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Handicaps? Hardly, more like handicapable. These performers still make great music even if they are missing one of the senses or a body part.

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Entries Beginning with B

B. B. King: Complications of diabetes
B. B. is said to have foot problems due to long-standing diabetes. He now plays his concerts seated since he is unable to stand for long periods of time.
Martha Hankins
Barbara Streisand : Stage Fright & Perfectionism
OK, most singers and actors get stage fright, but her stage fright stemmed from a common mistake:

Forgetting her own lyrics in a 1967 concert in front of over 120000 people in Central Park. While most tried to keep a brave face, brush it off and carry on, she couldn't believe that she made that mistake. As a perfectionist that she is, she feared the mistake will happen again, so she never performed live for 30 years!
Rocky Mak
Bedrich Smetana: Deafness
The great Czech composer was deaf during the last 10 years of his life, during which he wrote his famous symphonic poem cycle Ma Vlast.
Todd W. Zimmerman
Bill Kaulitz: Bulimia
Rachel Nizinski
Bill Kaulitz: Throat Surgery
Underwent throat surgery in late 2007. He can still sing really well, though.
Billie Joe Armstrong: Panic Attacks
All of the members suffer from frequent panic attacks.
Optimus Lime
Bobby Darin: Heart damage
A bout of rheumatic fever during his childhood left Darin's heart in a permanently damaged and enlarged condition. His accomplishments as a singer, songwriter, producer and actor are often attributed to the fact that he was advised by doctors that he would not live past the age of 18, therefore he was aggressive and took risks throughout what ended up being 37 years. For further details, get the DVD of Beyond The Sea. Kevin Spacey is awesome as Darin.
Bono: Congenital heart defect
He was born missing a valve so he’s lucky that he survived until 2016 without needing surgery.
Bono: Glaucoma
Bono revealed that he's had glaucoma for 20 years and never revealed it to anybody. His sunglasses are not just a necessity but protect his eyes because the glaucoma has made his eyes sensitive to light.
Bono of U2: Visual Light Sensitivity
Bono now wears special darkened glasses due to his eyes having sensitivity to bright lights. And you thought those goofball shades he wears in the booklet for the "Achtung Baby" album were just for fashion!
Zooropa Zapper
Bono of U2: Hand injury
While riding a bike in NYC Bono got hit by a truck and that caused many injuries to him. He got surgery for his left eye socket, his hands and more. He seems to be recovering from most of his injuries and U2 is currently on tour. However, two fingers of his right hand seem to be stiffened permanently and that means he probably won't be able to play guitar again.
Zooropa Zapper
Brad Wilk: Diabetes
Bret Michaels: Diabetes
He was diagnosed when he was 6 years old.
Brian Littrell: Ventrical Heart Defect (VHD)
Brian was born with a hole in his heart that needed immediate surgery to correct it. In 1998 Brian founded the Healthy Heart club a charity that provides financial help to those needing heart surgery.
Brian May: Emotional Breakdown
Brian May had well over 400 stress points as he had divorce and his father died soon after Freddie Mercury had passed away and Queen broke up. He survived an emotional breakdown.
Susanna Viljanen
Brian Wilson: Bipolar Disorder
Brian Wilson: Deafness in one ear
Barry Disbrow
Britney Spears: Bi-Polar Disorder
Britney was recently diaganosed as being Bi-Polar which would explain some of her erratic behaviours.
Britney Spears: Bipolar Disorder
2007-2008, despite medical records being confidential. Shown extreme case of it when she shaved her hair.
Rocky Mak
Bruce Springsteen: Depression
He talks about it in his book called Born To Run and given that he's said his dad also had it and mental illness is partially genetic, it's not really surprising
Bruce Springsteen: Slight limp
He got this when he was involved in a motorcycle accident in his youth. This accident also gave him a minor concussion effect that kept him from being drafted during the Vietnam War.
GoCart Mozart

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