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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Obscene name - STRFKR
This band makes excellent music and they are one of the best newer ones of today. However, most of the time the band name is printed out as 'STRFKR' because the ACTUAL name (and pronunciation) of this group is 'STARFUCKER'.
Starship Trooper
Marlon Wayans' Mentor - Corbin Bleu
While out with his urban dance troupe, Corbin Bleu hired Marlon Wayans to become his mentor.
Mama's boyhood - Usher
None of the women in Usher Raymond IV's life, OTHER THAN his mother, had shown any real signs, as of 2020, of any ability, in his personal estimations, to measure up TO his mother.-
Parker Gabriel
Mama's boyhood - Elvis Presley
Presley was his mother's son in too many more ways than can be counted in any one post, up to and including how the exact causes of each of their respective deaths remained undetermined, even as of 2020.
Parker Gabriel
Pink flamingos on his album covers - Christopher Cross
Beginning with his self-titled debut album, the former Christopher Charles Geppert had a tendency to adorn his album covers with images of pink flamingos rather than, say, photographs of himself. His net-site even incorporates the pink flamingo into its navigation directions.
Parker Gabriel
Giant Phallis Sculpture - Roger Daltrey
That's right - he has such a sculpture on his estate. It's a prop from a scene from the 1975 movie 'Litzomania', which he starred in.
Rocket, Yeah
Putting His Baby Over A Balcony - Michael Jackson
There's a common uploaded footage of him holding the baby over a balcony.
Golf Playing - Alice Cooper
He's known to be a golf player too.
stuttering - Scatman John
stuttering problem is said to be the reason he got into music business.
trademark battle - Kylie Minogue
there's a lot of media coverage of her battling trademark over her first name with Kylie Jenner, which is properly made up(the battle) as there are many with the name Kylie beside Minogue and Jenner(including 1 who was in Neighbors before Minogue)...
Living in a castle - Enya
Enya lives in Manderley Castle, a Victorian castle in southern Ireland.
Toking cheetah - Blues Traveler
every one of their CDs somewhere on the artwork shows the face of a cheetah smoking a joint.
I've Runaround With BT 2X
Getting Punched in the Face by Jack White. - The Von Bondies
The main singer of the Von Bondies, Jason Stollsteimer, was at a Detroit club in 2003 in support of a local band when Jack White wanted to speak to him. Stollsteimer refused, so White pinned him to a speaker and punched him in the face multiple times, even getting angered at Stollsteimer's unwillingness to fight. White was later charged to take anger management classes, as well as being fined. Stollsteimer left with a ridiculously mangled face, including a swollen right eye and a bloody nose. White had formerly produced the Von Bondies' debut album from 2001, "Lack Of Communication", and felt that the fight was a publicity stunt for their 2004 album "Pawn Shoppe Heart".
Rocket Girl - Lights
Lights (real name) the talented musician from Canada is married to American metalcore musician Beau Bokan and their daughter is named Rocket Wild Bokan.
Turn Out the Lights, Lights
Milkwood - The Cars
Ric O(t)casek and Benjamin Orr , both of Cleveland were in a hippyish folk band called Milkwood and they made one albumin 1972. It's now a collector's item. Ocasek and Orr then briefly formed a Daryl Hall and John Oates type acoustic duo then went to Boston to eventually get in a band that would become the Cars.
I Drove My Cah In Boston!
Being mistaken for Paul in fiction - Jesse Mccartney
In Suite life Of Zack And Cody, the mom thinks it's Paul who comes when it's actually Jesse(as Mosby only mentioned the last name).
Saying he didn't have a childhood. - Michael Jackson
He trademarked himself as a pity icon by denying having had a childhood due to being famous as a kid, although people like the Olsen twins were famous much younger.
Hosting Ghostbusters documentary - Rolf Harris
It's what I remember first knowing him from.
His White Outfit - Elvis Presley
He often gets parodied by people by them wearing white outfit.
Selling a Song Name on a Shirt - Electric Light Orchestra
Last night I fulfilled a t(w)een dream and went to a wonderful concert featuring the Electric Light Orchestra (due to British rock'n'roll legalities, a.k.a. 'business shit', it's called 'Jeff Lynne's ELO' now. No matter.). The opening guest was Dhani Harrison, who is the bright talented son of a guy named George who in turn was in a band called the Beatles. Ever heard of them? Anyway, the swag booths were selling T-shirts and some of the ELO shirts featured that famous logo starship of theirs. They also sold some women's shirts with the title of one of their hits on the front - 'Evil Woman'. I saw that and I literally LMFAO until I nearly got sick, right in the waiting line. Honest!
James Wilbury

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