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Before the fame arrived, what did performers do to make ends meet?

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Name & Band
Former Career
Comments & Submittor Name
Madison Drive, Daniel Bracken (Real Name Daniel Phillips) Starbuck's Assistant Manager Daniel Bracken, one of the two lead singers for the band Madison Drive, used to be a Starbuck's Assistant Manager - Jason
Madonna, Madonna Louise Ciccone Dunkin Donuts worker It was her very first job and she got the boot on her very first day for squirting icing on a customer. You didn't think it was some other kind of work, didja? Well, didja? - Lucky Star Explorer
Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Manson Music Journalist It was for a Florida magazine - tictacs941
Martina McBride, Martina McBride T-shirt vendor Sold shirts at Garth Brooks concerts before breaking into country music herself. - Martha Hankins
MC Hammer, MC Hammer US Navy Aviation Store Keeper   - Tarzan
Metro Station, Trace Cyrus Cashier at a clothing store This was before he dropped out of high school and started Metro Station with Mason Musso. - Rachel
Mike Reid, Mike Reid NFL Player This Grammy-winning songwriter and singer played 5 seasons as a defensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals. - Todd W. Zimmerman
The Monkees, MIcky Dolenz Circus Boy actor There was a show called Circus Boy that starred Mickey Braddock as the star. After the show, he formed the Monkees and used his real last name, Dolenz. Now he is Micky Dolenz, aka Won-won-won-won-Wonder Wheels. - Witterquick
Mothers Of Invention, Frank Zappa Recording studio owner Studio Z was where Zappa taught himself engineering techniques. The place was shut down after Zappa was arrested for allegedly using the facilities for obscene purposes (in truth, he had recorded the sounds of a fake orgy for an undercover vice squaed cop) - Agrimorfee
Motorhead, Ian "Lemmy" Kilmeister Roadie For Jimi Hendrix The apprentice has learned well from the Jedi Master. Lemmy is now a Jedi Knight as well as the King of Speed Metal (Thrash).. - James Skywalker
My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way Barnes And Nobles Salesman That's how they got their name - -jj
My Chemical Romance, Mikey Way Barnes And Nobles employee  He came up with the band name 'My Chemical Romance' when he came across the book 'Ecstacy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance' - Kat
My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way Cartoonist he was working for Cartoon Network and quit his job after witnessing 9/11, later to start My Chemical Romance shortly after. - Someone
My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar Disney World Drummer he played drums for The Little Mermaid and Aladdan, and quit because the other staff members yelled at him for having side burns. - Someone

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