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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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"Pushin' Too Hard," The Seeds
Once thought to be about selling illegal drugs
Alan the Ottoman
"Work Bitch," Britney Spears
Not banned per se, but I think most music stations don't play it on the radio because of "bitch" Geez, what has been happening to songs? (It didn't get banned on iTunes though since there is a clean version)
"American Woman," The Guess Who
The song was written as a metaphor for a reaction to American excess and domination - something the band, being Canadians, would be quite familiar with. The very last time Burton Cummings would have sung "Goodbye American Woman" in the long play-out, he switches it to "Goodbye American S***" so the song is usually never played ALL the way to the end.
Jeff Mn
"Original Sin," INXS
"Dream on white boy, white boy
Dream on black girl, black girl
And wake up to a brand new world ...." some people thought that this promoted interracial love. Some radio stations in America didn't play it much if at all. INXS was playing a gig in an Austin, Texas club and some yahoo tossed a revolver onto the stage with a message of "appreciation for your (recent) music".
"War Pigs," Black Sabbath
This song was banned from Korean radio stations, due to it being an anti-war song. The rest of Sabbath's catalog was also banned.
"Acapulco Gold," Rainy Daze
I was told in 1966 it had been banned by the government.....not only couldn't hear it on the radio, but couldn't even buy it at a record shop.
"Moontan Album," Golden Earring
The original cover art by this Dutch band featured a nude woman. The American release showed an ear pierced at the lobe by a ... ; )
Radar Lover
"Legs," ZZ Top
There's the line, "Oh I want her. Shit, I have to have her! The girl is alright." The cuss word was substituted when the song was used for L'eggs Sheer Energy TV ads but never on the radio. Lately, that word is blanked out altogether with brief silence when it's on the radio.
Rattlesnake Eliminator
"R*pe Me," Nirvana
Never played on the radio and censored by Walmart.
"What's My Age Again?," Blink 182
Not banned exactly, but the version played on the radio is severely altered.
"Puttin On The Ritz," Taco
The uncensored version of this video had to be re-edited to remove people who had the "black face."
"You Oughta Know," Alanis Morissette
Not banned outright, but the line "Are you thinking of me when you f*** her" is usually partly bleeped out when it is played on the radio for some reason.
"Society's Child," Janis Ian
This song about interracial dating was widely banned because the subject was considered extremely offensive to many in 1967 (and still is today, to a much lesser extent). I've heard that a disc jockey in Louisiana was shot for playing it.
"Sweet Cherry Wine," Tommy James and the Shondells
This song was on the no play list on Armed Forces AFRTS stations due to the lyrics "We aint gonna fight, only God has the right to decide who's to live and to die". In a military-only redo, the line is altered slightly to appease the generals and admirals of the time.
Ron Adams
"You Sure Love To Ball," Marvin Gaye
This one was on the album after "What's Goin' On" and was banned on Armed Forces stations because of its sexual innuendos.
Ron Adams
"Greased Lightning," John Travolta
The line "It ain't no s***, I'm gonna get some t**" is not often played on the radio, and when the movie has been aired on network TV it's been snipped off, too.
Genesis Biker
"Army Of Two," Olly Murs
Banned in Germany for reasons unknown.
Scott Knight
"Die Young," Ke$ha
The song was banned from the radio in December 2012 in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
"I Should Be Your Lover," Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
The "Blue Version" of this song is marked "Not for airplay - Rated X." In this version, lead singer David Ebo ends the spoken intro with "I'll keep the n***** off your a**.
"Who Are You?," The Who
In the original studio version, the question "Who are you?" is asked on two occasions as "Who the f**k are you?"

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