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Ever since there has been music on recorded mediums (vinyl, casettes, CDs) groups with a sense of humour have placed funny snippets or entrie songs on their albums without a mention in the credits.

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"Already There," K's Choice
On the "Almost Happy" album the last song titled "All" has a hidden acapella track entitled "Already There".
"Meet My Maker/Falling Away," Good Charlotte
In The Chronicles of Life and Death album there is a hidden track found in the last song. In the Life version is is found at the end of "Falling Away" and in the Death version it is found at the end of "Meet My Maker" Its a few minutes after the song and the hidden track is called "Wounded"
"Tuesday," Dandelion
On the album "I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick" after what seems like a long fadeout at the end of "Weight of the World," there's a much faster track called "Tuesday," which is listed as being untitled, but the name was identified by bass player Mike Murporgo. I can't think of too much else to say about it, I'm afraid.
The Skuz
"Too Late (Instrumental)," No Doubt
On "Return Of Saturn", after Dark Blue wait a few minutes, and an orchestral rendition of "Too Late" will play. It is vaguely mentioned in the booklet and from my best understanding, is called "Too Late (Instrumental)", although it's not the actual instrumental.
"Me, White Noise," Blur
On the CD rewind back from track 1 into the pregap to -6:50 and then take your finger of the rewind button. You now get to listen to 7 minutes of a drunk Phil Daniels singing about looking at a wall which tells you to f*** off because it isn't a mirror, whooshing off in an underground train, people going in the room for a pair of marraccas and how everybody kicks a football.
"[ ]," Boris
It's listed as track 8 (last track) on Smile - the 2008 CD by this Japanese experimental rock band. It's mentioned only in the liner notes. It rocks on for a duration of 15 minutes and 28 seconds!
Godzilla Rulz
"unknown," Menomena
3 out of 4 of their full length albums, the band Menomena has included a hidden track at the end of the album. Titles are unknown, but they sure are cool! Album titles: I Am The Fun Blame Monster Friend and Foe Mines Just keep listening to the end of the album and it will come on after some silence. Amusingly, I Am The Fun Blame Monster is an anagram for The First Menomena Album.
Diana Diaz
"Two Drink Minimum," Chris Cornell
From his 2009 release, 'Scream.' After the last track ("Watch Out") finishes, there's a lot of silence until 5:07, when this rather bluesy track starts playing. It's a good song, but it seems really out of place on an otherwise very electronic album.
Jonathan S.
"Kiss on the Neck," David Cook
In the David Cook song, A Daily AntheM, it ends at just shy of five minutes. After almost 7 minutes of complete silence, a hidden track called Kiss on the Neck begins.
The Dudeman
"Funktion," Jamiroquai
One of the hidden tracks off of the album "Travelling Without Moving"
Mickey D.
The cd plays for a 1:30 before this song comes on. You think the cd is over but it's not...this song is hilarious and amazing!
"Tom & Jerry," Slightly Stoopid
After a lengthy pause following the end of the brief instrumental Tom & Jerry, the track resumes with a remade version of Closer to the Sun, consisting solely of vocals and guitar. It comes in at 4:27; Tom & Jerry ends at 1:36 so be patient.
JC Foster
"Untitled," Black Eyed Peas
After "Let's Get It Started" on Elephunk, there is an extra song. The song has no title.and gets counted as part of the last song on computers.
"Marie's the Name(Of His Latest Flame)," Scorpions
When listening to the Face the Heat album on CD, let the last track(Lonely Nights) continue after the song ends and you will hear a very good cover of the Elvis Presley song
"Rodeo Clown," John Mellencamp
It's on the 2007 album "Freedom's Road". Right after the last listed track, "Heaven Is a Lonely Place" there's silence for a few minutes then the unlisted track "Rodeo Clown" comes on. It's a good slice of Dubya-bashing rock music. The moronic crap Mellencamp had to endure when he released his rewrite of Woody Guthrie's "To Washington" a few years before probably is why this cut is hidden. Mellencamp keeps on fighting authority, especially when it is criminal itself.
GWB Is The Worst Prez Ever!
"Mr. Greaves," Better Than Ezra
It's the second hidden track on "Artifakt". It starts about 40 seconds after "Loaded" ends. It's a hidden track to a hidden track.
Brian Kelly
It's a hidden track off of "Artifakt". It starts about 40 seconds after the end of "State Street State Of Mind".
Brian Kelly
"Never could be any other one," The Beatles
At the end of the song "A Day in the Life" on the Sgt. Pepper record, if you wait for about a minute or two, this random sound starts playing. It sounds like "Never could be any other one", but it's all gibberish... It catches a lot of people off guard, and it made me run out of the room crying when I heard it as a kid.
"The story so far," New found glory
On the new found glory cd "Sticks and Stones", about 20 minutes after the song 'the story so far' ends, there is about a minute and a half of the band chanting "somebody's in your house" and a whole bunch of other random sounds, including a funny reggae sounding song about shish-kabobs.
"Silly Shoes," Relient K
After "Jefferson Aero Plane" on the "Two Lefts Don't Make A Right...But Three Do" album, there is a song called "Silly Shoes", which is Relient K rapping about random stuff.

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