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Handicaps? Hardly, more like handicapable. These performers still make great music even if they are missing one of the senses or a body part.

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On the Shane Christopher Neil Podcast Show, Rob admitted that he was having seizures due to alcohol abuse and Mark Holmes had to hold him upright.
Rob told Shane that the hospital in Niagara Falls wanted to keep him overnight and he wanted to do the show at the Niagara Wine Festival.
Phil Collins: Issues With His Back, Neck, And Legs
Phil underwent surgery and rehab for his debilitating issues with his back, neck, and legs that forced him into semi-retirement back in 2012. But after months of rehabbing, he's ready to return to performing like he was even if he has to tape his drumsticks to his hands.
It's what ended up killing him.
Derrick Ross (Spoons): Bradycardia
Otherwise known as a slow heart rate.
Donnie Van Zant of 38 Special: inner-ear nerve damage
Due to health issues related to inner-ear nerve damage Donnie had to take a 6 month hiatus from the band. Unfortunately, it never got better and he had to quit 38 Special, and the music business altogether.
Wild Eyed Northern Boy
Jeff Healey: Retinal Blastoma (Eye Cancer)
Jeff was diagnosed early in his childhood with retinal blastoma, a form of eye cancer that robbed him of his eyesight. He learned to play the guitar in his lap.
Katy Perry: Depression
In 2012 , after she officially divorced with ex-husband Russell Brand, she suffered extreme depression which she got over with the release with her new album Prism
Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons): Ankylosing spondylitis
Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds was recently diagnosed with this arthritic conditions where the slightest movement can cause excruciating pain.
Peter Paul Mounds
Charley Pride: Bi-polar disorder
He's had it for most of his life; and it has slowed his career momentum but never stopped it.
Country Pride
He went deaf toward the end of his life; when he composed his 9th symphony, he was completely deaf!
Sweet Anne
Gord Downie (The Tragically Hip): Cancerous Brain Tumor
Diagnosed in late 2015 Gord Downie has gillioblastoma; an incurable brain tumor.
Seal: Stuttering
As a child, Seal had a major problem with stuttering. He was able to work around it and eventually become an amazing singer.
Larcen Tyler
Morrissey: Depression
No surprise there He fought it all throughout his teens and adult years.
Brit Boxx
Morrissey: Depression
No surprise there He fought it all throughout his teens and adult years.
Brit Boxx
Alan Frew (Glass Tiger): Stroke and Right Side Trauma
Alan Frew suffered a stroke that caused trauma to the right side of his body.
Bono of U2: Hand injury
While riding a bike in NYC Bono got hit by a truck and that caused many injuries to him. He got surgery for his left eye socket, his hands and more. He seems to be recovering from most of his injuries and U2 is currently on tour. However, two fingers of his right hand seem to be stiffened permanently and that means he probably won't be able to play guitar again.
Zooropa Zapper
Bono: Glaucoma
Bono revealed that he's had glaucoma for 20 years and never revealed it to anybody. His sunglasses are not just a necessity but protect his eyes because the glaucoma has made his eyes sensitive to light.
Sylvain Sylvain: Dyslexia
That's what this New York Doll has had all his life.
Prince: Epilepsy
He says he was teased and bullied for this in school, maybe that and the fact that at wintertime the "Minneapple" is a refrigerator (I've been there) and that his parents were both musicians led to Prince learning how to play several instruments as well as the ropes in studio work.
Baby I'm a Star
Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) was diagnosed to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He had been using Ritalin since he was a child.
Susanna Viljanen

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