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All too often, a celebrity gets it into their head that now they've reach some margin of fame via a movie or sports, they can also sing! This usually turns out much worse than when singers try to act.

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Notable Song Credits
Comments & Submittor Name
Jack Webb Try a Little Tenderness Hearing Jack speak through this song while the Nelson Riddle Orchestra is playing makes you want to say this: OTIS REDDING TO THE RESCUE! - Tim Hall
Jackie Chan Beijing Welcomes You, Stand Up! Jackie is no professional singer by any means, but he can. He, surprisingly, was the first person to hold a concert in the Bird's Nest in Beijing on 1st May, 2009. He did invite many friends to sing with him, including his son, Jaycee Fong.
As to why his song's last name is not Chan or Lam (His mother's surname?), well Jackie claimed his ancestry's last name in Fong, and Jaycee wishes to follow that last name, so he legally changed it. Jaycee, though is primarily a singer. - Rocky Mak
Jada Pinkett Smith Something Inside Of Me Was the lead singer for the heavy metal band Wicked Wisdom for a few years, most people hated them, I thought they weren't too bad personally, though Jada sounded really awkward whenever she tried screaming out lyrics instead of singing them - Michael Prymula
James Marsters German. Jewish.; Dangerous; Smile AKA. Spike (From Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Had a band called Ghost of the Robot and now has a solo career going. He's a pretty good singer too. - starr
Jamie Foxx Unpredictable Poor Jamie. He has no idea how ridiculous he is. - Missy MuMu
Jane Withers Dr. Jones, Cartoon Heroes, Barbie Girl, Bumblebee, Roses Are Red jane withers... - nicole uttyette
Jared Leto Attack, The Kill, Kings and Queens, This is War He is the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, and an actor. - JeReMy
Jason Kidd What the Kidd Did I've heard worse rap songs by NBA players ("Champion" by Ron Artest and "K.O.B.E." by Kobe Bryant). It's listenable. This was released on the 1994 album "B-Ball's Best Kept Secret", a compilation album of songs by then-NBA players Dana Barros, Malik Sealy, Shaquille O'Neal, Cedric Ceballos, Brian Shaw, Chris Mills, Kidd, Isaiah "J.R." Rider, Dennis Scott, and Gary Payton. - JeReMy
Jenny Lewis Portions for Foxes Jenny Lewis was from Troop Beverly Hills and The Wizard, and "Portions for Foxes" was by her band Rilo Kiley. - Archie
Jerry Lewis Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Jerry sang a whole LP of old chestnuts for Decca in the late 50's; it sounds pretty much like a 33 rpm Al Jolson record played at 45. HEY, LAAAAAA-DEEEEE!! - JeffM
Jerry Mathers Wind Up Toy  A forgotten novelty song made when the former Beaver Cleaver was getting too old for the role that made him famous. Despite gaining recognition on the Hollywood Hi-Fi compilation of celebrities with bad records, it's not as bad as you might expect. - The Skuz
Jim Carrey I Am The Walrus George Martin's "In My Life" album - qua006
Jim Carrey Somebody to Love In the movie "Cable Guy" he crashed a party and sung the Jefferson Airplane hit. He was known for going over the top, and sung "breast" so it sounded distorted. This part of the movie was shown on MTV and MuchMusic as a video. - Ra'akone
Jim Nabors Back Home Again In Indiana, Oh My Papa, etc. Once you hear him sing, you'll forget that he ever played Gomer Pyle. - Mom & Dad
Joaquin Phoenix I Walk The Line, Ring Of Fire He was Johnny Cash in Walk The Line - The Movie (with approval from Johny himself) and he learned to play guitar after that. He did get a Grammy for the rendition, and subsequently recorded the soundtrack, won Golden Globe and nominated for best actor. - Rocky Mak
Joe Pesci Wiseguy Joe Pesci has had 3 albums and sang every song on all of them. He is also a skilled guitar player and played for Joey Dee and the Starliters during their early career. - Brionna Secret
Joe Pesci Got To Get You Into My Life Covered the Beatles tune when he was a lounge singer named "Little Joe Ritchie". - funny
Joey Lawrence Nothing My Love Can't Fix If only he knew how ridiculous he really sounded. - Travis
John Belushi & Dan Akroyd performed on TV, a movie and in concert as The Blues Brothers Akroyd has often revived the Blues Brothers act with John Belushi's brother Jim in the "Jake" role, as well as John Goodman. - Agrimorfee
John Cena The Time is Now In 2004, wrestler John Cena released a solo rap album "You Can't See Me", to tie in with his on-screen rapper persona at the time. The most famous song from the album, "The Time is Now", has been Cena's entrance theme ever since. The album, in my opinion, is pretty OK, not bad, but not really good either. - JeReMy
John Cleese Knights Of The Round Table It seems that John Cleese sings the least out of all the Monty Python alumni that sings. - Paul Warren
John Francis Daley Neverending Summer, Caveman Plays Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones. He and his band Dayplayer performed on the season finale of Season 4. - Mel
John Travolta Let Her In, All Strung Out, 'Grease' Soundtrack Doesn't sing that much anymore, but he's still dances. - fever
Jon Lovitz Well, Did You Evah! Lovitz guested on this Cole Porter song covered by Robbie Williams. Unfortunately, he was panned. - dxman
Julie Andrews Sound of Music, Mary Poppins For the younger people, you may know her on Princess Diaries 1 & 2 and Enchanted and the voice of Queen Lillian on Shrek 2 & 3, but before her throat surgery in 1992, she was a musical singer with 4 octave range and perfect pitch. - Rocky Mak
Juliette Lewis Hot Kiss, You're Speaking My Language, Sticky Honey Juliette Lewis had a band called Juliette Lewis And The Licks. She first fronted the band in 2003 after she attended a BLondie ocncert and was "blown away" by it, she then new music was her calling, and i'm sure most people agree she sings better then she acts. The Licks just borke up this year though, and now Lewis has formed a new band The New Romantiques, wonder if they're any good? - Michael Prymula

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