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Sometimes a lead singer gets kicked out of a band, or leaves when their head gets too big for them. How well did they do on their own?

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Dio Vivian Campbell Vivian joined Whitesnake for a year or so, but after Steve Clarke's death in 1991, he became the lead guitarist for Def Leppard. He still is, in fact and he seems a lot happier than when he worked with Dio! - GlamRockNinjaLord
Rainbow Ronnie James Dio Dio joined Black Sabbath in 1978, then left to pursue a solo career in 1982. The rest is history... - GlamRockNinjaLord
Cinderella Tom Keifer Tom was and still is the lead singer of the Blues-Metal group, Cinderella, but he put out a really good solo album in 2013. It has a slightly more laid-back feel to it than the stuff he does with the band. - GlamRockNinjaLord
My Chemical Romance Gerard Way Gerard is doing pretty good on his own, and is still in contact with a few of his ex-bandmates. - Lilliane
The Equals Eddy Grant Grant released "Electric Avenue" in 1982, three years after the Equals broke up. - Alan the Ottoman
Chicago Peter Cetera He had a hit in 1986 with Glory of Love which was co-written by David Foster. - Celeste
Barenaked Ladies Stephen Page Stephen didn't leave the band. The band left him because of Stephen's drug conviction.

Stephen says that because he and Ed Robinson are no longer on speaking terms he won't play If I Had A Million Dollars live anymore. - Celeste
Platinum Blonde Sergio Galli Sergio was about to release a solo album at the time that Platinum Blonde was getting back together.
Sergio played guitar in a brand new band called The Ending with Jesse Stull. Sergio was apprehensive about returning to Platinum Blonde after Kenny's demise but rejoined the band after he saw new recruits Rob Laidlaw and Dan Todd's enthusiasim. - Celeste
Platinum Blonde Kenny MacLean After Platinum Blonde broke up in 1990 Kenny released a string of successful solo albums in the 1990s and early 2000s. But in late 2008 Kenny began to a renewed sense of purpose when he asked lead singer Mark Holmes about the prospect of getting the band back together and finishing some "unfinished business." - Celeste
Default Dallas Smith Smith earned success after going solo as a country music artist. He recorded his first album "Jumped Right In" in 2012, which spawned the hits "Somebody, Somewhere", "Jumped Right In" and "What Kinda Love". Smith still performs with Default, not abandoning the band altogether. - harderman
Restless Heart Verlon Thompson Thompson was the original lead vocalist for Restless Heart, but quit the band prior to the start of recording their debut album. Thompson was replaced with Larry Stewart who remained with the group until 1992. Thompson returned to being a studio musician following his departure from the group. - harderman
Lonestar John Rich Rich was fired from Lonestar in 1998 after he refused to go with the new direction the band was taking. Lonestar recorded "Amazed", which would go on to be the biggest hit of the group's career. Rich recorded a solo album in 2000, before teaming up with Big Kenny to form Big & Rich in 2003. - harderman
Restless Heart Dave Innis Shortly after lead vocalist Larry Stewart departed to pursue a solo career, Innis left the band and wasn't on speaking terms with any of the band's members. The departures of Innis and Stewart led to minimal success with the band disbanding in 1994, Innis didn't join in the band's 1998 reunion, but rejoined in 2002 after getting in contact with bandmate Greg Jennings, whom he didn't speak to in a decade. - harderman
Restless Heart Larry Stewart Stewart was the first to leave the band as he pursued a solo career. He had a string of minor hits such as "Heart Like A Hurricane" and "Alright Already." Stewart reunited with Restless Heart in 1998, before all five members reunited in 2002. - harderman
Red Ryder Tom Cochrane He scored a massive hit with "Life Is A Highway" after disbanding Red Ryder. - Tommy
Debarge El Debarge El released "Who's Johnny?" in 1986 for the Short Circuit original soundtrack. - Celeste
Tears For Fears Roland Orzabal He released Tomcats Screaming Outside in 2001; and its release couldn't have been timed more badly than it was. - Celeste
Duran Duran Andy Taylor It was after 1985 that Andy released some solo albums. He didn't have as much success as he did when he was with Duran Duran. - Celeste
t.A.T.u. Lena Katina After t.A.T.u. disbanded, Lena has performed enough songs to be on an album, released 3 singles, and claims to have more songs. Yet, she still has no release date on an album! - Mitchell
Generation X Billy Idol Billy Idol is remembered better today than Generation X is. I think he's done pretty well for himself. [Ed.'s note: Billy Idol was never a member of X, which is a totally different band from Generation X.] - Tim Kramar

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