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All too often, a celebrity gets it into their head that now they've reach some margin of fame via a movie or sports, they can also sing! This usually turns out much worse than when singers try to act.

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Notable Song Credits
Comments & Submittor Name
Paris Hilton Stars Are Blind she is not that bad but she is not like the used or my chemical romance. They can sing amazing but she can't. she is nothing special. - Amanda Day
Paris Hilton Stars Are Blind Didn't get a lot of airplay, thank God!! - shepop
Patrick Swayze She's Like the Wind Dirty Dancing soundtrack - qua006
Patrick Swayze She's Like The Wind Talented dude. He even wrote that song himself. Kinda sappy for my tastes, but I gotta give credit where credit's due. - Michael E Cormier
Patty Duke Don't Just Stand There Her vocal talents were extremely limited, however, it was a fairly big hit in 1965. The hero of this recording was the sound engineer who used reverberation to enhance an otherwise ordinary singing voice. - Barry Disbrow
Paul Holmes You've Got A Friend, Wonderful Tonight Paul Holmes is a well-known broadcaster and political commentator and the adoptive father of Millie Holmes (due to her drug charges), but his 2000 album sales was poor... not that he can't sing, but the genre is way out of touch, some covers of original songs that are unheard of. - Rocky Mak
Paul Peterson She Can't Find Her Keys He did not sound bad at all. The recording was fairly successful in the early 60's. It was a song about a girl who had everything including the kitchen sink in her pocketbook, which is why she couldn't find her keys. - Barry Disbrow
Pee-Wee Herman (aka Paul Reubens) Surfin' Bird A cover of the 60s classic by The Trashmen. Paul (as Pee-Wee Herman) makes a cameo in the 1987 comedy 'Back to the Beach' where he performs this song. It became a single, and was a Top 40 hit in Canada - whistledog
Pelé Meu Mundo É uma Bola The Brazilian football legend contributed vocals to the soundtrack album for a documentary about his life. While obviously better known for his football exploits than anything else, his bossa nova performance was surprisingly well received. - Maryellen Larkin
Peter Sellers Come to me, Thank Heaven for Little Girls I'm serious. Peter Sellers sings Come to me in The Pink Panther Strikes Again and Thank Heaven for Little Girls in Revenge of the Pink Panther and he even sings them on the respective soundtracks! - Alan of Seville
Peter Wyngarde La Ronde de L'Amour, Rape Wyngarde was a British actor best known for his portrayal of flamboyant detective Jason King on TV's "Department S" and "Jason King". His now-rare 1970 self-titled album plays heavily off his on-screen persona of a suave, foppish ladies' man. - Todd W. Zimmerman
Philip Michael Thomas the album "Singing the Songs of My Life" The Miami Vice star released this album in the autumn of 1985. A reviewer (I think it was in Rolling Stone mag) said that this record was "so rotten" that it "rivaled all those bonehead classics". I think so too. It really did ess you see kay. Ya dig? - Tubbs
Pierce Brosnan The Parting Glass, and On the Banks of the Roses from Evelyn (2002) He sings well with the Irish Accent.. he is Irish after all. - Alan Hunt
Pierce Brosnan S.O.S. (w/ Meryl Streep), Our Last Summer (w/ Amanda Seyfried , Stellan Skarsgård and Colin Firth Sings in the movie 'Mamma Mia!' in which his singing performance is probably not the best in the cast. But still he is surprisingly adequate as a singer, for one who has previously impressed us mainly for playing James Bond. His acting is good and surprisingly central to the movie's plot. But more than other 'Mamma Mia!" cast members he probably shows acting to be more his strong suit than singing. But that isn't to totally dismiss him as a singer. - Ingrid McCannless

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