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Sometimes a lead singer gets kicked out of a band, or leaves when their head gets too big for them. How well did they do on their own?

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The Dirty Sock Funtime Band Nadine Nassar Nadine was a dancer in the band for only a brief time. She appeared in a few music videos as the teal-haired dancer wearing an orange T-shirt and dancing with the little kids. After leaving the band, she traveled the world and became an opera singer. - Brionna Secret
The Dirty Sock Funtime Band Mike Messer Mike Messer, the lead singer and guitarist of the Dirty Sock Funtime Band, is the only member still performing music after the band broke up. - Brionna Secret
Alexisonfire Dallas Green His solo project City and Colour has seen a lot more success than Alexisonfire ever did. - Nat
One Direction Harry Styles Oh, he's very good solo, especially considering the number of hits he's gotten from his second album! He's known for tracks like "Adore You" and "Watermelon Sugar", both of them bops! One Direction was definitely holding Harry back! - Taylor Swift like a fox
Morning Musume Sayumi Michishige Sayumi was a good member during her run with her fellow bandmates at Morning Musume. Hopefully, she's a great soloist now. - Ant Ko
KMD MF Doom His solo work helped him rise to fame. 2004 was his golden year. - All-Starr
The Beatles Paul McCartney He's very well known through his own name(more than George Harrison)and has fine succes with Hop Of Deliverance. - mads.
2NE1 Minzy While part of 2NE1, Minzy became famous with 2NE1 songs such as "Fire" and "I Am the Best", which were sung with her then-bandmates - Bom, CL, and Dara. - Ant Ko
Default Dallas Smith Dallas Smith crossed genres from the hard rock group Default to a solo career in country music. Smith has become a top performing artist in his home country of Canada. - harderman
Queen Freddie Mercury He had fine succes with Living On My Own. - mads..
Edgar Winter Group Dan Hartman He's best known for his solo songs, more exactly, his most famous songs(not counting other's versions) are, "I Can Dream about You" and "We Are The Young". - mads.
Kajagoogoo Limahl Considering that the band forcibly removed Limahl from the group, taking bad advice from one of their managers that Limahl was the reason why they couldn't shed that "teenybopper" image, I could sense during VH1 Bands Reunited interview that there were still sour grapes between Limahl and the rest of the band. I'm not kidding either. Limahl seemed to still be upset that the band and their managers wanted to "be rid of him!" But despite the awful way that he was let go from the band Limahl still did really well. - Celeste
Fifth Harmony Camila Cabello Fifth Harmony did have a couple of hits, but Camila is proving to be so much better solo, what with both "Havana" and "Never Be the Same" hitting number one and all. - Ariana Grande mocha swirl
Pink Floyd Roger Waters He spent the later albums during his PF career (pure examples are The Wall and The Final Cut) to himself (vocals, songwriting and the like), so he could've just credited them to his name and put the other band members as "produced by" rather than being kicked out. - Aaron
Vixen Janet Gardner She exited her former band in January 2019 to focus on her solo career. - Joey F.
Rage Against the Machine Tom Morello He has played in the supergroup Audioslave, released solo acoustic albums under the moniker 'The Nightwatchman', gives tutorials on Youtube about how he makes those innovative-crazy sounds on his electric 6-string ('You Too Can Be a Guitar God!') and on top of that - around 2014 when Little Steven Van Zandt was contractually involved in a movie project, Tom played guitar on the Bruce Springsteen 'High Hopes' album (some tracks, not all) and I saw him sub for Little Steven on that tour. During the band intros tom played a wacky guitar workout. Since it was 2014, the 'Year of the Beatles' (50th anniversary of them 'invading' America, which meant that nearly every band I saw that year played a Beatles song - TRUE), it was find of 'funny' to see Tom Morello w/ Nils Lofgren sharing a mic singing a Beatles song, as well as other NON-PROTEST popular classic gems that Bruce often does near the end of his 4 hour shows. - 2 Guitar Heros Are Better Than 1
Chicago Peter Cetera Peter broke it off with Chicago describing his experience with the band as being like a marriage. They divorced. - Celeste
Barenaked Ladies Stephen Page The band broke it off with him because he had become addicted to drugs. - Celeste
Guns N' Roses Slash Slash finally left GNR in 1996 after disagreements in the band caused him to be toxic to himself. - Celeste
Laughing Hyenas John Brannon The Laughing Hyenas' lead singer, he formed the group with Larissa Strickland(previously of L-7) in 1985. After the band broke up in 1995, Brannon later formed Easy Action, and reunited with Negative Approach. - Cotton Lorraine

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