght:10:01
Clever Name
"Assassin Beetle: The Dream Is Ending," Flaming Lips Lenght:10:01
Clever Name
"At the End of the Day," Spock's Beard Lenght:16:28
Joe Pearson
"Atom Heart Mother Suite," Pink Floyd Lenght:23:44
Surprised no other Floydians have mentioned this one, yet. The song lasts for nearly 24 minutes, it is an instrumental and likely one of teh weirdest songs you'll hear. It's like the audio of what an acid trip might sound like. It's a very avant-garde piece with an orchestra, a choir and lots of fun, quirky sound effects.
"Atom Heart Mother Suite," Pink Floyd Lenght:23 minutes and 44 seconds
This is an (in my opinion) a greatly under estimated Pink Floyd song. The entire album shows the band transformation from the super psychdelic band to the clean, sharp, well versed band we all love.
Wade Brock
"Atom Heart Mother suite," Pink Floyd Lenght:23:44
Entirely instrumental, wow!
The Deke
"Autobahn," Kraftwerk Lenght:22:45
"Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf dir autobahn." The longest song's been cut right down to 3:27. It topped the #25 Hot 100 Billboard Charts in '75. When I listen to Kraftwerk at bedtime, it soothes me to sleep.
Mickey D.
"Autumn Song," Van Morrison Lenght:10:34
From his 1973 album "Hard Nose The Highway".
Candy Welty
"Avocet," Bert Jansch Lenght:17.59
Martin Vrijmoed
"Awaken," Yes Lenght:15:26
"Awaken," Yes Lenght:15:26

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