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All too often, a celebrity gets it into their head that now they've reach some margin of fame via a movie or sports, they can also sing! This usually turns out much worse than when singers try to act.

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Sally Field Felicidad The actress best known as "Gidget" and "The Flying Nun" had a very brief side career as a pop singer in the late 1960s. She put out one album on Colgems Records which generated her only Billboard Hot 100 charting single, "Felicidad." Sally was no vocal powerhouse but still made a pleasant-sounding record a la Shelley Fabares. - Chris
Samantha Fox Gimmie Shelter with Hawkwind She sounds very good on this remake of the Rolling Stones "Gimmie Shelter". - Wade Brock
Scarlett Johansson Summertime, Falling Down I was really surprised when I heard her sing. I expected it to be poppy radio or something, but it's sophisticated and original. She is one of my favorite actresses, and she sings fabulously. - Lexie
Sean Connery In My Life In 1998, George Martin released an album of mostly Beatles covers, featuring a variety of guests. One of the most notable was former James Bond, Sean Connery, providing vocals for "In My Life". It is truly striking, and not necessarily in a good way. Connery does not actually sing; he basically recites the lyrics in a dramatic fashion. - Joe Pearson
Selena Gomez Shake It Up excellent - Miya
Seth McFarlane I Need A Jew, Off on the Road to Rhode Island, The FCC song Yes, got to give voice actors some credit, too. Now he does the voices of Brian, Stewie & Peter Griffin on "Family Guy", but all three have varying degree of vocal abilities, and Seth is the voice behind all three of them. - Rocky Mak
Shannen Doherty "Does Anybody Hear Me," from "Friends 'Til the End" In the 1997 made-for-television film "Friends 'Til the End," Shannen Doherty, as Heather Romley, performed this selection near the concluding credits. She surprised me with how good a singer she is. It's something of a shame that she's never recorded any albums of songs. And why was there never a musical installment of "Charmed" produced? That might have been a welcome relief from all the heavy-duty action in the show! - Parker Gabriel
Shaquille O'Neal (I know I got)Skillz Sports stars do OK in movies, but they are nowhere near as successful pushing out rap album. - Rocky Mak
Shelley Fabares Johnny Angel Shelley was playing Mary Stone on "The Donna Reed Show" when the producers decided that she and her costar Paul Petersen would both become recording artists. Shelley insisted she couldn't sing, but "Johnny Angel" went all the way to #1 on the Billboard charts. Personally I think it was a much more listenable effort than other actors who have tried to sing, but much of the credit for that goes to the backup vocalists (Darlene Love & The Blossoms). - Chris
Siobhan Marshall Living On A Prayer This tall, blond actress is Pascalle West of "Outrageous Fortunes". She won Sing Like A Superstar (albeit a more performance-based) karaoke competition to be honest). She was backup vocals for "Living On A Prayer" during the 2006 Christmas in the Park in Auckland with a few fellow Outrageous Fortunes female actresses. - Rocky Mak
Steve Caballero Skate and Destroy The skateboarding legend of Bones Brigade and "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" fame also took up a career as a punk musician, serving as the guitarist for The Faction, Odd Man Out, Shovelhead, Soda and most recently Urethane. - Maryellen Larkin
Steve Coogan Goldfinger, Nobody Does It Better (as Alan Partridge in 'I'm Alan Partridge') I can't hear the original of Nobody Does It Better without thinking of Alan Partridge explaining the opening titles of The Spy Who Loved Me! - pickle
Steve Martin King Tut Released the album "A Wild and Crazy Guy" in 1976, with the huge hit "King Tut". He also appeared in the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band film, performing "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." - dxman
Sylvester Stallone Paradise Alley Theme, Rhinestone He sings just like he talks. - Travis

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