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All too often, a celebrity gets it into their head that now they've reach some margin of fame via a movie or sports, they can also sing! This usually turns out much worse than when singers try to act.

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Jason Kidd What the Kidd Did I've heard worse rap songs by NBA players ("Champion" by Ron Artest and "K.O.B.E." by Kobe Bryant). It's listenable. This was released on the 1994 album "B-Ball's Best Kept Secret", a compilation album of songs by then-NBA players Dana Barros, Malik Sealy, Shaquille O'Neal, Cedric Ceballos, Brian Shaw, Chris Mills, Kidd, Isaiah "J.R." Rider, Dennis Scott, and Gary Payton. - JeReMy
Ron Artest Champion Now known as Metta World Peace, but released his rap album before his September 2011 name change. The song was in NBA 2K11 and was terrible. - JeReMy
Blake Sennett Not Going Home Blake was an actor (with his notable roles including Pinsky from Salute Your Shorts), and "Not Going Home" is from his band The Elected, in which he's the lead singer. He also played guitar on Rilo Kiley. - Archie
Jenny Lewis Portions for Foxes Jenny Lewis was from Troop Beverly Hills and The Wizard, and "Portions for Foxes" was by her band Rilo Kiley. - Archie
Manny Pacquiao Various Popularised a bunch of singles in Tagalog which were released during 2005-2006. Also did a bunch of live performances in late-night talk shows in the States, but in both cases, his voice is enough for us to suggest that he should stick to boxing. - Felicity Merriman
Jerry Lewis Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Jerry sang a whole LP of old chestnuts for Decca in the late 50's; it sounds pretty much like a 33 rpm Al Jolson record played at 45. HEY, LAAAAAA-DEEEEE!! - JeffM
Bronson Arroyo various covers of songs like Slide, Hunger Strike and Dirty Water Arroyo was a member of the 2004 Boston Red Sox team that won the World Series and recorded the album "Covering the Bases" in 2005. Arroyo had teammates Kevin Millar, Johnny Damon and Kevin Youkilis record background vocals on his cover of "Dirty Water". Arroyo had Michael Landau and Mike Inez record on the album. - harderman
Mark Smith My Blue Escape Smith was a forward for the NHL's San Jose Sharks in the 2000's and formed the group upon settling in the Silicon Valley region. - harderman
Robert Downey Jr. The album The Futurist Has a very good voice. Smooth and soothing. I recommend. - Nathan
Bette Davis "Miss Bette Davis" Album The classic actress released an album of her singing. - Rick O'Shea
Steve Coogan Goldfinger, Nobody Does It Better (as Alan Partridge in 'I'm Alan Partridge') I can't hear the original of Nobody Does It Better without thinking of Alan Partridge explaining the opening titles of The Spy Who Loved Me! - pickle
Rob Brydon The Winner Takes It All, Delilah, Wuthering Heights (on 'The Trip') Rob and Steve Coogan's version of The Winner Takes It All is miles better than Meryl Streep's attempt in the film of 'Mamma Mia'! - pickle
Mel Blanc Toot-Toot-Tootsie "The Man of a Thousand Voices" could sing in all of them. Most of his records were comedy-oriented, and some of them still hold up pretty well today. - Jeff Missinne
Yvonne De Carlo Little Girl Blue "Lily Munster's" voice had a sultry tone to match her looks, but her over-pronounced diction sometimes made her sound like Dudley Do-Right's girlfriend. - Jeff Missinne
Abigail Breslin Hurricane Abbie seems to have done a 'swell job at rocking on, although I more or less associate her with her roles in 'Kit Kittredge' and of course 'Little Miss Sunshine'. - LPG-Unit
Alison Brie Several cover tunes The Community cast member who sings cover tunes with two other actresses, calling themselves The Girls. - Opie M.
Larry Bagby III Counting My Lucky Stars The gay football player from Buffy turned out to be... a country singer. - Mitchell
Donald Glover Let Me Dope You, All of the Lights (remix) Glover is a writer for 30 Rock and a stand-up comedian. He raps under the name "Childish Gambino" - JeReMy
Danny John-Jules Tongue Tied Danny John Jules is one of two characters to always be in Red Dwarf, the sci-fi sitcom which began in 1988. In the show he played Cat. In 1993, in character as Cat, he released the single "Tongue Tied" though he wasn't great at singing, so it would of been more dangerous if released under his own name. Regardless, the character is classic. - Lee
Laura Marano Words Practically every female starlet on The Disney Channel has an additional musical career, but before joining the cast of Austin & Ally, Miss Marano co-wrote some songs with Peter Waldman, and appeared in one music video for the song "Words," where the boyfriend looked a lot like her current co-star Ross Lynch. Her voice is kind of weak in this one, but the song is still catchy, and from her performance in the A&A episode "Deejays & Demos," it's clear she's not an entirely incompetent singer. - The Skuz

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