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Ever since there has been music on recorded mediums (vinyl, casettes, CDs) groups with a sense of humour have placed funny snippets or entrie songs on their albums without a mention in the credits.

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"Unreleased Track," Ashley Tisdale
Toward the end of her 2009 Warner Bros. Records album, Guilty Pleasure, Tisdale had hidden a unreleased track entitled "Break on Through" which is previously recorded by frontman Jim Morrison (before his death).
"Flood/Disgustipated," Tool
After Flood, a hidden track called "Disgustipated" plays.
"Hello Sir," Robbie Williams
A hidden track after "Baby Girl Window" on his debut album "Life Thru a Lens", where he tells a poem that takes a dig at one of his former teachers.
Hunter Sullivan
"Swatting Flies In Wanker County," Vixen
From 1998 album "Tangerine." An instrumental, it's not on the album itself, but is listed as track 12 on music websites.
Joey F.
"Next To You," The Offspring
A few minutes after the last song in their Greatest Hits CD (Cant Get My) Head Around You, a cover version of Next To You by the Police will play. It is unlisted in the track list, and is actually the last part of the Head Around You track after a few minutes of silence.
Chris Giles
"Sterility," Iggy Pop
It comes a number of minutes after 'V.I.P.', the last listed track on the 'Beat Em Up' CD. It's mostly a non-rhyming rant with plenty of profanity. Still, it's a listenable song.
Ziggy Popsickle
"Sentimental," Jale
Several minutes after the end of "Superstar" there is an unlisted track on the CD, informally known as "Sentimental".
Toronto Joe
"Your DJ Children (Demo)," Hella
This song appears in the pregap of the track "Hello Great Architect of the Universe" from their 2004 album "The Devil Isn't Red." Astonishingly, it was never found until 2017.
"(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame," Scorpions
The band's cover of a song popularized by Elvis Presley; it was originally recorded by Del Shannon. The song is listed after "Lonely Nights" on the US edition of "Face The Heat," released in 1993.
Joey F.
"Untitled," Laurie Berkner
After "Blow A Kiss", There's an outtake of a small portion of the said song, then the director mishaps "Bl-", and then many people laugh and the other director says "That's it?". This appears on the "Under A Shady Tree" album.
Hunter Sullivan
It was an unlisted last track on the first side of the cassette version of Joan Jett's 1983 album 'Album'. It was a cover of the 1973 Rolling Stones song 'Star Star' aka 'Starfucker'. That dirty title word appears about 40 times in the original version, in Joan's the count goes up to 80 with chorus repeats. You couldn't get this number on the LP, only on cassette. This caused a stink in the U.S. and a few other countries. Later editions of the tape release had the song removed. However later CD versions of 'Album' has it on under the 'official' name 'Star Star'.
Star Punk 1983
"Time After Time," Electric Light Orchestra
It appears on the US cassette and original CD, but it's not listed. It comes after "Take Me On and On" on side 1, and "Four Little Diamonds" starts off side 2. On the CD it's the same sequence.
Mr. Blue Star
"Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip," Nirvana
It's listed on the back cover as track 13, but is heard after approximately 20 minutes of silence following "All Apologies" on track 12.
"Endless, Nameless," Nirvana
A hidden track which begins after 10 minutes of silence following "Something in the Way" on the album "Nevermind".
"Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)," Raspberries
On the LP, after the end of the song, you can hear five or six seconds of the opening guitar power chords of Raspberries' song "Go All The Way" but it is very low and almost obscured by record surface noise. This is not on their CD however.
Greg Hulak
"Untitled," Trapt
On their self-titled album, it starts immediately after "New Beginning" and segues pretty much seamlessly from that track.
Danny Hates Dubstep
It's on the "Saturate" album, and starts right after the last listed track, "Shallow Bay".
Danny Hates Dubstep
"Maybe Tomorrow," Ultraspank
It's technically the final track on their album "Progress". It begins several minutes after the end of the last listed track, "Where".
Danny Hates Dubstep
"Blah Blah Blah," The Cardigans
At the very end of "Blah Blah Blah", teen actress Melissa Joan Hart (as Sabrina the Teenage Witch) unravels her family's mystery by adding a hidden Easter Egg to the CD.
Brandon Reina
"Alarm sound," U2
Many copies of their 1993 album Zooropa have an alarm sound hidden at the end. If you play the last track (track 10 "The Wanderer") and wait for it to finish at about 4:41, silence follows and the hidden alarm sound begins at 5:15 and the entire track finishes at 5:41. This alarm sound is apparently the same sound that radio DJs hear after there has been too much dead air in the studio. Interestingly, they later hid one second of the same sound as an intro to an easter egg of the song 'Elevation' on their Elevation 2001 DVD, and another warning sound all together (this one identifable as an air drill siren) features an an easter egg on the Zoo TV: Live from Sydney DVD (the DVD of a performance on Zooropa's associated tour).

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