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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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hits in previous bands - Donnie Iris
In the early 70s Donnie was in the band the Jaggerz, which scored a #2 hit called "The Rapper". A few years later he spent about a year in the group Wild Cherry, known for the classic "Play That Funky Music". After that band imploded Donnie Iris struck out on his own and scored some solo hits in the hard rock and new wave styles.
Star Cruiser
Helmet Camera During Life's Been Good - Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh introduces his helmet camera during his performance of Life's Been Good

Being confused with Quiet Riot - Riot
Quiet Riot were really popular in the early 1980s, but Riot, who were part of the NWOBHM, never achieved much chart success, however, one of the latter bands' albums, "Born In America" attempted to explain the difference between the two groups, as Riot had been on hiatus during the peak of Quiet Riot's career.
What Paul Is - Beatles
In the psychedelic extravaganza "I Am the Walrus" John states that he is just that. In the tune "Glass Onion" John says that the walrus = Paul. In 2008 a new psychedelic/techno/electronic/experimental album is released by "The Fireman". That group consists of Sir Paul and Youth, the bassist of the band Killing Joke. The 2 musicians write, sing, play all the instruments and produce it all themselves. The front page of The Fireman's website, however, states that "The Fireman Is Paul". Geddit?
creative tug-of-war - Beatles
Shortly after the Beatles basically split during the early 1970s John gave an interview saying that the Beatles were all "tied together" and that made them brothers. He said that he and Paul are always in a friendly "tug-of-war" when it came to songwriting. He'd write something and then Paul would try to top that, and vice versa. One example: in early 1972 there occurred a massacre of unarmed demonstrators by British occupation troops in the Northern Ireland town of Derry. Paul wrote the hit "Give Ireland Back to the Irish", which was banned by BBC radio. John wrote "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (not to be confused for the 1983 hit by the Irish band U2) and "Luck of the Irish" (with a few choice swear words). Both songs appeared on John + Yoko's next album. In 1982 Paul scored with his album "Tug-of-War" and on the title track he described the competitive spirit with his deceased Beatle buddy. That album has a few other tributes to John.
Beatle Baby
Reaper Takes 3 Ramones - The Ramones
Joey Ramone died of lymph cancer one day shy of his 50th birthday in the spring of 2001. Dee Dee Ramone died from too much H in 2002. Johnny Ramone succumbed to prostrate cancer in the summer of 2004. Tommy, Richie, Elvis, C.J. and Marky are still living.
I Saw the Ramones Live 4X!
New Solo Career - Dee Dee Ramone
Bassist Dee Dee quit the band in 1989 to pursue a solo career. He did continue to write and provide songs for the Ramones band. His first album was a rap/rock collection released under the moniker "Dee Dee King". It had the Cold War/wrestling parody "The Crusher". That tune also appeared on the last Ramones studio album "Adios, Amigos!" re-recorded with lead vocals by Dee Dee's replacement C.J. (sometimes "C. Jay") Ramone. Dee Dee guested on the Ramones' final show, along with members of Rancid, Motorhead and more. He released a few more solo albums and he married a German girl MUCH younger than he was. However, he kept battling addiction to Chinese Rock heroin and he lost his fight with it in 2002. He was 50.
Jimi Ramone
Zombie Apocolypse Video - Platinum Blonde
In Platinum Blonde's latest video Valentine there's a hint of love in the air as a street full of Zombies wreek havoc on Toronto. There's one zombie in particular whom, before being bitten, was getting married.

He then realizes the mistake that he's about to make but makes up his mind to go and find her, bite her, and make her his own.

In my opinion I think Platinum Blonde did the zombie apocolypse thing a bit better than Michael Jackson did.
Silver face masks - Crimson Glory
Full-faced (save for singer Midnight, whose mouth is uncovered, of course) when supporting their self-titled debut album, partial (a la Phantom of the Opera) for their second album Transcendence, and later retired afterwards. Sometimes done occasionally later on, especially with recent lead singer Todd LaTorre (now of Queensr├┐che).
Archie C.
Former child stars as actors - Rilo Kiley
Jenny Lewis (Troop Beverly Hills, The Wizard) and Blake Sennett (Salute Your Shorts, Boy Meets World) as members
Archie C.
Not Surviving Katrina - Barry Cowsill (The Cowsills)
Barry Cowsil last spoke to his sister on August 29, 2005 shortly before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Lousiana. Several months had past before Barry's body was found under a warf and was identified through dental records. The autopsy had determined that Barry had drowned in the aftermath of the storm. He was only 51. :(
Letting Starting Musicians Play With Him - Kenny MacLean (Platinum Blonde)
Kenny was a gifted and talented musician, singer, songwritter, and producer who let other starting musicians play with him.
Surviving Katrina - Fats Domino
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Fats went missing and was presumed dead. A bit later, he was found alive and rescued from his flooded home.
Being mistaken for women - Poison
On the cover of the first album by this all-male Glam Metal band, the musicians were wearing so much makeup that some music fans falsely believed they were women, even after listening to their songs!
Extremely unique takes on classic songs - Devo
Devo have done rather adventurous versions of songs by Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Cheap Trick.
Suffering For One's Art - Cheap Trick
It's a known fact that Paul McCartney screamed the lyrics to the Beatles classic "Hey Jude" so hard he passed out. Robin Zander of Cheap Trick was singing with all his heart the last line to "So Good To See You" in the studio. It goes "so glad you're going to stayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..." and when he reached the crescendo the force was so intense that Robin peed his pants!
Cheep Cheep
Being in a lot of different bands - Ronnie James Dio
Ronnie James Dio was a member of The Prophets, Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and his own solo project, Dio, as well as contributing to songs by other artists, such as Tenacious D.
Writing poetry - Serj Tankian
Serj Tankian has had two full books of his poetry published.
Saying the F-word over 100 times in a single song - Limp Bizkit
The song "Hot Dog", features over 100 uses of the F-word. It has been banned from most radio stations.
Being a Satanist - King Diamond
King Diamond is a Satanist, though curiously enough, he doesn't actually practice his religion, preferring to view it more as a philosophy he has lived by his entire life.

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