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Sometimes a lead singer gets kicked out of a band, or leaves when their head gets too big for them. How well did they do on their own?

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B2K Omarion Omarion isn't as good solo as he is with B2K. - Celeste
Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell He has always had the best voice. He Can totally pull it off. The guys would be nothing without him. - Brianne
Backstreet Boys Nick Carter He spun off some hits from his 2002 album Now Or Never but I think he's a little better off with the Backstreet Boys than he is without them. - Celeste
The Band Robbie Robertson After the breakup of The Band, Robertson worked as a film composer for Martin Scorsese before releasing his debut solo album in 1987. He had many popular solo hits in Canada, but oddly enough his big international hit 'Somewhere Down the Crazy River' was not a Top 40 hit in Canada - whistledog
Barenaked Ladies Stephen Page Stephen didn't leave the band. The band left him because of Stephen's drug conviction.

Stephen says that because he and Ed Robinson are no longer on speaking terms he won't play If I Had A Million Dollars live anymore. - Celeste
Barenaked Ladies Steven Page On February of 2009, Steve Page left The Barenaked Ladies to pursue a solo career. - Paul Warren
Barenaked Ladies Stephen Page The band broke it off with him because he had become addicted to drugs. - Celeste
Bass Is Bass Ivana Santilli She's not as good as a solo artist as she was with the soul R&B group Bass Is Bass. - Celeste
Be-Bop Deluxe Bill Nelson Recognizing the restraints placed on him as part of a solid group that was never going to get much air-play, Bill didnt need fame as much as an artistic outlet. (I wonder what he's doing these days) - princejellyfigh
Beach Boys Brian Wilson The Beach Boys went downhill once 'SMiLE' didn't get released in 1967 and Brian Wilson wasn't even really a Beach Boy after that. Now Brian Wilson is doing much better than his other band. - Paul Warren
The Beatles Paul McCartney He's very well known through his own name(more than George Harrison)and has fine succes with Hop Of Deliverance. - mads.
Beatles George Harrison George is the first musician to use a non-Western insrument in rock-n-roll. He learned to play the sitar, tabla, tamboura and other instruments from India. Now instruments from India, the Middle East, Africa, the Orient and other regions are occasionaly used by rock bands and musicians as varied as Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Sting, Phil Collins, Midnight Oil and others. Rush guitarist also uses Eastern European instruments like the mandola and bouzouki. And did somebody say Peter Gabriel? - Rock'n'Roll Evolution #9
Beatles John Lennon John went on to have a successful solo career until he was shot dead by Mark David Chapman in 1980. In an ABC news interview he was asked if the Beatles would ever get back together. He replied that he "didn't know" if that would ever happen. - Celeste
Beatles George Harrison In the late 60s George released a World/Electronic music soundtrack album for the film "Wonderwall". Later on he released "Electronic Sounds" which consists of just that. It holds the historical distinction of being possibly the first album featuring nothing but synthesizer playing. It's just George and his Moog. He pioneered the use of synthesizers in rock'n'roll. And you thought he was just a guitarist! - Roland Korg
Beatles John Lennon John was actually the first Beatle to release a hit called "Give Peace a Chance" without being with the Beatles. - Paul Warren
Beatles George Harrison George, the quiet Beatle, released the album "All Things Must Pass" which was Harrison's best album ever. - Paul Warren
Beatles Ringo Starr Ringo has an interesting solo career, though he had no #1 albums, he had an All-Starr Band with other popular musicians. - Paul Warren
Beatles Paul McCartney In 1970, Paul McCartney released "McCartney" with only himself doing all the music and with a little help from his first wife Linda. - Paul Warren
Bee Gees Andy Gibb I'm not sure what Andy would have been if he hadn't split from his brothers and become addicted to drugs. He knew that he didn't want to do what Barry, Maurice, and Robin were doing. - Celeste
BeForU Riyu Kosaka The old BeForU rocked, but I think the new BeForU tried way too hard to sound mainstream. Riyu's single "Kokoro No Ato" proves she's still as good as in the old days. - DJ Blaze
Big Brother and the Holding Company Janis Joplin Her biggest solo hit, a rendition of Kris Kristofferson's "Me and Bobby McGee," is a work of art in my book, and better than anything she did with Big Brother and the Holding Company. - Raphael
Black Eyed Peas Will's had his solo career for what must be a decade now, but he's more popular than ever at the moment. Sadly, popularity doesn't always equate to quality... - Crafthead
Black Eyed Peas Fergie She's getting WAY more publicity now... - Emi
Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne He is even more successful than when he was with the band, which was already pretty much a success when he left. - joeking
Black'N'Blue Tommy Thayer Tommy has been the lead guitarist for KISS since 2003, as the Spaceman. Before that, he played in this forgotten, but quite good, Glam Metal band. - GlamRockNinjaLord
Blake Babies Juliana Hatfield Juliana left her critically acclaimed former but under appreciated former band to become the pinup girl for early 90s indie rock only to be all but snubbed by Lilith Nation later in the decade. - tommy amoeba
Blue Angel Cyndi Lauper The band broke up in 1980, three years before Lauper released her platinum album "She's So Unusual". - shepop
Blue Oyster Cult Buck Dharma He did a nice job on '82's "Flat Out", but he wound up staying with the band. - Tim Kramar
Bluesology Reggie Dwight Dwight became famous after he legally changed his name to Elton John - Alan the Ottoman
Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi Though he is still the lead singer of Bon Jovi, Jon released a really good solo album in 1990, entitled "Blaze Of Glory". It was the soundtrack to the film "Young Guns II". - GlamRockNinjaLord
Brinsley Schwarz Nick Lowe After the group broke up, Lowe went on to a successful performing career as a solo artist and with his band Rockpile. He also made his mark as the producer of Elvis Costello and Graham Parker's early albums. - Todd W. Zimmerman
Buffalo Springfield Neil Young Young had a good solo career with a #1 Album called 'Harvest'. - Paul Warren
The Byrds David Crosby The Byrds were falling when Crosby got fired, and he ultimately found refuge with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. - Alan the Ottoman

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