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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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"2112 (Album)," Rush
Was banned in some stores upon its original release, due to featuring a nude man on the cover. The nude man has, by this point in time, been removed from the CD version cover.
"Vampire Money," My Chemical Romance
This song appears on MCR's album "Danger Days..." and on the edited version of the album, it is either heavily altered or in some cases removed from the album entirely, despite the title sometimes still showing up on the tracklist.
"Home Sweet Home," Mötley Crüe
The video for this song was so popular that MTV briefly had to ban it, before instating a rule that no one music video could be requested more than 5 times in any day.
"Anarchy In The UK," Megadeth
The band have not performed this song live since Dave Mustaine, their frontman, converted to Christianity. The obvious reason being the lyrics, specifically the "I am an Antichrist" statement.
""Live Killers (Album)" ," Queen
This album has some swear words courtesy of Freddie Mercury but one major stickler is the intro to "Death On Two Legs", which is majorly harsh kiss-off to their first manager, who ripped the band off, stole a lot of money from them, and left them bankrupt and high + dry. Queen had to sue to get out of their contract with him. Fortunately settling the legal and financial mess he left them didn't take too long, it was NOWHERE near the degree of the Beatles' "business shit" that took years to straighten out. Freddie introduces "Death On Two Legs" by saying "This song is about a real MF of a gentleman we all know". Give him hell, Freddie!
Sock It 2 Em, Queen!
"Talking Body," Tove Lo
She just won't take her eyes off explicit music videos. This time, clothes off.
"Detroit Rock City (Album Version)," Kiss
The original version off "Destroyer" features about a minute, minute and a half of a car starting and a bunch of other stuff before the song actually starts. None of that is ever played on the radio. The radio version is probably from best of/remix album "Double Platinum", as that version cuts straight into the song.
"Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race (Single)," Queen
The common release cover of this single has a pair of panties painted over the girl's originally nude rear end. The music video for the b-side, "Bicycle Race" also has been edited or banned in most countries where music videos are shown, due to featuring 65 naked women riding bicycles.
"Mississippi Goddam," Nina Simone
Banned in several Southern states that still maintained the old Jim Crow laws, especially the one in the title. With all her scathing criticism of the oppression that went with segregation, she briefly assumed we thought she was kidding, when it's far too obvious she meant every word of it.
The Skuz
"Push It," Salt N Peppa
Banned from radio when first came out do to numerous lyrical and suggestive references!
"Cherry Pie," Warrant
Canadian music television network, MuchMusic refused to air the music video for "Cherry Pie", as they found both the song and the video itself to be sexist.
"Live Killers (Album)," Queen
The version most often sold nowadays, heavily edits lead singer Freddie Mercury's between-song banter (he swore like a sailor) by bleeping it out.
"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Album)," AC/DC
"Dirty Deeds..." was originally released in 1976, exclusively in Australia. This album was not released internationally until 1981, because in the words of one of the band members: "Somebody thought we were promoting the wrong things". "The wrong things" in this case being murder, underage sex and that sort of thing.
"The Lion And The Cobra (Album)," Sinead O'Connor
The cover of the American release of this album showed Sinead o'Connor in a far less aggressive pose than the cover of the international release, as record company executives thought it would be more enticing to American consumers.
"Rise Of The Fenix (Album)," Tenacious D
The cover art on the PA version looks quite like male genetalia. The edited version has completely different cover art, for obvious reasons.
"Yep Roc Heresi," Slim Gaillard
Slim Gaillard was a jazz singer/multi-instrumentalist from the 1940s until his death in the 1980s. Many of his songs were nonsensical and funny. This was one. It was banned on the radio because, broadcasters claimed, its lyrics were obscene. The reality? Slim took the lyrics from the menu of a Hungarian restaurant that he frequented.
Rick Blaine
"Sanctuary (single)," Iron Maiden
The original cover art showed the band's mascot, Eddie, attacking Margaret Thatcher. The artwork was quickly edited to have Thatcher's eyes censored by a black bar, by request of record label, EMI.
"Stan," Eminem
On VEVO, the lines "shut up b****" and "screaming in the trunk" are both removed from the video and blanked out. In the clean version (on itunes) only "in the trunk" is censored
Randy R
"To Hell With The Devil (Album)," Stryper
This album's original cover art depicted four angels throwing the Devil into a fiery pit. Some people objected to it and, like Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil" album, the cover was changed to only feature the band logo and album name.
"Their Satanic Majesties Request (Album)," The Rolling Stones
The original title of this album was supposed to be "Her Satanic Majesties Request" a pun on the Queen Of England. Needless to say, the Stones decided to drop that title, fearing bad things would come...

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