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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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"Stan," Eminem
On VEVO, the lines "shut up b****" and "screaming in the trunk" are both removed from the video and blanked out. In the clean version (on itunes) only "in the trunk" is censored
Randy R
"To Hell With The Devil (Album)," Stryper
This album's original cover art depicted four angels throwing the Devil into a fiery pit. Some people objected to it and, like Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil" album, the cover was changed to only feature the band logo and album name.
"Their Satanic Majesties Request (Album)," The Rolling Stones
The original title of this album was supposed to be "Her Satanic Majesties Request" a pun on the Queen Of England. Needless to say, the Stones decided to drop that title, fearing bad things would come...
"A lot of their songs," Type O Negative
Not banned, but most Type O Negative songs you might hear on the radio have been edited to fit within the length of time that is considered acceptable for a song to gain frequent airplay.
"Flesh & Blood (Album)," Poison
The original cover art for this album in Japan only, showed a freshly inked tattoo (with blood). All future releases used the same cover as had originally been released everywhere else in the world (a clean tattoo), after the bloody cover was deemed too gory for retail.
"Let's Talk About Sex," Salt N Peppa
The video had to be edited because it was considered to be sexist.
"I Should Be Your Lover (Blue Version, Not For Airp," Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes
Just a correction. The lead singer of this song was not David Ebo. The lead singer was Harold Melvin.
Julius Freeman
"Point Of Entry (Album)," Judas Priest
The cover was changed for the American release, as the original cover was deemed inappropriate for Americans (as in, it was believed to be a sexual reference).
"Love Me Harder," Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd
Not banned per se, but the song was originally about sex. The old lyrics because The Weeknd is raunchy say "If you wanna love me you gotta gotta gotta f**k me harder!" Isn't that weird?
"Prism (Album)," Katy Perry
The deluxe edition of this album has been declared a biohazard in Australia, due to containing a package of seeds, which may or may not cause harm to animals and people...look it up.
"Girls, Girls, Girls," Motley Crue
The version released as DLC for the video game "Guitar Hero 5" features a completely silent gap, after "I've got those photos..."
"Hooked (Album)," Great White
The original cover for this album showed a nude model on a hook. It was deemed too sexual for American consumers and the American release altered the cover, so that you only saw the model from the shoulder up.
"Shaving Cream," Benny Bell
This song generated controversy and was refused airplay in some instances because of the use of the words "shaving cream" as a stand in for the expletive used to to refer to feces. Each verse was designed so that the expected final word would be the vulgar word but the non-vulgar replacement was used instead.
Arthur Bahl
"Habits (Stay High)," Tove Lo
Banned for some reason with the few drug references but also, not banned on radio but the video was banned because it shows Tove Lo sitting kissing random people and using drugs.
"Royals," Lorde
The song was banned in San Francisco during the 2014 World Series due to, get this, the San Francisco Giants playing against the Kansas City Royals in the game. One has to wonder if Kansas City radio stations are banned from playing Bear Hands' "Giants".
Brian Kelly
"Smell The Glove (Album)," Spinal Tap
The original album cover was deemed extremely sexist, so, the band opted for an all-black cover, devoid of anything, including the band name and album title. In the words of bandleader Nigel Tufnel: "It's like, how much more black can you get? The answer is none. None more black."
"This Is Gonna Hurt (Album)," Sixx AM
Banned from Wal-Mart, due to the cover art depicting a heart with a bunch of needles in it.
"Shout At The Devil (Album)," Motley Crue
The original first wave release vinyl cover of this album had a big pentagram on it. People complained and all subsequent re-issues of the vinyl featured a plain black cover with only the band name and album title. The CD release has pictures of the band members replacing the plain black cover.
"When I Was Young," Eric Burden and The Animals
When this song was first released in early 1967 Clark Weber the morning disc jockey on Chicago's WLS cut short a play of this song and announced: "This song will never be played on this station again as long as I am program director". Interestingly, they began playing the B-side "Sandoz" instead, not realizing it was a "love song" dedicated to Sandoz labs the site of the discovery of LSD.
"Invasion Of Your Privacy (Album)," Ratt
Ratt's sophomore full-length album was given a "Parental Advisory" sticker from the PMRC, due to both the title and album cover being a reference to voyeurism, which the PMRC viewed as an inappropriate topic. The sticker has since been removed.

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