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Before the fame arrived, what did performers do to make ends meet?

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Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash spy He served as a Morse Code operator intercepting Soviet Army transmissions in the Air Force as a part of the US Air Force Security Service in Landsberg, Germany. - Tarzan
Henson Cargill, Henson Cargill police officer He was an Oklahoma County deputy sheriff. - Tarzan
George Jones, George Jones US Marine He served in the Marine Corps during the Korean War. - Tarzan
MC Hammer, MC Hammer US Navy Aviation Store Keeper   - Tarzan
The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger Hospital porter He worked part time as a porter in Bexley Psychiatric Hospital when he was 18. An unlikely place for romance, legendary lothario Mick actually lost his virginity in the hospital to a nurse in a store cupboard. - Fred boy
Platinum Blonde, Sergio Galli P.A. Rental Sergio mused that he used to rent out P.A.s to Mark. - Celeste
Patti Smith, Patti Smith Toy factory worker Patti Smith used to work in a toy factory, fixing boxes and testing toys. She didn’t seem to have had the best time there: “The stuff those women did to me in that factory was horrible. They’d gang up on me and stick my head in a toilet full of piss!” - Lefty Lucy
Tame Impala, Kevin Parker Law clerk Before Parker became a musician, he was working as a law clerk in Perth, Australia. He actually wrote some of his first songs whilst bored and travelling around for work delivering court documents. When music began to take over and his work began to slack, he was threatened with being fired and quit instead. - Lefty Lucy
Pearl Jam, Eddie Vadder Security guard In his youth, Eddie Vedder patrolled the night shift as a security guard at La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, Calif., recording music and surfing on his time off. In the '90s, Vedder was working at a gas station, before picking up with a Seattle-based group looking for a vocalist. Vedder’s self-recorded demo Momma-Son, highlighting his distinctive pipes and original lyrics, won him the gig. The band, Mookie Baylock, would later change their name to Pearl Jam after running into trademark issues. - Lefty Lucy
My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way Barnes And Nobles employee  He came up with the band name 'My Chemical Romance' when he came across the book 'Ecstacy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance' - Kat
One Direction, Harry Styles Bakery Worker "Um...I work in a bakery..." ~Harry at his "X-Factor" audition - wand erection
The Police, Sting School Teacher He taught English and Soccer. - Larcen Tyler
Kool & The Gang, James "J.T." Taylor School Teacher He's the singer for Kool + the Gang and he helped steer this group of funkateers to mega-sucess during the Eighties. - Overpowered By Funk
Madonna, Madonna Louise Ciccone Dunkin Donuts worker It was her very first job and she got the boot on her very first day for squirting icing on a customer. You didn't think it was some other kind of work, didja? Well, didja? - Lucky Star Explorer
Motorhead, Ian "Lemmy" Kilmeister Roadie For Jimi Hendrix The apprentice has learned well from the Jedi Master. Lemmy is now a Jedi Knight as well as the King of Speed Metal (Thrash).. - James Skywalker
A Flock Of Seagulls, Mike Score Hairdresser  - Fly Seagull Fly!
The Who, Roger Daltrey Steelworker He does have an iron set of lungs ; ) - Teenage Wastelander
Cheap Trick, Robin Zander Lounge Singer He was in the choir in high school. He had a one-year contract as a parlor entertainer in Wisconsin and was asked by a band in Rockford, Illinois to join them at the end of his contract. He did so. - He Wants Us To Want HIM!
Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry Ceramics Art Class Teacher Then he went on to form an "art rock" band that led to the birth of the New Wave / Punk Rock revolution! - Viva Le Rock Revolution!
Poison, Rikki Rockett Hairdresser I couldn't stop laughing when I heard this... - G

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