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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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"Havana ," Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug
Young Thug's verse is taken out of the radio version and replaced with either a repeat of the chorus or a second verse by Camila
"Pepsi Cola Sucks," Goldfinger
The song has a few bad words such as "f***ing" and "sh**". There is no version of the song where the bad words are blanked out.
"Typical Male," Tina Turner
Not the song itself but the video was edited for airing on Brazilian TV. Near the end before she seduces the lawyer and they are holding hands, Tina gives the viewer the 'OK' gesture. That gesture is VERY offensive in Brazil. It means "You asshole!" in their culture so that scene was clipped out for Brazilian TV broadcasts.
Reaction Giver
"The Look," Roxette
Not the song itself, but the music video. The BBC wouldn't allow the video to be played in England because Marie Fredriksson at one point in the video is playing a guitar and then sits down on a toilet while still playing it. Apparently the BBC thought this was offensive. It's pretty ridiculous because she's fully clothed and the toilet's lid is down so she's basically using it like a regular chair. LOL.
"Start Me Up," The Rolling Stones
Just this week, I heard a version that was altered from "you make a dead man come" to "you make a dead man cry."
"Fancy," Iggy Azalea (feat. Charli XCX)
Fancy has a lot of bad words such as f * * k and b* * * h so those words are blanked out. Also, some radio stations blank out the featured artist's verses.
"Peacock," Katy Perry
Due to the " I wanna see your peacock-cock-cock" line in the song, since you can't say "cock" on the radio, The cock-cock line is blanked and on certain radio stations, the song is banned.
"There's A Riot Goin' On.," Sly And The Family Stone
This song was banned in either the late 60's or very very 70's. I know I had an acid cut of that song.
"A.D.I.D.A.S.," Little Mix
It stands for "All Day I Dream About Sex" ("shush" in the radio edit).
"Love Me Like You," Little Mix
Was originally called "F--k Me Like You", but was changed because it was inappropriate.
"Lucky Man," Montgomery Gentry
Eddie Montgomery sang the song on a classic radio station "last Sunday when my redskins lost". Now it changed to "Last Sunday when the Bengals lost".
Darius Whitehead
"New Orleans Is Sinking," The Tragically Hip
After Katrina this song was placed on Clearwater chanmel's banned songs list.
"The Lone Twister," The Lone Twister
This record was released during the twist craze of the early 1960s featuring the voice of WINS New York City disc jockey "Murray the K" Kaufman. Although the label did not identify Murray as the singer, other NYC stations banned the record rather than recognize someone from a competing station.
Jack Ortizano
"Lollipop," Ronald & Ruby
In 1958 the original RCA Victor version of Lollipop rose to number 20 on the national charts despite getting banned on some radio stations because the performers were a racially integrated couple. He was black, she was white. Archie Bleyer's Cadence label took advantage of the situation and got a number-one hit with a cover version by the all-white Chordettes.
Jack Ortizano
"The Meditation," TNT Band
Although this R&B song made number one on New York City's Latin chart in the late 1960s, the tune by Tito Ramos and Tony Rojas was banned from mainstream radio because of the lyric, "You make me cream."
Jack Ortizano
"Boogaloo Blues," Johnny Colon
A smash in the Latin sections of New York City, radio stations refused to allow this song to become a crossover hit because of its lyric, "LSD has a hold on me" and "Take it all off."
Jack Ortizano
"Shame and Scandal in the Family," Shawn Elliott
This faux calypso broke out as a hit in Detroit but its racy lyrics prevented radio stations from giving the song nationwide exposure.
Jack Ortizano
"That Boy John," The Raindrops
Song written and performed by Ellie Greenwich and Barry Mann released just days before the JFK assassination. Banned from radio because some people might think the song's lyrics referred to John Kennedy.
Jack Ortizano
"Bila," Versatones
To this day, the lyrics to this 1950s classic remain undecipherable. Naturally people assume it was obscene. The flip, "Tight Skirt And Sweater" was stopped by the program director in mid-play by DJ Alan Freed on WINS New York City because of its lyrics.
Jack Ortizano
"Scream & Shout,"
On the radio, the lyric "You're gonna turn the s*** up" (spoken by Britney Spears) is altered to "You're gonna tuh-turn it up." Additionally, some stations have the "b***h" in "You are now, now rockin' with and Britney, b***h" either reversed, or replaced with an echo of "Britney."
Jonathan S.

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