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Handicaps? Hardly, more like handicapable. These performers still make great music even if they are missing one of the senses or a body part.

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Entries Beginning with D

Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons): Ankylosing spondylitis
Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds was recently diagnosed with this arthritic conditions where the slightest movement can cause excruciating pain.
Peter Paul Mounds
Dan Todd (Platinum Blonde): Atenttion Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA)
Dan just can't sit still which is why he plays the drums.
Dan Todd (Platinum Blonde): Hearing Loss On His Right Side
He has to ask people who are interviewing him to repeat themselves. His family tells him "you're already deaf!"
Daniel Johns: Bulemia
Daniel suffered from the eating disorder bulemia. It made doctors and hospitals more aware that men are just as susceptible to eating disorders as women are.
Daniel Johnston: Schizophrenia
David Bowie: Permanently dilated pupil
According to, it is rumored that the reason David Bowie has two different colored eyes is because somebody stabbed him in the eye with a bowie knife. The same rumor says that this is also why he goes by David Bowie, but none of it's true. According to, the reason his eyes are different colors is that his friend George Underwood punched him in the left eye during a fight over a girl. David Bowie chose the name 'Bowie' because it was "the ultimate American knife. It is the medium for a conglomerate of statements and illusions." The main reason for the change of stage name was because of the emerging fame of Davy Jones (who is dead now) on the London theatre stage, who later became the lead singer of The Monkees.
David Bowie: Impaired Depth Perception
The same fight that left his pupil permanently dilated and caused his famous mismatched eyes also messed up his colour vision in that eye and ability to tell how far away things were from him for the rest of his life.
David Byrne: Autism
He's talked about this in interviews, but has not been diagnosed.
Delta Goodrem: Hodgkin's lymphoma
When she discovered it, she was doing sit-ups and felt something wrong on her neck. The experience cut her promotion for Innocent Eyes and her character to be written off on Neighbours. But it also inspired "Mistaken Identity album".

It is known that her mother is battling breast cancer.
Rocky Mak
Derrick Ross (Spoons): Bradycardia
Otherwise known as a slow heart rate.
Diane Shurr: Blindness
Jazz singer and pianist
Django Reinhardt: Partial paralysis in two fingers
Django, the great "gypsy guitarist," was in a fire at 18 and burned his leg + the 4th and 5th fingers of his left hand. He learned to play around them - and with astonishingly quick fingering.
Andrew Nicholls
Doc Pomus: Polio
The songwriter and blues singer was crippled by polio as a child and was forced to walk with crutches until an injury later in life rendered him wheelchair-bound.
Rick O'Shea
Doc Watson: Blindness
An eye infection caused him to lose his sight before he was one year old.
Lisa Basil
Dolly Parton: Endometriosis
It's a very painful condition that causes the lining of the uterus to grow on other organs in your body so she had a partial hysterectomy and therefore, can't get pregnant.
Donna Fargo: Multiple Sclerosis
She was diagnosed with the disease in 1979, which resulted in her decline in her career and public appearances. Yet she has recorded sporadically since.
Donnie Van Zant of 38 Special: inner-ear nerve damage
Due to health issues related to inner-ear nerve damage Donnie had to take a 6 month hiatus from the band. Unfortunately, it never got better and he had to quit 38 Special, and the music business altogether.
Wild Eyed Northern Boy
Donovan: Childhood polio
He has one leg that limps due to this.
KL Fan

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